Sphinx's Revelation

Sphinx's Revelation


You gain X life and draw X cards.

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Sphinx's Revelation Discussion

TheGodofNight on Death's reach

2 hours ago

Ok, so I kicked around the idea, and this is the listed I came up with, mind you, this is a first draft, so I would be open to revisions and suggestions:

23 (Creatures):

3x Bloodsoaked Champion - While it can't blocked, it gets some early damage in, and if you lose it, for an additional mana beyond it's original casting cost, you can return it directly to the battlefield if you attacked this turn.

3x Brain Maggot - A chump blocker, but also a way to see your opponent's hand and remove serious threats. Gives you advantage, knowledge, and removal for two mana.

3x Pain Seer - While most would advise you to stir clear of this little gem, I have a passion for living dangerously, and since the CMC of this list is pretty low, this gives you a lot of card advantage early on, a chump blocker (if needed), and more devotion.

2x Spiteful Returned - One of the most bad ass enchantment creatures to come out of Theros. Not only does it trigger heroic, but when you attack, it does 2 damage that can't be prevented without spells. A worthwhile addition to a mono black deck.

3x Herald of Torment - Another great enchantment creature, 3 mana for a 3/3 flyer is pretty hard to top, but enchant something with it, and you've got a serious threat. Plus it adds 2 to your devotion pool. If you want to consider something else instead of this, consider Mogis's Marauder which is also 3 mana, but a devotion trigger which gives intimidate and haste to creatures based on black devotion. When play at the right time, Mogis's Marauder can seal your opponent's fate.

3x Master of the Feast - While a very good card for 3 mana, a 5/5 flyer is a serious board threat, but he is fodder for removal spells, usually post draw phase. This is also the other card to consider replacing with Mogis's Marauder for the same reason, and with far less down side.

2x King Macar, the Gold-Cursed - Removal and mana generation all in one. Aside from his cost, what's not to love? He can hold a field, or clear it for you, it all depends how you play him. And even if you take 4 to the face by revealing this with Pain Seer , he'll more than make up for it by removing opponent creatures.

2x Squelching Leeches - While another 4 mana costed creature, it really feeds into the Mono black aspect of the deck. Since almost all of your lands are swamps, by turn 4, this starts as a 4/4, and only gets bigger.

1x Gray Merchant of Asphodel - A mono black staple, while a one of isn't necessary ideal for this deck, you could certainly drop the other 5 drop and put in a second one for better rotation. More than 2 seems a little silly, as you don't want to flood your hand with these guys, you want to draw into it mid-late game for a nasty surprise. Use it to chump block, and then use Whip of Erebos on him, to slap your opponent for some more MBD damage and gain more life.

1x Indulgent Tormentor - As an alternative to Gray Merchant of Asphodel , you could run two of these guys if you feel you need more evasion or more demon power. Certainly not a bad card, but the 5/3 backside on this does make him easy prey for a lot of direct damage spells. This is one of those consider it, test it, and make a decision card. Although, my money would be on 2 Gray Merchant of Asphodel s instead.

14 (Spells):

2x Whip of Erebos - If you are playing mono black, then you should be playing this card. It gives you everything in your graveyard a second chance, and it gives you life gain too. A great addition for 4 mana.

4x Bile Blight - Simple, effect removal. And in constructed, this can usually hit multiple creatures if you play it right. Instant speed, and low cost, the key to getting the most out of a removal spell.

4x Hero's Downfall - The Corvette of removal currently. Deals with planeswalkers and creatures. Nothing is safe except for maybe Prot from black, and there isn't a whole lot of stuff with Protection from Black anymore.

1x Sanguimancy - This is the black equivalent of Sphinx's Revelation . Definitely worth having 1 or 2 of these in your deck for card advantage. I would consider dropping one Sign in Blood for a second one, but more than two, might be two too many for this deck.

3x Sign in Blood - Card draw. Effective card draw, with that classic black twist.

