Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Basic Land

: Add to your mana pool. ( represents colourless mana.)

Wastes Discussion

DuTogira on Modern shouldnt have a ban ...

3 hours ago

Icbrgr this has nothing to do with the thread... but I get the sense you're relatively new to competitive card games as a whole. A lot of your arguments center around "well x card is fine because its answered by x other card" but there's a huge factor that's missing from your analysis: tempo.
The basic idea of tempo is this:
Let's build a hypothetical game of Hypergenesis v Eldrazi. The Eldrazi player plays a Chalice of the Void for 0 to counter Hypergenesis . Luckily, the Hypergenesis player is running Kolaghan's Command so he has an answer!
By your logic, this should mean that hypergenesis won't struggle with Chalice of the Void , because Eldrazi has a card and Hypergenesis has an answer.
Here's the flaw in your logic that reveals your (probable) inexperience. Chalice of the Void cost the Eldrazi player 0 mana. Kolaghan's Command cost 3 mana. That means that the Eldrazi player came out of that exchange up by 3 mana, which is a form of "Tempo" as it's labelled. The eldrazi player could resolve anything from a Matter Reshaper to a Reality Smasher (if Eye of Ugin is in play) using that 3 mana. Let's investigate what Hypergenesis could have done with that 3 mana instead. It could have played Violent Outburst cascading into Hypergenesis and WON THE GAME!

That's tempo, and the big issue with a lot of your logic is that you don't account for it. Another, more realistic example with less dire consequences:
An eldrazi player drops an Eye of Ugin . they already had a waste in play. The eldrazi player gets to play a Matter Reshaper . His opponent drops an Alpine Moon naming Eye of Ugin . Here's the "tempo breakdown". The Eldrazi player just came out 3 mana ahead AGAIN. he got one mana out of Eye of Ugin discounting the Matter Reshaper as compared with a regular land. That's +1 mana. Alpine Moon turned Eye of Ugin into a land which taps for mana. That's +2 total mana. The Eldrazi player's opponent had to spend on Alpine Moon which he couldn't spend on something else. Thats +3 total mana. HUGE tempo swing in the eldrazi player's favor, which means that this interaction is actually favorable for eldrazi. By your logic however, The eldrazi player's opponent SHOULD have come out ahead because his card "answered" the eldrazi player's card.

If you still aren't understanding this... tempo can be a complicated concept. My honest recommendation is to play magic as frequently as possible, and maybe get into competitive Hearthstone for a while before you get fed up with Hearthstone's stagnant metas and give up on the game. For all its flaws and stagnation, Hearthstone is a great learning ground for core concepts of competitive card games (sequencing, value, tempo, win-conditions, etc).

What I'm getting at is this: Sometimes it costs your opponent more to answer your card than it costs you to play it. In that situation, it doesn't matter that your card got answered, because you came out ahead on that exchange. That's the core of why Eldrazi decks are broken: They are tempo monstrosities that are nigh on impossible to stop IN A FAVORABLE MANNER.

Vman on Metal Oppression

1 day ago

I actuallly did! My manabase was originally heavy on Island s to support Academy Ruins . It was great the few times i drew one of my 2 ofs but blue served me little other purpose. I guess i could try putting one in as a psuedo Wastes ? It doesnt hurt if i dont get if off but would be great when i do.

Ill try it out this way! Thanks

Kjartan on Eldrazi

1 week ago

Since you have a Blighted Cataract , why not play that in the mainboard over a Wastes - The both add , but one has a relevant activated ability to boot.

I_TappedWrong on Blink Once, Shame on You

1 month ago

Triton shit i didnt even notice you didnt have it in your deck... yeah i would say its worth the include lol. i would also update your land package... if you havent done so already. lands like Sunken Hollow Tainted Field and even pain lands like Underground River not only come in untapped, but also help Eldrazi Displacer (my favorite white card) i would also throw one Wastes basic land card just in case you need to tutor for it because not being able to use eldrazi displacer sucks.

Darth_Savage on Alright Let's Start OOPS I WIN v2

1 month ago

I can understand that you don't want to cast anything in this deck, but I think there is one thing you need to cast and that is some form of card draw. Exiling cards from your hand to pay the cost is ok, if you have enough cards in your hand. I was playing something similar to this casually, but at a minimum Mishra's Bauble should be included, probably Howling Mine. I'd agree with pandith and Methylase that you need more land too, why not run Mirrorpool? You have plenty of colourless sources, more so if you swap Dryad Arbor for the already suggested Mutavault (good call!) and being able to copy Shining Shoal or Soul Spike could get you over the line... You may need to exile a card you actually want to play, so maybe Pull from Eternity, if you add some white sources? On the same basis, you may lose one of your lands to Ghost Quarter or Field of Ruin, it might make sense to have a Wastes if you want to stay colourless.

Hope this is of some help (shameless plug, my casual modern deck The best cost is free) and good luck with your brew. Have a +1 as looking at this gave me some extra ideas...

Deadpoo111 on G-20.In

2 months ago

Just saw the Wastes this deck just keeps getting better and better

Argy on G-20.In

2 months ago

TiredOldMan I was hoping someone would pick that up.

Wastes not, want not.

MurrSheep on Card creation challenge

2 months ago

Fall into Ruin

Tribal Enchantment - Eldrazi

Cumulative Upkeep - Target land loses all abilities and colors and becomes a Wastes instead.

Fall into Ruin has hexproof as long as you control one colorless creature, enchantment other than Fall into Ruin, one Wastes and one colorless artifact.

"With the passing of time and the emergence of the Eldrazi, eventually everything fades away into nothing."

Create an Eldrazi that can level up and gains more abilities as the number of Wastes you control increases.

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