Basic Land

: Add to your mana pool. ( represents colourless mana.)

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Wastes Discussion

phc on How Often Will Deserts Appear ...

4 days ago

Wastes are useful beyond the Return to Zendikar set. Now commander players don't have to break the bank when using a colorless general.

DemonDragonJ on How Often Will Deserts Appear ...

4 days ago

TMBRLZ, I doubt that Wastes shall be appearing very frequently in the future, so are you saying that the same shall be true for deserts?

Neotrup on Wastes still a thing?

5 days ago

You still have to use a source of colorless mana () to pay a colorless cost (also ) like that found in the casting cost of Thought-Knot Seer). This can be produced by the basic land Wastes, or by many nonbasic lands such as Aether Hub, Geier Reach Sanitarium, or Shefet Dunes.

ACDAMAN on My AmonCat Deck

5 days ago

As well as the Mirrorpool and Wastes. They pollute your mana pool with cards that you don't really need. Switch those out to get a better curve using more coloured cards.

TMBRLZ on How Often Will Deserts Appear ...

1 week ago

I was answering your question by bringing up the relevant usefulness of Wastes.

TMBRLZ on How Often Will Deserts Appear ...

1 week ago

May I direct your attention to Wastes

Funkydiscogod on Thoboes, the Mana Flow

1 week ago

Because of commander's asinine rules, the Fist of Suns ability either does 1) nothing for anyone who's not already running a 5-color commander, or 2) it allows players to cast any spell they want for 5 mana, as long as they have one mana of each color in their commander's gender identity, or 3> reward only the players who play Wastes.

I'm not sure, because we'd need a commander "judge" to rule it.

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