Sphinx's Revelation


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica Mythic Rare

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Sphinx's Revelation


You gain X life and draw X cards.

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Sphinx's Revelation Discussion

Kinkybobo on Atraxa's Attraction

2 days ago

First off i like what you've got going on, it's incredibly similar to my commander deck Vicious Evolution which you should look at for ideas. However I see some of the same weaknesses in this deck that mine used to have and quite a few others.

The biggest one I think you need to address is your mana base. It's slow, it hurts you, and it's incredibly easy for opponents to exploit. Lands that shock you each time you tap them like Underground River are great for early game plays, but the fact that they ping you for one life every single time you need colored mana from them is a large drawback, especially here in your deck because you have next to nothing to offset life loss outside Sphinx's Revelation and Primeval Bounty which are very later turn options. A few cards do offset this like urborg and chromatic lantern, but those are obvious targets for removal and you cant really rely on getting them early enough, or even at all. Your Planeswalkers large abilities could potentially offset the issue as well but again, they aren't reliable at all and are obvious targets for removal. Further expounding your life gain issue are cards like Tezzeret's Gambit whose alternate cost cant really be taken advantage of, and Phyrexian Arena which hurts you every single turn its on the field. This leads to turns where you could potentially lose 3-5 life just from playing a key creature. Against an opponent whose deck is geared towards life loss/gain you will lose every time. I'd suggest simple shock lands like Overgrown Tomb which have a one time cost that you can choose whether or not to even incur. Your other lands that enter with counters on them like Gemstone Mine and Dreadship Reef are just a bad idea in my opinion that rely waaaay too heavily on your commander and late game cards like Inexorable Tide. I do see what you're doing with double mana lands like Simic Growth Chamber which allow you to bounce those back and replay them, effectively giving you more uses with them if you haven't managed to proliferate counters onto them, but that slows you down so much, half of your artifacts have the same problem, Gemstone Array, Astral Cornucopia, and Pentad Prism... and you have a few mana converter lands in there as well, you're spending ridiculous amounts of time and mana, just to get more mana and theres no reason for it. In this case, simpler is better. Your land base is overly complicated and its entirely unnecessary. I could understand if you had a Door to Nothingness or Progenitus but there's nothing like that here. Get some more basic lands and focus your time on creatures and spells. You shouldn't have to think and worry about your mana.

Bronxornly on Turbo Fog

1 week ago

Actually the Resolute Archangel is more of a way to regain life since Sphinx's Revelation is just way out of my budget. And with all the Artifact hate in modern, I was hoping to avoid too many artifacts unless they are indestructible; but I suppose that's what the counter spells are for. I had Jace Beleren in here but again budget. I suppose Sphinx's Tutelage wld work for now.

Thx for the help!

Any ideas on what I should do for lands?

Zargast on Jace's Mind Games

1 week ago

I would cut Sphinx's Revelation entirely in favor of a cheaper draw spell, your deck doesnt ramp enough to make it worth it, there are cheaper draw spells if you want, or I would even consider more planeswalkers, this deck doesn't seem to have enough for not having creatures.

Shyuuga on Shy's Esper Control

2 weeks ago


With 60 cards and having 26 lands there is a 90.1% chance of having 3 or more lands by the 3rd turn of the game. Going up to 27 lands is only a 2% increase for 3 or more lands.

With 26 lands there is an 87% chance by the 5th turn to have 4 or more lands and then by the 6th turn that goes to a 92% chance of having 4 or more lands. This would be around the time you Glimmer of Genius, if not you will have drawn enough removal to keep the game going.

I think the deck only needs 3 lands at the beginning of the game to work and a 90% chance of getting those lands is more than enough. Math is my reason for running 26 lands.

