Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Urza's Destiny Rare

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Artifact Creature — Construct

: Reveal any number of artifact cards in your hand. Add to your mana pool for each card revealed this way.

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Metalworker Discussion

alsozatch on [[Primer]] - Daretti the Degenerate (AER Update)

6 hours ago

One of my first few games with this deck went like this:

Ancient Tomb, Mox Diamond (pitch a mountain), Metalworker turn 1

Reveal 4 artifacts, play hedron archive, simulacrum, and daretti turn 2.


czarkingrex on Breya, Ghost in the Shell

3 days ago

I'm surprised there isn't a Metalworker just for value!

Winterblast on Colorless Artifact Lockdown

5 days ago

I play (white) Stax in Legacy and there's no real way around having 4 Chalice and Trinisphere in the deck. Maybe 3 Trinisphere, because its effect is not cummulative (Chalice can be cast for different X if you get more than one) but you need to have them and you want to play them on turn 1 if possible. You can do very much with the rest of the deck, playing almost creatureless or going for a rather aggressive strategy, but some parts are absolutely necessary.

That would be for you:

It may seem to reduce the fun a bit, when you can't make every "cool" creature work but trust me, there's nothing more fun than a turn 1 trinisphere...

TheGeneralAdvisor on Akiri Control

1 week ago

ibstudent2200: Daretti is something I had considered because of the card draw potential. I suppose I could take out Scrap Mastery for it since it's been lackluster lately. Idk why I overlooked it.

Storage Matrix has weird interactions with the orbs and it's not nearly as powerful of a lock.

Metalworker is already out but I'm not 100% sure why that wasn't updated, so staff wouldn't be a good fit here.

With all the lock pieces I haven't needed any more board wipes, and I don't want akiri dying from something like Blasphemous Act.

I had considered decree before but it's hard to find room. And honestly between Defense Grid and Conqueror's Flail and all the lock pieces I haven't worried about trying to fit it in, but I'll keep it in the back of my mind.

Thanks for the suggestions!

GhostRunner on Knees Weak Mom's Daretti

2 weeks ago

Hey man! +1 for Daretti!!! Was my original and still my favourite commander deck!

I know you mentioned nothing too expensive, but some cards to add to maybe get down the road when you're willing to fork out the dough for them (probably took me around 2 years to pick them all up haha)

Metalworker is amazing with daretti, especially if you run a Clock of Omens to keep untapping him .

Extraplanar Lens is an insane ramp card, especially if you convert all your mountains to Snow-Covered Mountain so your opponents can't benefit from the double.

Winter Orb and Static Orb both work amazing when paired with Clock of Omens so you get to untap all your lands while you lock out your opponents aha

Another personal favourite of mine is Lodestone Golem

And finally, you get so many awesome interactions if you can fork out the dough for a Mycosynth Lattice, swing with Hellkite Tyrant with that out and you steal your opponents entire board lol. Also if you had a Karn, Silver Golem, you can pay the 1 to turn your opponents lands into creatures which immediately die. It's a great way to lose friends lol

Here's my current daretti deck Daretti of the Annoying Artifacts

WeruniaB on Breya, the Infinite Whining Generator

2 weeks ago


I know about this combo, but I completly forgot about mentioning it in the description. I'll edit right away!

I also made some changes in deck itself: 1. Crucible of Worlds since I discard and sacrifice a lot of lands 2. Swan Song

Cards I will include next: 1. Pact of Negation 2. Mana Vault 3. Metalworker 4. Rhystic Study 5. Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas 6. Zendikar fetchlands (MM3 reprint)

Panda213 on Colorless Artifact Lockdown

2 weeks ago

I like this build but wouldn't like to play against it. Just my $.02, Glimmerpost and Metalworker could help speed things up for you a bit. Also, maybe consider All Is Dust.. ya know, for those pesky Storm Crows

Amnesiac_ on Kozilek, Distorter of Formats

2 weeks ago

Just picked up a masterwork Scroll Rack, just haven't gotten the chance to put it in the deck. Agreed, this card is too good not to play, it was just hard to find one. Still need to get Grim Monolith, Lion's Eye Diamond, Metalworker, and Mana Crypt but they are all tuff to find if I don't buy online.

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