Legendary Artifact

4, Tap, Sacrifice Mindslaver: You control target player during that player's next turn. (You see all cards that player could see and make all decisions for the player.)

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Mindslaver Discussion

DarkestLight9 on Time Waits for no Man.

1 day ago

The point of a time control deck is to be on turn 8 while your opponents are on turn 3. That being said, I feel your creature count is fine. Consider adding Mindslaver and/or Emrakul, the Promised End to ensure they can't do anything useful on the few turns they do get.

GS10 on Thop Thop Thump [Breya, Etherium Shaper EDH]

1 day ago


Thanks again for the awesome insights!

Just like Thopter Spy Network, I do own a sleeved copy of Mindslaver right beside the deck. The problem with it is hate. I love combos around Mindslaver and I tried numerous ways to build my old Glissa, the Traitor deck so I could take advantage of it. The problem is that both new and old players will see Mindslaver as a big target on me. It can end the game just the same way Thopter Assembly + Time Sieve do, but the fact that it does it by stealing turns vs taking extra turns is percieved more negatively, at least in my circles. For this reason I tend to keep my decks as politically correct as possible. I have a Narset deck that I can't play in my regular playgroups because everyone feels miserable playing against it and my killing floor Meren of Clan Nel Toth is as close of that status as it can be - one more upgrade will probably make it unplayable with my friends. For this reason I tend to be very cautious with my win conditions (and I still don't know if Blightsteel Colossus won't have the same effect, but I've been telling everyone I play it and how I can get it, so they all know how to prepare for it before actually facing it, so no one is salty if I win with it).

Of course things change, and if my playgroup develops in a way that most people end up trying to run for a combo, of course I will include that one with no reserves whatsoever. And I hadn't thought of a way to go infinite with it, which definitely makes it much better than just leaving a big warning sign on the table or stealing one turn here and there, since the game ends quickly that way. But since I am the only player within the group that usually goes full on combo, I try to be sensible about the ways I win and give people ways to have fun, even when I'm winning - again, this only happens because my playgroup is pretty casual. If I played frequently in a more cutthroat group, I'd definitely run each and every different combo and win con I could fit together, so I will add it to my maybeboard and keep it in mind as well - especially because it's the cheapest combo for me to get at this point, since I only need Goblin Welder which I should be running regardless.

enpc on Sydri's Artifact Hell

2 days ago

I think you could easily cut Memnarch, Take Possession, March of the Machines, Angel's Grace, Liquimetal Coating, Caltrops, Blinkmoth Urn and Mindslaver and the deck wouldn't miss them. That's a start at least.

Also, running 1 counter spell seems silly. I'd say either cut it or add more.

The7thBobba on Sharuum the long awaited

3 days ago

Thanks, my man! Oh, I know! Initially I began building the deck around flicker, counterspells, and artifact recursion to make the most use of her and Mindslaver, but then I realized that that was what I had done all the other times this deck had failed to launch, and so I went with flavour/synergy :) We playtested it once yesterday, and I fucking trounced the wife! Sundering Titan ended up claiming 4 or 5 of her lands, and Broodstar punched face for an average of 12 damage each turn! oh, and the MYYYYYYR did their ramping-job perfectly!

TheDuggernaught on G/U Tron is Apparently a Thing

1 week ago

One thing that I have seen in U/G tron lists is the combo of Gifts Ungiven + Academy Ruins + Life from the Loam + Mindslaver. You cast gifts and no matter what cards they put in your graveyard, you can assemble a Mindslaver lock combo.

DHWorlds on Superion Heart

2 weeks ago

Hey! Thanks for the Feedback! Since you do want the Midrange/Aggro path, i would suggest taking a few Muddle the Mixtures out, it's not bad in any way, i just feel that it is very Slow for your ''Resolving big creatures on the board'' strat.

cards to consider

Chief Engineer- Helps casting Superion a bit more reliably than Sculptor.

Master of Etherium- Easily casted with Heartless Summoning or Grand Architect helps the Whole Board.

Lodestone Golem/Solemn Simulacrum/Filigree Familiar:great game stallers. Can give you advantage and/or Lock the opponent. Lodestone + Metamorph is Brutal in certain games.

The Tutor Mages:

Trinket Mage: Fenomenal toolbox card, could tutor some nice 1-of artifacts Brittle Effigy, Nihil Spellbomb or Aether Spellbomb,Engineered Explosives.

Treasure Mage: Tutors Wurmcoil Engine, Mindslaver, Sundering Titan

Trophy Mage: Vedalken Shackles, Ensnaring Bridge

GhostRunner on Knees Weak Mom's Daretti

2 weeks ago

Personally I only run Contagion Clasp or the engine in decks where I'm abusing counters, there are much better ways you could be spending 4 mana, I've never gone after ulting daretti, I just abuse him for card draw and recycling artifacts. Know what works WAY better than Madcap Experiment? Indomitable Creativity targeting your own stuff haha, really helps set up your graveyard too in preparation for a key Scrap Mastery. I'd also look at Mindslaver

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