Volrath's Stronghold

Volrath's Stronghold

Legendary Land

: Add to your mana pool.

, : Put target creature card from your graveyard on top of your library.

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered (TPR) Mythic Rare
Stronghold (STH) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Volrath's Stronghold occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.04%

Black: 0.34%

Golgari: 0.09%

Volrath's Stronghold Discussion

Profet93 on Xiahou Dun edh

6 days ago

Bitterblossom to go with contamination, have flying blockers and fodder for skull clamp.

I would cut relic of progenitus with a different piece of grave hate that doesnt hit you. There are plenty to choose from.

I personally love Diabolic Revelation > Insidious dreams. Insidious is discard as additional cost to cast which sucks against blue, not including that you dont even get them immediately and assuming you even have cards in your hand.

While discussing blue, you should consider Imp's Mischief . This redirects removal, some extra turn spells, some draw spells, and can "counter" counterspells. Very very powerful and versatile effect at instant speed for 2 mana

Infernal Darkness - Is like another contamination, should not be overlooked.

Volrath's Stronghold - In case Coprse dance is unavailble or commander tax is too high. Also just good recursion.

Nim Deathmantle - To combo with Grave titan and ashnod altar

I got some ideas for cuts should you wish. Overall solid deck, +1

readaf on Your Words are Wasted

2 weeks ago

I will go ahead and note that the next upgrades are the land base, I plan on grabbing the essentials at some point in cards like Cabal Coffers , Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx , Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth , Volrath's Stronghold , Rishadan Port , Deserted Temple , and so on

TCG-Player on Honorbru Meren (Finite Hulk)

3 weeks ago

Hello again,
I know we had a similar conversation a while ago, but my LGS is now hosting a Commander league and I think this deck might be a good fit. There are no real Tier 1 or 2 cEDH decks in my meta. Most decks are focused to optimized, but there are also some semi-competitive decks in there.

Cards that are too expensive:

Other cuts:
Cards I though about running (instead):
One thing I am also worried about is people starting to play lots of graveyard hate. What would you advice to combat that?

TangoWithTojo on Kresh, the Bloodbraided EDH

3 weeks ago

I have a lot of recommendations for you. These may be pricey so I apologize if they're out of your price range but here you go:

Cards To Add Show

Cards To Swap Show

Cards to Cut Show

Lands Show

Profet93 on K'rrik, Son of Yawgmoth(CEDH)

4 weeks ago

Cloud Key - 1/4th of your deck is artifacts. I think it costing 1 more and only helping your artifacts is much better in a cEDH meta than helping your opponents. You're helping yourself ramp by 1 but each opponent by 1 (1 to 3). I get it that your commander dies a lot and that sucks. But rather than putting in (IMO) a suboptimal card, why not just add in Command Beacon or Volrath's Stronghold to bypass commander tax?

Vampiric Link - I was unaware of that, didn't realize that. Despite possibly getting 2 for 1ed, your point is 100% true.

Thats true regarding Shred Memory , I just like the versatility but I failed to recognize the cantrip aspect.

Honestly rings alone is pretty powerful given it interacts with 1/5th of your deck, even without basalt monolith. Also you wouldn't need to add torment, just use the infinite mana and top to draw your deck, play aether, storm off with free artifacts and use bontu's monuments ability copied with rings for 20 damage each opponent. Use manifold key to do it again.

Oops, didn't realize read the bones was there. It's midnight here so mistakes are bound to be made.

Lastly, here are 3 suggestions (not entirely sold on all of them but just some ideas)....

  1. Mind Twist - Bait blue or just annihilate someone's hand
  2. Syphon Mind - While expensive, it often reads, Pay 3 colorless, lose 2 life, draw 4 cards, each opponent discards 1.
  3. Murderous Rider - Similar to Vraska's Contempt. Creature could be useful as a blocker given your low creature count.

Profet93 on Dementia's Darkest Hour

1 month ago


Cut Worn Powerstone for Basalt Monolith as agreed

Cut Barren Moor for Deserted Temple - Comes in tapped and cycling is a weak source of draw. Doesn't even count as a swamp

Cut Dakmor Salvage for Volrath's Stronghold - I see no reason dakmor should be in the deck.

Another card I forgot to mention, but cut Gate to Phyrexia for Meteor Golem - I know I recommended gate to phyrexia but I don't wholeheartedly love it since it's only artifacts and only on upkeep. It is definitely worth testing. That being said, whether you cut gate or another card, you should add meteor golem. It's a creature that you can recur and most of the time you aren't paying 7 for it anyways. It hits pretty much anything aside from lands so thats very useful.

How often do you find yourself using the flash on Dictate of Erebos , as I might cut it for Grave Pact . It fits on curve better with your commander. Triple black shouldn't be too hard.

Cut Solemn Simulacrum for Rings of Brighthearth - Sad robot is nice in other builds that are less competitive, but this build (given your low land count) seems a bit more powerful so sad robot seems less impactful.

Cut Sangromancer / Yarok's Fenlurker / Syr Konrad, the Grim / Myr Retriever for Sensei's Divining Top - Not sure which of these is best to cut. I've never even SEEN Yarok's Fenlurker, that's a very cool card. Weird, but cool. 2 mana exile hand hate on each opponent with an irrelevant buff seems nice.

