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Basic Land — Plains

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Plains Discussion

Movac on White Pride, Deck Wide

5 hours ago

4/16 -1x Cavern of Souls replaced 1x Plains -1x Ghostway added to sideboard.-1x Rebuff the Wicked added to sideboard.-1x Godsend has replaced 1x Akroma, Angel of Wrath

Vieno on Overskill

9 hours ago

For my suggestions, I will be using the new Journey into nyx cards, so just know that a lot of what I offer isn't available for a few weeks. :)

First off, if feels like you're trying to splash heroic in rather than focus on it..After playing a lot of heroic myself, I feel it's better to just remove it if you aren't focusing on it.

-3 Impetuous Sunchaser -3 Akroan Crusader -2 Eidolon of Countless Battles -3 Ordeal of Purphoros -2 Coordinated Assault -3 Hero of Iroas -3 Plains (22 land is plenty for this kind of deck)-3 Mountain

+1 Titan's Strength +2 Akroan Hoplite +1 Cavalry Pegasus +4 Soldier of the Pantheon +2 Iroas, God of Victory +4 Mana Confluence

This is the easily said changes I would make. My changes leave room for 8 more cards. I personally am running the same kind of deck, but black/white instead of red/white. The changes I make this deck close to the usual w/x deck, but the last bits of changing are completely up to you. The cards I will suggestion a look at are:

Spear of Heliod Hall of Triumph Dictate of Heliod Dictate of the Twin Gods Fabled Hero (If you can keep him alive, this guy is fantastic.)Godsend Aegis of the Gods Ajani's Presence (It's either this or Gods Willing , you decide which is better.

Now, I can't say if the options I offered here are good or not because we can't test them yet (most of them), but I believe they will do very well.

hiddendamage on W/u with extra turns

15 hours ago

id say drop the 3 Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx to pick up 1 more Plains and 1 more Island and id say drop 1 Revoke Existence that way your able to pick up 2 more 2 mana creatures that are white or to give the devo to your Heliod, God of the Sun plus giving you more blockers if needed

Hell_Kaiser_J on Budget White Knights

1 day ago

NICE! Might want to build this deck myself. However, there is one slight change. Since pretty much everything has first strike, I would drop the 4 Silverblade Paladin for one more Knight of the White Orchid and one more Mirran Crusader then either add two more Plains or add four Emeria, The Sky Ruin (take out 2 Plains for it).

Another thought, since most of your creatures are two drops, you won't have any opening creatures. Caravan Escort , Student of Warfare is a one drop. Flying creatures might be an issue as well, so Cloud Crusader , Leonin Skyhunter , Kemba's Skyguard , or Knight of Cliffhaven could help there. Life gaining might be an issue as well so Fiendslayer Paladin or Dawnstrike Paladin . I always found protection helps a lot in casual matches Riders of Gavony .

masterosok on Life Gain/Drain

1 day ago

I did get away from the life gain a bit. I am gonna take your advice and add two Tithe Drinker s and 1 Sin Collector (nice!). Sin Collector gives me another card I can use Strionic Resonator on. I also replaced a Plains with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx I have added Underworld Connections to my side board for the moment.

chelgoth on Boo Berries!

1 day ago

Off the top of my head:

-????+2 Fabricate +2 Idyllic Tutor -- If you're going to only run two each of Enduring Renewal and Blasting Station , you should run more tutors for them. Otherwise, up the count of them to at least 3 and go with 1-2 of each tutor. Having more tutors in general though allows you to search up silver bullet enchants and artifacts after SB.

-4 Serum Visions +4 Sleight of Hand -- In this deck style, digging is much more important than blind card draw. Also, slightly less useful is the fact that Sleight of Hand gets around effects that punish card draws.

-4 Path to Exile +4 Detention Sphere -- Since your plan is to go infinite on damage, giving them life with Condemn is fine; helping them thin their deck and accelerate into answers and threats? Not so fine.

-2 Island -4 Glacial Fortress +2 Plains +4 Temple of Enlightenment -- As before, digging is very important. As for the added Plains , since Enduring Renewal and Supreme Verdict needs two white, having more white is good.

Movac on White Pride, Deck Wide

2 days ago

4/15 Adding a Cavern of Souls in place of a Plains after an anonymous tip.

CapnMooMoo on Eidolon of Resurgence [W]

2 days ago

Thanks HumanOverlord!

Iroas, God of Victory fits into Gruul War Chant s spot perfectly!

Sylvan Caryatid added as a three-of by taking out a Mountain , Plains , and a Voice of Resurgence . Not sure about this change, but it seems like it's stable

Ethereal Armor is good on paper, but I feel like if I'm not going to abuse it in a strictly enchantment/heroic deck it just doesn't fit the bill. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Mana Confluence in as a two-of. This is another one I'm unsure of, but it seems okay as well.

I'm debating taking out the six drops Aurelia, the Warleader and Garruk, Caller of Beasts to put less pressure on my mana base. This might allow me to use Ethereal Armor and more cheap value cards like it. Can I get your thoughts on this? Price

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Color(s) W
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Avg. draft pick 12.89
Avg. cube pick 11.34


Format Legality
MTGO Legal
Unformat Legal
Heirloom Legal
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal