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Basic Land — Plains

Tap: Add {{W}} to your mana pool.

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Plains Discussion

Hyattb on How to Make People Rage Quit FNM!

15 hours ago

byepolarbear Ive seen Mind Grind do some fun stuff. Currently testing a version using Caves of Koilos in place of 3 Plains . Also Slaughter Games destroys this deck...

sylvannos on Aetherspouts...hmmmm?

19 hours ago

@ChiefBell: I have in my hand:

...with no permanents in play except lands to cast spells.

You have in your hand:

...with Tormented Hero , Rakdos Cackler , and four lands.

You swing in to attack. I cast my Ætherspouts . You choose to have Tormented Hero and Rakdos Cackler to go on top of your library. You pass the turn, I draw Azorius Charm , do nothing, and pass the turn.

You draw your Tormented Hero , play it, and pass the turn. I draw Island , do nothing, and pass the turn. You draw your Rakdos Cackler , play it, etc. I draw Plains . Let's look at what our hands look like compared to when I cast Ætherspouts :



What's the difference? I have three brand new cards in my hand, you have no new cards either in your hand or on the battlefield. I used one card, Ætherspouts , so that means I'm up two cards. That's card advantage.

If you chose to send Tormented Hero and Rakdos Cackler to the bottom of your library, you drew two new cards, but are down two cards. That's card advantage.

Saying Ætherspouts isn't card advantage is like saying Detention Sphere and Terminus don't generate card advantage because they don't get rid of things permanently. That would ignore the fact your opponent has to commit additional draw steps and resources to deal with both of those cards to recoup their losses.

The only reason Ætherspouts may not see play is because it costs 5 mana. On the other hand, it deals with indestructible gods and creatures with regeneration.

BFG on The Cruelty of Knowledge

1 day ago

Alrighty then, just letting you know though, I'll be taking out the single Negate for an Elixir of Immortality ... (yes I know it is rotating but I'm hoping there will be something else to replace it besides only jace. Also, I'm switching the Evolving Wilds for another Plains . I feel like, more times than not, if I had evolving wilds in my hand, I would be upset over a tapped basic.

Kasres on Pauper Walls INFINITE COMBO!!!

1 day ago

Oh, sorry for the double-post, but I'd also run Ancient Den out of the sideboard in place of one or two of the Plains . I've often found in the test games I've run, you see a large number of Trinket Mage s, but will almost always need only one Viridian Longbow . Running like a 1-of Ancient Den and 2-of Plains would help you consistently hit the white when you side in white cards.

Taiyouai on Sliver Linings

1 day ago

Why no Predatory Sliver ? He buffs them up early game so they get threatening faster.

Diffusion Sliver would make a great Side board Sliver in case you come across a heavy control/removal deck.

Also Domri Rade to help you dig for slivers with his +1, spot removal for nasty creatures you opponent has with his -2 (especially when you also have Venom Sliver out), and his bomb opens up to Hexproof/Trample -two things your slivers can't get normally with your current list- along with the effects that your other slivers give you as a backup in case they do boardwipe you.

Me personally I would side in 2-3 Diffusion Sliver .

-1 Megantic Sliver , -1 Manaweft Sliver (personally with your mana base you shouldn't need 4x manaweft but manaweft could be any other sliver that you think you can cut one off, Where as I would cut megantic sliver because late game hopefully you'll already have enough slivers out that +3/+3 wont make much of a difference.)

+2 Predatory Sliver again for early game aggro, I'd run them at 4 to be honest, but each person plays a little differently.

-1 Plains , -1 Sliver Hivelord (with your 3x-4x manaweft, I think 25 mana is a little high, but that's just me. I'd take out 1 hivelord, because you can search him through Chord of Calling , dig with Domri Rade , and insta-cast with Xenagos, The Reveler 's Bomb.)

+2 Domri Rade

cpt_molo on White Weenie (Budgetish?)

1 day ago

Looks promising! :) Personaly I would drop 2 Plains and add in their place 2 more Eidolon of Countless Battles - I love this guys!

Glen1701 on casual deck help

1 day ago

Hey guys I would like your opinions on this deck and how to improve. I have been away from magic for awhile and am thinking of getting back in. This is a deck I used to play a lot and would appreciate any feedback on how to make it better.

Creatures (26)

3x Serra Angel 3x Serra Avenger 3x Fog Bank 2x Mother of Runes 1x Devout Harpist 2x Baneslayer Angel 3x Iridescent Angel 2x Akroma, Angel of Wrath 3x Lightning Angel 1x Radiant, Archangel 3x Wall of Omens

spells (9)

2x Swords to Plowshares 2x Humble 2x Disenchant 3x BOLT

land (23)

1x Thran Quarry 3x Ancient Ziggurat 4x Plateau 7x Plains 2x Mountain 4x Tundra 2x Forbidden Orchard

Artifacts (2)

1x Grim Monolith 1x Sol Ring

Karimzamrini on White Weenie (Suggestions Please!)

2 days ago

Take the Plains out of your sideboard. If you want two different strategies (like my Boros deck) make sure they operate on the same curve. It's more consistent.

Take out the Sightless Brawler s and move Aegis of the Gods to the sideboard (against burn).

Replace these with either 4 Banisher Priest , or 4 Azorius Arrester (that one's up to you. I use a play set of both in my Weenie deck) Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.05 $0.15 $0.75 $0.78
Color(s) W
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 12.89
Avg. cube pick 11.23


Format Legality
MTGO Legal
Unformat Legal
Heirloom Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal