Master of Cruelties


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze (DGM) Mythic Rare

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Master of Cruelties

Creature — Demon

First strike, deathtouch

Master of Cruelties can only attack alone.

Whenever Master of Cruelties attacks a player and isn't blocked, that player's life total becomes 1. Master of Cruelties assigns no combat damage this combat.

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Master of Cruelties Discussion

ShaharRyu on Suggestions on swaps

6 days ago

Master of Cruelties is fun AF for sure but it doesn't has synergy with your Commander or the infect theme. You could replace it with Blightsteel Colossus which IS a player kill if it hits them in the face or even 2 with your commander

BlueStar220 on Kaalia EDH

1 week ago

I know you're not wanting to make this deck extremely competitive. I also don't know if your intent is to buy this deck in real life. But here are my suggestions:

With any Kaalia deck, you're not only making yourself a target, but you're also putting all your eggs into one basket. If Kaalia dies too often, you will be forced to hard cast all of your spells. And with only 33 lands and 8 ramp spells, that will be very difficult to do. Rose runs 38 lands and 7 ramp spells in his Kaalia deck, and he will still have mana issues. I would highly recommend a few more lands, (closer to 38). And in addition, I would also recommend a few more protection spells including:

Swiftfoot Boots
Lightning Greaves
Avacyn, Angel of Hope
Cavern of Souls
Maze of Ith Note: I don't count this as a land.

Since you're running Mardu, you're not going to have that much card draw. So In replacement of that I would recommend search cards. That way, once you have Kaalia out, you can use the search card to find whatever creature you want, and put it into your hand before she attacks.

Demonic Tutor
Cruel Tutor
Diabolic Tutor
Rune-Scarred Demon
Vampiric Tutor
Imperial Seal
Mastermind's Acquisition

Also, since you will be top decking a lot with little to no card draw, I find that Sire Of Insanity works really well with Kaalia, since you're preventing everyone else from drawing/having a hand.

I noticed you don't have any board wipes, I typically like to run at least 3-5 for emergency purposes. Some good ones are:

Decree of Pain
Merciless Eviction
Wrath of God
Catastrophe is especially good for Kaalia.

There are some other cards that can also help abuse Kaalia's effect such as:

Aggravated Assault
Strionic Resonator
Scourge of the Throne
Helm of the Host

If you do ever make this deck extremely competitive, land destruction is the best way to abuse Kaalia:

Desolation Angel
Ravages of War
Winter Orb
Yosei, the Morning Star

Here are some cards that are just generically good to have:

Archfiend of Despair
Iona, Shield of Emeria
Master of Cruelties
Emeria Shepherd
Anguished Unmaking
Homeward Path
Archfiend of Depravity
Lord of the Void
Utvara Hellkite
Windbrisk Heights and Quicksilver Amulet can also help cheat in creatures.

RiledUpWhiteKiddo on Repayment Plans

2 weeks ago

Initially I considered Balefire Dragon! Tl;dr I chose Subjugator Angel over it.

As i was first brewing around I quickly realized I'm not too keen on cards with "when it deals damage" effects, and I much prefer etb or attack triggers. The exceptions to that is Dragon Mage, Hellkite Tyrant, and Master of Cruelties for the rare cases I need to wheel to refill my hand or if I need to outright kill an opponent. Hellkite Tyrant is in there for the Mycosynth Lattice combo, and Stony Silence is in there for the other version of that combo.

If you take a look at my selected creatures, they all fill one of three specific roles: Protecting my stuff (recursion counts here), helping me lose life/other enablers/generic value, or aggro helpers.

Instead of having a recurring threat on the board like Balefire Dragon, I decided to go with a one-off etb trigger because I potentially will only need one turn to attack to be in a winning position. (if an opponent goes to <5 life, cast repay in kind, then I go in for the win next turn because now everyone is at <5 life.) If I don't then it isn't a threat anymore because it is a one-off effect, painting less of a target on my back. And just by playing Kaalia there is a huuge target on your back already. I chose Subjugator Angel because if it is put into play during attacks, no blocks can be made. Same effect if I cast it during main phase one, or if I want to be political and play it during second main. I feel it's just more versatile.

Thanks for the suggestion though! If you have questions about specific cards feel free to ask!

Scarevetios on Ideas for a B / ...

2 weeks ago

In my opinion Master of Cruelties wouldn't fit in G/B infect. With infect, you don't attack the life points of your opponents and there aren't any red creatures with infect, so you would take a splash in red for abilities you actually don't need.

G/B infect uses creatures with high toughness to block opponent attackers until you can attack with a stronger late-game creature or creatures with enough +1/+1-Counters on them. I don't play modern, but you could take a look at my Casual Infect-Deck for some inspiration: BG Infect Counters

vasarto77 on Ideas for a B / ...

2 weeks ago

So. Maybe Instead of doing infect with Tetsuko. I should do stuff more like, Master of Cruelties ?

Homelessguy on Kaalia the demon dragon pimp

2 weeks ago

Master of Cruelties so you can one shot someone!

carpecanum on

1 month ago

Silent Arbiter means only YOU get to attack or block with multiple creatures.

Virtus the Veiled or Raving Dead cut an opponents life in half if not blocked. Raving dead does not have to attack randomly because the beginning of combat has already passed. Gadianten already mentioned Master of Cruelties and Rakdos the Defiler

If you want to play with Infect you have tons of choices that are really ugly

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