Champion of Lambholt


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 (C16) Rare
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Rare

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Champion of Lambholt

Creature — Human Warrior

Creatures with power less than Champion of Lambholt's power can't block creatures you control.

Whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on Champion of Lambholt.

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Champion of Lambholt Discussion

elgosu1337 on Jolrael, worldwaker

4 days ago

World Shaper is another great way to ramp and get lands back from graveyards, plus if someone casts an instant speed boardwipe after you animate your lands you can save those lands. Not sure if you like killing lands, but you can cast Ezuri's Predation after animating your opponent's lands. Works like Nacatl War-Pride but they can't tap to avoid the lands dying. Champion of Lambholt makes your lands hard to block.

NV_1980 on Selvala, Hatebears Returned

5 days ago

Very strong deck; well made :) I would probably add Eternal Witness though, just because it's awesome to be able to recur any card from your GY. Also, Champion of Lambholt could be nice if you're using this many creatures.

I would appreciate it if you could find the time to review one of my decks; your deck-building knowledge would be invaluable to me.



PrehistoricMan on Vorel of the Simic

6 days ago

first of all i really like the deck and the monstrosities it produces. i personally play EDH casually with a group of friends and therefore is everything i know based on my experiences there. my very first deck i ever built was Varolz, the Scar-Striped and it did similar things with all sorts of hydra's and counter doublers. this deck never won. the reason was that i needed several turns to get out a big dude, only to have it struck by Anguished Unmaking. for these kinds of decks you need explosive turns where once you're set up, you can keep going each turn untill your opponents are trampled over. the first thing that came to my mind was Everflowing Chalice or Gyre Sage. combined with Sword of the Paruns a gyre sage that taps for 4 green mana becomes an infinite mana source. Mistcutter Hydra could now be a hasty 10000/10000 coming at your unsuspecting opponents. Gemstone Array is really usefull when you are producing immense amounts of mana, for you can use it as a converter to make UG for vorel.

untappers you can use multiple times in a turn if you have the mana: Filigree Sages, Thassa's Ire, Sword of the Paruns

counters that can be doubled and used as mana just so they can be doubled again: Gyre Sage, Everflowing Chalice, Crystalline Crawler, Astral Cornucopia

now we are creating big mana (remember, there are so many ways of doing this, i just happen to like these ones) its time to look at the creatures that benefit from this and the creatures that are too slow.

i'm just mentioning things that i think need to be replaced, if a card is not mentioned, it can stay imo.

Clever Impersonator and Progenitor Mimic. copy effects dont copy counters on a card (as written in rule 706.2) so they have no real value in the current deck and should be replaced.

Trinket Mage: are Sol Ring / Sensei's Divining Top important enough to have this card in your deck? i think not. (remember, opinions)

Master Biomancer: currently you have no effective ways of adding power to your creatures that do not generate +1/+1 counters by themself. therefore you should either remove Master Biomancer or add cards like Death's Presence.

Lorescale Coatl, since your carddraw is limited this card is too slow.

Oran-Rief Hydra i smell something of a mini landfall subtheme in the deck as it is, however this isnt what you currently are trying to do so that makes this card way too slow.

Sapphire Drake: an alternative would be the outlast creatures e.g. Tuskguard Captain its way cheaper and does the job. alternatively you could run them both.

Sphinx of the Final Word: are your instants and sorceries the things you win your games with? i think the answer would be: no, my creatures are going to win the game for me. therefore i would replace this card with Archetype of Endurance if protecting is what you want to do.

Young Wolf: loses its undying ability if a counter is placed upon it before it dies. replace with Servant of the Scale

Zameck Guildmage: probably too slow.

add-in replacements could be: Champion of Lambholt, Fertilid, Forgotten Ancient, Phantom Nantuko

lastly, 37 lands is fine, but the amount of ramp is not. Nature's Lore and Chromatic Lantern are the only cards that make sure you have your lands. you have green, so add cards like Cultivate, Kodama's Reach, Rampant Growth, Explosive Vegetation. also a Simic Signet is nice to have.

this deck can go anywhere and i had lots of fun trying to figure out a path to playing fun games, i realise that i have been rambling on and on so i would really appreciate your opinion on the matter.

snotice on Vorel of the Simic

1 week ago

You have a good deck so far. Doubling Season isn't even worth it until it get truly reprinted. Anyhow, here are some suggestions:

- Everflowing Chalice
- Thousand-Year Elixir
- Thought Vessel
- Simic Signet

- Gyre Sage
- Walking Ballista
- Managorger Hydra
- Rishkar, Peema Renegade
- Champion of Lambholt
- Herald of Secret Streams
- Spike Weaver
- Deepglow Skate
- Acidic Slime
- Kalonian Hydra

- Sylvan Library
- Rhystic Study
- Inexorable Tide

- Nature's Claim
- Heroic Intervention
- Beast Within
- Krosan Grip
- Disallow
- Dissipate

- Cultivate
- Skyshroud Claim

Hope this helps :)

elgosu1337 on Eldritch Terrors

3 weeks ago

Really love the concept. Golgari Signet, Simic Signet, Chromatic Lantern, Coalition Relic, and Thran Dynamo are other good artifact ramp to help you emerge more Eldrazi and ninjutsu more Ninja. Green has the best ramp spells, so Search for Tomorrow, Farseek, Nature's Lore, Kodama's Reach, Cultivate, Explosive Vegetation, and Skyshroud Claim are some good ones to try out. Zendikar Resurgent ramps you even further and draws you cards when you emerge Eldrazi. You don't need that many ninja, just the good ones. It does feel like Vela is a more natural commander for this deck, but green ramp helps a lot.

Cards that benefit from the emerge include Butcher of Malakir, Grave Pact, Smothering Abomination, and Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest. Cards like Meren of Clan Nel Toth and Sheoldred, Whispering One bring back the creature you sacrificed. Champion of Lambholt grows as you emerge and ninjutsu, and prevents your creatures from being blocked so you can ninjutsu.

You don't even have to limit yourself to the emerge Eldrazi to get the more powerful effects. Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger is especially powerful, but also Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, World Breaker, and Oblivion Sower.

golgariizzet on Mermaid Man and The Barnacle Boys

1 month ago

no Master Biomancer, Champion of Lambholt, Deepglow Skate, Inexorable Tide i know they are not merfolf but they can really help with the counters you got goin on

elephantambush on Rashmi - Assisted Evolution

1 month ago

Looking for suggestions to replace Lifeblood Hydra, Shapers of Nature and Champion of Lambholt.

I'm thinking Altar of Dementia could replace Lifeblood Hydra which retains my wrath protection, but also gives me options to self-mill if I need to dig for recurrable answers, or mill opponents out/fuck with their topdeck tutors.

Other than that I'm out of ideas.

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