Reality Smasher


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Magic Duels Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Rare

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Reality Smasher

Creature — Eldrazi

( represents colourless mana.)

Trample, haste

Whenever Reality Smasher becomes the target of a spell an opponent controls, counter that spell unless its controller discards a card.

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Reality Smasher Discussion

bold44 on B/G Eldrazi Delirium

1 week ago

cut the Reality Smasher to increase balance of card representation helping to expedite delirium

HerbalTeabag on BUG infect

1 month ago

lordjaraxxus64 Thanks for your questions they were really good ones! This actually isn't my list I found it here (

personally though I like Dismember main board over Fatal Push because it can kill some bigger creatures such as Reality Smasher that cant be pushed, and the bonus of it not requiring coloured mana early leaves you more flexible with what lands you can fetch. The life loss doesn't really matter as the game should be over before it does.

However that being said I think if u were to run Fatal Push main board and Dismember side board it would most likely be pretty much the same.

I do think the Viridian Corrupter is good but perhaps not totally necessary, it is just another safety net vs Chalice of the Void on 1 and 2 as that is nearly impossible to beat. Another important thing is that is has infect so we can swap it out for other creatures but not hurt our amount of infectors we have.

The lack of card draw is something I need to play with more too see how I feel. At first I was really against not having any Serum Visions, but I often find the game is over before I need to really draw through more cards. I also been wanting to try Opt because of the instant speed, but I think the extra card that serum visions lets u dig through is better that the instant speed.

I have also considered Phyrexian Crusader for the side board specifically vs decks like burn that can just remove all our creatures then we can't kill them. But I think Apostle's Blessing can do that job instead and also has utility vs affinity. I am probably going to try and sneak 1 or 2 into this list somehow, but the 3rd colour really makes things tight.

a similar list I was toying around with is BUG Infect (Sultai) has some interesting cards but I still think this list is better than it.

Ultimately I think it comes down to person preference and your local meta etc and I think many of the cards we talked about are fairly interchangeable.

Long Live Infect

ItsRuben on Monoblue Control Feat Baral

2 months ago

What's the deal with the 1x Torrential Gearhulk? There aren't many targets for it.

I also don't think Reality Smasher is worth it if you don't ramp into it, maybe try to replace it with 2x Snapcaster Mage if you're not on a budget. It does help with casting your instants and sorceries for your Thing in the Ice  Flip.

And finally I think you can try to run Search for azcanta . It helps filtering cards which can be very helpful, especially with Delver of Secrets  Flip on the board.

Xica on Evolve Deck

2 months ago

Sorry for skipping over your post, seeing God-Pharaoh's Gift recommended for evolve decks, just put me in a state of mind where i thought that the discussion lost all conection to the reality of modern.

I agree that Greenbelt Rampager is should be an inclusion.
But in my opinion Heroic Intervention/Shapers' Sanctuary are better than Blossoming Defense

In the end not much of this matters, as the deck must have some way of dealing with the big beasts of modern, big Death's Shadow, Reality Smasher, Champion of the Parish, Tarmogoyf can all lead to game loss.
A single playset of evasive creatures is just not enough - it either desperately needs removal, or more evasive creatures.

Xica on Call The Reinforcement!

2 months ago

So lets pick the deck apart in detail:
1# If you don't have removal resistant creatures (like Slippery Bogle) you don't run cards that have "enchant creature" (with exception of enchantments like Rancor that don't go the grave). Because you should not allow your opponent to trade + Fatal Push for your 2 cards, and 2+ mana.
(and 2 cmc cycling cards like Angelic Gift are not much better)

2# Playing very dumb beaters is a bad idea. Especially if they need you to have a large board presence to do ANYTHING at all.
People tend to call these "win more cards" because they won't help you if you are in a bad position, and if you are winning already, what is the point in playing them?
I am talking about Crusader of Odric & Seraph of the Masses.
And even if we disregard the problems described above, when tokens are board wiped thy will self destruct.(since they will have 2-3 damage marked on them until end of turn, and when your tokens leave the battlefield, their toughness will fall below 2/3 - so they will swiftly follow)

3# Seller of Songbirds < Precinct Captain - so you shouldn't play 4 bird traders & 1 captain, but the reverse.

4# Akroan Horse is terrible - it only exists to reference the Trojan horse, for more greekish impression for the set. Artifact creatures are dangerous, to the player who plays them as they are hit by both artifact and creature removal/hate cards.
And the wooden horse is bad even without this fact, its so bad that you wouldn't even want to Harmless Offering it to the opponent, as its simply not worth the time and mana investment.
(it takes time to get to 4 mana in a 19 land deck that lacks filtering)

6# Mausoleum Guard is a worse Promise of Bunrei, the latter is an enchantment (thus very few people have stuff that would exile it unlike the guard which has high chances of meeting Path to Exile. The enchantment is also 1 mana cheaper, and if its played all your creatures will have the effect, so if any 1 of them dies you get the bonus (its much easier to not block a 2/2 tha to not block even a single one from the incoming horde of tokens)

7# Paragon of New Dawns; Phantom General < Honor the Pure, Intangible Virtue, Spear of Heliod & even Glorious Anthem. (honorable mention goes to Archetype of Courage because first strike is awesome if your are defending your life total from a weaker board position)

8# this deck simply doesn't have enough lands to support its (unnecessarily) high mana curve.
You are playing 11 4cmc cards in a deck with 19 lands, and you neither have ramp, nor card filtering to help you get to the necessary mana.
This means that those cards will likely just sit in your hand while you are being beaten to death by Tarmogoyf, Reality Smasher, or even a mono white token deck that runs a proper curve and/or the same effects for cheaper costs.