Previous control decks ran 27 lands or more because either:

A. They had fetch lands to thin the deck

B. They had draw x spells such as Sphinx's Revelation

tchau204 on

2 weeks ago

Response to Grave Titan:

  • I totally agree with you, I enjoy playing somewhat drawn-out games with many interactions; but "control" has taken more of the form of midrange in Modern. It's okay to play draw-go, but you just have to make sure that you can play as many spells per turn as possible in order to keep up with your opponent. Anyway, I would probably go with Grave Titan as well.

Response to the number of lands:

  • Just keep in mind that your deck will function much better if you don't miss a single land drop turn 1 through 6 (or further if you want to be able to play your win-con while having at least one form of protection up). This is even more important since you're playing Think Twice and Mulldrifter. You can't afford to be caught tapped out on their turn. It would probably be better if you maxed out Faerie Conclave though (the same way that people max out on Creeping Tar Pit or Celestial Colonnade for example).

Response to Serum Visions:

  • Its purpose is definitely not to provide card advantage. It's simply there to smooth out your draws, which is incredibly important in this format where a single stumble can cause you to lose the next turn. I still suggest a playset if you can acquire them, but I would play them alongside 3x Think Twice for sure.

Response to Tombstalker:

  • My point was simply that you should be careful with such a mindset. In decks that can play Fetchlands, Tasigur, the Golden Fang can be cast on Turn 2 with a single Fetchland + Thought Scour, while Gurmag Angler can be played on Turn 3 under the same conditions, while only requiring a single black (relevant in decks with more than two colors). Anyway, this is not really relevant to your deck design, so I apologize.

Response to win-cons:

  • You have most of what I would recommend if you want to stick to control. You could play one more Tombstalker, or you could experiment with cards like Thing in the Ice  Flip (kind of above the budget?) or Curious Homunculus  Flip (honestly, this card is fucking sweet).

Response to Zeniths:

  • People are probably comparing Blue Sun's Zenith with Sphinx's Revelation, which is definitely not close given how relevant life gain is. However, it's really not that bad in the late game, and playing a single copy may help a lot. With regard to Black Sun's Zenith however, I really still believe you should reconsider. Given that Modern is a Turn 4 format, you better hope to God (no pun intended, but Wrath of God) that you can wipe the entire board by Turn 4. Black Sun's Zenith can only provide -1/-1 on Turn 3 or -2/-2 on Turn 4, which is terribly insufficient/inefficient for Modern (see Kird Ape, Wild Nacatl, Monastery Swiftspear, Tarmogoyf, etc). I would much rather play Languish. The only arguments you can make for BSZ are that: (1) you can combine it with some other -X/-X ability or combat damage to finish something off, which will cost too much mana and will unlikely happen often, and (2) that it shuffles back in your deck for a potential second use, but really, a 1 in 45 chance, let's say of redrawing it is just too improbable to justify using it.

Response to card advantage:

  • Fair enough.


Infinimage007 on Nahiri

2 weeks ago

Just a heads up, Dig Through Time and Ponder are illegal in modern. I would also increase the copies of Nahiri, the Harbinger to 4. I would cut the Sphinx's Revelations and Young Pyromancers and add a Goblin Dark-Dwellers. Serum Visions and Cryptic Command would be useful. Spell Snare is very important in Modern. I would go up to 4 copies of Path to Exile. I would add Anger of the Gods. You also need more lands, maybe go up to 24. Ghost Quarter is helpful.

You also want a sideboard. Stony Silence, Rest in Peace, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Ajani Vengeant, Dispel, Lightning Helix, Wear / Tear, etc. are staples in Jeskai Control.

iamnickhansen on Jeskai Prodigy

2 weeks ago

Overall jace can help smooth out draws, think of him like a Desolate Lighthouse. Chandra, Torch of Defiance, has been really great in matchups where Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip comes out. She still provides card advantage, can pump a Secure the Wastes or Sphinx's Revelation, provide board control, and her emblem will take over the game if you get there. I will concede that she is a bit of a pet at right now, but I haven't been disappointed.

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