Ral Zarek


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze Mythic Rare

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Ral Zarek

Planeswalker — Ral

+1: Tap target permanent, then untap another target permanent.

-2: Ral Zarek deals 3 damage to target creature or player.

-7: Flip five coins. Take an extra turn after this one for each coin that comes up heads.

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Ral Zarek Discussion

hardhitta71194 on Ideas for this Blue/Red deck?

10 hours ago

In most of my fast Izzet decks I use Shivan Reef because I don't have the money to spend on more expensive lands. But like you I only play casually.

You can check out my Izzmatic deck if you want some ideas for counter/burn. It isn't Modern legal but can be by replacing a few cards like Counterspell and Ponder and Preordain. You could also drop the Ral Zarek for some Bedlam Reveler or Cryptic Serpent.

Whatever you decide to build, the sideboard is very important in Modern, something most people don't bother with in casual. And it can be quite expensive with things like Blood Moon.

Either way good luck and Glory to the Firemind!

Edit: everything rothgar13 said is spot on as well!

DrLitebur on A Budget Miracle

1 day ago

I have a Miracles deck built for Modern, and there is a card you are missing to help set up your deck. You have Serum Visions, which is one of the pieces, but the other set-up piece you need is Telling Time. This helps you filter unwanted cards, can put miracles on top of your library, and get you other things you might need. The card is a 4-of in a deck like this. The only thing I am missing from my deck is the pair of Entreat the Angels. I have 4 Bonfire of the Damneds, 4 Terminus, 3 Temporal Mastery, and in my sideboard I have 2 Devastation Tide and 4 Thunderous Wrath. I also run 2 Anticipate main, and 1 out of the sideboard. I use Ral Zarek and Chandra, the Firebrand as my wincons.

Cicjose on 50% of the time... IT WORKS EVERY TIME

2 weeks ago

you have a coin flip deck without Ral Zarek?

Nileek on Wait, whose card was this again?

2 weeks ago

Dismiss into Dream Act of Treason Mark of Mutiny Ral Zarek are also good additions.Saheeli Rai might also be good here. I'm thinking of building a simulator deck to this

Odysseus_97 on Maximum Chaos Overdrive

2 weeks ago

Love this deck :D +1

You probably considered them, but I would of course come with suggestions :)

Blasphemous Act Might be fun to have a boardwipe for 1 mana, not for personal gain, just for chaos.

Ral Zarek His +1 is pretty funny with some tap/untap chaos cards and his ultimate will just give you the biggest opportunity to unleash more chaos.

Fatespinner Sadly, its only opponents, so might not fit with your theme, but still chaotic for most players.

Winter Orb Might not be good since you need lots of mana, but still thought i would mention it.

But love your deck, wanted to build one myself, and this might be the deck that will inspire my upcoming one :) All in all Great job :)

Jojonathan on Made in Heaven ( DID SOMEONE SAY MIRACLE ?! )

1 month ago

Hi Again xXImpetuSXx,

Ho, indeed, my bad. :(Sorry, I didn't memorize the Ban and Restricted List. :(

Thanks for pointing that out, you saved me some money mate !

Hi Again ghoul_Legion

I have 3 Day of Judgment in my stock right now, and I think one of my buddies got a spare Supreme Verdict around.

Yeh, Aurelia, the Warleader RRWW and Akroma, Angel of Fury RRR aretricky to play. I often face the situation where I'm missing White or Red Manas. That's why I put mostly two-colors-lands and Bounces-lands ( Izzet Boilerworks etc etc )

Even Entreat the Angels without Miracle is just unplayable.

That foil Ral Zarek and Platinum Angel are gifts, I know they don't belong in this deck, but I play them for their sentimental value ( Yeah that's not optimized sorry :( )

Yeah, I messed up the lands ratio as well, sorry. I'll fix that in a few days.

I don't want to annoy you with tons of questions heh. Your advices are extremely precious, for I'm not an hardcore MTG Player and your advices are extremely pertinent / relevent !!

Thanks again for your time !!

ghoul_Legion on Made in Heaven ( DID SOMEONE SAY MIRACLE ?! )

1 month ago

Well Since Supreme Verdict can't be countered it's obviously better.

Consider that Day of Judgment can be played in decks without blue, so there's that. If your friends don't play much counterspells, I'd go day of judgment.

Also, You have alot of cards with 2X or 3X of the same color cost, those cards gets really hard to play. Playing cards with RR & others with WW is dangerous in a 2 color deck, Here, you have cards with RRWW & RRR you are playing 3 colors. Yes ofc it's playable, but do some playtesting and tell me how often you got to play Aurelia, the Warleader or Entreat the Angels on the turn you draw it. I would probably try to find angels with simpler mana costs.

ALso 22 lands seems a bit low to me. 23-24 lands would be better, and you currently have 63 cards in the deck :)

Ral Zarek doesn't bring much to this deck.

Don't worry you can ask as many questions as you like.Just remember my advices are my own opinions and I'm nowhere near a pro level player :)

hardhitta71194 on Most Flavorful Izzet Cards?

1 month ago

I have a very similar deck called Glory to the Firemind but it's private at the moment cause the list is a mess.

I was like dude! You need Ral Zarek! Then I seen him at the bottom.

Arjun, the Shifting Flame works well, Fluxcharger, Spellheart Chimera, Mizzix of the Izmagnus, Blast of Genius has Ral on it, Quicksilver Dagger is nice with Niv.

I also use Enter the Infinite as a possible win con.

Badass deck for sure, I am a proclaimed Izzet Mage/Fan Boy so I hope I helped. If you want to look at mine I will make it public for a bit.

(Oh and sorry if I suggested a few you already have, I was switching between tabs trying to avoid that lol)

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