Basic Land — Plains

T: Add W to your mana pool.

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noahbellboa on Casting exiled cards????

19 hours ago

okay the card im struggling with is Narset, Enlightened Master once i attack and exile the 4 cards if say there was 3x Plains and a Shock if i then cast the shock, will it stay exiled or go into the graveyard? this doesn't seem like a big deal but with the new delve ability an extra 1-2 cards in the graveyard can be a game changer.

personally i think it does go into the graveyard as you have brought it out of being exiled to cast it.

MindAblaze! on How are fetchlands good???!?!

23 hours ago

Because they increase the likelihood of you having the color of mana you need.

ie: in Modern, a deck that plays Flooded Strand on turn one can have access to a

Plains and an Island to start... can also get

Hallowed Fountain , Steam Vents , Watery Grave , Breeding Pool , Temple Garden , Godless Shrine or a Sacred Foundry

There's also the "deck thinning" argument; while it's mathematically going to increase your chances of drawing a non-land card by using two lands to get one, the numbers are so small the change is usually insignificant. People will often balance the lifeloss vs this tiny benefit, and choose to save the money.

Walczano on Warriors of Orzhov

1 day ago

Rush of Battle It is an interesting card. But in my opinion she only makes sense when we add four. I would have to devote four cards and here a problem appears. I can remove 2x Herald of Torment , but still I need to remove two cards. Perhaps two basic lands? 1x Swamp and 1x Plains ? What are you thinking about it theJAMAAAL ?

tristanwonpierce on Mid range Abzmanliness! (1st place FNM)

1 day ago

I just playtested the following list. It seemed to be more consistent and had the a more consistent form of flying. Bumping the Wingmate Roc might be a more reliable choice instead of depending on Herald of Torment . The ramp seems fine but you might want to consider adding some draw. I added in. Eidolon of blossoms to help make sure I'm not topdecking mid game. World eater was ok in the deck, But with wingmate roc and fleecemane in there, you didn't want to many other cards disrupting your curve. He other Ajani seemed a better fit too. Also mainboard Hero's Downfall and sideboard utter end, against Red decks with Stormbreath Dragon

Again this is just what I chose to playtested with and it faired pretty well against my deck. You can pick and choose anything you see beneficial for your deck though.

1x Anafenza, the Foremost
1x Athreos, God of Passage
4x Fleecemane Lion
4x Herald of Torment
4x Siege Rhino
4x Eidolon of Blossoms
4x Sylvan Caryatid
3x Wingmate Roc

2x Ajani, Mentor of Heroes
1x Garruk, Apex Predator

2x Whip of Erebos
3x Abzan Charm
2x Bile Blight
3x Hero's Downfall

3x Blossoming Sands
4x Forest
2x Jungle Hollow
3x Plains
4x Sandsteppe Citadel
2x Scoured Barrens
3x Swamp

3x Despise
2x Utter End
2x Glare of Heresy
3x Erase
1x Erebos, God of the Dead
2x Kin-Tree Invocation
2x Reprisal

xzzane on Modern Event Deck With Upgrades

1 day ago

I would take out 3-4 Plains for 3-4 Windbrisk Heights . I find having 3 Tidehollow Sculler works best. Cut 2 Inquisition of Kozilek and add 4 Thoughtseize . If you can't afford them, use 4 IoK and 2 Duress . For your 4 mana spot you can either keep your Hero of Bladehold or use 2 Elspeth, Knight-Errant . You should cut down 2 of your 4 cmc cards though; tokens runs a pretty low mana curve. 6 anthems is too many, only have 4-5. I would highly recommend running 4 Zealous Persecution , as it makes the affinity matchup laughably easy. What is your local meta?

AjaxPancakes on B/W aggro

1 day ago

Scratch that, pull out all three of Gray Merchant of Asphodel and replace him with three Plains instead.

AjaxPancakes on B/W aggro

1 day ago

Your mana curve is WAY too high to be running only 20 lands. I would remove two of Sorin, Solemn Visitor , all of Bile Blight , and then drop in four Plains in their places.

nottinghamMTG on Another Boros Burn deck (Help with sideboard?)

2 days ago

cut 4 Plains and run Battlefield Forge

why would you risk getting mana screwed? even if it is lower then other decks Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.05 $0.12 $0.6 $0.71

Cardhoarder (MTGO) Price

Normal Foil
0.02 TIX 0.04 TIX
Color(s) White
Converted cost 0
Avg. cube pick 11.19


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Pre-release Legal
MTGO Legal
Unformat Legal
Unknown Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Vanguard Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Noble Legal
Casual Legal
Hero Legal
Quest Magic RPG Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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