Stormbreath Dragon

Creature — Dragon

Flying, haste, protection from white

: Monstrosity 3. (If this creature isn't monstrous, put three +1/+1 counters on it and it becomes monstrous.)

When Stormbreath Dragon becomes monstrous, it deals damage to each opponent equal to the number of cards in that player's hand.

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Stormbreath Dragon Discussion

lagotripha on RW Taxes

4 hours ago

Makes sense. I feel like harsh mentor only really stops combo with that heavy threat to their life total, forcing miscalculations where they activate an ability then die to direct damage rather than just viewing it as an extra cost. There are a bunch of cards in red that sorta play into the strategy, but they all have problems. Balefire Liege and Stormbreath Dragon is probably too high mana cost , Barbed Shocker does let your opponent refill their hand, but also it forces your opponent to refill their hand, Goblin Razerunners/Obsidian Fireheart or Jaya Ballard, Task Mage are interesting one-ofs to turn late game wasted resources into extra effect, Mindsparker, Zo-Zu the Punisher and Scab-Clan Berserker are of limited use (i'd play them if they cost one less or had 4 toughness), Sin Prodder provides some advantage, but once again, more three drops. Menace is great though. Thats the toolkit that I can remember from my testing, I hope its of some use.

CharonSquared on Dragons Are Pretty Cool

1 day ago

You're going to want the Thundermaw Hellkites and Stormbreath Dragons in your maindeck instead of the higher cost dragons. Modern is simply too fast of a format for you to run 7 and 8 mana spells that don't win you the game as soon as they resolve. I agree with cutting white, especially if you don't have the lands to make a solid 3 color mana base. With only two colors, you can get by with a playset of Rootbound Crags and some combination of Stomping Ground, Copperline Gorge, and Wooded Foothills - whatever you can get your hands on. And I would cut the Shocks for Path to Exiles.

griffstick on Kaervek the Merciless, BITCH!

4 days ago

Ok so here is what I've learned. The CMDR is very political and can be used as a bargain at the table. So this is becoming quickly my favorite new deck. Now here is the problem. He cost alot of mana. I need low cost high strength creatures. Aka Stormbreath Dragon and Abyssal Persecutor and Desecration Demon soooo @NewHorizons tell me your thoughts in this direction

Gracco on Fangor Temur Aggro

2 weeks ago

Frontier is Magic 2015 and Khans Block forward. Theros block is not legal in Frontier so if you were going for Frontier like you said in your description then many cards in your list are not legal for the format. That being said, I am very much so a Temur player and I do appreciate this list. Maybe drop some Phoenix for some Stormbreath Dragon if you choose to continue in your current direction with this list. Six mana dorks is optimal. Maybe put in 2 more land. Also, Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker is strictly the better Sarkhan for your list.

droslag on Gruulamog

3 weeks ago

Beast Within and Chaos Warp are probably the best removal (non-burn) cards in this color. And for modern you will definitely want like Ground Seal sideboard against graveyard decks. Also Ruric Thar, the Unbowed is great vs control decks. Mistcutter Hydra is spectacular vs blue decks and Polukranos, World Eater is just a good creature. Domri Rade Garruk, Caller of Beasts Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip I love gruul, the deck looks like fun too +1. I'll list some other neat cards too :P Fanatic of Xenagos Overwhelming Stampede Hull Breach Blasphemous Act Strangleroot Geist Courser of Kruphix Stormbreath Dragon Savage Summoning (good anti-control sideboard card)

Jerich0 on Dragon You to Your Doom

3 weeks ago

At a glance, I would remove Radha and Elvish Harbinger. Instead I would run Arbor Elves and Elvish Mystic They come out faster and can help you ramp a lot. Joiner adept is good but can die really easily, especially if you are building for modern. Dragonmaster outcast is a good card but unless you can ramp up to that point is not really worth running. But if you want to I wouldn't suggest running more then one. Dragon master is just to mana intensive for simular reasons. And Slumbering Dragon, while cheap mean you have to be attacked at least 5 times in total or by 5 creatures. Until then it's just there going nothing and by that point you could already of lost. For other suggestions for creatures I would suggest Dragonlord's Servant since it lowers cost of dragons. And for actual dragons for the deck, I would suggest Thunderbreak Regent as it punishes people for targeting your dragons. You probably could run a play set of those. Stormbreath Dragon can't be pathed and attacks the turn it comes out. If it comes down to it, it's monstrous ability could give you some extra damage if needed. Maybe run around 3 of those. At least 2 Thundermaw Hellkite, it flies, it hastes and it pings enemy fliers for one which is on but the best part is that it taps them, which clears up the skies for your dragons. Some other dragons you may one to consider as one offs are: Atarka, World Render and Savage Ventmaw

As for lands I would drop lands to around 20-24 and if you can get shock lands and fetchlands those will help a lot. Shocks work really well with Arbor elves as they can untap them. Since you are playing dragons Haven of the Spirit Dragon is a good tribal land. A play set of those can give you any color mana for dragons and can be sacced to bring a dragon back to your hand. May also consider 2 Aether Hub and if you can afford it, a playset of Grove of the Burnwillows will help more then cinderglades.

With how expensive Dragons are I think your current set of enchantments, instants and sorceries are a bit slow and don't really fit. (Infernal Plunge, Battle Hymn, Cryptolith Rite and Shared Animosity). Since you're playing Red, Lighting Bolt is a must have. 3 Damage for one red is to good. For two Atarka's Command is really nice and versatile. Utopia Sprawl can turn your forests into lands that can tap for two mana. Dragon Tempest gives your dragons haste and deals extra damage. And Sarkhan's Triumph can help you get any dragon from your deck that you need. Since you are in green Rancor is always great to drop on a creature and Sylvan Scrying can help you get your non-basic to your hand.

I hope this help, I was just saying the first things that popped into my head. Other then this, I would try to keep your deck at exactly 60 cards.

mathimus55 on Jumanji Jundem

1 month ago

Normal Jund lists usually maximize their sources of card advantage by grinding out every little bit. You're on your way to having a fine budget build actually, but it won't be as optimal as normal Jund lists obviously. I would drop the Sylvan Caryatid real quick and add in more removal or hand disruption. Since Caryatid doesn't help you win the game(being a defender and 0/3 that can't kill creatures) it's just in a bad spot.

I would make the decision between either Goblin Dark-Dwellers or Stormbreath Dragon as your high end card and maximize there as well. The dragon is actually I'm a really good spot right now since you can't kill it cleanly with the 1-mana removal that is being played in the format, plus having haste means it's a good top deck late it the game. I would stick 4 in the deck and never look back(while it's a budget list that is). The other spots you can use for yet more interaction. Some cheaper cards I would make a priority to add would be Collective Brutality, Thoughtseize and improving the mana base with a few fetches.

It's off to a good start for a budget deck. I would make sure you're learning the roles of each card and how it adds to the deck and why card X is better once you add the upgrades.

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