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Basic Land — Plains

T: Add W to your mana pool.

Plains Discussion

Kobra on Mardu

4 hours ago

I tried Magma Jet but Lightning Strike was a more efficient removal. I also thought about Hero's Downfall instead of Lightning Strike. I also removed a Plains for Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. Being able to tap lands for Swamp and not lose life due to Mana Confluence can be very helpful. The deck actually has been very consistent and runs excellent. If you guys have anymore suggestions, throw them at me :)

DeathChant17 on Abzan Counters Life Gain

5 hours ago

I guess that depends on if you think the outlast cast is worth the tokens you'd get from Herald of Anafenza? 3 to outlast and get a token, then paying 4 to put a counter on a token off of High Sentinels of Arashin isn't worth it in my opinion. But that is my opinion. My opinion is also that the possibility to deal damage to an opponent's creature and kill it before it kills yours is awesome.

I personally favor the first-strike/deathtouch combo for combat, because then your creatures don't have to be big to kill and survive. It can also stop your opponent from swinging if you got a blocker or two to stop their bad beasties.

Deathtouch is very vital I believe, especially when you will have creatures with flying also. Unless your opponent has unblockable, you are gonna be either trading creatures or killing his. The fact that you have the ability to give all your creatures first strike on top of that? Awesome. Then lifelink? Incredible. Especially with Ajani's Pridemate. Yea, he's your all-star. He gets free counters from your land. and gains all 3 of these abilities. So I agree with the fact that you need 2 more of those.

It's simply up to you on what abilities you want to give your creatures.

Also High Sentinels of Arashin I think could go to a 2 of. It's nice cause you can use him to give counters, but he doesn't get counters unless you give them to him. He simply gets +1/+1 for each other creature with a +1/+1 counter on it. He's naturally big, but that's it. He needs an extra step to gain lifegain or anything.

4x Ajani's Pridemate, 4x Abzan Battle Priest, 2x High Sentinels of Arashin, 3x Wall of Limbs, 3x Abzan Falconer, 3x Ainok Bond-Kin, 3x Mer-Ek Nightblade, 1x Anafenza, the Foremost, 4x Elvish Mystic is more of what I'm thinking.

I'm sure you noticed creatures are the main part of your deck. Also, they are mainly white. So when you play around with your mana base, try using some Plains also. It'll help with speeding it up a little bit.

Osphilia on This is Akroas

1 day ago

cutting Evolving Wilds to bring Plains to 10 and Mountain to 6will be adding 2 Rouse the Mob to main board with two still in side board

Chandrian on Black/White Lifegain

1 day ago

I am also working on a BnW deck atm so i think you have interesting cards here that might inspire me...

As a small criticism on your deck: i think you have a mana problem (especially when i look at the curve... so many 4 mana cards), so you might want to drop a Swamp for a Plains.

Also you might consider Sanguine Bond and Archangel of Thune to take even more advantage of your lifegain.

Here is the current version of my BnW deck, maybe you'll get some ideas (or give me some advice, something i'd appreciate):

My first Black'nWhite deck: help is welcome

Rayenous on Holiday Cube Draft - Fun!

1 day ago

Just playing my first Holiday Cube Draft... Here's a run-down of my Game 2.

Opponent on Play:
T1: Forest, Elves of Deep Shadow

T1 Me: Mox Diamond (Discard Plains), Forest, Scavenging Ooze

T2: Overgrown Tomb (Tapped), Diabolic Edict (Bye bye Ooze)

T2 Me: Oath of Druids

T3: Umezawa's Jitte

T3 Me: Trigger from Oath of Druids into Progenitus - Opponent scoops!

smackjack on I have 2 questions about ...

2 days ago

GlistenerAgent I see. This is my all time favourite deck. Its really fun to play. I really want it to be competitive so i can bring something else than my Death & Taxes deck to Legacy Tuesday at my LGS to beat stoneblade and U/R delver and all other non creative netdecks they play. I think this deck is fun. Fun to play and a creative way to play magic without jamming value cards from left to right that fits the colours and call it a deck.

I have been thinking of splashing white. With 4 Flooded Strand, 4 Lotus Petal and 2x Mox Diamond i have 11 sources of white if i add one Plains (I cant afford duals unfortunately). White would give me Swords to Plowshares and Blind Obedience (for sideboard?) as well as Enlightened Tutor to find Stasis or Frozen AEther, or in rare cases Lotus Petal if i really need a color fix. Is this a good idea, and what should i take out? :)

Named_Tawyny on Nine Letters: Colbert's thoughts on this animal

2 days ago

Oh, that makes the Mindcensor much better. =)

I like the idea of the fetchable tri-land, but you do have a good point. Probably better off with a Godless Shrine over a Overgrown Tomb? Or one of each and take out a Plains?

GlistenerAgent on BW/X Midrange Ft. Dark Royalty

2 days ago

The manabase is pretty wonky. I'd build it something like this:

2 Godless Shrine, 1-2 Sacred Foundry, 1-2 Blood Crypt (a maximum of five of these)

4 Bloodstained Mire, 4 Marsh Flats, 1 Arid Mesa

2 Swamp, 1 Plains

4 Blackcleave Cliffs, 1 Fetid Heath

That's a little rough, but in general adding more fetchlands and reducing the number of shocklands lets you save life points where that is relevant. Blackcleave Cliffs is also incredibly important for castin T1 discard or Lightning Bolt, while Fetid Heath helps Firewalker, Brimaz and Liliana. I might try to fit a couple of Lavaclaw Reaches as well if at all possible.

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