Basic Land

: Add to your mana pool. ( represents colourless mana.)

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Wastes Discussion

Pygmyrhino990 on BS (Bone Splinter) Eldrazi

5 hours ago

Look at the mana symbol produced by Llanowar Wastes, its just a [1], now look at the mana produced by, say, Westvale Abbey  Flip, its a different symbol. Its almost like saying it produces [g] mana, which is called green mana. [c] mana is called colorless mana, where 'colorless' is just a word, like green or blue. If there was no difference, then what would the point be of creating a Wastes card, or adding the [c] symbol to cards such as Warping Wail or Reality Smasher or Kozilek, the Great Distortion, when you could just leave it as [7] mana cost for example, rather than complicating things by saying [5cc]. (i think the wiki says it best when it says ' "Generic" is a type of cost. "Colorless" is a type of mana' http://mtg.gamepedia.com/Colorless) All im saying is add some Wastes to your deck.

Pygmyrhino990 on BS (Bone Splinter) Eldrazi

7 hours ago

Apologies for another enchantment suggestion, but Doubling Season just came to my mind, and From Beyond is just a more stable source of 1/1 eldrazi, even if you only put in 1 or 2 of them. I also might say add a few Wastes, even if it is just 1 or 2, simply for Warping Wail, the eldrazi you use only add [1] generic mana, whilst warping wail uses [c] colorless mana, which are different things all together, and currently you have Westvale Abbey  Flip outputting [c].

CheapDecks101 on infinite eldrazi

23 hours ago

*Wastes not user: waste

CheapDecks101 on infinite eldrazi

23 hours ago

That is not infinite you can't go off 500 times on a turn you are limited by the amount of mana you have in a game you can likely only play this twice per turn. You also don't seem to have a source of colorless mana which means you can't actually activate Eldrazi Displacer's ability. An Eldrazi Temple or a Llanowar Wastes or just a waste would really help here.

SaltySpecula on Can I cast Crumble to ...

5 days ago

No, unfortunately you can't.

Basic land must have printed on the card type "Basic land" for it to be a Basic Land. So for example, you can use it on something like Karoo but not Wastes.

The only time that would change is if that land was enchanted with an enchantment or an effect that specifically said in it's wording "this land is a non-basic land, in addition to it's other types". However that will still not apply to any extra basics of the same type still not in play, as they're still unaffected basic lands.

PeeBee on A Deck Has No Color

1 week ago

I would drop all the Walker of the Wastes and replace them with Bearer of Silence, which means that you wouldn't need as many Wastes in your deck and can increase the amount of black sources you have to guarentee you can cast your black mana spells.

Go up to 4x Aether Hub. I would say Corrupted Crossroads is a must. A few Westvale Abbey  Flip's is a nice additional wincon, and another good colourless land is Spawning Bed.

I have a similar standard deck, although mine is about lategame ramp, but you can ignore the creatures and should check out the lands in the deck to give you some good ideas of colourless lands that are currently in standard.

Mono Blue Eldrazi

Shadow12721 on Colorless Sliver Deck

1 week ago

4x Darksteel Citadel instead of 4x Wastes.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Poor Wauki(<15$)

1 week ago

Interesting, I like your budget approach...but trying to keep cards under 30 cents is tough haha. Also, I think this deck may struggle to do enough damage in a commander game as ping effects generally don't do much in the format unless Vhati il-Dal is involved.

However, here are some suggestions I found. Stab Wound would be a good additional creature shrinker (for later ping-ing) and incremental life loss.

Since you run a lot of enchantments which punish opponents for blocking, the "Provoke" mechanic may interest you. Cards like Crested Craghorn or Goblin Grappler are options if you can keep them alive (sadly provoke is mainly a green mechanic). Breaker of Armies and Nemesis Mask also have similar effects.

Or you could look for further tap/untap permanents type cards. Endbringer is an option though it would require some more colorless mana (Wastes are cheap), it also is 50 cents. Goblin Archaeologist could provide more artifact removal. Puppet Strings will alow you to tap or untap at will.

I think your deck may want some sort of reanimation to it as that is what black does best, and I suspect your little guys will die rather frequently. Phyrexian Reclamation would be a nice addition to provide a pit of reanimation though it is 50 cents. Betrayal of Flesh doubles as removal and reanimation at instant speed.

Curse of Death's Hold would make pinging stuff to death easier, but again, it is 50 cents.

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