Sphinx's Revelation


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Mythic Rare
Return to Ravnica Mythic Rare

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Sphinx's Revelation


You gain X life and draw X cards.

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Sphinx's Revelation Discussion

AtomicEmpire on Grim Reality (Developing Competitive)

2 days ago

I'm not playing more Revs. Secure is not only a finisher, it is also a stabilization tool. Sphinx's Revelation is a good card, but I'm not playing more than 2.

btreuther on Modern Blue White Control

1 week ago

Nice list. I'm a fan of running Ancestral Vision alongside Sphinx's Revelation, so you get +1 vote. Although, I'd run the full 4 Ancestral Vision to increase the chances you have it turn 1. To fit it in, I'd consider -1 Snapcaster Mage and -1 Condemn.

What do you need Torrential Gearhulk in the board for? Also, you have room for more SB cards.

sylvannos on Am I onto something here? ...

1 week ago

If you get rid of Myth Realized and Isochron Scepter, replacing them with something more reliable, you actually have the start of a strong deck on your hands. You'll have to move a few things around (like Dispel/Spell Pierce/Negate/Remand instead of Dissipate), but plain U/W puts up solid results.

The archetype benefits from having a simpler mana base. This allows you to play things like Ghost Quarter and not run into any problems.

I'd suggest moving away from Myth Realized and Isochron Scepter in favor of either a low-mana tempo strategy or a slower, control strategy with a big finisher.

For the more tempo-based deck, Thing in the Ice  Flip is a good choice. I'd also include some number of Geist of Saint Traft, however many you can afford within your budget.

For the larger, control strategy, Dragonlord Ojutai and Sphinx's Revelation will just fuck people's shit right up shit creek. If you can afford to get any of the higher mana cost planeswalkers that are good in Modern, those can work too. Elspeth, Sun's Champion and Jace, Architect of Thought stand out the most.

Wall of Omens and Restoration Angel can also put a lot of work in, especially together. Restoration Angel by herself will make any hexproof creature you control really hard to kill.

Other budget options I'd suggest (in addition to the above) are:

xyr0s on Grim Reality (Developing Competitive)

2 weeks ago

You could replace one Sphinx's Revelation with Torrential Gearhulk. Played against a blue moon deck recently that had this, and it was a bomb - flash in for a suprise block, followed by free Cryptic Command. And it's not like it goes away or anything. It stays around as a very decently-sized threat.

rothgar13 on Is pull from tomorrow good??

2 weeks ago

It might be good. It probably won't see play in the popular control decks of the moment ( has Sphinx's Revelation, and Grixis doesn't run enough lands), but it might revive an archetype that has fallen by the wayside, such as the Temur Scapeshift decks GlistenerAgent was talking about. And I concur with him - it's way better than Mind Spring (instant vs. sorcery is massive) and Blue Sun's Zenith (more relaxed color requirements and better bang for the buck).

Patrique on Something Clever

3 weeks ago

probs want to go with Supreme Verdict want some redundancy with board wipes, Sphinx's Revelation is a auto include in UW lists it ends games tbh, cant go wrong with Oblivion Ring, also look into to Palace Jailer Monarch is a really powerful effect and it def gives you a good amount of card advantage. Good to have that catch all spot removal.

Combos to try out:

Tallowisp in play cast commander, grab Arcanum Wings enchant a creature you control, blink commander (or cast another spirit), nab Eldrazi Conscription, aura swap it in swing for game!

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