Seize the Day


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Odyssey Rare

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Seize the Day


Untap target creature. After this main phase, there is an additional combat phase followed by an additional main phase.

Flashback (2)(Red) (You may play this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then remove it from the game.)

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Seize the Day Discussion

PookandPie on Yidris Monthly Upgrade

1 week ago

When you go to make your first update, here are some general suggestions for your deck:

Beast Within is the best removal spell in mono green in Commander. It hits any permanent for 2G at instant speed, which is valuable flexibility- 3/3s aren't much worry in this format. Similarly, Trygon Predator is perfect for this deck as repeatable targeted enchantment/artifact removal.

Anything that can give Yidris double strike would be phenomenal since it would double his cascade ability for the rest of your turn. Blood Mist is a nice cheap card capable of doing this, as is Fireshrieker. Berserkers' Onslaught does this for all of your attackers, while Assault Strobe does this once for only one red mana. Savage Beating and Seize the Day also perform this effect somewhat similarly without breaking the bank. The idea of cascading multiple times from a single spell is very tempting and easy to setup lol.

Diabolic Tutor. Cheap, powerful tutor capability is always nice. You run Waste Not, a card that specifically requires cards like Windfall to function. DT is like running an additional copy of Waste or Windfall, for example. Similarly, Bring to Light is cheap.

Delve spells are extremely powerful in cascade-oriented decks. Dig Through Time, etc., let you cast high cmc spells for a low mana cost, but the cost printed on the card is what matters for cascade, allowing these to get you nigh anything in your library.

As for cuts...

Academy Elite is pretty mediocre.

Guiltfeeder. Kind of worthless unless the stars align and virgins are sacrificed. Without tutors, I don't see this being very useful often, and more times than not, it would have just been easier to beat down with Yidris anyway.

Ancient Excavation. Most anything is better. If you have the budget, Rhystic Study is great in big games, otherwise, look to Dig Through Time and the like.

Horizon Chimera. Gaining life doesn't let you win, and you could honestly just run Essence Warden if life gain is what you want to do (much of the time, Warden will gain you way more at 1/4th the cost). Trygon Predator, for example, does a more active job of controlling the battlefield.

Thrasios. He's great if you can generate infinite mana, but if you're not, remove him since his activation cost is silly high for what you get.

Whims of the Fates seems pretty bad. Volcanic Vision seems rough as well since it's so expensive to cast that you could very well be dead before you could cast it (Chain Reaction or similar being easier to cast, generally), and Treacherous Terrain is pretty rough as well due to its crazy high mana cost.

That's all I've got though. Hope your revisions next month go well.

stick218 on Zadaaaaaahhhhhhh

1 month ago

After your first attack phase why can't you cast Seize the Day and target Zada, Hedron Grinder ? Copies would untap your army?

Redace878 on Zadaaaaaahhhhhhh

1 month ago

Oh wait, you can't untap your creatures with Seize the Day. Whoops.

Redace878 on Zadaaaaaahhhhhhh

1 month ago

Holy crap, this deck is powerful. I do have to agree with midget_overlord because Seize the Day could be compltely devastating.

midget_overlord on Zadaaaaaahhhhhhh

1 month ago

Seize the Day? Say hello to 50 extra combat phases.

JaysomeDecks on Henshin Xena-go-go baby

1 month ago

Xenagos adds +x/+x, equal to target creature's power, at the beginning of combat. If you have a second combat, he will do it again, using that creature's newly increased power. So, you take a 5/5, double it to 10/10, and swing. Take an extra combat phase, double it to 20/20, and swing again. That's 30 damage in one turn from a 5/5 and a second combat phase.

Extra Combat

Seize the Day is one of the best, as it has Flashback for . For 7 mana, you could even potentially cast it twice in one turn, swinging for 70 damage total.

Savage Beating costs 7 to use it properly, but that second combat phase, plus double strike, is well worth it. In a pinch, it can still be cast for just one of the abilities.

World at War has Rebound. Two turns of extra combat phases, or card, and no mana spent the second turn.

Fury of the Horde is either the best or the worst. No extra abilities, and a cost of 7, but the potential to cast it for free by removing two red cards from your hand can be game-changing. Still, I would advise testing this one more, if it even makes it past consideration.

Relentless Assault. 4 mana. Extra combat phase. Simple. Playable.

Scourge of the Throne puts the ability on a flying 5/5 creature, for free, so long as you're attacking the board leader. You likely won't get to use the ability more than once or twice per game, as you'll be doing a massive chunk of damage, but it's well worth it.

Hellkite Charger. Another extra combat ability on a body. Expensive, but still doable, and on a good flying body.

Untapping Lands

Now, the best way to ensure you can cast those extra combat cards or activate those abilities as quickly as possible, is the ability to untap your lands when you attack or deal damage.

