Howling Mine


At the beginning of each player's draw step, if Howling Mine is untapped, that player draws an additional card.

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Howling Mine Discussion

pskinn01 on Formatting for oldschool Artifacts instead ...

3 days ago

use ( ) with the set's three letter set code. Like revised is 3ED. so put it in the ( ) a sapce after the cards name. So Howling Mine becomes Howling Mine, when 3ED is put in ( ) after the name.

Also when doing a quick add while deck building, you can select a set to show after you put in a card name.

entheogeneral on Could you please help me ...

3 days ago

You probably know these but my little brother's Nekusar deck runs smoothly Temple Bell Howling Mine Chandra Ablaze (her second ability makes 'em draw lotta cards. Skyscribing Spiteful Visions Fevered Visions Black Vise Otherworld Atlas Dictate of Kruphix Dream Fracture Prosperity are just some of the basic cards. If do properly, they'll often have to discard a lotta cards so cards like AEtherize and Crush of Tentacles work really well. Other cards that just go well with this deck include Nightscape Familiar Chandra, the Firebrand Torchling Prognostic Sphinx Cruel Ultimatum Blasphemous Act Dissipation Field

Worldf1re on Got more mill than the Holland countryside

3 days ago

Thanks for your suggestions, Luca.

I like the idea of the Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank combo very much, and I think it could work quite well in this deck, but I'm very much a sucker for flavour so I don't think it'll work for me, exactly.

As for Font of Mythos and Howling Mine, I've found that when using these cards (they were actually part of an earlier version of this deck before it went Esper) that your opponents draw too much and the advantage shifts in their favour. You also don't get the first draw off them (with your draw phase being the last in the so-called 'cylce' after you cast it), which is why I prefer the Temple Bell's versatility in being able to draw on the end-step or not at all.

lucal13 on Got more mill than the Holland countryside

3 days ago

One nice way to one-shot someone is using the Duskmantle Guildmage and Mindcrank combo. I've had a lot of fun with that one. Also, for increased drawing for Sphinx's Tutelage, you might want to think about Font of Mythos or Howling Mine, and the also help to mill out opponents quicker.

Cheers! -Luca

Grantley91 on Odric, Who Flies with Angels

6 days ago

Luminarch Ascension is awesome. Nothing else needs to be said about it. I also would suggest Land Tax, best white ramp there is. As for card draw, there's not much in white, but you could use group hug cards like Howling Mine or Horn of Greed. I love angels and this seems like a legitimate take on putting them into EDH.

Kolanskyman on

1 week ago

I agree with your decision that Transgress the Mind main board is great choice, because it hits Gideon, and the cat combo, the gearhulk. Is Gifted Aetherborn really worth the 2 drop slot over Scrapheap Scrounger? Post sideboard Mardu will bring in Fumigate, which this deck is weak to. (Pretty ironic that the aggrodeck makes use of a board wipe.) You could go up a Tireless Tracker to increase card advantage or Midnight Oil for a personal Howling Mine.

kellen.rice on Chasm Skulker

1 week ago

I think Divination and Howling Mine will help because they will increase your card draw and make chasm skulker massive

Rzepkanut on Arcanis the Hateful

1 week ago

You almost have another infinite combo...

Other ideas..

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