Sphinx's Revelation

Sphinx's Revelation


You gain X life and draw X cards.

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Sphinx's Revelation Discussion

Tingettley on Phantom Brave

8 hours ago

So love the tribal idea behind it! However I do think it does need a little tinkering. Not sure if you are going to try and play any Modern Tournaments with it or not, but even for casual games, it needs a couple things.

First off it needs some hand disruption. The obvious choice is Thoughtseize , and while its in standard rotation, its not going to get any lower. Another very good choice, for even just sideboard reasons is Wrench Mind , however if you get the long game Ghost-Lit Stalker is an uncounterable hand disruption that should be very good. And even if nothing else, when you get the mana, he is a very useful discard agent every turn!

For some removal, Path to Exile is THE best removal that you can ask for. However, it is also not cheap. A suitable replacement is Oblivion Ring , even if it is a little slower. Some more great removal is Go for the Throat , however again that one is not cheap. Very good and suitable replacements for it is Victim of Night and the obvious Doom Blade .

Now a little bit of counter magic would be a good idea as well. Remand , Mana Leak , Spell Snare , and Cryptic Command are top tier counters. The only one that isn't to costly is Mana Leak . A cheap version of Remand is Delay , and a semi cheap version of spell snare is Mana Tithe or Negate . Any of which will do just fine.

As for your creature base, you want Drogskol Captain to be your main guy. I love it! You have combined him and Geist of Saint Traft in beautiful fasion. The creatures I think that have absolute potential in the deck besides those are 2-3 of the Mindshreiker and 2 of the Nibilus of the Urn. That right there opens up 12 slots, as running 4 ofs is not always the best idea. I think a possible 1 of Drogskol Reaver would be good, as a good source of card draw and life gain. Kira, Great Glass-Spinner is a very good form of protection, as you are not targeting any of your own guys. I think at most a 2 of her should suffice. Spirit of the Labyrinth is a very good 2 drop, that if you match her with a turn 3 Captain, shes a 4/2 hexproof. She also limits the amount of drawing each player can do, but that can be very big against things like Sphinx's Revelation . I think again maybe a 2 of on her should be good. Now as an alternative win condition, if not just a small stabilizer, a 1-2 of Thief of Hope may be something to consider. For a continual amount of spirits, 2-3 Twilight Drover may not be bad, as when your tokens die, you can make more. Then for an on the ground defense there are the Souls of the Faultless , my personal favorite card from the original Ravnica Block. He gets hit, you gain life, your opponent loses life. Its a win-win... for you. Then there is Ghost Council of Orzhova . It is the old one, but if you found a way to combo him, you can get away with so many things its not even funny! Otherwise there is the recently rotated out of standard Obzedat, Ghost Council who just loves seeing play. And lastly at the highest curve, Kyoki, Sanity's Eclipse is just amazing for spirit tribal.

Some non spirit, but works well WITH spirit cards are Teysa, Orzhov Scion , who works great with any amount of white spirit token generation you have as removal and Devouring Greed as a possible finisher.

There is also Spectral Procession as great token generator for 2/w 2/w 2/w.

I do like the idea behind the Favorable Winds , but not a 4 of. Spirit Bonds is something to really consider, especially if you keep open white mana when you cast a creature. Now you can't really activate its second ability, but getting 2 spirits when you cast a spirit is very nice.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. Just remember. Unless its an absolute win condition, you don't want to run 4 ofs for any creatures. Keep your options open for threats. You want to have around 4-5 hand disruption spells, 4-5 removal spells, and at least 4 counter spells. From that base you work on your combo and see where it goes from there. Hope I helped somehow! +1 from me (And I promise to not click all of the suggestions check boxes, just some that I think are really really good, that are a decent budget.

CrovaxTheCursed on Oh My! The Colossi!!

21 hours ago

Yeah, if you guys check out my latest update, you'll see how Spouts was the MVP. I still have yet to see it against me, but I'm betting a lot more people will be running it when control decks find their comfort zone again. I'm still keeping 3 Stubborn Denial in my sideboard for when that day comes, although the only card I brought in all night was AEtherspouts (took out 2 Interpret and 1 Broodmaster due to their slow nature against aggro). Control players have nothing to bitch about when they've printed AEtherspouts , End Hostilities , and Utter End . Plus they still have Drown in Sorrow , Bile Blight , and Hero's Downfall . Not to mention Silence the Believers (a severely underrated card), and the plethora of Planeswalkers. But still I hear Boo Hoo I lost AEtherling , Supreme Verdict , and Sphinx's Revelation . Sop up those tears and move on people, aggro lost Ash Zealot , Madcap Skills , Boros Charm , Precinct Captain , and Legion Loyalist (just to name a few) and they're not complaining. This deck didn't take a hit at all lol.

Enyeto on Cards you should hold onto (ravnica block)

22 hours ago

Angel of Serenity and Sphinx's Revelation will go up. Especially AoS. Remember when Craterhoof Behemoth tanked below $2 after rotating out and then skyrocketed? All your angel's with powerhouse ETB's will retain value.

APPLE01DOJ on Should I drop Wall of ...

1 day ago

Currently building this...


Modern* APPLE01DOJ


I have everything except Vendilion Clique (subbing Gitaxian Probe for now) and some of the mana base. I have 4x Faerie Conclave filling in for Flooded Strand and I don't have the filter land yet either. The decks almost complete but I really feel like I should include 1x Elixir of Immortality and a copy or a few more of Sphinx's Revelation . Perhaps also 2x Spell Snare . The problem is I don't really have space. I think Wall of Omens is the only thing on the chopping block. Have a look at the deck and let me know what u think. I don't own all the SB yet either so thats not written in stone.

Nixin72 on Anything that you can do, I can do it better

2 days ago

Off of Quicken I can cast Supreme Verdict as an instant though. Would it be better to take out one Quicken and one Spell Pierce for 2 Sphinx's Revelation ?

Centaureayl on A Sliver of a Different Color

2 days ago

Modern format means Lightning Bolt not Shock , and I don't think creature decks need it. Control uses Sphinx's Revelation . Slivers don't, even though I understand why you want to. I love playing Slivers, but I recently came to the conclusion after deck upon deck of Slivers that EDH is the format for them to shine.

TheHroth on Anything that you can do, I can do it better

2 days ago

Too much mana. Needs Cryptic Command /Wrath of God /Flooded Strand /Snapcaster Mage .

Quicken is no good in modern. Sphinx's Revelation would be good instead. 1-2 of. Little known fact about modern: resolving a Sphinx Rev for 4 makes opponents scoop. Its a secret win-con.

Mana Leak and Spell Pierce is too much. Good early game, but really bad late game.

GlistenerAgent on Looking for some Esper help ...

2 days ago

Esper isn't really that great of a control shell. Grixis and UWR are better, with UWR being the premier deck. That said, you get access to Path to Exile and black removal, in addition to whatever blue can give you. The premier blue spells to be playing are Cryptic Command , Mana Leak , Remand , Spell Snare , Snapcaster Mage , Vendilion Clique and Mystical Teachings if you like it. Supreme Verdict , Wrath of God and Sphinx's Revelation are also played in small numbers in control decks. Your removal suite should mainly comprise Dismember , Slaughter Pact , Path to Exile , and other cheap spells that you may know of.

I recommend you try Esper Charm , as it is very versatile and more castable in Modern with the allied fetchlands. Celestial Colonnade and Creeping Tar Pit are the finishers of choice, while Batterskull is also a solid option.

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Modern Legal

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