Basic Land — Plains

: Add to your mana pool.
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Plains Discussion

Jdvanliew on G/W Mill? What?

1 day ago

A perfect T3 win hand might be 2Forest, 1Plains, 1Midnight Guard, 1Presence of Gond, 1Altar of Dementia, 1Elvish Mystic (or any 1 mana mana-dork in or ). T1: forest+mystic T2: plains+guard T3: forest+altar+presence GG! (P.S. you don't even need to draw)

ChiefBell on Mind Seize

2 days ago

Oh yeah, for sure but I always give people a full list of recommendations and let them decide how much they want to spend.

I've won games on turn 3 before with just a handful of cards. Combos that require 2 or 3 cards are pretty common in high level play. I used to play this one:

Turn 1: Swamp -> Sol Ring

Turn 2: tap Swamp for Entomb. Choose Karmic Guide. Play Plains then tap Sol Ring and the plains for Blasting Station

Turn 3: Play Reveillark. Win.

That's an instant win for infinite damage.

It goes like this:

Karmic Guide is in the graveyard, and Reveillark and Blasting Station are on the field.

Tap the Blasting Station to sacrifice your Reveillark. The Blasting Station deals 1 damage. As Reveillark dies you can use its ability to return Karmic Guide. So Karmic Guide comes into play.

Because Karmic Guide enters the battlefield Blasting Station untaps and is ready to use again. Also, because Karmic Guide entered the battlefield you can use its ability to pull the Reveillark you literally just sacrificed from the graveyard to the battlefield.

With Karmic Guides ability on the stack (it hasn't yet happened but is about to) you sacrifice it to Blasting Station at instant speed. The blasting station taps, it deals 1 damage, and Karmic Guide dies. But its ability trigger is still waiting to happen so you let that resolve - which returns Reveillark and untaps Blasting Station. That last part is complicated because you need to kill a creature in response to its own ability but you are allowed to do that, and the ability still happens. Anyway at the end you're left with Reveillark and Blasting Station in play, with Karmic Guide in the graveyard - repeat for infinite damage.

BigPoppaHads on GW Counters

2 days ago

Thanks meddler91! I've got a few plans for post-rotation, depending on what they give us in the new set. Right now the only sideboard card in need of replacement is Ajani, Mentor of Heroes. There are so many cards I've run through in various iterations of this deck that could be thrown in.

I think our potential bigger problem is the mana base. I don't really feel like running Blossoming Sands if they don't give us a decent GW dual land. To that end there are two options; I ran Ainok Guide in the deck before I had access to Temple of Plenty, as a four of. It's a cheap mana fix if you aren't getting any white mana and works with the counters theme otherwise. This would let my (your?) mana base look something like this:

4x Windswept Heath16x Forest2x Plains

I have another more radical plan if there isn't any good mana upcoming that I'll hopefully be revealing soon. Thanks for the feedback! Tragic Arrogance is definitely a cool card, but as a curve-topper for me I don't know if it's worth it as it would ultimately leave whichever cards I choose to keep open to removal. I can see how it would be very useful against aggro decks, however, and I'm guessing the ideal keep would be Managorger Hydra and Hardened Scales.

MadCheddah on Tainted Affliction

3 days ago

my version:

i have only played this deck a few times in a proxy version... i splash blue for cheap card filtering and re-usable spot removal through snapcaster mage...

the game plan remind me of american control with hand disruption instead of counterspells...

Instant (14)

1x Sphinx's Revelation

1x Mana Leak

4x Condemn

4x Devour Flesh

4x Rest for the Weary

Enchantment (4)

4x Tainted Remedy

Sorcery (15)

1x Sleight of Hand

4x Serum Visions

4x Oust

1x Lingering Souls

1x Thoughtseize

4x Inquisition of Kozilek

Creature (8)

4x Snapcaster Mage

4x Wall of Shards

lands (19)

4x Flooded Strand

4x Marsh Flats

4x Polluted Delta

1x Plains

1x Swamp

1x Island

1x Watery Grave

1x Hallowed Fountain

1x Godless Shrine

1x Celestial Colonnade

hope it helps

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