23 (Lands):

2x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx - Devotion mana ramp. Perfect fit for a mono black deck.

21x Swamp - Black mana for a black deck. Seems legit!

15 (Sideboard):

3x Dark Betrayal - Black hate for the mirror match. Punishes people for playing mono black.

3x Stain the Mind - A convoke version of Slaughter Games , pluck threats from your opponent's deck before they can even become threats.

3x Crippling Blight - Prevent your opponent from blocking your smaller creatures, getting the most from them. The one slot in the sideboard that is completely open for change if you don't agree.

3x Phyrexian Revoker - This is the Pithing Needle + of the core set. Locks out all activated abilities of chosen sources, included mana abilities. Shuts down ramp, planeswalkers, mill engines, draw engines, and a variety of other threats.

3x Despise - A great way to slow down aggro decks and superfriend decks. Sideboard worthy, mainboard approved.

liquidjaguar on CB

6 hours ago

Hi, first I want to say that all of these comments assume you're not limited by card pool. This is "best deck", not "best deck with my cards".

Your deck will be most effective if you play only 60 cards (plus 15 in the sideboard). The simple reason is that you want to draw your best spells more often. This is a very tough pill to swallow for many deckbuilders who just want to jam all the cool stuff they can into a deck. This deck is currently 85 cards + 15-card sideboard.

You should be playing more of your best spells and fewer of your least effective spells. For instance, Lightning Bolt is strictly better than both Lightning Strike (because it's cheaper for the same effect) and Shock (because it does more for the same cost), so playing fewer than 4 Bolts with any number of Shock or Strike is just bad.

Your most obviously ineffective spell is Counterbalance . Counterbalance isn't going to hit very often without ways to manipulate what the top card of your library is (like Sensei's Divining Top or Brainstorm ).

Glaring Spotlight doesn't really synergize with the rest of the deck. Why do you care about giving your creatures hexproof? I suppose you might care about taking hexproof away from your opponents' creatures, except the entire rest of your sideboard can deal with hexproof creatures too!

Based on the amount of play they've seen relative to one another, Young Pyromancer is a stronger card than Guttersnipe .

Returning to what I said earlier about how you should be focusing on your best spells--here's a guide for how many to include of a particular spell (assuming a 60-card deck):

4-of: the bread and butter of your deck. You want one of these in your opening hand and you're happy if you draw more of them. You'll see multiples in many/most games (depending on how long your games go). Green decks in standard right now, for instance, usually run 4 Sylvan Caryatid . It's the deck's best turn-2 play and they want all the mana in the first few turns that they can get.

3-of: Reasons to play something as a 3-of might include: it's an important card in your deck, but it's a legendary permanent that you don't really want to draw in multiples too often (Polukranos, World Eater ; Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver ); maybe it's higher on the mana curve and you don't want to draw it early too often; maybe it's a situational card (Bile Blight ) that's pretty good in most situations but not something you want in multiples every game; maybe you just don't have room in your deck to play it as a 4-of.

2-of: High-mana-cost win conditions; cards that are significantly worse in multiples (Thassa's Ire ) but you want to draw in more games than a 1-of; situational cards.

1-of: you can include 1 copy of a card for several reasons. You could be a control deck that only wants to play one copy of your win condition (for instance, a 1-of AEtherling in a UW control deck featuring Sphinx's Revelation ). The card could be significantly worse in multiples (Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Keranos, God of Storms are legendary permanents that are difficult to remove) and/or not crucial to your gameplan. Maybe it's a card that you're just testing out, and you don't want to disrupt your deck's main gameplan too much. Maybe it's a situational card (like Reclamation Sage ) that you can search for with a card like Chord of Calling or Liliana Vess . Or maybe it's a "fifth copy" of a card (i.e. playing 4 Lightning Strike and 1 Searing Spear , or less literally 4 Lightning Bolt and a Lightning Strike ). Or it could just be an expensive card that you don't want to wreck your mana curve.

