Krark-Clan Ironworks


Sacrifice an artifact: Add (2) to your mana pool.

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Krark-Clan Ironworks Discussion

DrunkManSquakin666 on Sen Triplets or Breya Etherium ...

1 day ago

Thopter Sword is notorious in Modern, but I get the feeling that not as many people know how deadly it can be in Commander as should be the case, because of its synergy with other cards.

Thopter Foundry + Sword of the Meek and Ashnod's Altar or Krark-Clan Ironworks is the most obvious example. Infinite life and mana is nothing to scoff at, especially when you can then use that mana to gain infinite life, again, and produce infinite 1/1 flyers with which you can swarm the table into submission.

Thopter Sword and Time Sieve gives you infinite turns with 5 mana. With 4 mana, you could swap out Thopter Sword for Myr Battlesphere and Nim Deathmantle to achieve the same effect.

Swap out Sieve for Altar or Ironworks and you have infinite tokens with Battlesphere and Mantle.

Altar + Mantle + any creature that produces at least two tokens on entry will yield infinite tokens, as well.

Ironworks/Altar + Mantle + Wurmcoil Engine +2 mana yields infinite 3/3 beaters.

Even something like Disciple of the Vault or Marionette Master can be deadly with Thopter Sword.

Sydri, Galvanic Genius + Aetherflux Reservoir + WUB mana murders everything to death until it dies...

There are ridiculous numbers of infinite combos and other deadly synergies out there. Those are just my favorite ones. =3

Addrum on Breya Deck, What improvements can ...

1 week ago

Hey! You have a wincon already there, which is a combo with Breya, Etherium Shaper + Ashnod's Altar / Krark-Clan Ironworks + Nim Deathmantle. Sacrifice Breya and a token to make , then use it to reanimate Breya with the Deathmantle. When she enters again, makes 2 other thopter tokens. Each time will make a new token, so you can repeat it to make any number of tokens. Any number also means you can sacrifice any of them to make any amount of colorless mana, which you can use to activate Breya's ability to deal damage to an opponent. In short, infinite mana, infinite tokens, infinite damage, win the game.

There is another combo in your list, which uses Sharuum the Hegemon + Disciple of the Vault + Phyrexian Metamorph. With Disciple in play, all you need to do is have the Metamorph copy Sharuum, either reanimating it with Sharuum or casting it while Sharuum is in play. Because you can't have two Legends with the same name, you need to sacrifice one before doing anything as it enters the battlefield (a state based action), but the Enter the Battlefield ability gets to trigger, so after you sacrifice the copy, use the ability to return the copy, and repeat any number of times. Each time you sacrifice one, the Disciple will trigger, dealing 1 damage to an opponent, so you deal infinite damage.

I'd recommend you having all signets and talismans to fix your mana, specially if you are playing with a budget mana base. Check my Breya deck (althou not really budget) to get more ideas.

enpc on Akiri & Silas Renn: Eggs, two ways

1 week ago

Disciple of the Vault/Underhanded Designs seems strong here. reduces the reliance on Aetherflux Reservoir. if you wanted a good way to get board presence, Thopter Foundry and Sword of the Meek works well. With Krark-Clan Ironworks it also nets you infinite dudes.

thegigibeast on Slobad - Self-Mill/Eggs (Competitive)

1 week ago

Ok, I see long time no update, but if by any chance you still come here from time to time to look at things and maybe an update...

Scrap Trawlerwas printed and I think it can be awesome with 0 mana artifacts that sacrifice themselves to give mana (like Lotus Petal) or any low cost mana rock with a sac outlet. You could just crack the Lotus Petalfor mana, crack another artifact, return the Lotus Petal to your hands then on the battlefield, then start over again, never needing any more mana to crack your eggs. You could even possibly generate mana with this loop, depending on the artifact you use to produce mana (let's say Krark-Clan Ironworks+ Mana Crypt, this I think would be pretty good with Scrap Trawler).

I would also add in Rite of Flame and Pyretic Ritual, that way you would also have a winning line from the graveyard. Self mill with Basalt Monolith+ Mesmeric Orb, flashback Past in Flames to be able to cast from the graveyard Rite of Flame, Pyretic Ritual and Seething Song into Scrap Mastery, then you get infinite mana from one of the combo included in the deck and you can win from Goblin Cannon. All you need in addition to this combo is to start everything.

ComboCrazy on Making Pia Nalaar work!

2 weeks ago

Pia Nalaar is chronically underwhelming in Commander format. Unfortunately, there simply aren't enough ways to abuse one thopter token that will have an adequate effect on a game of commander. But, two thopters... now that's pretty insane.

cough Breya, Etherium Shaper cough

I would highly recommend reconstructing this deck into a Tiny Leaders deck. Very similar formats, and Pia's thopter goes much further with only 25 life to start. (I believe that's the starting life total, I don't recall exactly)

However, if you do insist on keeping this a commander deck, I'd throw in a healthy amount of dredge and artifact graveyard shenanigans. A couple notable cards to that end include Grinding Station and Mesmeric Orb. Additionally, if you don't switch the commander to Daretti, Scrap Savant, (who is extremely good as a commander) then add a healthy amount of artifact reanimation, namely Scarecrone, Lifeline, Trash for Treasure, etc. I'd also add some good token generators, i.e. Myr Battlesphere, Myr Turbine, and Thopter Assembly (which I see you already have). Add as many token generators as you can, primarily because they fuel other cards, such as Ashnod's Altar and Krark-Clan Ironworks, which can help you lay down your larger creatures. Then, you reanimate them, get the tokens again, and repeat the process. They also provide handy blockers and fuel pia's second ability. (Metalworker and Quicksilver Amulet work as well to lay down cards like Blightsteel, but worker is a bit pricey.) Speaking of ol' BS, having Warstorm Surge otb when blightsteel enters one-shots an opponent. Just fyi ;)

As for some just generally good cards for this style of deck, I'd recommend Inventors' Fair, Kuldotha Forgemaster, Hedron Archive, Blinkmoth Urn, Voltaic Construct, and Myr Retriever are all great cards. For more synergistic artifact suggestions, I'd take a look at some Karn, Silver Golem EDH lists and some Daretti, Scrap Savant EDH lists. A deck with Pia at at the head would run a lot of the same cards and work similarly to those, I'd imagine. I've never seen anyone try to use Pia in EDH before, so bravo, good sir, exploring new territory. Good luck with the deck!

killerbee_mctitties on C-C-C-ComboBreya!

2 weeks ago

Teal_Fox thanks a lot for your comment and your suggestions.
Yes, I did look at Whir of Invention closely and lastly hesitated because of the triple U cost. On the other hand I play Necropotence which requires triple B to be cast and that never was an issue so far. Suggest me something to cut for it and I'll look to get a copy of it into the deck.
About Purphoros, God of the Forge and Eldrazi Displacer I thought as well, just exchange them with Deadeye Navigator and maybe Myr Battlesphere and push the curve down even further but I'm not sure hoow to come up with the colorless mana.
But now that i Think about it if I manage to get my hands on a Krark-Clan Ironworks and maybe an Enlightened Tutor I just might be able to pull this of quick enough.
Scrap Mastery is a great suggestion, I wans't even aware a red Living Death exists, I'll definetely be looking to add a copy of it to my deck, thanks a lot!

foxboy93 on Blinking Breya - Discussion

2 weeks ago

Think about it like this then:

You have Disk and Boompile in your hand. You have no way to untap Disk. You can play it and stare down lethal before you can activate it, or you can take a 50/50 chance that the opponent doesn't attack you, and a 50/50 chance that you can live.

Biggest difference between Disk and Pile, beyond entering tapped or untapped, Pile deals with Walkers. If someone tries to use their Walkers or tries to kill me, I have pile at the ready. Also, its cheaper than Oblivion Stone. With Forge out, I get to keep it around as well so its like another Disk

Saheeli synergizes with the deck, but not as much as you may think. Compared to Dack Fayden, who draws you the cards as opposed to just scrying, Dack can also steal artifacts, such as Sol Ring. I took it once and it had helped me. Saheeli can make copies of artifacts and creatures, but its a one time use before she likely dies or I then gotta pump up to get high enough to use it again without killing her.

Phyrexian Metamorph is effectively the same thing, only entering as either a creature or artifact. I might pick one up but it is difficult as it is to see what I want. For example, I also wanted Reckless Fireweaver. While not Disciple of the Vault or Marionette Master, it synergizes with the ETB triggers I am wanting.

To address Vault and Mastery, I did consider them. Main problem is I don't have alot of sac outlets for Mastery, meaning any artifact lands I have go bye bye. Additionally, if I had, say Krark-Clan Ironworks, sacced my board and tried to reanimate, I could get blown out by a Counterspell and have no board. Sure its good, but unless I got a real big way to abuse it and not get blown out, I didn't include it. Vault is different, because it also returns enchantments, meaning voltron decks, Doubling Season players ect will likely get their things back. If I was to include one of these two in my deck, I'd pick Mastery over Vault.

TheRedGoat on SHE COMES

3 weeks ago

First and foremost I should point out that you can't make use of Myriad Landscape because it has to get lands that share a (sub)type, like forest or swamp, and Wastes actually have no type to share. They only have the basic (super)type and the names are obviously shared. Which could be abused by Extraplanar Lens, but I'm not sure off hand where to cut for that if you wanted it.

I would suggest maybe Nim Deathmantle as a more definite replacement instead of another land because it also goes infinite with either Ashnod's Altar or Krark-Clan Ironworks and Myr Battlesphere. I would also remove Eternal Scourge for something like Hedron Matrix or else something like it that lets your commander be able to get a one-shot attack in as at least a one of effect. Your other big creatures can easily benefit from such a card as well, but since that's not the point of your deck I only recommend the one time ability.

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