Sphinx's Revelation

Sphinx's Revelation


You gain X life and draw X cards.

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Sphinx's Revelation Discussion

Kjartan on Esper Control Modern

1 hour ago

Remove one land, one Esper Charm , drop the White Sun's Zenith (its a sideboard card), and drop one Sphinx's Revelation .

Add 3x Remand 1x Snapcaster Mage

Here's why you want to do that:

Drop the land because:

Modern is a fast format, you need to answears for things avaible in the early game, if you manage to get over that part of the game where any aggro deck is bound to rule, the game should most like change in your favor, and you can outplay your opponent on the most basic level of the game, playing more lands.

The land base in a modern control deck tend to be somewhere between 23-25 lands. I personly think that 24-25 would be a perfect amount for this deck to run, I mean think about it, you opponent will likely play anywhere between 18-23 lands and not as much card draw, you are still going to outrun him, and still have more answears in your hand than otherwise. And if you are playing against another control deck, you migt not outrun him, but you will both get to a point of the game where you both have so many lands in play that more of them would just get in the way + the Remand 's will add more draw.

Why drop an Esper Charm

Its as simple as this. Esper Charm is one the evilest cards you got but, you don't want multiples in your opening hand, they do not effect the board state (unless they have an evil enchantment), and you don't want to draw into onther one with its ability untill the very late game. You could argue something likewise with Cryptic Command but lets face it, that's just the better card.

Why drop Sphinx's Revelation

This powerful, immense draw spell are a must have in any control deck, but usually serves best a one of, seeing how it only comes in good use in the very late game, and doesn't effect the board state. Its not that it won't be good even as a four of it really would, its just that you need answeares in the early game + you have much other card draw.

Why Drop White Sun's Zenith

its a very unnecceassy mainboard card. It feels rather good to play i know that, it feels powerfull, but ends up being clumpsy for various reasons. 1. it can safe you when your opponent storms you with a bunch weenies, but that is a rare situation to uccor seeing you ar e control player, and when it does happen, you would rather have a wrath. 2 you don't need it to win, your lands and snapcasters does a fine job at that by themselves. The fun thing is, it doesn't feel that way, because when you resolve this card for a huge number, it usually just wins you game, what people fail to realize because of this is, that when resolve this card for a huge enough number to win, that most likely means that you are winning anyways, where on the other hand when you are in a bad board possition, this card just isn't what you want, unless a couple blocking cats are what you need. It is good though and can be a very good sideboard option.

Why add Remand

its good, that's why. Bisides from Cryptic Command it's the best counterspell in modern for alot of reasons, one being that it gives you insight in a card in your opponents hand, while slowing him down and speeding you up simultaneously, another being that unlike manaleak it never gets to a point where you just can't use it because you can always just make him pay more mana and draw a card.

Why snapcaster

Because snapcaster

stylax32 on Amatuer Azorius

10 hours ago

Sphinx's Revelation &Supreme Verdict will probably be in the sideboard. But which Jace to use ?

TheHroth on Control is dead? Then what's this?

18 hours ago

This looks good, but I think you'll want more Dig Through Time .

Have you seen my Esper list? As much as I'm loving playing Jeskai tempo I really want to get back into the swing of playing control. I'm going to miss Sphinx's Revelation .

The Rogue Shard of Tarkir Playtest

Standard TheHroth

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I'm not doing deck-large. Why is it doing this? xD

cjk191997 on Ephara, gd of board whipes

1 day ago

Also I'm surprised you're not running some draw spell such as Sphinx's Revelation

FacebookFrenzy on Pay 50? No? Ok

1 day ago

If you wanted to make this modern legal, I would suggest taking out Propaganda and using Sphinx's Revelation instead, it provides amazing card draw and lifegain.

DeadpoolMTG on USA Geist - Thoughts?

1 day ago

Sphinx's Revelation doesn't make sense is this deck as you only use twenty-two lands. The Azorius Charm actually makes a lot of sense as putting a creature on your opponents library can be a huge advantage as it puts them back a turn, and could potentially get you more damage in with Geist of Saint Traft . Also as a control deck you want to be playing land every turn, so you should be running at least twenty-four, preferably twenty-six. You could also probably use more card draw in the form of Jace Beleren ? Mana Leak is a much better counter spell than Rune Snag due to the fact that Rune Snag is conditional.

Whitewing34 on Azorius's control

2 days ago

For a deck that requires a lot of mana having 20 will be difficult to pull of the full potential of the deck effectively. The deck may require more copies of your main cards to increase the chances of drawing them. Many of the cards here are not really necessary such as Defang which can be replaced with Pacifism and replace Council of the Absolute with Grand Arbiter Augustin IV . You can build around the flying mechanic getting Favorable Winds , Judge's Familiar , Pride of the Clouds for damage while you control. Cloudshift will help you use your detain abilities again and again, Conjurer's Closet as well. Oblivion Ring , and Banishing Light can get rid of opponent planeswalkers Sphinx's Revelation is good too if you have the budget too. :)

Ballzanya on The New Esper Control

2 days ago

I haven't played it at FNM Yet but I played it at game day. Had a close match against mardu mid-range/control but lost. Jeskai burn/aggro is pretty tough to beat with this, especially without sideboarding Esper is definitely not as good as it used to be when you had Supreme Verdict , Sphinx's Revelation , Detention Sphere and Elixir of Immortality .

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Color(s) Blue White
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 1.05
Avg. cube pick 5.79


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Return to Ravnica Mythic Rare


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