Unlicensed Disintegration


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Uncommon
FNM Promos (FNM) Rare

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Unlicensed Disintegration


Destroy target creature. If you control an artifact,

Unlicensed Disintegration deals 3 damage to that creature's controller.

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Unlicensed Disintegration Discussion

multimedia on Mono Red Aggro M19

1 week ago

Hey, consider until rotation splashing black with 4x Dragonskull Summit and 4x Canyon Slough for 4x Scrapheap Scrounger and 3x Unlicensed Disintegration? These two cards shore up the problems that pure mono red have in current Standard. Scrounger is resiliency in control/midrange matchups and a 3 power two drop is great for aggro. Disintegration helps you to beat mono green, Lyra Dawnbringer and The Scarab God. Current competitive RDW has evolved into Rakdos for the very reason to have a better mono green matchup.

Mizark on Standard Red/Black Splash Dragon

3 weeks ago

Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I'm just coming back to MtG after a 3 year break so not a whole lot familiar with the meta.

With that said Duress and Unlicensed Disintegration are indeed great additions to the deck. No idea why i didn't think of adding some black with all that mana.

As for Chandra i do know that she would work great for this deck but like i said, i've been away for 3 years which means i don't have her. Buying her as she rotates out in a month seems kinda of a bad buy ? (although she is one of the best Chandra's we ever got)

So as a replacement i'll keep 2 Filigree Familiar as they give me a small amount of health (welcomed against aggro) but most importantly, draw me a card when they die which is always a precious thing for red. Later they can also be Sarkhan fodder to discard. Easier choice to discard a Filigree then a Chandra haha.

Anyway, thank you everyone for the help. Much appreciated !

multimedia on Standard Red/Black Splash Dragon

3 weeks ago

Hey, competitive midrange red, but no Chainwhirler? If you're trying to be competitive and playing Mountains than Chainwhirler is your guy. The Goblin does too much for three mana. I'm a fan of Sarkhan, he's really surprised me. If you don't have Chainwhirler as your turn three play then Sarkhan is also good. With a midrange strategy you want a strong three drop play, Chainwhirler and Sarkhan give you this. Chandra, Torch of Defiance is one of the best options for midrange red. She combines really well with Sarkhan, both give you draw and ramp for Dragons. Consider 3x Chandra?

4x Scrounger and 4x Earthshaker is too much of the same thing. There isn't a strong enough aggro strategy here that these cards will matter enough to be aggressive. They're mostly fodder to discard to Sarkhan which is fine, but you don't need eight of them. I would pick one and sideboard some of the other. I think Earthshaker is better main deck with Sarkhan and the Dragon theme. When discarded it can be externalized later in the game which has big impact and it doesn't require another creature to be useful. Earthshaker able to block is also helpful. There's not enough creatures here who you want to use as fodder to reanimate Scrounger. Scrounger however is good in control matchups therefore consider sideboarding it?

Dragon's Hoard hopefully will be much better for Dragons post rotation, but until then I wouldn't play it main deck because of the huge presence of Abrade in all decks playing red. Try it in the sideboard for nonred matchups? You're going to want some main deck removal for big threats such as Bolas, Lyra, Ghalta, Glorybringer, etc. Consider 2x Unlicensed Disintegration? You're already playing black in the manabase.

Abrade is a better card than Strike for midrange. Consider moving Abrade into the main deck and cutting Strike? 4x Strike, 4x Abrade and 4x Spray in the 75 cards is overkill for this kind of removal. Another reason to play black with red is to help your control matchups. Mono red has Scrounger, Chandra, Earthshaker, Heart of Kiran and Banefire against control. All these are great, but black gives you discard. Duress helps a lot especially to take Settle before you attack or play it turn four to take your opponent's Teferi. Scrounger and Earthshaker are pretty useless when facing a Settle. Duress can help to take your opponent's counterspell to clear the way to cast a Dragon or a Planeswalker.

Combining all my suggestions consider this creature base:

Consider this other spells base:

  • 4x Abrade
  • 4x Spray
  • 2x Disintegration

  • 3x Sarkhan
  • 3x Chandra

  • 25 Lands

SereneTsunami on B/R aggro/burn

3 weeks ago

SPD is better in this deck then Wizard's Lightning unless you find more wizards. SPD is an awesome card that is very powerful in this type deck. Even drawing lands is powerful, cause on turn 3-4 you either need playable cards or to filter lands out. 3xSPD and 4xLightning Strike would serve you better as is. You only have 6 artifacts too, so Cut/Ribbons would be better then Unlicensed Disintegration. Trust me opponents always forget about the Ribbons hiding in your GY.

multimedia on UBR Control

3 weeks ago

Hey, consider Guttersnipe for the sideboard? I suggest this because he's just bad in aggro/midrange matchups because he can't target creatures. In control matchups he could be good because every time you cast a counterspell/discard spell/draw spell he then deals damage to opponent. Snipe is also a creature to attack with which is good for games 2 and 3 in control matchups because a majority of your opponent's creature removal will be taken out. Consider moving Snipe to the sideboard for four more lands?

22 lands is low for a control deck. Control wants to make it's land drops each turn because you want to get to a point where you can cast more than one spell a turn and the best way you do this is make your land drops each turn. 26 lands is the norm for a control deck. More land is also good to get to five mana for Gilded Lotus and seven mana to be able to flip Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip. Consider Aether Hub?

