Sphinx's Revelation

Sphinx's Revelation



You gain X life and draw X cards.

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Sphinx's Revelation Discussion

mr_spooner on The Most Reactive Deck Ever

1 hour ago

Or, you can be a bigger ass and actually WIN the game by playing Elixir of Immortality. And then Sphinx's Revelation to continuously fill your hand with the good stuff and keep you longer alive to continue being an ass. ...This is like the U/W control deck in Theros standard, except without all the counterspells, and instead, a hell of a lot more boardwipes bwahaha.

Programmer_112 on Lock-Down with Fae

8 hours ago

Splashing white for Azorius Charm could help, especially if you go into aggro mode. You could also play a 1-of Sphinx's Revelation. Besides that, I think Whip is the best option.

Figag on Lose your Friends

1 day ago

How can you lose if you keep shuffling your graveyard back into your deck? You'll never deck out and accordingly never win. Replace Laboratory Maniac with Storm Crow and then you've got a deck.

You also would benefit from a few Hallowed Fountain to fetch for and color fixing. I'd also add a few more lands to make the Sphinx's Revelation's more effective.

I'd also not recommend Vapor Snag because they'll just recast whatever you return. Perhaps pull it to add the lands?

Otherwise it looks pretty good. More card diversity wouldn't be a bad idea, but I think it looks pretty good as is.

Saljen on Lawful Good

3 days ago

Also keep in mind that Narset doesn't really work with counter spells. She works with Path to Exile and Supreme Verdict which can be fun, but the amount of targets you have for Narset is very small. I would consider running 4x Serum Visions in place of Think Twice, visions will trigger much more powerfully with Narset. I'd probably drop Sphinx's Revelation to 2, since that will be a dead drop the first 5ish turns as well, and that'll give room for the 4th Serum Visions. Also, if you add black then you'd have access to cards like Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize, Esper Charm, Lingering Souls, etc. Those would all be amazing targets for Narset. Liliana of the Veil and Sorin become available at that point as well. Oh and I hear that Snapcaster Mage is pretty powerful ;)

Mooer on ~War and Truth~ [Competitive]

4 days ago

I would suggest not running Myth realized, this deck can't capitalize on it and it isn't even that great of a card - especially not with swords because he won't stay equipped. I think 1 Sphinx's Revelation is fine and will work well with the amount of ramp you run. For the other two slots try running 2 Qasali Pridemage for the extra reach and exalted bonus.

I would also suggest dropping Sword of Light and Shadow, unless your creatures die it isn't useful. Instead I highly highly recommend that you run 1 Batterskull mainboard. You can play it turn 3 off a cobra and a fetch land.

bigguy99 on ~War and Truth~ [Competitive]

5 days ago

3 Sphinx's Revelation? Most decks that use the card ever run more than 2 and they're usually running at least 25 lands. I can't imagine you'll ever get too much out of it on 21 and if you do it'd be super late into the game.

Behgz on The State of Showdown

6 days ago


It only took me doing about 4 articles to realise the most popular aspects of articles based around play-by-play match write-ups is the community involvement. Unfortunately, once that becomes the drawing factor, it's not about how creative I can get with my word play, or the html formatting I can incorporate into my next article, it's about whose going to be featured next. It can be a lot of fun when your invested in the subject material, a.k.a. it involves your current pet project standard brew for instance. But your only as important as your fan support so you eventually move away from your own decks and start showcasing decks from the community and it can be tedious recording the play by plays for a match you have zero personal interest in. At this point your literally just working a menial job with no pay off, considering here on Tapped Out articles are, for the most part, user-generated content. It goes from being a creative outlet to almost a job. That's why people get paid to do this kind of stuff, creating content for websites. Basically, signing up to be a content provider can end up being a tall order, as the work gets menial and tedious once it transitions from what you, the author, is interested in, to what your audience is interested in. It's like having a Sports column in a newspaper but having to write about gardening at your editor's request, and you don't get paid either...

It sounds like you just need to get a couple wins under your belt. Sometimes switching up archetypes can bring a much needed refresher, I'd suggests trying out something as simple as piloting a generic red deck at your next event, you shouldn't feel bad for losing with a netdeck you had no part in designing. Just jam Dragon Fodder into Stoke the Flames and punish decks for stumbling.

After Sphinx's Revelation rotated, I didn't know what I wanted to do in standard. I durdled around with Jeskai tokens for a few months then traded it off to put together G/R Dragons after CVM won an open, then sold that deck for cash as it was an offer I couldn't refuse (full cash price on each card).

That left me with the pieces to build mono-red, so I did and I've been jamming goblin tokens ever since. I recently shelled out for the lands to make it Atarka Red and I am looking forward to the rest of this standard season and origins before the fall rotation.

That being said, I don't have a sweet brew that I would want to write an article about, I remember playing with decks back in ISD/RTR Standard and the decks were incredible and inspiring and made me want to create content.

Then we had Theros and we got the Devotion decks like mono-black Pack Rat decks. Ever since then Standard has seemed stale and uninteresting.

Khans of Tarkir definitely livened things up, but the Abzan midrange decks aren't as flashy as the Bant midrange decks from a season and a half ago, where you could resto your thrag and snap back a rev. Siege Rhino takes the fun out of it, you don't even have to try with deck building, you just play the good Abzan cards.

Your Johnny/Spike style of play is essentially how I see myself, but I'm willing to let the Spike side of me convince the Johnny side to try out net decks like mono-red when the format gets stale. It can be VERY disheartening when your home brews consistently lose at FNM's. Questions like, 'why do I even bother' crop up and you need to get out of the rut your in before you can't get out and give up the game completely.

The one downside of refusing to play anything other than a home brew is it likely will struggle in the later rounds of an event, let alone a cut to top 8.

So it can be very hard to pull a win/loss ratio of better than .500 under that circumstance. The fact that all of our enjoyment with the game is directly tied to how we perform means that your setting yourself up for failure by not giving yourself the most optimal chance to win any given match at an event. If that means playing 1 of the top 3 decks be it red aggro, abzan midrange, or esper control, then that's how it is. By doing anything else, your doing a disservice to Spike, as your lowering his chances of winning which directly correlates to your unhappiness upon not achieving a better than .500 record.

Get a couple wins, get your spark back, and bring back the Show Down!

Oh, and feature me in your next article!

Atarka Red PDX Top 8 Playtest

Standard* Behgz


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