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: Add to your mana pool.
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Plains Discussion

The2kman on Roil Be Thy Name

12 hours ago

klone13 I actually took Land Tax out, but realized that it says "basic land cards". For some reason I thought it was only Plains. Gonna try and see if I can put it back in. Thanks.

kengiczar on What do you think of ...

13 hours ago

@ asasinater13

Requirement 1: Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper.
Requirement 2 Jeskai Ascendancy.
Requirement 3: Lands, preferably at least 5 to actually grow your mana pool unless you have karoo lands or lands that can make more than worth of mana but the higher the costs of your instants the more you need.
Requirement 4: With just basics you will need 2x Island, 1x Mountain, 1x Plains and 1x any other land that makes at least 1 mana that can be used for P-walkers and Instants.
Requirement 5: To just make infinitely big lands you just need Clockspinning.
Requirement 6: To steal everything with Dack Fayden on the field you need at least one other card in hand. If Dack is not on the field and you don't have Mind Games in hand you will need 2 cards in hand aside from Clockspinning. To bounce everything with Capsize you will need to have a total of 7 lands animated that all tap for at least 1 mana and can be used to cast instants. To kill everyoen with Fireball you just need Noyan, Ascendancy, Clockspinning, and lands that can make 5 mana.

Jeskai Ascendancy says when you cast a spell you can untap all of your creatures. Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper makes your lands into creatures.

Scenario: Noyan Dar + Ascendancy on field and 5 lands animated, just some cantrips in hand. No Dack Fayden present in hand or field, no clockspinning, no Mind games.

Step 1: Cast a spell for as cheap as you can, lets say it's Ponder.
Step 2: Jeskai Ascendancy trigger goes on the stack.
Step 3: In response to the Ascendancy Trigger I tap my other 4 lands floating .
Step 4: I begin resolving Ascendancy trigger; I draw a card and discard a land then untap my lands.
Step 5: I begin resolving Ponder drawing into Brainstorm (Could be anything really)

Step 6: I use one of the mana in the pool to cast Brainstorm.
Step 7: Jeskai Ascendancy trigger goes on the stack in response to Brainstorm being cast.
Ste 8: In resposne to teh Jeskai Ascendancy trigger I tap my 5 untapped lands putting 5 more mana into my pool which is now sitting at mana.
Step 9: Jeskai Ascendancy begins to resolve and in order I draw a card, discarda card, then untap my lands.
Step 10: I begin to resolve Brainstorm and draw into Omniscience, which I don't even need, and Clockspinning.

Step 11: in the pool. I cast Clockspinning, going down to mana in the pool, targeting one of my lands animatied with Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper.
Step 12: Jeskai Ascendancy trigger goes onto the stack because of me casting Clockspinning.
Step 13: In response to the Jeskai Ascendancy trigger I tap my 5 lands putting my mana pool back up to .
Step 14: I begin resolving Jeskai Ascendancy trigger; I draw a card and discard anything because I don't need it. Seriously. I Untap my lands.
step 15: Clockspinning begins to resolve. I put a +1/+1 counter on one of my lands and put Clockspinning back into my hand as part of it's resolution. (It would not go back to my hand if it was countered as spells do not resolve when countered.

Step 11: in the pool. I cast Dack Fayden if I have it and then Clockspinning, going down to mana in the pool, targetting one of my lands animatied with Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper to make that land have another +1/+1 counter.
Step 12: Jeskai Ascendancy trigger goes onto the stack because of me casting Clockspinning.
Step 13: In response to the Jeskai Ascendancy trigger I tap my 5 lands putting my mana pool back up to , notice that the pool has been growing with each iteration and I untap my lands each time.
Step 14: I begin resolving Jeskai Ascendancy trigger; I choose not to draw and discard if I alraedy have Dack Fayden otherwise I draw and Discard supposing there is already 1 other card in my hand besides Clockspinning when I start this iteration. I untap my lands. step 15: Clockspinning begins to resolve. I put a +1/+1 counter on one of my lands and put Clockspinning back into my hand again.

Step 16: Repeat Step 10.
Step 17: Repeat Step 11.
Step 18: Repeat Step 12.
step 19: Repeat Step 13.
Step 20: Repeat Step 14.

If I didn't have Dack Fayden yet I keep repeating until I get him. Once I have him the sequence changes slightly:

Setting up the big Hesit
1: Cast Clockspinning.
2: Jeskai Ascendancy trigger goes on stack.
3: Tap lands floating even more mana.
4: Begin resolving Ascendancy trigger; skip draw if you have no cards in hand. If have a card pitch it and draw. Untap lands.
5: Resolve Clockspinning putting another Loyalty Counter on Dack Fayden.