seizan8 on Rise of the Door to Nothingness

7 hours ago

ich wurs deck uf Blau Gruen Wiis umbaue:
- 3 Vent Sentinel
- 1 Bonfire of the Damned
- 3 Clan Defiance
- 2 Red Sun's Zenith
- 1 Chromanticore
- 1 Bringer of the Black Dawn - find die 2 life kritisch. er kostet viel, isch defur 'nur' 5/5 und er zieht der life ab, dasch kritisch find i. wur eher uf normale card draw gah.
- 1 Bringer of the Green Dawn - 3/3 token sind sweet aber es git der ned viel ziit und druck mache tuts au ned.
- 1 Bringer of the Red Dawn - er klaut er krea vom gegner. dasch bi aggro gued, was mr ned spieled. sust wur er hochstens es biz sin mache wenn mer d kreatur chented opfere und si ned eifach zrug geh misstet
- 1 Bringer of the Blue Dawn - de carddraw isch mega geil, aber er isch uh tuur und afallig. wur eher staffs spiele.

- 1 Nissa, Worldwaker - si wird in aggressive decks gspielt wegm erste effekt. 4 lands untappe isch ned so speziel. dini manamacher sind viel starker. mached gued 3-6 mana und kostet weniger
- 4 Hornet Nest / - 2 Hornet Queen - Ja mir bruched defence, aber abr s nest isch z unsicher und au d hornet queen find i ned gued. si isch stark. aber s langed ned, mi wennd liebr uf spells gah, wo eus meh sicherheit garantieren. bispiel: het de gegner 5 aggro fiecher dusse und spielt n overrun simr glich am arsch. odr wenn er de kreas -1/-1 git odr s nest killt.
- 3 Ranger's Path - mi spieled doch ned mana fiecher wo X mana mached zum naher 2 lands fur 4 hole? lands spielemer eifach abr useholee mind mers ned

- 23 = 48 Cards

- 1 Chromatic Lantern
+ 3 Genesis Wave
-1 Staff of nin
+ 3 Sphinx's Revelation - zieht dir das wod bruchsch und git life
+ 4 Cyclonic Rift - euse schutz
+ 2 Colossus of Akros
+ 2 Orochi Leafcaller - chent mer au mit Gemstone Array ersetze, wer sicherer.

wur evtl n snapcaster mage spiele, nur zum cyclonic rift flashbacke. odr Scryb Ranger wer e idee zumd defender untappe
abr so wi ichs ez gschriebe han isch eigch eifach. eifach mana mache, massig, und denn wetsch eigch genesis wave. oder Revelation zums zeug zieh.

Caligula on

1 day ago

rcrimmins but it doesn't do what this deck needs.

MoH is great if your casting lots of creatures to buff, but this is more of a control deck.

Ajani Steadfast is the better choice for the deck because his +1 can negate alot of the life loss from the painlands, Thoughtseize , Abzan Charm draw and Erebos, God of the Dead draws. (Since Sphinx's Revelation was removed from Esper control, I went with the charm and Erebos for card draw with an Abzan shell for the walkers.)

His -2 helps other walkers build up loyalty, which is one of the main reasons he's in here. Anything that can speed up my walkers ults is awesome, and the fact that (as a walker) he can do it himself it's just nuts.

His -7 won't win you the game, But it will make it really hard for you not to with all the other walkers in here.

PLUS Liliana Vess is in here for the hand disruption as well as a tutor with her -2.

abenz419 on Rattleclaw and Caryatid Coexist?

