Greater Good


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ninth Edition Rare
Urza's Saga Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Greater Good


Sacrifice a creature: Draw cards equal to the sacrificed creature's power, then discard three cards.

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Greater Good Discussion

Goonpocalypse on Oh No It's a Cat Dragon

1 day ago

Momentous Fall is a much better and much cheaper card than Greater Good unless you are playing at discard/reanimation.

Schuesseled on Looking for ways to abuse ...

4 days ago

combine Survival of the Fittest and Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre and Greater Good or Birthing Pod

Sacrifice the wurm to either draw loads of cards and search for a better creature. Next use survival of the fittest to search for ulamog or other eldrazi, then repeat dumping in ulamog in the graveyard. Everything shuffles back in and you can use survival or a fetch land to give you the opportunity to grab the wurm.

Bit mana intensive though to cast him for not much reason.

Sarkhan_Dragonclaw348 on Sultai +1/+1 Counters

6 days ago

Personally, I prefer a different partnering: Reyhan with Kydele. In general, artifacts don't get many +1/+1 counters, so unless you've got lots of artifact creatures in the deck, you're probably out of luck. What does Silas do here? It's a split strategy, I think. The deck runs well without the aside on artifacts. Thrasios, Triton Hero has some synergy since he can ramp, which is always a green thing, and Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix benefits from card draw, which is a very Simic thing to do. If you have lots of things like Hangarback Walker in this deck, which benefit from dying and have +1/+1 counter synergy, AND are artifacts that Silas can use, great. But it looks like you're just using Silas because you didn't like the others. Unfortunately, artifacts are near the opposite of what green likes, and +1/+1 counters are near the opposite of what red likes, which is the main artifact color. The way I see it, if this were my deck, I'd do one of two things:- Cut Silas for a different partner commander and alter the 98 accordingly- Fill up with more artifact creatures that

These, I think, are the best partner synergies (in no particular order):

Akiri, Line-Slinger + Silas Renn, Seeker Adept for artifacts in WUBR

Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder + Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper + Tymna the Weaver for lifegain, in RWB, BGRW, or BGW

Bruse Tarl, Boorish Herder + Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper + Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa + Tana, the Bloodsower + Tymna the Weaver + Silas Renn, Seeker Adept for decks that like to attack/deal combat damage, in BGRW, BGW, RWG, RBG, RWB, BURW, BUWG, WUB, BUGR (I think that's all of them)

Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker + Reyhan, Last of the Abzan for +1/+1 counters in nonred colors

Kraum, Ludevic's Opus + Ludevic, Necro-Alchemist + Vial Smasher the Fierce or Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix for card draw effects/benefits in UR, UBR, GUR (don't partner Vial Smasher and Kydele, it's not useful)

Tymna the Weaver + Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix for pay-life-draw-cards effects, and ramp in nonred colors

Tymna the Weaver + Vial Smasher the Fierce for deal-damage-draw-cards in Mardu colors

Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix + Reyhan, Last of the Abzan for sac-draw effects like Life's Legacy and Greater Good in BUG

Ravos, Soultender + Reyhan, Last of the Abzan for sac-reanimate effects in WBG

Thrasios, Triton Hero + Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix for card advantage and ramp in UG

Ravos, Soultender + Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa + Tana, the Bloodsower for token decks in WBG, WBRG, WBR

Okay. That's probably useless to you, but I was off on a tangent. Sorry. Anyway, to sum up: your deck is nice, but it would be a lot better if your commanders were synergistic. I have left many suggestions above.

sonnet666 on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

1 week ago

I also like that his power can get indeterminately high, so you can get big draws off of him mid storm with Life's Legacy or Greater Good.

Not to mention his colorless casting cost means you can be really flexible with how you want to build the landbase.

VexenX on Omnath, and His Band of Merry Elementals...of PAIN

1 week ago

Fantastic decklist and Primer! +1 from me for sure! Glad to have you in the Om_rath Army!

I really like how you stay true to the powerhouse that Om_rath is, while having a different list then my own. This just proves my point about how flexible this commander is!

