Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Journey into Nyx (JOU) Mythic Rare

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Legendary Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +3/+3

Whenever equipped creature blocks or is blocked by one or more creatures you may exile one of them. Your opponents can't cast cards with the same name of a card exiled by godsend.

Equip: 3

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Godsend Discussion

DrukenReaps on Nazahn Advice (Additions/Removals)

6 days ago

Things that should work well in the deck: Nahiri, the Lithomancer, Aura Shards, Fireshrieker, Worldslayer, Shield of Kaldra, Helm of Kaldra, Sword of Kaldra, Conqueror's Flail, Basilisk Collar, Godsend, Whispersilk Cloak, Quietus Spike, Masterwork of Ingenuity, Sword of Vengeance, Rishkar's Expertise, Open the Vaults, Krosan Grip, Auriok Steelshaper, Armory Automaton, Puresteel Paladin, Stonehewer Giant

Consider removing: Alms Collector, Stalking Leonin, Hungry Lynx, Jazal Goldmane, Leonin Arbiter, Fleecemane Lion, Phantom Nishoba, Temur Sabertooth, White Sun's Zenith, Curse of Bounty, Curse of Vitality

I think some of my suggestions for adding may already be in there but that just tells you they are doubly worth it :P There may be better options then some of what I listed so you might want to take a look here too:


colton815 on Kor Equipment: Modern Competitive?

2 weeks ago

i would highly recommend the "sword" equips. its the cycle with Sword of Feast and Famine and other sword equips that each give protection from 2 different colors as well as 2 different triggered abilities that trigger when the creature deals damage. they work very well with double strikers like Kor Duelist and Mirran Crusader. the Sword of Feast and Famine specifically also works well with Sigarda's Aid if you have it on a double striker. when you attack you can deal first strike damage, untap your lands (and make the opp discard of course), flash in another "sword" equip (such as Sword of War and Peace), attach it to the same creature for free, deal normal combat damage, then both swords trigger.

i would also recommend Vault Skirge because it gets your artifact count up for Puresteel Paladin while also being a great creature to equip. Etherium Sculptor is another good artifact creature.

i would also highly recommend running 20 lands, and equips that are more powerful. the ones you have now don't really do much with just a +1 to power. Godsend and Cranial Plating are powerful options.

a white deck in modern definitely needs 4 Path to Exile

DrukenReaps on Heliod (MWC)

3 weeks ago

Some thoughts on lower CMC stuff to include: Spear of Heliod, Grand Abolisher, Archetype of Courage, Frontline Medic, Aegis of the Gods, Eight-and-a-Half-Tails, Godsend, Luminarch Ascension.

Mana: Land Tax, Knight of the White Orchid, Weathered Wayfarer, Oreskos Explorer, Pearl Medallion

Draw: Mesa Enchantress

Life: Blind Obedience, Soul Warden, Soul's Attendant, Suture Priest, Auriok Champion

Hope some of this is useful, I'm fairly sure I didn't recommend anything you already have... My bad if I did.

Stefouch on Voltron-with-a-Senior-Edificer (Sram Equipment)

3 weeks ago

Keep Sword of Light and Shadow. It's protection from white and black offer the best survival abilities against the majority of targeted anticreatures spells in EDH.

Worldslayer destroys everything, your stuff included. Worldslayer needs a dedicated deck to works properly. Don't play it.

Godsend isn't your weaker equipment piece. The "exile" if blocked is cool, especially if your attacking creature has trample somehow. + if you had more utility creatures (Mother of Runes) you could equip them with Godsend for a good dissuasive defense.

Cultivator's Caravan: any rock at cmc 2 is better. You have so few creatures, will you equip Sram just to crew the Caravan? Will you equip the crewed Caravan for big hit, and then unequip everything when it turns back to an empty Vehicle?

It seems also that you have to many equipments. ~30 that's a lot. I would cut 5-10 of them for extra utility creatures or support spells.

cdkime on Need suggestions on cards

3 weeks ago

To clarify a bit Artifacts also follow the rules of colour identity. Godsend or Blinding Souleater would be legal with your commander--the former has a White color identity as a component of its mana cost, and the latter as a component of its activated ability. Contrarily Courier's Capsule and Evolution Vat would not be legal, as they do not have White colour identities.

I run Sigil of the Empty Throne in a deck that is 43% enchantments--it has been a powerful finisher in that deck, but the deck's construction is absurdly skewed toward enchantments. I am not sure it would work well in most other decks, but wanted to mention it as you wanted an angelic theme.

Paradox Engine + Isochron Scepter allows for some infinite combos if you are running a large number of mana rocks. You can use it for casting Holy Day on each opponents' turn in the early game, and eventually use to pump out infinite mana, for cards such as Entreat the Angels (which fits the angel host theme you said you wanted).

