Boros Signet


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Uncommon
Commander 2015 Common
MTG: Commander Common
Planechase Common
Ravnica: City of Guilds Common

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Boros Signet


, : Add to your mana pool.

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Boros Signet Discussion

Chuff_Bucket on By Any Means Necessary

14 hours ago

Alrighty: my first suggestion is to bump up your land count. Even though this is a relatively low-curve deck, you still want to run probably around 36 lands. If you don't, you risk having a high percentage of unkeepable opening hands because of low land count. Again, this is a super low-curve deck, so you could probably get away with 35 or perhaps even 34, but I would only recommend cutting from 36 after extensive playtesting.

Next, you're gonna want way more ramp and waaaay more card draw. I'm pretty sure the only card I saw that draws you more cards is Mentor of the Meek (which is a good option!). You are playing with graveyard shenanigans, so the graveyard will act as an extension of your hand during the average game. But there's no replacement for drawing cards off the top - graveyard shenanigans won't help you dig for a board wipe when you desperately need one, etc., etc. Good card draw in these colors include Phyrexian Arena, Painful Truths, Dreamstone Hedron.

Faithless Looting could be a good option here. While it doesn't strictly draw you any more cards, it does dig you through your deck and puts stuff in your graveyard to boot for Alesha to play with later.

Additionally, I would recommend upping your ramp count as well. Sword of the Animist is an under-utilized card, and I like it in this list. But you should definitely be playing all of the signets: Rakdos Signet, Orzhov Signet, and Boros Signet. Having Turn 2 ramp can be super valuable in a game to help propel you forward at a quicker rate than some of your opponents. Additionally, swap out Phyrexian Lens for Chromatic Lantern. It's a strict upgrade (as the Lantern gives the same effect and doesn't cost you life), and having the mana-fixing properties of the lantern is always a relief in a 3-Color deck like this. It's a little pricier, but it's a necessary card for any deck running 3-Colors and up.

I would HIGHLY recommend watching this video: Command Zone Deck Building Template

These guys are commander pros, and this video is all of their advice on how to approach building a new EDH deck. Obviously take your own artistic license into account, but for hashing out your first deck, you could do much worse than to listen to their advice.

kgrey2 on angel dragons demons

2 days ago

Kaalia is awesome. She was my first build too, been about a year more or less. If you are playing multiplayer I suggest adding an eff ton of artifact o regular fetch cards and an eff ton of artifacts with shroud or hexproof; depending on your budget: Steelshaper's Gift, Enlightened Tutor, Vampiric Tutor, Demonic Tutor, and even Open the Armory are all just amazing to have in an opening hand. As for artifacts that grant shroud or hexproof I go overboard in my deck; Lightning Greaves which is almost an autoinclude in every EDH deck, Swiftfoot Boots same as Greaves, Whispersilk Cloak which has the added bonus of granting unblockable and Darksteel Plate. I even add more because there is nothing worse than losing Kaalia. Maybe two other suggestions are adding more artifact ramp in place of some of your lands like Sol Ring autoinclude, the Signets like Boros Signet, and Chromatic Lantern. Last suggestion and the most difficult is rounding out your creatures. There are sooooo many excellent angels, dragons, and demons and depending on your budget each one impacts the game the second it lands. Remember your goal is to get Kaalia out fast and protected and drop game changing creatures. Hope this helps! You can check out my deck here: Kaalia's Monster Mash, I'd appreciate any and all feedback.

Panas on Shu Yun, punch.

1 week ago

Shu Yun is a wonderfully complex and flavourful commander. The best deck I've seen was a near creatureless brew with lots and lots of cantrips who could smash an opponent in 1 punch.

But that way of playing is not for everyone, so it's good to see what Saita.... I mean Shu Yun has to offer. He self-buffs himself through prowess and can give double strike. As the latter ability requires an activation through another spell and an investment in mana, cheap spells will work best here. Double Striking combined with cards that do things when they deal combat damage is a very interesting way to go. The sword cycle is a perfect example of what you want your creatures to be doing! Sword of Fire and Ice, Sword of Light and Shadow etc. are excelent on their own, but adding double strike makes them way more monstrous than what they already are.

Then some creatures that have interesting triggers. I already see you have Daxos! That's cool! But there are many more you could include! Get a Bident of Thassa to make every creature of yours that connects to draw you 2 cards. A Cephalid Constable can become a very scary beater when you Boomerang 4 permanents per attack. How about extra turns? Medomai the Ageless can give you some spare! Sphinx Ambassador gets free creatures if you don't go for the most obvious choices, and look at that rack!! XD

Also cards with cipher can work in a very similar fashion. Stolen Identity for example can give you an army out of nowhere!

