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Basic Land — Plains

: Add to your mana pool.

Plains Discussion

Gidgetimer on Can a creature activate multiple ...

8 hours ago

It's hard to find a rule about it since it is a bit like thinking you can tap a Plains for a single to cast Suntail Hawk and Swords to Plowshares. Tapping is a cost of the ability. It has to be done to pay for the ability.

Rabid_Rabbit on

10 hours ago

I suggest Plains.

MisterMayhem on Abzan Hero's

16 hours ago

I'm thinking more basics. For each basic you draw, a Windswept Heath becomes useless until you get Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. Banishing Light is a good choice, too. For removals and additions, I was thinking something like this:

-2 Anafenza, the Foremost - Of all of your creatures, I think she would be the most likely to go. She requires 3 different colors, and her "attack for a counter" ability is not incredibly powerful.

-1 Tasigur, the Golden Fang - While he is strong, you don't have very many instants or sorceries to really use as effective delve fuel, only creatures.

+3 Banishing Light - Probably the best white removal in standard right now.

-1 Sandsteppe Citadel, -1 Temple of Plenty, +1 Forest, +1 Plains - Both these lands are slow, and Forests and Plains are fast and can be fetched.

Jdvanliew on Selesnia Aggro - $20 G/W Butt Kicking

18 hours ago

@ w4rpedDid I say you were showing a spark of sense? Allow me to retract that. Your 4 turn example with Launch the Fleet was absolutely pathetic. And your exaggeration of Solidarity of Heroes also... pathetic. Your reasoning against Ainok Bond-Kin was... well... ya, also pathetic. You realize that in your ridiculous example of a T4 launch the fleet left mana open every turn to protect against removal? The only scenario where that would be even remotely necessary would be against heavy removal control builds. Also Solidarity of Heroes on turn 5 would allow for targeting a Phalanx Leader (a card you've already claimed to dislike) after having run a Launch the Fleet and creating around 3-4 creatures (all of which would have had first strike with an Ainok Bond-Kin in play allowing for a very favorable attack) and this way with a Hardened Scales in play (a card you left out of your Launch the Fleet scenario) you would be adding 4 counters on 5 creatures and 27 on your phalanx leader who you could also have given protection from a color. That scenario would actually warrant a GG. There is a lot more to be said for multiple creatures than one powerful one (obvious). Should a provide a logical T4 with Launch the fleet? T1: Plains, Favored Hoplite.T2: Forest, Lagonna-Band Trailblazer, Hardened Scales.T3: Plains, Phalanx Leader (now you might save mana for protection) Lets say you do target Leader (in your scenario you saved mana every turn and never once used it), Beginning of T4 you have a 3/4 Favored Hoplite, 2/6 Lagonna-Band Trailblazer, and a 3/3 Phalanx Leader.T4: Plains, Launch the Fleet for 3 with one mana open. Swing for 18+3 from tokens. Protect your Phalanx Leader and add 2 counters to everything (12 total). T4 win with no Solidarity of Heroes. If they survive that turn you can solidarity next turn or even just throw down a Abzan Falconer they will probably only have a couple creatures anyway and your board presence pretty much grants you the game. If you were on the play they still wont have mana for Crux of Fate or End Hostilities so you've won; because of Launch the Fleet. Further conversation (obviously) isn't necessary. Your foolishness is no longer amusing w4rped.

HockeyprO on She's on fire (R/W Martyr?)

20 hours ago

This deck is actually very cool, +1'd it

I think that the Ghost Quarter should be left out, the colorless mana will slow you down a lot. Only 2 Windbrisk Heights are enough, it will be hard to trigger the ability off of it if you don't have Spectral Procession plus you don't have much costly spells to hideaway to be really worth having land that comes in the battlefield tapped. Same thing for the Mistveil Plains, I would put only 1 or 2 in to keep as many Plains as possible. Casting a Martyr of Sands turn 1, turn 2 sacrificing it to trigger + cast Serra Ascendant to attack with a beast 6/6 flying lifelink, you need to be quick turn 1 because this is what the deck is all about.

Otherwise, this deck seems pretty beast

ThisIsTheSix on My first deck

21 hours ago

I would say swap 2 Mountains for 2 Plains because you use more white than red. Also Rootbound Crag (but isn't legal in Standard) would be very nice! And because you don't have any 1 drop creatures I would go for Soldier of the Pantheon instead of Arashin Cleric.

For removal if you'll make it Modern, definitely go for Path to Exile

kemperature on Mardu Aggro/Midrange

1 day ago

Let me first state, I love bouncing ideas with people who play Midrange! People who are Midrangers know the importance of finding cards where you and your spells are (x) in relation to your opponent and their spells (x+1). Basically, I appreciate people who enjoy playing, "2 - for - 1s" and whether that comes from one source played by you, a sequential turn/priority each, trades, whatever it doesn't matter because there's


Anyway, I'll try to address each part of your feedback. And please, if we're to keep talking competitively about our decks on here, it would help to know how to format links just a little bit, so I don't have to look up cards separately. I'm a visual learner and I have only been playing since June '13 (currently 1/29/2015). So my body of knowledge regarding cards is limited.

Land Issues with Building a Tri-Color Deck

What you sideboard in and what you mainboard out is going to fluctuate your mana curves and your play style (Aggro/Midrange/Tempo). However with that said, I don't believe there's enough white cards for our decks to properly justify having one basic Plains let alone two. I'm most likely going to take out Elspeth, Sun's Champion from my Mainboard and possibly Sideboard two of her if I need late-game army, boardwipe, or flyers. Which with many of the strong dragons in Fate Reforged, we may need 'em. Regarding the Temples, I split in Temple of Malice in place of a Temple of Silence because Mardu is more R/W splash B. I need red mana (hopefully two read mana) if I'm aggro at Turn 3, because I need to be able to play my three mana spells which all happen to be red. Remember your badass redspells: Stoke the Flames, Hordeling Outburst, Chandra, Pyromaster, and Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker they all rely on Temple of Malice in the grande scheme of your deck. And one of the brilliance of Mardu Midrange is that when we can sideboard our deck into Black Control. Through Despise, Read the Bones, Thoughtseize and especially if you want to Outlast your Disowned Ancestor and cast him all on Turn 3 we still don't have to worry about our black mana because we're prepared for it by still having a Temple of Silence, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, and having two instead of one Caves of Koilos but still have three Battlefield Forge.


I just played some semi-competitive Standard three days ago and now I can't justify having both Brutal Hordechief and Seeker of the Way at the same time in any of the match. Sideboard sure, but I think I like them both as individual cards but they only have a one way lifelink synergy. I'm slowly realizing the flexibility of having a mostly Red Midrange deck is that we can get super Aggro through sideboarding. However, that does mean we need to think about and pretty much put in four Monastery Swiftspear or two Flamewake Phoenix and three M-Spears. in our Mainboard. Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Wingmate Roc, Grim Haruspex, Mardu Ascendancy are too conditional and aren't really worth a Sideboard slot either. Just try to bait your opponent into them playing a Bile Blight or an Anger of the Gods too early (Turn 3 or 4).


Here's how I see the Planeswalkers in our deck...they're all fucking great. That's why I kind of originally went with a Super Friends approach. It's a stretch but it's versatile. But now I'm thinking Mardu Midrange can't have any combination of Chandra and Elspeth in this deck, ever. The option to possibly play one right after the other is almost nonexistent until Turn 5 and even that's slim. And you can only have a max of two Chandras. And the combos would be Two Chandras and Two Sarkhans if you're red spell heavy and Aggro. Two Chandras and Two Sorin, Solemn Visitor if you went creature heavy and Black Control. But after that, have fun with whatever amount of Sarkhans and Sorins. And add in your Magma Jet if you're going with more Sarkhans and add in your Hordechiefs and Seekers and Flamewakes if you're going Sorin.


I'm loving your suggestion of Valorous Stance to pump your creature or destroy theirs Turn 2 and on. And you're in the right mindset for Aggro with four HoBursts instead of my three. No deck of ours needs four Chained to the Rocks. I found three is enough. I completely agree with you that our deck needs more chances to draw cards. However, I only know of Read the Bones. And I think that's where if you need three RtBs then you take out one HoBurst and two of your higher burn spells (Stoke the Flames).

Would love to hear feedback and thoughts on this! Thanks!

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