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sugarrainbowtwig on Heroic Boros

20 hours ago

Ok, so after much deliberation between ethan and I, this is essentially what we came up with. Basically, we think that it works better as a soldier tribal deck than a heroic deck, as the best heroic stuff is blue and the soldier route is a lot more stable.

-2 Mana Confluence, they cost lots of money and they screw up your Chained to the Rocks, plus they hurt you with little to no benefit other than color fixing

-2 Fabled Hero This guy shouldn't be your cornerstone of the deck, as it just didn't work out often enough in the playtesting. It's still good though, but the double white in the cost is what really turns us off to having 4 of. It was just too situational

-3 Defiant Strike without the heroic, it wasn't as powerful

-3 Ajani's Presence Strive was almost always ignored in the playtesting, and there is better stuff, especially if you are dropping heroic

+1 Plains

+1 Mountain

+1 Brimaz, King of Oreskos he is nuts, freaking nuts. Whenever you got him out and he stayed around for more than 2 turns, you won

+1 Anex and Cymede They really benefited your mass tokens, plus a 3/2 first strike/vigilance for 3 mana is nothing to sneeze at

+3 Launch the Fleet works so much better in a tribal deck, plus triggers the things that do have heroic, not to mention that the strive is much more practical

+1 Obelisk of Urd nuts when you have a ton of guys

If you want to spend money/break James's kneecaps, 2 Elspeth, Sun's Champion would be nice against control heavy decks, for which we would remove 1 Launch the Fleet and 1 Raise the Alarm. That being said, we both didn't think it would be worth the money, and that including them would be good if you won them

vishnarg on A swift kick in the pants.

1 day ago

I would also run at least 2 basics, probably more. Cut a Windswept Heath, a Sacred Foundry, and a Temple Garden for a Forest, Mountain, and Plains, or else you will have no answers to Blood Moon or ways to get untapped lands without paying mana.

EpicBrownie on The Ministry of Lost Spirits (PLZ COMMENT)

1 day ago

I did some playtesting against my Twinseize deck, and I've found that your deck is extremely weak to combo decks (especially Splinter Twin decks).

I recommend the following:

a) Faster lands (fetches and/or shocks) and at LEAST one of Island, Plains, and Swamp to play around Tectonic Edge and Blood Moon.

b) Azorius Charm is good because it can make your opponent lose some tempo or it can cantrip. Remand will do both.

c) Path to Exiles and/or Dismembers are pretty much a must. Prison Term and Rend Flesh are the only cards that can possibly stop the twin combo. Prison Term isn't very useful because the combo creature can just be cast during your end step. Rend Flesh will require you to leave 4 mana open (expect the Deceiver Exarch or Pestermite to tap a black source.

I hope something in this helps. :) I like the deck.

drewmighty on

2 days ago

Hey, I play mainly aggro decks and I thought I would help you out. The deck needs a few changes, but that is if you have the moneys.

First lets go over lands. You run a 2 color aggro deck. Your highest spell cost is 3 cmc. So basically all you need to win games is 3 mana (although we would prefer 4). I would reduce your lands to 18. This allows more spells. Next lets talk about the colors of the lands. 33% of your deck is red mana, 66% is white. so that means that we want 70% white mana and 40% red mana. With 18 lands that is 7 red and 13 white. That may seem like 20 lands, but thanks to daul lands we can easily take care of this. Also we need to take into consideration not just the cmc but the amount of colored mana. No red spells of yours require 2 red mana while 1 of your white sources does. So lets take that into account as well. After all that, the final land should look like this.

Mountain -4Battlefield Forge-4Plains-9Wind-Scarred Crag-1

This may increase the deck price by a bit but it will be worth it. You are an AGGRO deck and therefor you do not want tapped lands. In this case I added 1 because I doubt you want to buy Mana Confluence.