Nature's Will is your best bet. It's a global enchantment, so you can have it sitting out just waiting to play a creature. If your swing connects, all your untap just waiting for you to take that second, usually lethal, combat phase.

Bear Umbra. Usually cast on the creature that is being doubled, as it grants protection and additional power/toughness. The downside is you usually have to wait I'll the turn after you've played the creature, but that's true about magic in general when you're casting big beasties. The upside, other than +2/+2 and Totem Armor, is that it untaps on the swing, so even if they have a chump to save them from that swing, you'll still be able to activate the next.

The Combo

Either of those untapping cards goes infinite with Aggravated Assault (which I see is already in your maybeboard), and with Hellkite Charger. Bear Umbra is the best here, as even if they can block, you can keep taking infinite combat phases. Since your creature gets bigger, it won't die, but unless your opponents guys are indestructible, they won't be able to withstand an infinite wave of blows. Worst case, there's one guy left at the table.

Honorable Mentions

Sword of Feast and Famine. This is an amazing card, and one of the few affordable swords available. It offers protection, and our ever-crucial untap ability. But, and this is a big one, it provides protection from green. This means whatever creature it's equipped to can't be targeted by Xenagos's ability. I'm not saying to rule it out altogether; the infinite combat phases it can provide still win without Xenagos. Also, you can always double a different creature. But, it's usefulness is deminished in this deck, so it may be worth omitting. It's a tough call I haven't even decided on for my deck yet.

Frontier Siege adds 2 mana at each of your main phases. It's not red, but it can help cast those extra combat spells in the second main. Also, it's solid ramp for the first turn too. It's worth a mention.

Vorrac Battlehorns. Cheap to play. Equips for . Gives Trample, and the inability to be blocked by multiple creatures, meaning most of the damage will make it through. A decent card to consider.

Godo, Bandit Warlord. Another iffy card. Free extra combat, but he only untaps himself for it. Swings for 6 the first time and 12 the second, for 18 total, which is below what other creatures can do, especially for 6cmc. But, the extra combat is free, meaning he swings for that 18 with no other cards but your commander. He also tutors an equipment into play, which is useful, even in a deck without many equipment, like yours. Another honorable mention, worth consideration.

Rancor. +2/0 is nothing to be trifled with in a Xenagos deck. This enchantment will add +4/+2 to whatever creature it enchants. But that's not what makes it good. Trample is amazing, and you should always be looking to give it to any creature that doesn't already have it in this deck. But that's not what makes it good. Why this card works is that, if the enchanted creature dies, and believe me people will save a Doom Blade for those charging 20/20s of yours, it comes right back to your hand, ready to drop right onto your next hasty monstrosity. And again, for only .

I know you already have this card in here, and it'll be the last one I mention, but I should point out that with these cards, your Savage Ventmaw now becomes a much more effective card, allowing you to cast your extra turn spells, and possibly even going infinite.

Ok, I know I've left you a book. I love Xenagos, and can get a little over-eager. I hope some of these suggestions are useful to you. Keep on swinging home, Xenagod

loosemagoose0 on Hoagies and Grinders

1 month ago

Oh yeah Seize the Day gives you a combat step for EACH creatures it targets and it has flashback. I have a Zada deck too and this card more than any other wrecks butts. It's wrath effects that really bone Zada. If you cant swarm fast and get the draw engine going its hard to win. I like your burntastic build

Sendaran on On Delete Cascade

1 month ago

"Hover bear" combo will not be included here as I already have a couple of variations of that elsewhere. And it kinda makes Yidris redundant, which just isn't fun.

I have considered the sword either here or in my Scion of the Ur-Dragon commander, since I have a masterpiece available, so that remains a possibility.

Fury of the Horde feels inconvenient for several reasons. The alternative cost will never be used in a four color deck, which leaves us with the regular CMC of 7. It's near impossible to get it from cascade (only a couple of higher CMC spells), so it could only ever be cast as the first post combat spell. Savage Beating is much more flexible and thus a potential candidate. Lower CMC with a kicker for extra win fits better as a cascade target. I might still prefer Seize the Day due to cheap flashback, even though you don't get a cascade effect with the second cast. The deck does not go very wide with creatures, so a single target recursion is usually enough. Aggravated Assault is hilariously abusable, but doesn't bring immediate value when hit from cascade. I also think that playing it straight would paint way too large a target on my head in my playgroup, as everyone can smell lethal combos from a mile away.

I have one or two copies of Strionic Resonator sitting around somewhere waiting for the right deck, so that might fit in. With Paradox Engine it might be just the right kind of stupid to work here. I'm also considering adding Recycle and slightly adjusting the non-land mana sources, because cascade casting through your whole deck with the Engine could get my seal of approval.

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