Lastly, on a more serious note, you need more ramp in your deck if you want to keep up in higher levels of play. Sol Ring, the Boros Signet and its ilk, Commander's Sphere, Mind Stone, Darksteel Ingot, Jeskai Banner... These feel like tasteless cards, but your mana base is what makes a deck going and going at it faster than your opponent is a good way to win. They pull their weight so try them out!

Hope this long post helps at least a bit! Good luck and may you always have 3 lands in your opening hand!

Spirits on the vast whoopass

2 weeks ago

Nice creature centric build, must be fun to play.

I would get a Command Tower in here.

You don't quite have enough spells targeting creatures to utilize Agent of the Fates, I would replace her with a Demonic Tutor so you can pull a REALLY fun Dragon to your hand, or the Coat of Arms.

Serra Avenger is a little weak for a turn 4 drop, and a wasted drop off a Kaalia of the Vast trigger. Angel of Despair, Lord of the Void, Iona, Shield of Emeria, Reya Dawnbringer, Hellkite Tyrant, all feel like better drops.

You have a few ways to cheat in the creatures, could ramp a bit more with Orzhov Signet or Boros Signet, or some other tricks like a Sneak Attack, Whip of Erebos and a Sundial of the Infinite to allow you to keep the creatures long term. With so many creatures would be pretty effective.

McKz on Kaalia, the Purifier EDH

2 weeks ago

i think youre running way to many creatures try dropping 3/5 of them and in there spots run: Boros Signet, Orzhov Signet, and Rakdos Signet

Panas on Aurelia's Angels

2 weeks ago

Hello :)

I will share my thoughts on your brew and hope that they prove useful to you.

At first glance this deck has one, very apparent and very serious problem, which will cause it to be super slow and clunky: It is very mana intensive, in R/W, and it's featuring 35 lands. Your colours are the worst when it comes to accelerating your mana and anything less than 37 lands is usually reserved for much lower curves (avg CMC < 3.5, yours is 4.5). So I would suggest that you add at least 2 more lands and 4-5 mana rocks (Sol Ring, Commander's Sphere, Mind Stone, Boros Signet, Everflowing Chalice, Thought Vessel, Darksteel Ingot, Boros Cluestone, Prismatic Lens, Worn Powerstone and many others) in addition to the 2 medallions you already have. You could also opt for more cost reduction cards such as Cloud Key, Semblance Anvil, Seal of the Guildpact and Urza's Incubator. Then, to glue your mana together and make certain you hit every land-drop, every turn, I would also suggest you replace some creatures that are out of place/not offering much to the deck (e.g. Sungrace Pegasus, Viashino Firstblade, the walls, Lose Calm...) for these little beauties: Weathered Wayfarer, Knight of the White Orchid, Oreskos Explorer and Kor Cartographer.

Problem number 2 - and this is a problem you can do little about and which banes almost all R/W decks - you have very, VERY limited options for card draw besides wheel effects (e.g. the namesake Wheel of Fortune). There are some available inclusions such as Staff of Nin, Mind's Eye, Seer's Sundial and a few of the mana rocks already mentioned can replace themselves, but that's that. Just be aware of this when you march into battle!

Problems with individual card choices do exist as well but I think they come second to the ones mentioned above. In general, life gaining is even less important in EDH than it is in other formats. Also, big X-spelss for burn are rather weak, especially considering your weak mana base. You also need some more premium spot removal (Swords to Plowshares, Chaos Warp) and your boardwipes are lacking. Most of your creatures are flying, so include cards like Fault Line and Molten Disaster! They can be real gems in such a deck. Lastly, and this is just a slow pitch, have you considered running Kaalia of the Vast as your commander? Access to black means better card draw, and she can cheat your angels into play (dragons and demons too, if you so wish it).

It's always a pleasure looking at new decks and I find the community here to be very helpful! Try posting on Advertise your commander as well, for more help, suggestions and comments.

PS. I wasn't taking budget into account so some cards may or may not be affordable. Don't worry about that! If you are working on a limited budget, your deck can still be very strong! Ah, the joys of multiplayer! ;D

MightyMorphinPowerRanger on Kaalia and Friends

2 weeks ago

TheDoctor_Y2K, my list was very similar to this in the very beginning. It's a great feeling watching your deck evolve and take shape over time as you pick up more pieces and become more fluent with its internal interactions. I definitely don't think it is a process that you can force if it is a deck you don't want to grow tired with, but suggestions are always useful. Something that could be improved on I feel is replacing some of your basic lands with mana rocks, such as Boros Signet, Rakdos Signet and Orzhov Signet as they allow you to start casting Kaalia a turn earlier. The Signet are also faster to cast than Clues tones, and are turn 1 castable off of Sol Ring. 40 lands seems like a little too many and it feels bad when you need to peel gas off the top of your deck and you draw Mountain. Also cards that give haste such as Fervor and Hall of the Bandit Lord which allow for you to start doing your thing before other players have a chance to build up any sort of defence. Sweet list though, keep working at it!

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