Burnished Hart


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Uncommon
Commander 2014 Uncommon
Theros Uncommon

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Burnished Hart

Artifact Creature — Elk

, Sacrifice Burnished Hart: Search your library for up to two basic land cards, put them onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.

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Burnished Hart Discussion

EternalBrewmaster on Alesha, Who is Unfinished

2 days ago

This deck looks really well tuned actually, I wouldn't make any changes except for things for personal style and maybe some extra ramp. Burnished Hart is pretty hard to beat in Alesha and Phyrexian Reclamation gives you more flexibility to recur stuff or save things from your graveyard if it's about to get nuked. I see you've been playing for a while now, so I'd consider updating your description, especially since it references cards you've taken out now. Never stop building!

foxboy93 on Alesha's Value Soylent Combo Meal

2 days ago

A couple things to note:

At your own post:"Card draw is available, but it usually costs life payments, being primarily from black.", there ARE cards that don't require life exchange to get value, such as:

Mentor of the Meek - Card draw engine with Alesha with most of your creatures.

Faithless Looting - While your deck is not using the graveyard for reanimation, Faithless Looting can get past certain mana costs

Cathartic Reunion and Tormenting Voice - Same thing with Looting, but pitching an extra card you dont need can really get you some good cards.Solemn Simulacrum - Ramp and card draw on death. Personally, better than Filigree Familiar IMO

"As with all non-blue wedges, you have little ability to interact with the stack, outside of oddities like Mana Tithe, Dash Hopes, and Lapse of Certainty."

While you are correct, in a blue heavy meta you can run Pyroblast and Red Elemental Blast that counter specifically blue spells. You can also use Reverberate like effects if you are in a counter heavy meta.

Other note worthy cards I don't see in the deck:

Solemn Simulacrum - Ramp and card draw, personally better than Familiar.

Burnished Hart - Gets you two lands, directly into play, much needed ramping.

Anger - While there aren't creatures you are super apt to attack with, Anger is a must IMO

Hope of Ghirapur - Seems like a REALLY fun card to play with, shutting down decks that 'storm' or like said things. Or win through Aetherflux Reservoir.

Tainted Remedy/Erebos, God of the Dead - With decks like Oloro or Karlov for example, both of these cards turns that life gain into life loss.

Kambal, Consul of Allocation - Meta dependent and back to the 'stack', Kambal can likely net you some serious life gain if crap goes south.

Daedalus19876 on The Very Hungry Aetherborn: Yahenni EDH

5 days ago

Grind: Thanks for your comment! If you like the deck, you're welcome to +1 it ;)

With regards to your suggestions, I'm actually playing a slightly different version of this deck IRL right now. I'm using Vampiric Tutor and liking it. I don't currently have a Demonic Tutor (actually, I don't own one at all) and I should fix that.

Whip of Erebos IS great and I'm trying to find a slot for it.

Myr Turbine is too expensive for its effect, IMO. (Outside of Arcum EDH, where it's a vital combo piece of course.)

Overseer of the Damned is something I'm trying to find space for.

I don't generally like Myriad Landscape (absorbs too many resources to get those two lands), and I used to play Burnished Hart here but I replaced it with Solemn Simulacrum because the latter fit into my curve better. Thanks again for the suggestions! :)

Grind on The Very Hungry Aetherborn: Yahenni EDH

5 days ago

cool deck! saw it on the commander thread, here are some quick suggestions.
some of these might just be good stuff suggestions.
Demonic Tutor and Vampiric Tutor are good;
Whip of Erebos is great.
if you want a token generator, Myr Turbine is good but im not sure if it is what you want.
you're running Necropotence so you could consider Reliquary Tower and Zombie Infestation to make tokens.
Overseer of the Damned is good. also Phyrexian Reclamation is one of my favorite black cards, really good recursion.
other than those short ideas, really nice deck. you could maybe run a little more ramp like Burnished Hart or Myriad Landscape.
hope this helps have fun!!

RedlegReaper on Atraxa and Friends

1 week ago

carpecanum, thanks for the input, I like the replacement for Burnished Hart. That is a reusable version so I will definitely swap that out. I also agree with you on the Sphere of the Suns, I just didn't have the Fellwar Stone around when I made the deck.

HorseFist on Tajic, Hero of East Patakistan

1 week ago

Wow, thanks a whole lot, hfvalenz, for your useful advice!I am not a frequent player of Commander so anything helps, but you got really specific, and I can do most of what you said. Definitely adding Evolving Wilds b/c I have plenty of those, also a Burnished Hart will go in,too - I know I have one somewhere.

Since all my decks are For Real I cant commit to any other additions as yet, although Im sure Ill add at least one or two of the creatures w/ Battalion you suggested in near future...

hfvalenz on Tajic, Hero of East Patakistan

1 week ago

Hey man, looks like you're just starting with commander, let me tell you it's the best format there is.

So, to begin, 30 lands won't do with your Avg. CMC. and more so with the lack on ramp on those colors. I'd go with 36-38. There are some ramp in white though, Tithe, Gift of Estates, Land Tax, but old cards can get hard to find around. Besides, lands get on your hand instead of the battlefield.

You could try Burnished Hart, an inexpensive very useful creature to fix the colors. Myriad Landscape will find you 2 lands. Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds won't ramp, but they'll fix you colors and cost next to nothing. Mana rocks: It isn't by chance that Sol Ring is included on every pre-constructed commander deck. I like Fellwar Stone, most of the time it will get you the color you need. And while we're talking about colors, Command Tower is needed here as well.

Here are some stuff that you may cut to make room for those 6-8 lands:

Iron Star and Ivory Cup should be cut: 1 Life isn't nearly enough, less so in Commander. Also you have to pay for get that 1 life, just way too clunky, slow and expensive. Same with Survival Cache, 2 life isn't going to make much difference.

Akroan Crusader: You have 1 instant and 2 auras that could target him in order to trigger Heroic, so this creature would be a vanilla in practically every single game. Why would you target him instead of your commander or any other creature?

Blaze Commando: Similar problem as above, the tokens it can create are too situational. You need a better way to produce tokens.

Evangelize could work against some decks, maybe voltron is the best opponent to target. Still, cost is way too high for it to make it worthy in my opinion.

Stitcher's Graft: I really don't see the point on this one, maybe if vigilance were a theme in the deck, which is not the case.

Other stuff you should consider:

Wraths and removal!: Day of Judgment, Wrath of God, Fumigate, Blasphemous Act, Mizzium Mortars in case your opponents fill the field faster than you. For spot removal, there's Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Condemn, Return to Dust

Battalion: If you like flavorful decks, this Boros mechanic that Tajic has can be complemented with other Boros creatures, like Frontline Medic to protect your creatures, Firemane Avenger as pseudoremoval and the more useful one Legion Loyalist.

Hope this helps.

dim271 on Lets get Political

1 week ago

Looking for better cards for...

Burnished Hart

Vulshok Refugee

Testing the deck still.

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