Dragonlord Dromoka


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Mythic Rare

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Dragonlord Dromoka

Legendary Creature — Elder Dragon

Dragonlord Dromoka can't be countered.

Flying, lifelink

Your opponents can't cast spells during your turn.

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Dragonlord Dromoka Discussion

joshthor on Hazezon Muad'dib: Dune-Inspired EDH

3 days ago

any over performers you are finding in this deck in your play? the deck is very different then my list and it seems to have more scattered win cons where mine is pretty one dimensional (though i love that about mine). have you tried Mentor of the Meek, Regal Force? I love those in my decks, they tend to be super good. additionally I find Dragonlord Dromoka and Conqueror's Flail to be fantastic due to thier Grand Abolisher like effects. they tend to enable hard to stop wins.

Darkshadow327 on Card creation challenge

1 week ago

Arcades, Shield of the People

Legendary Planeswalker - Arcades

+1 Target creature you control gets +0/+2 and gains reach until your next turn.

-2 You draw 2 cards and gain 2 life

-9 You get an emblem with "Creatures you control get +0/+2 and can attack as though they didn't have defender. Creatures you control assign combat damage equal to their toughness rather than their power."



Let's keep this going. Challenge: Turn another elder dragon except for Palladia-Mors, Arcades, or Nicol Bolas into a Planeswalker. Tarkir Dragons can be done as well (Dragonlord Dromoka, Dragonlord Ojutai, Dragonlord Silumgar, Dragonlord Kolaghan, and Dragonlord Atarka).

Pieguy396 on H: Avacyn, JVP, Vial Smasher, ...

1 week ago

Hey, all! I have a bunch of cards sitting in my binder not doing anybody much good, and I'd love to try and work out a few trades! My public TappedOut binder is sometimes a couple days behind when I update it, so here are some of the more exciting cards I have for trade:

And here are some of the cards I'm looking for:

And of course any fetchlands or shocklands you may have (I can give you a good deal on them if you do). I'm also totally open to offers or looking at other people's binders if you'd like. Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

SynergyBuild on Sisay has the answers | cEDH | Primer

2 weeks ago

May I ask why you don't use the more streamlined combo?

Now to explain the actual combo, it is a quite simple combo, that takes one turn/tutor/cast after you fetch Paradox Engine from Captain Sisay and takes at the slowest 3 turns on a normal curve to win after turn 4. (you win by turn 6 then).

Cool, now here is the combo.

Cast Captain Sisay, pass the turn, or give it haste with Lightning Greaves or something.

Fetch Paradox Engine, cast it that same turn hopefully. Then pass the turn, or untap Captain Sisay by casting a spell.

Untapped Captain Sisay + Paradox Engine = Win:

Tap Sisay, Fetch Mox Amber, cast it, untapping Sisay.

Tap both, Floating , and finding Mox Opal, cast it, untapping the other mox and Sisay.

Tap both Mox, floating , and fetch Seton, Krosan Protector, then cast it.

Tap out for , fetch Dosan the Falling Leaf, and cast it, floating nothing. Untap.

Tap out for , fetch Bow of Nylea, and cast it, floating nothing. Untap.

Tap out for , fetch Bontu's Monument, cast it, floating nothing and untap.

Tap out for , fetch Mikaeus, the Lunarch, and cast it.

You now can drop Mikaeus, the Lunarch with no counters so it dies, Bow of Nylea it back into the deck, and fetch it out again, infinite times. Bontu's Monument will drain for win.

This takes up a lot less space than fetching Blasting Station from Inventors' Fair, and using Azusa, Lost but Seeking to get the land drops, and you don't need the mana to cast Dragonlord Dromoka with Dosan the Falling Leaf. It also doesn't rely on Reki, History of Kamigawa, so no need for infinite casts of Green Sun's Zenith. You don't need to rely on targetting with Bontu's Monument (as opposed to Blasting Station).

In total, the combo I suggest you use is a 9 card combo, but I will call it an 8 card combo as one is the commander. 8 cards is still a lot of dead draws, but normally Mox Amber, Mox Opal (if you have metalcraft), Dosan the Falling Leaf, and a few other cards in the combo aren't entirely dead.

Your current combo runs 14 dead cards, not including Captain Sisay for obvious reasons. (I didn't include Green Sun's Zenith either as it would be run regardless of the combo.) And the same thing is true about how you don't mind drawing a Mox Amber or whatever, but being able to drop 6 semi-dead cards makes the deck much more refined.

saralach on Sisay Paradox Combo (Averages turn 3.4 wins!)

2 weeks ago

What about things that keep people from stopping the win though? Grand Abolisher for a non legendary. Easy cut to me would be Bloom Tender which will only ever tap for 2 here. Dosan the Falling Leaf and Dragonlord Dromoka for tutorable pieces.

1empyrean on Jodah and the League of Destinies

3 weeks ago

Ha, it took me far too long to realize Ramos, Dragon Engine wasn't your commander. Jodah all the way!

Overwhelming Splendor: A way to deal with annoying creatures.

Narset Transcendent, Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, Grand Abolisher, Dragonlord Dromoka: Stop them from messing with you on your turn.

Paradox Engine: Another Untap tool.

Hyrkh on Arcade Mode [Arcades Defenderball]

4 weeks ago

Have you thought about Umbral Mantle or Sword of the Paruns with somekind of pump effect. Axebane Guardian+Umbral Mantle/Sword of the Paruns for infinite mana, use Assault Formation to pump creatures or Arcades himself and swing for the win with Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive and Dragonlord Dromoka or indeed Helix Pinnacle with Kruphix, God of Horizons

Goretast on God of Land Drops

1 month ago

Hey forneyt, I wanted to wait a bit and try out Protean Hulk more before I give you my thoughts. I run two sac outlets High Market and Miren, the Moaning Well. The strategy is to sac Protean Hulk to grab Odric, Lunarch Marshal with all your buffs and gods. I added Beastcaller Savant for haste (If you know a better haste creature please let me know) so that we can swing out the same turn we sac Protean while having Dragonlord Dromoka stopping any responses to our swing. It makes the deck so much more deadly with just an addition of two cards, and you can Mistveil Plains any of the combo pieces you lose as you play. The earliest I've won with Protean is turn 5, and he has yet to be a dead draw late game unless I simply don't have my sac outlets. I think you should give it a shot.

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