Sphinx's Revelation

Sphinx's Revelation


You gain X life and draw X cards.

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Sphinx's Revelation Discussion

Rayenous on Dig Through Time: Hold or ...

5 minutes ago

According to mtggoldfish.com it is already seeing play in 6 Modern decks and 2 Legacy decks that have made decent standings in one event or another.

Sure, they may just be 'testing' the card at this point, but I have also heard pro's state that this is a better card than Sphinx's Revelation .

Personally, I will be holding onto at least a play-set.

Elitebetrayal on exile your creatures, your deck, and your FACE

3 hours ago

No problem. As for what to add, I'm not to versed in commander, however, I would say Sphinx's Revelation could be good.

smackjack on Control U/W by Taz

5 hours ago

I like Sphinx's Revelation more as a one of. One of them could be Elspeth.

I think Gifts Ungiven is better in a reanimate deck. You can "fail" to find 4 cards with Gifts Ungiven and show only 2. You show Griselbrand and Unburial Rites and both goes to the grave. Then you can flashback Unburial Rites to reanimate Griselbrand . However, this is not your strategy and it kind of requires black.

Terminus might be an alternative to AEtherspouts ? Serum Visions helps you setup for miracle casting and your opponent don't get the option to put a creature on top?

tazfaunoz on Control U/W by Taz

5 hours ago

Thank you very much. And what do you think of Gifts Ungiven i would to put inside! And Sphinx's Revelation x2 it s ok or they are too much? If it is yes i can put out 1x of sphinx for elspeth no?

bigguy99 on Bant...Infinite mill? IN MODERN?

13 hours ago

Like the idea but it seems like you would have to draw all the pieces until you can go off. Instead of Mana Tithe you'd be better off with Serum Visions . I'd get rid of both 1 mana counters for 3 Mana Leak and some more draw like Sphinx's Revelation . Don't think Noble Hierarch is even necessary in this deck considering the fact that your highest CMC is 3, Manlands could be good in here as an alternate win con. Should also have some basics probably. +1, seems fun.

miampizza on No

17 hours ago

Well since you helped me a bit with a deck, lemme give you tips in return :3For a deck like this you should consider cards like Azorius Charm since it's so versatile. Sphinx's Revelation is just a marvelous lifesaver and gives so many opportunities and I would recommend it in any U/W decks. I also don't get why you keep Cancel , as it is considered the worst 'counter' spell by alot. There are some 'counters' like Syncopate that does lot better in my opinion. Also, removing the 3 Azorius Guildgate and adding 3 Glacial Fortress could be a good idea, since it's just better. Render Silent could also fit with your theme. Geist of Saint Traft is a low cost card (your deck need some as it seems to be weak against speedy decks) that puts alot of pressure quickly and that has something to do with angels.

I really like the Guardian of the Gateless and Polymorphist's Jest combo.

bob111634 on Grixis Control (khans)

18 hours ago

Great deck, +1 from me, Nicol Bolas has always been my favorite card, and Grixis is my favorite color combination! Though I do have some suggestions I would make.

First is the mana base; I really don't like Mana Confluence in control decks. The entire point of a control deck is o outlast your opponent and get to a point where you have more cards, and better cards than your opponent. Mana Confluence works against this because it slowly puts you into a position over the course of the game where you have to have an answer for everything your opponent does because otherwise that Courser of Kruphix or Sorin, Solemn Visitor Vampire token is going to kill you. As far as the lands go I would also maybe add more temples, at least adding a fourth Temple of Deceit , and possibly one or two Temple of Malice . Another thing is the Fetchlands. You have 8 Fetchlands and 7 Basics. I would maintain the 7 basics, but Maybe cut two Bloodstained Mire and 1 Polluted Delta for a couple of temples and a basic.

This deck is very tailor made to deal with the big creature decks like abzan midrange and monogreen devotion. The problem with that is that it leaves you open to aggro decks, because of the slow mana associated with tri-color decks, and more hardcore and reliable blue/black control decks. The way to deal with the aggressive decks in the format is Anger of the Gods . Fortunately, there is very little aggro around due to the high number of Courser of Kruphix and Sylvan Caryatid decks, so I think two maindeck Anger is fine, though I would side board one or two more.

Your other difficult matchup are the more focused control decks with more reliable manabases. Your main advantage here is your planeswalkers. I would go up to a third Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver because of it's versatility. Against midrange decks it enters on turn 3 with 5 loyalty, and it's minus ability is very relevant. Against control, it is a slow mill engine, but they can't let it live to ultimate because of how devastating the minus ten is. Jace, the Living Guildpact is also good as consistent card selection, but for four mana you don't actually draw cards and turn four is when most of the major threats like Siege Rhino and Polukranos, World Eater come out, making Jace much harder to keep alive then Ashiok. I would stick with two because it is good against control. Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker seems like and odd choice to me. It is not the most reliable threat because they can respond to the +1 with Hero's Downfall , and Abzan Charm hits it even with indestructible. I prefer Prognostic Sphinx and Keranos, God of Storms as threats that provide inevitability and are hard to remove no matter what your opponent is playing. Liliana Vess is a one of that I like because at worst you eat a counterspell or tutor for a card and then it dies. Something else I think your deck needs to compete with control is more cheap card advantage. Dig Through Time is amazing, and in my opinion is the new "Sphinx's Revelation " of the format, but you'll need other ways to draw cards. I would recommend either Divination or Read the Bones , Bones is obviously stronger, but if you find the 2 life too hard to deal with against aggro decks then try Divination.

The main thing a grixis deck wants to do is kill things. Grixis combines the most powerful removal spells in some of the most reactive colors. Hero's Downfall is obviously amazing and probably the best removal in the format, and an easy 4 of. Dissolve is another key card. When I first saw your deck, the first things that popped out at me were the Nullify and the Lightning Strike . I really like the Nullify here, because it gives you an early answer to Courser of Kruphix and any threat the opponent has ramped into on turn three. I would keep three because it is obviously weak against the control decks. At first I thought Lightning Strike was an odd choice, and I was going to suggest Magma Jet as a cheap answer to small creatures at large that would also provide card advantage; but then I thought of one really good reason to play Strike over Jet; Mantis Rider . This card proved itself immensely powerful at the pro tour and is a key piece of a tier one deck. Lightning Strike provides an easy, cheap answer to Mantis Rider. Another key spell I would reccomend is Thoughtseize , which is still better than despise in this format because of Dig Through Time . I like Aethersprouts more than Perilous Vault in your deck because it lets you keep your planeswalkers. I also strongly recommend a couple of Murderous Cut s.

Lastly, I would cut Mogis, God of Slaughter because 2 damage a turn is mediocre, especially since when it matters they can sac, and because it is weak against Elspeth, Sun's Champion , and because you can't really make him a creature. And Ajani's Presence seems like the worst sideboard card ever.

I hope you managed to get all the way through this comment, and with that I conclude my novel.

AL_EXcalibur14 on My Friends Hate Me

20 hours ago

This deck looks like so much fun and i think i can make it better: Elite Arcanist would give good recursion all of you instants plus you can switch between them with venser's +1. Stubborn Denial would be a possible couterspell you could include.
Possibly Cyclonic Rift for mass removal or spot removal. Jace's Erasure with a nice Sphinx's Revelation would be devastating.Crawlspace :).Aegis of the Gods so they cant touch you :) . you probably dont have room for this but Bident of Thassa then an AEtherspouts is always fun.

sidenote: 4x Elite Arcanist + Silence = mass rage quit

nice deck +1

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