Repeat this until you can ultimate Dack Fayden and then Ult him. If you have one other card aside from Clockspinning repeat until you draw Mind Games. If you couldn't keep up the looting off of Ascendancy because you had no cards in hand then just make your lands huge and swing for lethal at somebody. If you could loot just do the cycle over and over but use Mind Games instead of Clockspinning to steal everything. Make lands big enough to kill everybody with 1 hit. Win the game.

From here on out you can just keep on casting Clockspinning until you draw into whatever you want to do like Fireball, cast Capsize until only you have board sate, or if you've gotten Dack Fayden's ultimate, the buyback spell that lets you tap down permanents which will put triggers on the stack as soon as you targe them with Dack's Emblem, thus stealing them for you.

Note that their are actually TWO triggers on Jeskai Ascendancy. The looting is optional but you will untap your lands. What this means is with 5 lands you can just cast Clockspinning over and over again netting one mana of whatever color your lands can make each time without worrying about decking yourself and without losing hand size. As mentioned before you can just win the game with Fireball much easier than these fancier methods involving Dack and Capsize if you have Clock spinning + Fireball in hand when you start making infinite mana.

Dorotheus on Emeria Shepherd Combo

15 hours ago

Step 1: Fill yard
Step 2: Reanimate, Emeria Shepherd, play a Plains
Step 3: Target Animate Dead with Emeria Shepard, which will animate Worldgorger Dragon do the old Infinite World Gorger and reanimate your yard, have something that is able to stop the loop and have something that is gives everything haste, Lotus Petal for infinite mana for good measure. Piranha Marsh previously for infinite life loss. Pick your win con.
Step 4: ???????
Step 5: Profit

I mean... that's all I came up with.

multimedia on Awaken the Land (Control Deck)

16 hours ago

Singularity6, Your welcome glad I could help. You are running 29 lands. I realize this deck is about lands, but 29 is too much. You could cut 1x Plains and 1x Forest for 2x Reality Shift. Shift really shouldn't be a main deck card though, but a good sideboard card. Your main deck removal should have awaken since that is theme of the deck. This is why Clutch of Currents is so good in this deck because it is a 1 mana bounce spell in the early game and a 5 mana bounce spell that gives you a 3/3 creature or 3 counters on Falls, later in the game.

To get your deck down to 60 cards consider cutting 1x Dispel or 1x Swell of Growth.

I think you are confusing your deck by adding the ramp strategy with awaken. I realize you are playing ramp so you can cast your spells with the high awaken costs faster, but this is really not needed because of Tidecaller. Tidercaller allows you to play your spells without the awaken cost early in the game and then get them back later to cast them with awaken. This is particularly important with Scatter to the Winds because it's your best awaken spell because it is instant and has the biggest impact on the game.

You really want to be able to cast Scatter turn 3. With your current manabase that might be a problem. You are playing a large amount of basic lands for each of the three colors. You can get mana screwed very easy because of this. Your primary color for this deck should be blue with white as your secondary color and green as a splash. Blue is most important because of Scatter and Tidecaller. White is second because of Outburst. Green is third for Falls and Kiora. Since this is a budget deck consider adding 4x Evolving Wilds in place of 1x of each of your basic lands. Also consider adding 4x Tranquil Cove.

MuppetSlayer on Abzan scales

23 hours ago

I have been play testing this deck and have been struggling to get a Hardened Scales down turn one, I think you should try switching out your swamps for Smoldering Marsh, and switch some Plains out for some Forests.

thegigibeast on Best Packs Opened from BfZ

1 day ago

My best pack from the box I cracked on friday was a Ob Nixilis Reignited as the rare and Ob Nixilis Reignited as the foil ;)

Today I cracked an additional 10 packs and the best was Drana, Liberator of Malakir and Plains, don't exactly remember which but I remember it was around $6-7 on TCG. All my rares cover the value of both my box and my 10 packs!

BlinkTwice on angel only deck

2 days ago

I'd drop Seraph of Dawn for Archangel of Thune or Angelic Skirmisher, and the Divine Favors for Angelic Accord and Land Tax. Also, drop one of your Plains in exchange for Emeria, The Sky Ruin.

Have fun.

Stemii on Rally the Allies

2 days ago

4x Bloodstained Mire, 4x Windswept Heath, 3x Plains, 3x Swamp, 1x Forest, 2x Sandsteppe Citadel, 3x Canopy Vista, 2x Smoldering Marsh, 1x Cinder Glade, 1x Nomad Outpost

Of course this is just my opinion. Give that a try. I think the ratios for colors is right. Good job last week bud!

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