Master of Cruelties

Creature — Demon

First strike, deathtouch

Master of Cruelties can only attack alone.

Whenever Master of Cruelties attacks a player and isn't blocked, that player's life total becomes 1. Master of Cruelties assigns no combat damage this combat.

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Master of Cruelties Discussion

Disgraceful_Duckling on Angels, demons and dragons, oh my! (Kaalia EDH)

4 hours ago

Darksteel Ingot seems too slow and Fellwar Stone is going to produce colorless for you pretty often, since blue and green are pretty popular colors. Both are comparable to Mardu Banner. Also consider Chromatic Lantern, I consider it mandatory in 3+ color decks and most would agree that it's good.

Since the deck has Kaalia of the Vast and Master of Cruelties, not having Whispersilk Cloak or something similar (maybe Rogue's Passage?) seems like a mistake.

Swiftfoot Boots is another way to give Kaalia haste. Blade of Selves would be pretty bonkers in a deck with Kaalia, ntm the ETB effects on a lot of creatures. Strionic Resonator is another way to copy triggered abilities like Kaalia's.

If budget really isn't a concern, Damnation is another Wrath of God that you can cast in other colors.

Also, I think I've seen another Kaalia deck on here with this title.

Chasmolinker on Anti-Eldrazi Grixis

2 days ago

I did some play testing with this and I think Harsh Scrutiny and/or Lay Bare the Heart from Amonkhet would work great. The latter is basically a turn 2 thoughtseize with no shock damage. Also, this deck needs some kind of fetch land or just less land. I either got flooded or couldn't get the third color in time. I would up Terminate to 4 copies and cut Go for the Throat. No restrictions on Terminate. Maybe one or two copies of Murderous Cut for late game removal. It's a little bit of a glass cannon because without Master of Cruelties, the only other win con is the man-lands. Maybe a Cruel Ultimatum or delver  Flip strategy as an alternate win-con.

Darth_Savage on Dance with the Devil (Devils/Demons)

1 week ago

Your deck is a little top heavy, Id suggest some changes along the lines of:

  1. Rakdos, Lord of Riots is likely to be more relevant than Ob Nixilis, Unshackled simply because it is cheaper to play.

  2. Hellspark Elemental is a better option than Gibbering Fiend unless you are going for devil/demon tribal, but then Torch Fiend has more utility.

  3. Indulgent Tormentor is cool but very easy to remove, instead I'd suggest 1 more Desecration Demon and 2 of either Master of Cruelties, Hellrider or Bedlam Reveler.

Mainboard it would be nice to find space for Sin Prodder and Dash Hopes.

Otherwise for your sideboard Dreadbore could be handy to deal with planeswalkers and Rain of Gore is a handy trick. Blightning and Rakdos Charm could also have a place.

AngryChewie on Alesha's Red Wedding V2.0

2 weeks ago

Hi, these are the cards I'm personally not a fan of in your deck. I'll try to offer some input for each.

Kaya, Ghost Assassin, too slow. The value isn't good enough for the cost.

Eldrazi Monument, too expensive.

Key to the City interesting way of trying to discard/draw, but feels too slow and the unblockable ability only really pairs well with Master of Cruelties. It's a pretty fun and cheeky combo, but you'll immediately become the biggest target once you try taking out one of your opponents. Personally, I think Master of Cruelties is a powerful card and can catch an opponent off guard, but if you're going for a kill then you best kill everyone or else you're next on the list.

Rule of Law, It's not a bad way to manage the tempo, but I feel like there are better options to tax/affect the board. Here are some more common options that you have available to you: Loxodon Gatekeeper, Magus of the Moon, Magus of the Tabernacle, Tangle Wire, Thorn of Amethyst, Stony Silence, Blood Moon, Ethersworn Canonist, Hushwing Gryff, Kataki, War's Wage, Vryn Wingmare, Glowrider. Angelforge's list definitely focuses on the stax plan, so maybe look towards his list for more ideas.

Possibility Storm, just a bad card if you're looking for a competitive list. Way too costly and the effect is more geared towards casual fun.

Cathars' Crusade, too expensive and slow.

Behind the Scenes, just very bad. Slots in the 99 are competitive and this card doesn't deserve an inclusion for what it gives.