Giving your board indestructibility is the least of your worries, but you could theoretically accomplish such (or similar things) in modern (of course not with your mana source density):
Selfless Spirit, Frontline Medic, Knight Exemplar, Eldrazi Monument, Avacyn, Angel of Hope (Privileged Position)

You don't use google, you use this site to search magic cards...

TheAlexGnan on At it (Grixis) again

2 months ago

The Perfect Balance (Grixis Primer)

Modern TheAlexGnan


Im not advertising my deck, so feel free NOT to comment or like. Seriously. (but if you really must, I wont stop you either.)I want to ask the question about grixis control in general again, on the back of some pretty good results over the past couple of weeks.Before I start, I want to exclude the comparison to Grixis Shadow as the better grixis deck, because despite many similarities on first glance, the deck plays massively different in practice. I know because I have piloted both a lot. Because when Grixis Shadow was on the rise, I was in huge doubt about my own lists raison dtre. Before I get into the results, I want to outline a few slots in my deck that may differ from other lists.

Ommission of Electrolyze: It may seem like a flexible card with a high bottom, but its actively bad against the most powerful decks in the format right now (shadow, storm, eldrazi, tron, burn, etc). I very simply did a list of all matchups where its good against the ones its bad, and the verdict was obvioius: cut it.

Countersquall took its slot, as it gives huge stability in the lategame against decks like tron and Scapeshift, is great in control mirrors and also helps shut down combo.

Removal: 3x Terminate, 3x Fatal Push, 4x Lightning Bolt. This suite of 10 (!!) removal spells makes humans, elves, affity, Mefolk really favourable matchups and in matchups where they are dead, they are just sided out.

The next choice I have to illustrate with a matchup in mind. The choice is playing counterspells, and a lot of them, instead of additional filter effects (Opt, Ancestral Vision) or discard. Their downfall is literally Cavern of Souls. Now, which decks play Cavern? Merfolk, Elves, Humans, Eldrazi Tron, Bant Eldrazi. Now, remember: Merfolk, Elves and Humans are favourable to begin with, and I really mean that. 10 cheap removal spells plus snappy and kcommand will kill those decks dead. Which means that Eldrazi Tron and Bant Eldrazi remain. And here is the thing: if these eldrazi decks didnt have Cavern of Souls, Mana Leaking their Reality Smasher and Remanding their Thought-Knot Seer would literally be game-winning plays.

Enter sideboarding: What is great against these decks? Fulminator Mage. I swear to god, having Fulminator Mage, Mana Leak and Remand in your opening hand, on the play, is as close to a sure win as youll get against eldrazi tron.This may sound far-fetched, but it works very well.

Now to my results:

since I upped my removal count a month ago, I have hardly lost against creature aggro decks (affinity, elves, humans, merfolk) or hatebears(mono-white, bw eldrazi bears, gw bears) because they rely in overloading your removal and they cant anymore.

Midrange were inherently favoured against because snappy+kcommand+cryptic. I will say no more than that. BGx has always been good.

Against combo, we can sideboard into a deck running 13 counterspells plus discard plus graveyard hate which his just absurd. In addition, this iteration of grixis control always provides a quick clock which is critical in those matchups.

When talking about control mirrors (jeskai, grixis, uw,), I want to mention another aspect of this deck, which is experience. I havent counted, but I must have played about 1000 games with it since starting in 2015. My familiarity with this list goes so deep that sometimes feel what I might draw next. I know that sounds totally crazy, but its true. Between thinning my deck with fetches, filtering it with Serum Visions and Thought Scour and being constantly aware of what is left in it (what spells, how many lands, how many of the most impactful spells for the matchup etc.), this is an aspect of experience you should not dismiss.

Ill leave it at that. One last thing: the reason people either dont even consider this deck or discard it very early is because it is skill-intensive like no other deck. You will never have more options, pitfalls and long-term decisions to make with any other deck. It can drive you mad. It can die to graveyard hate, but also fight through it.I dare you to pick this list up. You will be short on mana. You will depend on your draw step. But somehow there exist inner workings in this list that are hard to describe. All I can say is: I am winning with it...

ZendikariWol on This might get me hated out of the game fast.

2 months ago

While the titans are ideal, those cost a few hundred billion dollars.

Artisan of Kozilek, Decimator of the Provinces, Eldrazi Conscription, It That Betrays (downright insane if your buddy's running aristocrats), Pathrazer of Ulamog, Spawnsire of Ulamog, Conduit of Ruin, Desolation Twin, Endless One, Reality Smasher. The honorary eldrazi, Wurmcoil Engine, is worth a nod as well.

8vomit on Snapcaster Rock

2 months ago

Thanks for the input ToolmasterOfBrainerd, makes sense.

I havent played against eldrazi tron (Matter Reshaper, Reality Smasher, ect) with this particular deck yet. I have played RG and GW tron though. They almost always take game one. Game 2 + 3 I have a fair amount of sideboard hate for that match up, and it ends up being a tempo race. So far this deck has perfomed well post sideboard. Keep in mind ive only played a hand full of fnm's w this so far, only had it assembled about a month.Ceremonious Rejection + Snapcaster Mage is great.

I am considering Grim Flayer. What would u cut to make room for that?

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