Some other cards to consider:

  • Mesa Enchantress - card advantage
  • Lightmine Field - strong pillowfort card, particularly against wide decks. However, if your win condition involves attacking with lots of creatures, you might want to forgo this one.
  • Darksteel Mutation - removes an enemy commander without giving the opponent an option to return the target to the command zone.
  • Consulate Crackdown - remove their mana rocks, and any remaining threat your opponents might be.

PartyJ on Voltron-with-a-Senior-Edificer (Sram Equipment)

3 weeks ago

Hey JoeBlondie,

thank you for your honoust opinions. I always appreciate people who add something valuable to an ongoing deck discussion.

Let me respond on your points in the same order as you posted them.

O-Naginata : I can understand your point about it being 'dead' in your opening hand. But as a Voltron player it brings more than just this backdraft. For 1 mana it draws us a card and it brings us 3 extra commander damage and the trample ability to make sure that commander damage gets through. I've had several games where the extra 3 damage added midgame made a difference to reach 21 commander damage. And with double strike/damage present it is even more impactful!

Sword of Light and Shadow : I have been running it for the +3 +3 and the protection yes. But I am aware that this is the weakest of the swords in my build. Till the moment I was solely aiming for lethal commander damage without a MLD backup plan it was there since there was nothing relevant for me to pick as replacement. I feel that Worldslayer could be a interesting substitute, now that I play with MLD. Do you agree on this?

Batterskull : Its a card I have a love-hate affair with. It saved me from dying a few times because of the lifelink and being able to cast it at instant speeds as a blocker with Sigarda's Aid. But on the otherhand it can feel clunky indeed. For now I do not know what relevant replacement I would even pick.

Bloodforged Battle-Axe : It proved the use in a few games I had the opportunity to use it. My opponent went nuts when 2 versions triggered and said GG to me. With Sigarda's Aid in play gives this piece of equipment a strong Voltron feeling.

Trepanation Blade : It is a gimmicky card for sure :) But the random lottery part brings some spice to the table; do I get the fatal blow THIS turn already? ... insert evil smile

Golem-Skin Gauntlets : It's a placeholder card which performed in a few games and was lacking in other games. What would you suggest as a replacement?

Conqueror's Flail : This is mainly a meta call. Lots of blue decks are present here and they all would love to counter any of my MLD spells.

Sword of Vengeance : It's a fine card that helped me several times. I do not think that there is any other equipemnt that will fulfill a better role at this place.

Leonin Abunas : You will be surprised how many times I wished I had this card present on my battlefield. People tend to 'breakdown' my voltron equipped commander just too often, removing vital pieces from it just to stall me long enough. It would be best if it was a non creature spell, but that is not the case. Why bother with another creature with the same cmc that needs metalcraft to be active?

Cultivator's Caravan : It is a mana rock for 3 cmc and lets me draw another card when he is cast. The crew ability I never used. I feel it is a decent pick, but which manarock could replace this spot?

Godsend : You nailed it spot on! I have the exact same feeling with this equipment. I can't reason it better than you did. But the fact remains that we need a valuable substitute for this card. I will finalize my opinions regarding possible changes at the bottom....


Also thanks for answering Gleeock. You are always truely welcome in here!

Gleeock on JoeBlondie

3 weeks ago

Hi Joe,

Godsend does have some of the drawbacks you speak of. Although, it is meta dependant. Certainly, if you play against something like Ghave a lot the chump blockers make it a big waste of time. Against decks that value a couple of key creatures though it is basically evasion. Playing against Meren & cast-from-graveyard decks it is a complete death sentence & a beater in addition. For me it is a candidate for removal if I feel an obviously better equipment comes along.... but I also play against an awful lot of recursion based decks that can't stand Godsend.

JoeBlondie on Voltron-with-a-Senior-Edificer (Sram Equipment)

3 weeks ago

I see. I can understand the occasional boredom with a voltron deck. In fact, while the voltron kill is my plan A, at the same time it's also the least enjoyable type of victory and I am excited if the opponent pushes me to go wider with the midrange strategy. So, in a way, I already avoid that issue.

Last time I forgot to ask about one card: what's your opinion about Godsend guys?

I just recently cut it and it took all my mental strength to do it. On one hand, I love the card. I love it for flavour reasons, I love it because of the gorgeus art,I love it because of the catchy name, I love it because Elspeth is my favourite walker and because, let's be honest, the effect of the card is just cool. However, on the other hand, if I stop and look at it from a strategic standpoint... well, it's not that good. Actually, I think it's pretty bad. Its' clunky with its 3 to cast and 3 to equip, it functionally says "+3/+3 unblockable... sometimes", because no one wants to lose their fatties early, but no one will have a problem in just chump blocking with some random tokens. And when you will really need to alpha-strike someone because they threaten to kill you next turn, you'll find out that Godsend does absolutely nothing, it might as well read "+3/+3". Its also an anti-sinergy with Batterskull and Umezawa's Jitte.

Actually, it's more useful in defense to discourage attacks towards you, but you can't really play the defensive game if you go all-in voltron.

So, what do you guys think?

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