It seems like Life from the Loam would fit well into the them of your list. It just budget reasons why you don't include it. If so, I can see it being reprinted soon!

As you already mentioned, Greater Good might just be the best card in just about ANY Om_rath deck! I would pick up a copy if I were you!

Although fetchlands are amazing in this deck, the Panoramas do the job just fine on a budget. I would focus on the meat and potatos of the deck before investing all of your money in these.

How have you found Constant Mists and Rishkar's Expertise in your list??

If you have any questions, please let me know!

(How did you post you personal photos? Would you guys like it if I did something like that in my Primer?)

Kneyo on Omnath, and His Band of Merry Elementals...of PAIN

1 week ago

Also, Frank_Glascock, I play Omnath a tad differently than VexenX I believe. Because my mana curve is still on the high side, I find being able to sort of "control" the early game until Omnath hits the board is a necessity. I think spot removal is a must because I also don't have Omnath to rely on to just burn my opponents' boards. You are 100% correct on Bane of Progress and I believe I put it in this deck confusing it with Greenwarden of Murasa. I nutted up and bought an Oracle of Mul Daya today so I went and subbed it in. Greater Good and Bloodstained Mire are next on the list.
Seriously though, I truly enjoy your insight on both mine and VexenX's Omnath lists. It's nice to actually discuss with people who have played this deck what cards should go in versus my play group telling me to throw a card in without having a clue on how this deck truly plays. I would really like to see your list too, even if it's the same as VexenX's. It's cool just to see a 1 card variant and to hear the logic as to why you chose 1 card over another. Great stuff, man. This is what magic is all about.

Frank_Glascock on Omnath, and His Band of Merry Elementals...of PAIN

1 week ago

Your next addition should be Greater Good. I base this one price ($10.00) and effectiveness in the deck.

You are playing a lot more removal (5 to 1) than VexenX. His next to last deck update involved the addition of Beast Within, Krosan Grip only to see him remove both in his most recent changes. What are your thoughts on this?

Why are you playing Bane of Progress? You are playing 8 artifacts and 13 enchantments. Represented here are almost all of your means to sacrifice (exception: Blasphemous Acts). Warstorm Surge, Where Ancients Tread and Crucible of Worlds among others are crucial to the success of the deck.

Aiding on Meren's Infinite Sacrifice

1 week ago

I also used to run a Meren deck and there are some cards you don't use that I personally found to be quite fun. PREPARE FOR WALL OF WORDS!

(I forget its name atm) The 2CMC Meren that prevents infect and -1/1 counters for infinite persist

Altar of Dementia It is a good sac outlet, mills yourself, or mills your opponents to death (my preferred method of winning) with infinite persist.

Greater Good Kinda is the same thing - sac out, lets you draw and discard junk.

Pattern of Rebirth Kinda was amazing with my deck. Its one flaw is it says the creature needs to hit the yard, so Leyline/RIP effects suck. This has an awesome combo with the next card

Birthing Pod - This card probably is somewhere in your deck, but I didn't see it. It is a great card, it makes your creature curve relevant (kinda important if everything good is a 3 mana thing, nothing on 4, good stuff on 5, for example), and with Pattern, I have won maannny games by patterning my Spore Fog (affectionately known as Fog Frog in my group), and pod-ing it away for 2cmc meren + a persist creature and comboing with a sac outlet.

Mind Slash A little mana intensive, but discard + sacrifice + pain-free thoughtseize was decent.

(this one is a gimmick card but I liked it)

Thoughtpicker Witch- Basically made my "favorite" opponent only draw lands for the majority of the game. Pretty effective on 1v1. Also is an exile win-con when you are infinite persisting. Kind of "win-more," but it can sac itself and come back with Meren EOT to do it again if both cards were non-lands.

TL;DR- Meren "Spore Frog Durdle.dec" was my favorite thing I built for a long while. These are cards I thought were awesome. If you ever wanna try some jank, give these cards a try if you haven't already had them in your deck and I cant see them, or if you feel like a card is being weak and you want to try something new!

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