I see a lot of cards you have to tap out for to play. If you're willing to tap out for some many cards then consider adding more Gilded Lotus? With Lotus if you tap out for it you can still use it to play Disallow or another counterspell. This makes playing Lotus much less risky for control. It's still risky because of Abrade in Standard, but the payoff of Lotus is worth it if it doesn't get Abraded.

More Lotus also gets you closer to seven mana to flip Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip which seems strong. More Lotus also lets you better protect Bolas turn six. Turn five play Lotus, turn six play Bolas with Negate or Disallow or both protection, turn seven flip Bolas with protection.

Control wants more draw. Pull from Tomorrow is good, but it's a late game draw spell you also want a mid game draw spell such as Glimmer of Genius. A mid game draw spell lets you better set-up for the late game, where control performs best. Consider Glimmer and Hub? Hub is great for three color manabases and Glimmer can power Hub with energy. Another option for Snipe is play low mana cost draw such as Opt and Anticipate.

I worry there's not enough early game creature removal here and as a result you'll get wrecked by aggro. Consider main deck Abrade and Magma Spray? These two red removal spells are two of the best in Standard. Spray especially because it can exile Scrapheap Scrounger. He's such a pain in the ass for control to deal with without exile. Abrade is early game creature removal or mid/late game artifact removal. Abrade is versatile, that's the reason to play it. Consider main deck 4x Abrade, 3x Spray, 2x Cast Down as early game removal spells? I also like Unlicensed Disintegration it's a strong removal spell in Standard.

For the sideboard consider Sweltering Suns and Hour of Devastation? Suns for aggro matchups and Hour for midrange matchups. Also for the sideboard consider more Negate, Duress, Doomfall and Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip? These four cards are some of your best options for control matchups. You want to be able to cut all your main deck creature removal for control matchups and replace them with low mana cost sideboard cards that can give you some advantage vs control.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on U/B/R Dragons

4 weeks ago

Hey, if you want to be competitive with Dragons then really consider splashing blue with Falls and Catacomb for Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip? Bolas and Glorybringer are the competitive Dragons until rotation. Post rotation Bolas will in my opinion get even better because both Izzet and Dimir are guilds in Guilds of Ravnica. Grixis is poised to get a lot of support in the set especially dual lands. Consider cutting 2x Verix and 1x Demanding for 3-4x Bolas? Hoard and Sarkhan can help to cast Bolas, but you can't just rely on them.

You want a consistent main deck two drop removal spell. I would move 4x Abrade to the main deck. Consider 2x Unlicensed Disintegration? I like Disintegration over Spit because it can kill Lyra and Ghalta. 4x Abrade, 3x Spray, 2x Disintegration and 4x Contempt is a nice main deck removal base.

For the sideboard consider 3x Chandra's Defeat? It's very good in any Grixis matchup and Rakdos matchup because it can kill just about everything for one mana: Chainwhirler/Bolas/Glorybringer/Phoenix/Chandra/Sarkhan. Defeat is especially nice to kill Bolas which if you're playing competitively expect to see a lot. The sideboard looks good for control matchups. There's 9-13 main deck dead creature removal spells that get boarded out, which is a lot. Consider 4x Duress? I think it's your best sideboard card because of white enchantment removal: Seal, Cast and Binding. These removal spells wreck you because you can't interact with them after they ETB.

Good luck with your deck.

FastIsFaster on R/b/u dragons part deux

4 weeks ago

Not sure what you V1 looked like or if this is a direction you want to take the deck in, but I have explored Skirk Prospector with a fair degree of success. Being able to drop something like Verix Bladewing, Glorybringer, or Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip early is a big play. Perhaps instead of Heart of Kiran, maybe Aethersphere Harvester, since it still gives you an artifact to trigger Unlicensed Disintegration and can be crewed by something like Prospector if you try/include it.

multimedia on R/b/u dragons

1 month ago

Hey, looks good. Chainwhirler into Bolas is really good.

Consider 4x Chainwhirler, 3-4x Bolas--1-2x less Demanding and 2x less Contempt? Demanding will be really good post rotation when Glorybringer is gone, but until rotation Glorybringer is better. You honestly don't need another five drop Dragon, 4x Glorybringer is all you need. If you can get 1-2 more Bolas I would add them. Being able to curve Abrade into Chainwhirler into Bolas is really back-breaking for your opponent especially if Chainwhirler killed something when it ETB. Following them with Glorybringer turn five is game over.

For the manabase consider more blue sources? Only seven blue sources is low to be able to cast Bolas turn four. You want minimum ten sources to consistently play Bolas turn four. Currently you're relying too much on Sarkhan to cast Bolas which is too problematic. Because of Chainwhirler consider 4x Spirebluff and 4x Falls? Including as well 1x Island (Field of Ruin insurance).

The manabase also doesn't have enough black sources to play Contempt. 11 black sources is not enough for a card. To play Contempt you want a primarily heavy black manabase. Some options that could replace Contempt are Hour of Glory, Doomfall, Unlicensed Disintegration. Any of these or some of each could be sideboard cards. I recommend Hour and Doomfall, but I don't think you need them main deck.

Consider this manabase (23 red, 11 black, 11 blue):

  • 2x Hub
  • 4x Slough
  • 4x Summit
  • 4x Falls
  • 4x Spirebluff
  • 7x Mountain
  • 1x Swamp
  • 1x Island

This manabase can only support a splash of blue and black for a few single blue or single black cards; really just for Bolas and a few sideboard cards.

Good luck with your deck.

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