Conduit of Ruin

Creature — Eldrazi

When you cast Conduit of Ruin, you may search your library for a colorless creature card with converted mana cost 7 or greater, reveal it, then shuffle your library and put that card on top of it.

The first creature spell you cast each turn costs less to cast.

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Conduit of Ruin Discussion

lupin5th on Rakdos Uprising

2 months ago

Aside from the other suggestions I'd take out hellcarver demon, defiler of souls,around 10-12 swamps. You'll need more than five red mana sources. as a color combination Rakdos wants to do more damage than be thinking about life gain.

you'll want to add Conduit of Ruin, Cryptolith Fragment  Flip,Cryptborn Horror. Suggestions from me personally are Neheb, the Eternal, Conduit of Storms  Flip,NighthowlerOb Nixilis, Unshackled,Maralen of the Mornsong.

Saljen on Budget Tron

2 months ago

I'd replace all 4 Pathrazer of Ulamog with 4x Conduit of Ruin.

BobJeph on Budget Tron

2 months ago

Maybe Galvanic Blast or Titan's Presence for removal, Conduit of Ruin is a good creature, and Endbringer is too. Mind Stone for ramp works too.

Saljen on Eldrazi Tron (Budget)

3 months ago

Heartless Summoning is pretty key to mono-black Eldrazi. It really speeds up the game plan and doesn't hurt your huge creatures much.

Conduit of Ruin is the other piece that would make this type of deck work well. I'd suggest 4x of each.

I'd suggest replacing 4x Endless One, 1x Grafdigger's Cage, 1x Mind Stone, and 2x Pithing Needle. Grafdigger's and Needle are side board cards, Mind Stone is just filler and is out classed by the other two ramp methods I mentioned. Endless One is probably your least impactful creature.

Both cards are super duper budget friendly.

Jeyce on Eldrazi

3 months ago

Conduit of Ruin is really good to search out the big game creatures you want instead of having to rely on drawing the correct one. Deceiver of Forms is really good with any Annihilator since all your creatures would have Annihilator, especially with Blight Herder there. Replace two wastes with two Ghost Quarters since they are just objectively better since you don't have to sacrifice them. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn is also really good in this deck. Void Winnower if you want to be rude. Artisan of Kozilek let's you return cards that you didn't want dead.

Bulldawg1310 on I am iron man

3 months ago

ScrubNation, Sundering Titan needs 4 tron lands out to cast. making him a difficult sell to me. he just doesnt do much in comparison to Ugin, the Spirit Dragon and thats what id have to cut for him. Kozilek, the Great Distortion much like the above mentioned butcher of truth, is a flavor add and for now im gonna run with ulamog. Desolation Twin is nasty but that token doesnt do much in a removal heavy matchup so were basically looking at a 10/10 for 10 do nothing, so its not enough to replace ulamog either. Believe it or not, i have seriously considered running Conduit of Ruin but not sure what to take out for him that wont wreck tempo or mana base, ive been considering building a non traditional drazi tron deck and including creatures such as Conduit of Ruin and Void Winnower. Everything we run requires colorless mana so Chromatic Sphere is basically a turn one do nothing, then a turn two, tap out, draw a card do nothing. That is terrible mechanics in a deck that already worries about tempo. When i could be cracking an Expedition Map on turn two, i dont wanna be tapping out. Hope my answers were sufficient, hit me back if youd like to discuss more!

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