Profet93 on Dementia's Darkest Hour

1 month ago


I'm glad you liked my suggestions! I always try to make sure whatever deck I play can deal with whatever permanent that comes onto the field.

Volrath's Stronghold - Recur something like Xiahou dun or Sidisi over and over. Not necessary but nice to have. If your commander becomes too expensive, you can put him in yard and recur with this

Honestly chainer is a relatively flexible commander, you can go lots of ways with him. If you want something spicy, Kormus Bell + Urborg + massacre wurm = Good Times! :D

Deserted Temple - To untap coffers or utility land. Also, politics! Moreover, infinite combo with Coffers + Swamps + rings (see below)

Other ideas include adding a Rings of Brighthearth package. Rings allows you extra activations of the following.....

  1. Chainer
  2. Mindstone
  3. Expedition map
  4. Mimic vat
  5. Deserted Temple
  6. Oblivion Stone
  7. Ayara, First of Locthwain
  8. Disciple of Griselbrand
  9. Sadistic Hypnotist
  10. Syr Konrad, the Grim
  11. Viscera Seer
  12. Yarok's Fenlurker

If you add Sensei's Divining Top + rings, you can copy the draw ability by paying allowing you draw a card, and draw top, replay top and do so as much as you have mana. In mono black, that isn't hard. With the deserted temple combo I mentioned, you can just draw your deck and play Exsanguinate or whatever you want. Plus, top is just good on it's own. All of these pieces are. Moreover adding fetchlands will help thin your deck and provide top deck manipulation that you can abuse with top (shuffle away whatever's on top if you don't like it). Fetch lands can be used as swamps with urborg out so you can save them for when you need them. Furthermore, rings + fetchlands = Ramp!

I would cut Worn Powerstone for Basalt Monolith - B/c Basalt + Rings = Infinite colorless mana... + top = Draw your deck. Idk if you want combos or not because you didn't mention that in your description. Hope this isn't too much info at once, but I'm a huge mono black fan and try to utilize synergies when I can. If you want ideas for cuts, lmk

TangoWithTojo on Onslaught of the Scarab God

1 month ago

So Scarab God is one of my favorite commanders so you're in luck. I have a lot of recommendations for you. Lets start off with creatures. Creatures: Though you want mostly zombie tribal, you do want a few largely impactful cards that you can discard into your graveyard and recast with The Scarab God . Some cards I'd recommend are Sheoldred, Whispering One , Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur , Sower of Discord <--- This card in combination with Paradox Haze + Wound Reflection make for an extremely quick kill for 2 people, Noxious Ghoul , Ghoulcaller Gisa , Eternal Skylord , Gleaming Overseer , Undead Alchemist , Corpse Connoisseur , Lord of the Accursed , Lich Lord of Unx and Gisa and Geralf

Lands: First of all your Crypt of the Eternals isn't legal in your deck as it has red mana. Now lands are usually the most expensive part of a deck but also the most important part of the deck. If you're willing to cough up the money or want to get proxies of them here's my recommendations: Cabal Coffers , Command Tower , Crypt of Agadeem , Fabled Passage , Field of the Dead , Myriad Landscape , Nephalia Drownyard , Phyrexian Tower , Polluted Delta , Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth , and Volrath's Stronghold . If you have a way of making a proxy I'd also recommend Underground Sea because this card is ridiculously expensive. Then equalize your basic lands a bit more with 13-14 swamps and 7-8 islands.

Sorceries/Instants: My recommendation is remove all of your instants and sorceries with the exception of From Under the Floorboards , Syphon Flesh , Army of the Damned and Zombie Apocalypse . Now simply replace them with Restless Dreams , Mind Bomb and Careful Study so you have more discard outlets.

Artifacts/Mana Dorks: Most of your artifacts and mana dorks are good but could use some tuning. My recommendation is to swap Dimir Locket with Dimir Signet . Swap Prismatic Lens with Arcane Signet . Swap Star Compass with Commander's Sphere . Swap Charcoal Diamond with Darksteel Ingot . Then as an alternate win condition, you can toss in a Mindcrank and Strionic Resonator to mill your opponents as they take damage and then allowing you to double Scarab Gods ability.

Enchantments: You're missing out on some amazing potential with enchantments. Keep all of the ones you have but think about replacing Monastery Siege with a Rhystic Study or The Immortal Sun . Now I'm just gonna list off a lot of enchantments for you that work wonders in this style of deck. Pick and choose which ones you want: Tortured Existence , Zombie Infestation , Curse of Disturbance , Phyrexian Arena , Grave Pact , No Mercy , Dictate of Erebos , Liliana's Mastery , Open the Graves , Rooftop Storm <-- this one is a must have. Wound Reflection and finally Grave Betrayal . Your Endless Ranks of the Dead is new to me btw and I'll definitely be adding that one into my Scarab God deck. That thing is nuts.

Lastly your Maybeboard, the only cards I'd recommend putting in is Torment of Hailfire and Grave Titan . The rest are either unnecessary or do more harm than good. Though if you do want a planeswalker I'd highly recommend Liliana, Untouched By Death . She synergizes with the deck extremely well, especially if you have Rooftop Storm on the battlefield because now you can just recast everything from your graveyard for free.

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