Sphinx's Revelation

Sphinx's Revelation


You gain X life and draw X cards.

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Sphinx's Revelation Discussion

GlistenerAgent on Jace Architect in modern?

7 hours ago

Restoration Angel, Vendilion Clique and the second Sphinx's Revelation are all reasonable choices.

kmcree on Jace Architect in modern?

8 hours ago

Alright, so I play UWR control, and I'm planning on going to a GP next week. I'm still looking for something to replace my 2 Dig Through Time now that they've been banned. I've thought about Telling Time, Think Twice, Serum Visions, etc. but none of them really catch my eye. Could Jace, Architect of Thought be playable, maybe even as just a 1-of? I just feel like I need more card draw, and throwing in more Sphinx's Revelations doesn't help me until the later game. Any thoughts?

The deck in question:

Such burn. Much control. Playtest

Modern kmcree


awesomeguy37 on Jeskai Midrange

14 hours ago

I would play Sphinx's Revelation mainboarded.

Killkow on In The Trees Of Axebane

21 hours ago

I like the theme a lot, but I worry you just die to very much interaction. With access to blue, and being only in two colors, I think you could easily afford to lose a bunch of your creatures, a win-con or two, and Kodama's Reach to make room for card draw and counterspells, in addition to other answers. You're well positioned against most creature-based themes, but otherwise very vulnerable.

Another thing to point out is that your maybeboard Wall of Blossoms isn't modern-legal (unfortunately). Being in white and hiving Wall of Omens is basically equivalent. As you mentioned, Sphinx's Revelation solves a lot of your problems too. Cyclonic Rift is also a very viable option if you can make room for it.

+1 though, love these kinds of decks!

Mr.RakdosPriest on An Annoying Esper-ience

1 day ago

Tiggawoo, from what I've seen with testing so far, you're absolutely right with the draw spells. All I really have right now is Sphinx's Revelation, and that takes a while to get going. I just have to figure out where to fit them in.

neosapien on I Mean No Offense

1 day ago

Looking at your deck really pushes me to add white to my deck of Wall of Omens, Wall of Denial Sphinx's Revelation. +1 good sir

Here is my Eldrazi defender deck, you might find a few guys that will peak your interest here. I just added the blue and have yet to test it out against anything. In The Trees Of Axebane

NoPantsParade on Jeskai banning help!

1 day ago

I ended up replacing the two DTTSs in my Cruel Control deck with two Sphinx's Revelations by splashing white, and I haven't been disappointed in testing thus far.

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