1 day ago

Everyone is acting like because the new board wipe is 5 mana that control will do nothing but suffer. All the control decks I've seen people testing are Sultai and Jeskai, because everyone thinks control has to have counterspells and those are the two clans that give you access to counters and removal/burn. Your not going to kill the control player by dropping down your 2/1 mana dork on turn 2 and attacking with it, they will use a removal spell on it without thinking twice. The best way to slow down a deck that wants to ramp into big things is get rid of their ramp, so killing it is a no brainer. Then your big guys that you wanted to ramp into aren't hitting the board until they have enough mana to cast their boardwipe or if you haven't flooded the board with small creatures turns 3-5, then they'll just use another spot removal on it. The entire format will be slower than during the ISD/RTR standard. A 5 mana board wipe in a slower format is equivalent to a 4 mana boardwipe in a faster format. You don't suddenly beat control just because they're replacing Supreme Verdict with End Hostilities . If anything, control's biggest problem is not controlling the board state early on, it's keeping their hand stocked with relevant spells. Unlike before they don't have Sphinx's Revelation to draw tons of cards. They're forced to using things like Jace's Ingenuity , Divination , Sign in Blood , and Read the Bones . When your drawing only 2 or 3 cards it's easy for control players to exhaust their hand especially if one of those 2 cards they drew was a land. This puts them into top deck mode (a control players worst nightmare). So again, just because it can attack doesn't make it better, as I pointed out before Elvish Mystic can also attack but I've never seen anyone get excited to top deck one of those late game against control. In fact, it's probably worse than the caryatid against control for the lone fact that they can deal with it early on and slow your ramp and your deck's strategy/gameplan.

Also I'd like to point out that the only way to get the benefit of having a possible 6 mana available on turn 3 is if your running Elvish Mystic as well so you can cast it face down on turn 2. If your running Elvish Mystic , Rattleclaw Mystic , and Sylvan Caryatid in the same deck then that's a tremendous amount of overkill on the mana dorks and there's going to be tons of games where your hand is flooded with nothing but lands and mana dorks. If your not running Elvish Mystic then the best you can do by playing it face down is 7 mana on turn 4 (assuming you had a caryatid to play on turn 2) which isn't good against the control decks because even if your on the play they'll have 3 mana available. That means whatever you do is getting countered or killed.

Goody on Rattleclaw and Caryatid Coexist?

1 day ago

It depends on the metagame. A heavy control deck like say, the old Esper control in ISD/RTR, relied very heavily on removing creatures, wraths, and Sphinx's Revelation to survive and gain control of the game until they could basically mill the opponent out.

While I don't foresee any decks quite like it in this metagame, End Hostilities is a card that will definitely see Standard play in control decks, alongside finishers like Pearl Lake Ancient , Meandering Towershell , the various khans, etc.

It's not hard to imagine one of these decks facing off against a midrange deck, like some type of Temur monsters, that will still require ramping into their biggest threats. The midrange deck will put as much pressure as possible without committing their whole hand to the board if they suspect a boardwipe; the control deck may be at relatively low life when they finally boardwipe. Post wrath, drawing/playing a mana dork that can attack is infinitely better than a hexproof defender. The control deck will likely have to waste a kill spell on the dork, or they'll kill your actual threat and the dork will live and keep attacking.

It happens more often than you might think.

Blackprince on Saying good-bye to sphinxes revelation

2 days ago

oh how i will miss you Sphinx's Revelation you were an always be the card i care for most! You made everything about control worth playing an pissed off so many! I remember when I could Sphinx then snapcaster mage an sphinxs again. Control will miss you but i can't forget your partner in crime Supreme Verdict

Rip to both of you an control for a while. why magic why must you hate a archetype an people that love it

IAmABoss on Showdown #25: Lightning Crashes

3 days ago

I'm really sad to see RTR rotate. tears I kind of have a personal connection to it as well. The best things RTR brought to standard, that we are all going to miss, are Shocklands, Sphinx's Revelation , Supreme Verdict , Detention Sphere , Voice of Resurgence , Boros Reckoner , Blood Baron of Vizkopa , Obzedat, Ghost Council , and Rakdos's Return (did I forget anything?). I will never forget the good times I've had playing these cards, and will always look back at the standard we've had with RTR as a good one.

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Avg. draft pick 1.05
Avg. cube pick 5.8


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Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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