Now lets talk about your creatures. It looks good, you have 4 ofs which makes the deck consistent. Yet the card that seems out of place is Valley Dasher. It is ok but we can do better. You rely a lot on abzan falconer as you have no other way for your guys to get through. This can suck and be an issue if you do not draw 1 or they die. So let us add Arena Athlete. This 2 drop will let you get through when you need and is dirt cheap. Another creature you should consider is Akroan Crusader. This way you can flood the board as well as have strong creatures. I would remove Satyr Hoplite for this. So your creatures should look something like this

Abzan Falconer 4Favored Hoplite 4Monastery Swiftspear 4Phalanx Leader 4Akroan Crusader 4Arena Athlete 2

Next is your spells. These look a little messy. Also with removing 2 lands we have 2 more slots. First, Ajani's Presence. It is not a bad card don't get me wrong, but I feel we can find a different fit. The strive is nice, but to even do that we need 4 mana, which is a lot. I might consider removing this and throwing in Gods Willing. Gods Willing protects from more than just kill. There are many exile spells out there, Banishing Light and Abzan Charm, and this protects from those as well. Also it protects from cards like Bile Blight that Ajani's Presence cannot. So think about this.
Next is Coordinated Assault. We want 4 of these. It is a 1 mana that targets 2 guys! This a a heroic dream! Next is defiant strike. Keep as is, 4 is good.
Next is Erase. Lets get rid of this and move it to the Side board. This will open up space for a card we want to add.
Next is Feat of Resistance. This card is good because it gives a +1/+1 counter. Lets keep this. The only thing I would say is switch this # with the other pro spell we want, Gods Willing. So you want 4 Gods Willing and 2 Feat of Resistance.Next is Kill Shot. an ok spell, but we can do better. Instead of a kill spell lets add a burn spell. Lightning Strike is a good option that gets rid of quite a few threats as well as is able to burn your opponent in the face if we can do that for the win. I would suggest using that instead of Kill Shot.Also finally a spell you want to think about adding is Titan's Strength. This card is amazing. a huge way to buff your guys and get in that massive hit. It also lets you scry!So your spells should look something like this.

Gods Willing 4Coordinated Assault 4Defiant Strike 4Feat of Resistance 2Lightning Strike 2Titan's Strength (how ever many spots are left)

Hope this was in depth enough for ya. Let me know if this helps and take a look at my aggro decks as well .Izzet heroic aggro or, Izzet fast enough for ya?

narthan11 on Budget Deck

3 days ago

I would definatly suggest removing 3 Forest 3 Plains and 3 Swamp because 35 land is alot and you will often get screwed over and draw way too much land and not enough creatures and also add 1 more Anafenza, the Foremost remove both Pine Walker and replace them with 3 Siege Rhino

GlistenerAgent on U/W/R Flash (Need Help)

3 days ago

You're fine with the 2-2-1 split for shocks, because fetches make everything better. I do recommend you go to 25 lands to add a basic Plains, cutting a Remand.

Other changes I'd advise making: -1 Remand (down to 2), -1 Restoration Angel, -1 Dig Through Time, -1 Lightning Helix, +1 Electrolyze, +1 Cryptic Command, +2 Spell Snare.

I feel that with four Snapcaster Mages, you can really only afford one Dig from my experience. I think Resto costs too much to be playing three, and Remand is generally not something you want four of in Jeskai Geist. I like the extra Electrolyze given the metagame, as well as a third Cryptic Command and access to maindeck Spell Snare.

TehMagicPrimordial on Cash Money Money

3 days ago

GPaps22 thanks for the comment. My mana proportions for forests is not really accurately represented in the pie graph. With 20 forest producing land (4 being scry) my play tests don't have a big problem getting the early mana. The Windswept Heath would require me to have Plains which I am looking to avoid. Thanks again for the recommendation. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.05 $0.12 $0.6 $0.71

Cardhoarder (MTGO) Price

Normal Foil
0.02 TIX 0.04 TIX
Color(s) White
Converted cost 0
Avg. cube pick 11.19


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
MTGO Legal
Unformat Legal
Unknown Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Vanguard Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Noble Legal
Casual Legal
Hero Legal
Quest Magic RPG Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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