Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper Legal

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Basic Land — Plains

mana symbol t: Add mana symbol w to your mana pool.

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Plains Discussion

bah-bammmm on Azorius Titan Emeria control

14 hours ago

actually, i used to play U/W titan, and i remember seeing Michael Segal place with the deck at a scg tournament. you want 4 Flooded Strand, 2 Hallowed Fountain, 2 Prairie Stream, seven Plains, and 2 Islands, along with 4 Ghost Quarter. i would focus less on creatures, as Michael Segal only ran 16. he didn't have any equipment, but his control package was very good. Gifts Ungiven does so well in this type of deck.

Here is Michael's list, it was probably the best U/W titan list i have seen.

seanbruno on Sorin and his Zombie buddies

23 hours ago

Have you considered 2x Caves of Koilos, 1 Plains and 1 Evolving Wilds instead of the 4x Forsaken Sanctuary? It might be easier to splash white that way.

lonker on Ultimate BURN

1 day ago

wait, why would you have boros charm if your have no Plains?

Shishkabob24 on You Can Have My Crown...

1 day ago

More testing and tweaking:

-1 Archetype of Finality; +1 Odric, Lunarch Marshal

I love the thought of giving all my creatures deathtouch, but the cost of Archetype of Finality outweighed its benefit. Often my creatures already had deathtouch, and the archetype was too weak to really be a useful beater. Because I so often have Queen Marchesa out, Odric, Lunarch Marshal had the same effect for a lower cost. Plus, Odric combo'd with so many other creatures like Gisela, Blade of Goldnight (flying, first strike), Master of Cruelties (deathtouch, first strike), Vampire Nighthawk (flying, deathtouch, lifelink), etc...

-1 Archetype of Courage; +1 Valor

The central effect I wanted with Archetype of Courage was to give my creatures (especially the deathtouch ones) first strike. Valor seems to do this better because it both combos with Odric, Lunarch Marshal and works from the graveyard, where it is much harder to remove.

-1 Crawlspace; +1 Brave the Sands

Crawlspace was only rarely doing anything in my playtesting. Most of the time I'm getting hit with only one or two creatures anyway. Large numbers of creatures are equally prohibited by Ghostly Prison effects. Thus, the card usually just sat there. Brave the Sands was much more useful more of the time as it allowed me to attack and keep my attackers available for blocking, and then allowed them to block additional creatures. The combo of deathtouch/first strike/vigilance is super powerful on both offense and defense.

-1 Garrulous Sycophant; +1 Bastion Protector

I liked the combo of Queen Marchesa and Garrulous Sycophant, but it was just too weak/slow to do too much. Bastion Protector makes Queen Marchesa 5/5 haste, deathtouch, indestructible. That's an incredibly powerful attacker or blocker, and she only gets better if I have Brave the Sands out or Valor in my graveyard. And if Odric, Lunarch Marshal is on the field, all my creatures gain indestructible.

-1 Aegis of the Gods; +1 Angelic Skirmisher

Not too sure on this one, but I was finding that I rarely needed the hexproof and more often needed a largeish creature. My meta doesn't do a lot of burn or direct interaction. Angelic Skirmisher was more flexible for my creatures, giving them whatever keyword I needed at the time. It is a lot more expensive and doesn't have a huge body, so we'll see.

-1 Urborg Volcano; +1 Plains

Needed more white mana, and the extra plains helps with Valor.

huschli on Schwarze Sonne as Dragon Slayer

2 days ago

next step:

change 1x Disenchant with Vindicate

change 1x Plains with Karakas

change 1x Plains with 1x Flagstones of Trokair

change 1x Isolated Chapel with Scrubland

Pieguy396 on My first deck

3 days ago

Hey there! I'm assuming you want a token/investigate build, right? Do you know where / how much you'll be playing? If it's just casually with your friends, you'll probably be good with what you have. If you're planning on taking this deck a bit farther, I'd recommend the following changes:

Additions: +3 Allied Reinforcements, +2 Bygone Bishop, +2 Confront the Unknown, +3 Immolating Glare, +2 Forest.

Removals: -4 Angelic Purge, -4 Traverse the Ulvenwald, -2 Briarbridge Patrol, -1 Pious Evangel, -1 Plains.

I'm not to familiar with the current Standard meta, so I can't offer any half-decent sideboard help, sorry :(

I hope you enjoy Magic!

Bushwhack on Commander Variant - SRH

4 days ago

zelian12 Ah, thanks for the correction. I'll edit it here "Soonish"

Lokotor The cool part about Sovereign's Realm is that it doesn't cut out NonBasics. So you could theoretically run anything you wanted except for Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest. Although, there are a lot of people that play this "Semi-Casual" format that don't have access to a lot of the "Good" nonbasics so I can see where you're coming from. (I'm in that boat myself haha). Another thing is that SRH would follow most of the normal EDH rules. IE: Singleton, Command Zone Shenanigans, etc.

Catalog9000 on Less Kiki in my Evolution - Help

4 days ago

Also, I hate to be the barer of bad news, but you have tremendously less lands than you might think you have. Arid Mesa, Windswept Heath, and Wooded Foothills do not produce mana; Rather they allow you to search for a basic land and you bring it out untapped for 1 life. Similarly to Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse, but those make the lands come in tapped. Currently, you have a whopping total of only 3x Forest, 1x Mountain, and 1x Plains. When you remove the fetch lands (Pay 1 life and search for a basic one), you're down to a total of 14 lands. Sure Fire-Lit Thicket produces an extra mana when you pay for it, so you theoretically have 15 mana at your disposal here. Sacred Foundry, Stomping Ground, and Temple Garden are going to cause you to take damage if you want to use them the turn they enter and I'm not seeing anything to recover life from in here.

My personal favorite lands are from Modern Masters 2015 Edition. They enter tapped, and you have to return a land to your hand, but from that point forward they tap for two different mana, and two different colors each (Rather than choosing one or the other). The land you return doesn't have to be a basic land, so if you can manage to return lands that gain you 1 life or let you Scry 1 they really make it worth it. Other lands, if you're tricky enough, exist that let you cripple certain decks. For example, a deck that relies heavily on Graveyard control is decimated by Bojuka Bog - Which, yes, is Modern legal.

But I digress. The lands you'll specifically want to look into are the following:

Boros Garrison, Gruul Turf, and Selesnya Sanctuary.

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