Aura of Silence, a lot of the artifacts you care about are your opponents mana rocks. A Mana Crypt doesn't get so good when you're paying for it. However, those sort of cards are primarily amazing when you're slamming them right out of the gate. At 3 mana, you're not getting this out too early (and if you are then you're either being very defensive or don't have much else going on) so the nice tax effect becomes less effect. Most of the time it'll serve as enchantment/artifact removal, but there are cheaper options out there then.

Angel of Invention, too expensive and not sure what the point of it is. Are you trying to win through combo? Then you shouldn't be wasting slots on buffing creatures. True, hatebears can occasionally just beat face but don't invest cards into that strategy. Think of that as a backup plan.

Anger, is there a desire for your creatures having haste? Beatdown strategies aren't too great since a 4 player game means you are virtually trying to do 120 points of damage. Kind of the same argument I have against Angel of Invention.

Duplicant, way too expensive.

Erebos, God of the Dead, seems like it's mainly there for the draw ability, but that's too slow.

Iroas, God of Victory, again I don't really like dedicated beatdown cards.

Palisade Giant, way too expensive for what it does.

Silent Arbiter, kind of meh. It slows down aggro decks that like to go wide. Are you playing against those sort of decks a lot?

Stingscourger, not worth the bounce effect. Rather would just have plain removal.

Yahenni, Undying Partisan, I'm assuming this is here as a sac outlet? There's cheaper and better sac outlet options.

Return to Dust, pretty expensive removal. I don't know your meta, but if you aren't playing against some really annoying enchantments/artifacts then it probably isn't worth it. A lot of taxing effects don't bother you too much anyways so the cases that do are pretty fringe.

Blasphemous Act, if you want mass board removal, there's better options. Toxic Deluge maybe?

Merciless Eviction, way too expensive. The effects are probably overkill when truly major threats can usually be dealt with by just using spot removal.

Pia and Kiran Nalaar, not sure what's going on here but this card doesn't give much value.

Cards you are missing and should add regardless of what path you take:Dark ConfidantImperial RecruiterAnafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit, you're already running Redcap. This combos with it.Goblin Bombardment, cheap and simple sac outletNecropotence, you want card draw?Stranglehold, more stax. This one can really hit some people hard

There's probably some tutor effects you're missing. Feel free to look at my list or Angelforge's for those.

Your landbase needs fixing. It's too slow, but I understand how upgrading it can be really costly.

The_Traitor on Rakdos: Demons in a firestorm *P*

2 weeks ago

Alkadron thanks for the Comment first. I know that the Master of Cruelties will disappoint me iften, but the Point with him is: when I started playing Commander I want to build my Deck around him... since I realized that he isn't legendary. But you're other suggestions are quiet nice, I will overthink them.

forgottenwarior5 on Death of a Thousand Pits

3 weeks ago

Master of Cruelties and Archetype of Courage + Archetype of Aggression all your creatures first strike and death touch is strong and also master of cruelties just 1 shots someone in this deck because you can flash him in and his effect happens before combat damage

Illusificate on Turn 3 win. Master of Cruelties.

4 weeks ago

nice! I love it! I might have to steal the idea! (or at least borrow it) for my necrotic ooze creatures deck (it's RB)! anyways, love the deck! name should be "Master of Turn 3 Wins" Also, what do you think about maybe taking out Lightning Bolt for Lightning Strike for budget reasons? I know it costs 1 more mana, but isn't crucial for the turn 3 win and costs much less. Also, Dragonskull Summit could be replaced by more basic lands, right? sorry, I like budget decks and usually prefer price over quality. I always think "well, it's half the cost and it's almost as good and is only worse in 5% of the situations, so I guess I can do this" Anways, love the idea of using Master of Cruelties as a wincon. I would never have thought of it! I've never thought too much about him. although, I prefer Phage the Untouchable in a black-blue deck. Since Master of Cruelties is two mana less, I can see why it is better, just it costs more (money). Also, I would reccomend some tutor cards in this deck. Always good for wincon decks, if you don't get what you want right away. Anyways, love the deck! I picked this one of all your decks to comment on because it didn't seem to have much love and it's more my style of decks, so I figured I would help you out and I could get some ideas from it. Also, I reccomend having some 3 and 4 mana cards, or at least 3 mana. Anywho, love the deck! you got my upvote!

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