Unlicensed Disintegration


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon
FNM Promos Rare

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Unlicensed Disintegration


Destroy target creature. If you control an artifact,

Unlicensed Disintegration deals 3 damage to that creature's controller.

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Unlicensed Disintegration Discussion

sirblather on BR Hazoret the Vampire

58 minutes ago

While I love the artifact splash, I wonder if it muddies the focus of the deck. Removing Dhund Operative , Scrapheap Scrounger , and Weldfast Engineer would allow you to put in Incorrigible Youths , Furyblade Vampire , and Drana, Liberator of Malakir , as well as more copies of any other card you really like.

If you removed artifacts, you would also get rid of Unlicensed Disintegration for something like 2 more Fatal Push and 2x Magma Spray .

I love the deck idea, and I really like vampires in standard right now! Looks fun, and best of luck. :)

Argy on Pain cycle

5 hours ago

For a start I would take out Lightning Axe and To the Slaughter for Declaration in Stone.

That will let you stay ahead of Zombie decks, and you have enough sac outlets without needing Lightning Axe.

This deck needs a Sideboard, so you can adjust it based on what kinds of removal you need.

For a start I would make it something like:

2x Anguished Unmaking
2x Cast Out
3x Grasp of Darkness
3x Murder or Unlicensed Disintegration
3x Never / Return
2x Yahenni's Expertise

landofMordor on [PAUPER] BR Salivating Salvager (sacrifice combo)

1 day ago

Servo Schematic over/with the Cogworker's Puzzleknot and Pia's Revolution over Dhund Operative would be my first two adds, then I'd consider Ornithopter over Implement of Malice. I'd also take out Embraal Gear-Smasher since you can only use him once per turn, and instead I'd put in something like Fatal Push or Vengeful Rebel. Or maybe Fling if you're feeling reckless. Ravenous Intruder also comes to mind.

Your sideboard should be 15 cards that help you in various weaker matchups. Except for Uncaged Fury, I think those other cards are too situational. Try Radiant Flames, Onward, or more removal (Unlicensed Disintegration is the best of its kind) instead of the Implement and some of those others.

Love the original deck idea! +1

Luciferos on The Cattle of Battle (Amonkhet Minotaurs)

1 day ago

I think Unlicensed Disintegration is pretty good, but it's true that 2 artifacts makes it very unlikely to work as anything more than "Destroy Target Creature" for 3 mana (which is fine). However, you can throw in some Equipment or Vehicles that help increase your aggression.

Fleetwheel Cruiser and Ovalchase Dragster have Haste, and Haunted Cloak and Strider Harness grant Haste while attaching for (1). Almost all your minotaurs are 2-3 mana, so once your lands outpace that, being able to attach a Haste to each - conversely, a Vehicle allows you to crew with a creature with summoning sickness.

...also, minotaurs driving racecars is a stand-alone concept whose value cannot be overstated

My main concern with Cartouche of Zeal plus Trial of Ambition is that since you are burning your hand out so quickly, you're making it very likely that you will be able to trigger that combo rarely (if ever), so just having an equipment or vehicle you can toss out to help trigger Unlicensed Disintegration damage and accelerate your damage may get people deader faster. Also, you can use the Crew mechanic if need be to tap out your whole board to do more damage with Throne of the God-Pharaoh if need be to secure the victory.

Jimmy_Chinchila on Grixis Metal

4 days ago

This is a cool build, very unique. Aside from card suggestions, if you go to "edit deck" you'll see a spot called "Hubs" and you can select up to 6 options. Some users follow hubs and you can also search by hub so it will get your deck more views overall, which translates to more feedback and upvotes. For this deck you could do "Grixis" and "Tribal" for example.

As for the build, I would just consider revising the removal suite a bit, Fatal Push is an amazing card. Grasp of Darkness is solid but can be tough to cast sometimes in a 3-color deck. Unlicensed Disintegration seems like it deserves a 4th spot, at least in the sideboard (which you should make!). Shock is good to finish off Walkers or throw to face if close to lethal, but I think it's counterpart Magma Spray is more pertinent with all the Scrapheap Scroungers and Dread Wanderers being played. Could throw a few in the sideboard.

Nice deck, +1!

HawkRider on Revolting isn't it?

5 days ago

I play an Abzan Revolt deck in Standard personally, and I can think of one or two things that may work.

In your colours, the five cards that come to mind are Tireless Tracker, Thraben Inspector, Implement of Ferocity, Call for Unity and Aid from the Cowl.

First, Tireless Tracker and Thraben Inspector. Clues are amazing for revolt. Not to mention, Thraben Inspector is one of the best one-drops in Standard.It's always helpful to have a clue floating around for those times you just have no other way to trigger revolt. Plus, extra card draw never hurts.

Call for Unity is a fantastic card, in my opinion. All of your creatures get gradually stronger, and people don't pack as much artifact removal in Standard currently. Aid from the Cowl is more fun, but when the worst thing that can happen is show your next draw you can't really complain about free permanents most turns. I've had a lot of fun with it.

Implement of Ferocity I rate as the best implement, except maybe Implement of Malice. It's better than Implement of Improvement, in my opinion, but I suppose it mostly depends on meta and personal preference. (As a side note, Renegade Map is another good artifact revolt trigger and can really help with consistency and mana fixing).

You may want to consider splashing in for black. Hidden Stockpile is an amazing card, both being able to trigger revolt and having a revolt trigger itself. Another benefit is that it allows you to do things like sacrifice your own creatures so you don't get burned by any Unlicensed Disintegration, or limiting life gain from Fumigate. Shambling Vent is a really good land (I've had a lot of fun, getting it to a 12/13 lifelinker through Call for Unity). You also get access to the amazing cards that are Fatal Push and Grasp of Darkness.

Revolt decks need consistency more than anything. There needs to be a way for you to trigger it every turn. Aethergeode Miner is really good for that, but more triggers that don't depend on killing your own creatures on your opponents are nice.

Nice to see someone else playing revolt though! Have fun!

mack10k on The Cattle of Battle (Amonkhet Minotaurs)

5 days ago

I think the key to this deck being successful is to make sure you have some 4 of's. It will make your deck more consistent. Also 4 Fatal Push is almost mandatory for any deck running black. Unlicensed Disintegration is okay, but without artifacts it's not that great, so unless you are running more than 3 artifacts, I would replace them with something else. Transgress the Mind is strictly better than Lay Bare the Heart because it can get Aetherworks Marvel. I really like the Cartouche of Zeal and Trial of Ambition control/aggro piece. Also some Foreboding Ruins and Smoldering Marsh to smooth out your mana.

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