Triumph of the Hordes


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia (NPH) Uncommon

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Triumph of the Hordes


Until end of turn, creatures you control get +1/+1 and gain trample and infect.

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Triumph of the Hordes Discussion

Liam77 on Atraxa INFECT

6 hours ago

SynergyBuild I will have to see how it plays, was thinking more instant speed combat tricks but Triumph of the Hordes is a good recommendation. Thanks!

Cloudius on Unleash the Horde!

1 day ago

SynergyBuild High five! I stole the game with Triumph of the Hordes several times!

Thank you for suggesting Kamahl, Fist of Krosa. I usually keep my "Overrun" spells in my hand until I'm certain I can win via Alpha Strike the same turn I cast them. I may give Kamahl a shot if I'm able to find space for him as I'm consistently tweaking this deck.

Keep your suggestions flowing and help up-vote the deck if you find it fun and interesting!

SynergyBuild on Atraxa INFECT

1 day ago

+1 for INFECT!

Triumph of the Hordes?

Scytec on From the Graves of the Nel Toth

3 days ago

@SynergyBuild - That is some pretty sweet tech. I'm gonna have to look into that little guy. Thanks!

@Aiding - Sorry this took awhile, really appreciate the recommendations...let me break them down.

Vampire Hexmage - Decent in my meta, I'll certainly consider it...if I decide to use it, I'll probably go ahead and add Dark Depths as well.

Spore Frog going in as soon as I get one.

Night's Whisper is good, but I dump my hand so fast, and my meta is actually pretty slow, so the three cards ultimately just outweighs it for me personally.

Harmonize on the other hand is strictly better, so it will replace Cravings as soon as I acquire one. :p

Life // Death - Another meta call, board wipes are often at instant speed in my meta due to other effects and getting my entire mana base scrubbed would be devastating.

Carrion Feeder seems interesting...i may tinker with this but ultimately I'd prefer one of the Altars or Viscera Seer.

Both Zeni...Zeniths?...are great, I just don't own them and while I do ramp, it seems little underwhelming unless I buff my ramp package.

Triumph of the Hordes - I absolutely adore giving people poison counters! This has been on the acquire list for awhile, I just haven't gotten there yet. :p

Birthing Pod should be here...just Another case of I yet to own it. Haha.

Pattern of Rebirth into Craterhoof Behemoth seems legit...but another non-creature spell...may think about Fauna Shaman here actually...

Dark Prophecy is another card on the acquire list...along with Necropotence I don't really have a budget constraint...I'mjust not gonna pick up something like Gaea's Cradle. Anything under like $50 is probably cool tho.

I actually have Kokusho, the Evening Star in another deck...but he fits much better here. I'll make that swap for sure. What would you take out?

Aiding on From the Graves of the Nel Toth

4 days ago

So personally, I love Meren and all that she does. Because of that, I have a good amount of cards that I really enjoy that you may also like..

Vampire Hexmage is a free sacrifice that can kill walkers and make some permanents bad - but its totally a meta call.

Spore Frog AKA fog frog should be in every Meren deck because of how BEAUTIFUL he is in negating combat.

Night's Whisper I think is better than ambition's cost. It's half the mana for one less card. Usually, you want 4+ mana things to be doing big stuff and taking the turn off to draw 3 is medium sometimes. If you are looking for that kind of effect, Harmonize does the same thing in a different color.

Life // Death is a GREAT budget card. Reanimates things from your graveyard, can make your lands into creatures to sacrifice with Ashnod's Altar to get experience and lots of mana.

Carrion Feeder can be seer #2

Black Sun's Zenith and Green Sun's Zenith (depending on budget) can be good additions for wiping/searching

Triumph of the Hordes is a personal favorite of mine, but if you dislike infecting people, I understand.

Birthing Pod I think should be in all the Merens, but that also depends on budget and how your people react to that sort of thing.

Pattern of Rebirth can be a tutor for combo-y things if you ever go that way or you can just get a big dumb thing by trading in a little guy.

Dark Prophecy is a budget Necropotence that draws lots of cards.

Kokusho, the Evening Star is my favorite card in MtG and he has a home in all my Meren builds. CoCo Puffs the dragon is a house!

Sorry for the wall of words.. I just enjoy naming cards I enjoy in decks I also enjoy! Make your choices around what you want your deck to remain and make your friends fear the swamp lady!

DruneGrey on DJ Najeela Running It Back

6 days ago

@jpsuchecki: Sol ring was initially left out as I tried to make room for other things. I am going for tokens in that they are my main win-con however the doublers don't really help as much as I had wanted them to. I have found that in general you don't want to start going off until you can win, and that once you are at that point doubling tokens just speeds up the clock it doesn't establish one.

@ERoss8: Reconnaissance actually just arrived a few days ago actually. The tribal difference is what ended up being the deciding factor for me between Civic and Wood Elves. The ramp itself isn't as important as I initially thought it would be. I'll likely end up cutting even more of the top end to try and combo out quicker.

@Darkshadow327: Bear Umbra is almost certainly going in, was left out to fit in more high end warriors originally and to also temper the decks competitiveness somewhat as the deck seems, like a lot of 5 color combo decks to get above the power level of my local meta. However, I get targeted when playing this regardless of me saying it was built down somewhat so now I'm building it to the threat everyone thinks it is. Not sure if you noticed, this list has no counters and no removal. That is also something to be remedied shortly.

As for your list Triumph of the Hordes is a very interesting finisher. Cover of Darkness makes a lot of sense as well.

To all: Thank you for the suggestions. Primer will be along hopefully in the next week or so.

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