Howling Mine


At the beginning of each player's draw step, if Howling Mine is untapped, that player draws an additional card.

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Howling Mine Discussion

Beln on Nekusar's Wheel

1 day ago

I would definitely play Howling Mine & Underworld Dreams to help get some more damage in.

Some other great cards would be : Blasphemous Act, Wheel and Deal, Smoke

You can check my own version of the deck (Seriously, screaming helps... not at all.) for more ideas if you want, +1

casmiel on Dark Devotion

1 day ago

I would highly recommend against running Aether Vial in the sideboard. You just don't have the right creatures for it. For Aether Vial to be strong, you'd need a much much tighter mana curve on your creatures (90% 1-3 CMC, maybe a couple of 4 CMC creatures MAX). I'd rather run a couple of Collective Brutality to vastly improve your chances against Burn and some more Leyline of the Void.

As for your maindeck, I'd swap Underworld Dreams out for Phyrexian Arena. Dreams is only strong in a very narrow range of matchups and you have Howling Mine effects or similar to take advantage of it. I'm also not sold on Nether Traitor, apart from the Devotion he can't block for you and 1 chip damage is just pretty much nothing without pump spells. Rather run the full set of Gifted Aetherborn and a couple of Victim of Night over them. Victim is pretty strong in Modern as there are few commonly played creatures that resist it, most of them are found in Dredge where removal is pretty terrible anyways. Other than that, I'd swap the Despise for Inquisition of Kozilek. Inquisition is more flexible in most matchups and you have tons of ways to deal with creatures anyways. With Artifacts, Enchantments, Instants and Sorceries? Not so much.

I also think your Liliana is versatile enough to run in the Maindeck.

Love me some monoblack, nice job

CaptSillva on Twin commander deck

1 day ago

Leovold is banned in commander. If your play group does allow him, than perhaps you could consider more Howling Mine effects.

Vayder84 on Arjun, the mad scientist.

3 days ago

Laboratory Maniac? Howling Mine? Venser's Journal? Alhammarret's Archive? Aetherflux Reservoir?

All of these seem like a decent fit for your "chaos" build. You already have some card draw and infinite hand size cards. Why not add some more to give you better chances of getting what you want or need?

maximum on Attack of the Clones

4 days ago

Draw can be a problem in every deck. I get more issues with getting enough mana to play Kemba for the 5th time because she got killed or countered before I had priority. If I do have spare mana I can use it to move equipment around to other creatures because I don't like killing with commander damage. That being said there 4 cards that allow for draw ( Howling Mine, Sword of Fire and Ice, Puresteel Paladin, and Sram, Senior Edificer). There are also 4 tutors Enlightened Tutor, Stoneforge Mystic, Steelshaper's Gift, and Stonehewer Giant.

Timehiros on I have no clever name for this deck.

1 week ago

Well of Ideas give you two cards on cast and deaw two more each turn.
Of course Howling Mine and Font of Mythos

shaftdiggity on Planeswalker Token Deck

2 weeks ago

It looks like your battling between going wide and going tall. It's my opinion that the wide is more important than the tall (though some of the buffers are too great to pass up)

Things to add -

Ezuri's Predation - a board wipe that gives you tokens

Shamanic Revelation - massive card draw and potentially some life-gain

Collective Blessing - bigger bang for your buck than glorious anthem

Cryptolith Rite - massive ramp with all your tokens

Dictate of Heliod - Another massive anthem

Zendikar Resurgent - mana ramp and turns your creature cards into card draw

Mirari's Wake - ramp and creature buff

Selvala, Explorer Returned - ramp, life gain, card draw Sevala may actually help you more as the commander considering how little ramp and card draw is inherent in Green/White.

Things to cut -

Growing Ranks - Conceptually, this card should work. I found it's just too slow, and, with most of your token as 1/1's, you just don't get the best impact for a 4 mana spell

Glorious Anthem - This is just too little bang for your commander buck. Go +2/+2 or bigger

Celestial Ancient - Not enough enchantments to make a big impact and going tall instead of wide

Kessig Cagebreakers - He triggers on attack, and you don't have enough creatures to be in your graveyard to really make him pay off (especially for a 5 cmc)

Sigil Captain - only helps your 1/1 go taller and is a bit squishy on a creature

Goldnight Commander - the +1/+1 only for the turn

Juniper Order Ranger - going tall instead of wide

I do still think you could use a few more card draw engines like Howling Mine or Staff of Nin or Font of Mythos, and I would seriously consider moving your current commander to the 99 and putting Selvala, Explorer Returned at the helm, especially considering many of the token creators cost a ton of mana.

skull_kid on Winter Orb Lockdown

3 weeks ago

@tmsandro because stasis hurts yourself too as it says players and there is no oracle text changing it however Winter Orb can be abused to keep your untap step while limiting your opponent. I can get behind the black vise over Iron Maiden if you can get them

as for upgrades try Anvil of Bogardan over Howling Mine it removes hand size and has the mine's extra draw effect

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