Kindred Discovery


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare

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Kindred Discovery


As Kindred Discovery enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.

Whenever a creature you control of the chosen type enters the battlefield or attacks, draw a card.

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Kindred Discovery Discussion

chadsansing on Which Izzet god is the ...

3 days ago

I love The Locust God, but agree that deck construction around that card often comes down to wheel.dec. I've been editing my list to minimize the wheel effects because I don't like the lack of control in terms of what you discard and what you draw. So recurring wheel effects like Arjun, the Shifting Flame, Dragon Mage, and Mindmoil are out while cheaper wheels have stayed for now.

Instead, I've focused on politics (through card draw for everyone) to stay alive and on big pay-off draw and burn cards like Distant Melody, Keep Watch, Dogpile, Roar of the Crowd, and Spiraling Embers. Those cards combined with Sunbird's Invocation, Kindred Discovery, Trade Secrets and the usual combo pieces like Ashnod's Altar, Skullclamp, Goblin Bombardment, Impact Tremors, Laboratory Maniac, Shared Animosity, and Altar of the Brood keep the deck feeling relative fun and fresh through different lines of play. See Revenge of the Nibblers for more.

Not sure how this plays in a very competitive meta, but it is fun to play in a local playgroup and can win out of nowhere with The Locust God on board.

Daedalus19876 on Ishai/Reyhan Partnered EDH

4 days ago

Now that I finally have a chance to look at this... :)

Your removal package seems pretty good. I'd still always try to include a Beast Within, and I think Condemn is the weakest link in this deck's removal (since often you want to remove something that's not attacking).

Since all of your birds will have flying, Gravitational Shift and Favorable Winds seem very good.

Your color-fixing looks pretty good overall. Rupture Spire is a second copy of Transguild Promenade, and I'd generally use Reflecting Pool over Meteor Crater (since the latter requires you to already have cast the spell in question to be able to get use out of the land). Chromatic Lantern and Coalition Relic also help a LOT.

I've built budget landbases like this before, if you want to take a look at this deck's manabase: *RETIRED* An Hour of Wolves: Tazri EDH

Speaking of budgets, I'd cut Cavern of Souls most likely. It's not SUPER relevant in the deck, and it's nearly $50 :(

I saw Karakas in your maybeboard, but I'm afraid to tell you that it's banned in EDH :(

If this turns out to be fully tribal, you could run Cover of Darkness to great effect.

The one big thing you're missing here is draw effects. If the deck turns out to be creature-heavy, you could try cards like Shamanic Revelation or Kindred Discovery or Distant Melody. Otherwise, effects like Abundance, Sylvan Library, Rhystic Study, etc can help a lot :)

Hope that's useful commentary! :) I'll take another look when you've messed with the deck a bit more.

Verac on Im not a locust i just fuck alot

4 days ago

With Kindred Discovery you instantly kill yourself once you draw a card. because neither is the draw a may trigger nor is The Locust God's ability to spawn insects. it is basically a loop until you can't draw cards, which means you lose.

Or am I wrong here?

verse2wo on Im not a locust i just fuck alot

4 days ago

i have one card to offer, Kindred Discovery while naming insect.

RedUndead40 on Help with Strengthening Grixis Pirate ...

6 days ago

Evasion, evasion, evasion. That seems to be what the deck is lacking and is the best way to proc Beckett.

I see you have Cover of Darkness which is a good start. Add Levitation, Goblin War Drums, and Archetype of Imagination, maybe even Intimidation.

I also second the suggestion to add some changelings, mainly Taurean Mauler and Cairn Wanderer. The wanderer ends up being a stupid good pirate after a single wrath effect.

And until we get more pirates in the next set, more draw power will help you fill the board with pirates. Kindred Discovery seems like a must include.

Good luck!

passascats on Belligerent Birds

1 week ago

Looks fun!
I would look at some of the new tribal stuff from CM17. I know as singles now, some of them can be a bit expensive, the dragon deck has all the ones that would be good in this deck, most notably Kindred Discovery.

You could look at some pump options like True Conviction. Also, there are enough feather counters going around you could probably play proliferate triggers pretty consistently, so maybe Inexorable Tide, Fuel for the Cause, or Steady Progress. Contagion Engine might also be good, but $$.

Also what about Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker?

Best of luck!!!

Kogan1911 on Budget Locust God

1 week ago

Add Kindred Discovery , Chain of Vapor, and Elixir of Immortality. Play kindred draw a card. Then draw your whole deck. When you get to the last card Chain kindred discovery to your hand and play elixir. Discard to hand size and activate elixir to put your deck back. you can also use Parallel Thoughts because when you take the top card of parallel thoughts it isn't a draw so it breaks the chain.

Klavs on Edric elfball

1 week ago

Some wincons:

Mana dork + Intruder Alarm + Kindred Discovery + Llanowar Mentor (+ Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre in the hand or library) = Infinite Llanowar Elves. If you have enough mana or another mana dork out, the same turn cast Craterhoof Behemoth to swing with infinite infinity/infinity hasty trample elves

If that combo falls apart (likely!), then Shaman of Forgotten Ways is a great way to finish out the game.

Or, you could just run over them with elves and Craterhoof the ol' fashioned way.

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