Sphinx's Revelation

Sphinx's Revelation


You gain X life and draw X cards.
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Sphinx's Revelation Discussion

addaff on Bloom Titan, Amulet Bloom, etc. You know it...

1 hour ago

Sphinx's Revelation is too big of a strain on your mana base. Trust me will be near impossible for you to get. I played around with Glittering Wish main board for awhile and double / plus one of those colors is hard to get to. Especially since you don't have any Azorius Chancerys.

I was all WTF, why does he have an Inkmoth Nexus in there? I get what your looking to do, but it may be too cute for it to work. You will most likely have to search/tutor for it via Ancient Stirrings or Primeval Titan. If you land a titan, you're searching up Tolaria West to transmute or other utility lands.

Your lacking a creature package. 3 creatures off the bench won't cut it. Creatures you can use Dragonlord Dromoka, Wurmcoil Engine, and an extra Thragtusk.

My package for Blood Moon is 2 Chromatic Lantern and 1 Seal of Primordium. I would suggest a Lantern or two as well. It really helps when they already resolved Blood Moon.

exeko on Simic Gifts Rites Tron

14 hours ago

I also used to run the Snapcaster Mage in my deck but I think you don't really need it.

I'd switch the Day's Undoing for a Sphinx's Revelation (supposing the day's~ is for drawing)

For your sideboard, Spellskite is your best friend. It is good against burn (duh), Infect (redirect the pump spells on it), affinity (you can redirect Cranial Plating on it) which are the 3 modern decks that'll cause you trouble due to their speed.

You also don't need that many Hallowed Moonlight since 1 counterspell well placed on a Splinter Twin will break the combo. Spellskite is, once again, of crazy utility against Twin decks since you can redirect the enchantment on it...

I personally run 2x Crucible of Worlds and 1x Timely Reinforcements on my sideboard.

tyforthevenom on America is Back

18 hours ago

yeah helix should be in your 75, visions is fine for control but it's probably not your "go to 100% must have" cantrip, unlike Anticipate Peek (knowing their hand helps you play better) Sleight of Hand Sphinx's Revelation

-Logician on 5 colour Progenitus deck

2 days ago

I'd like to revise what Nayrash said and say that indestructible should be very easy for you to deal with. Your removal package should be flushed with only the most ruthless removal.

These are all very powerful removal that I highly recommend from lots of playtesting. The following are what I would judge to be the immediately weakest cards in your deck.

  • Languish: It's honestly not that bad, but gets worse and worse throughout the game to a point that it's just really bad.
  • Outland Colossus: It's not impactful enough.
  • Joiner Adept: Should just be a Chromatic Lantern. She only makes your mana more vibrant, but doesn't mana ramp. It's important to ramp. For two mana, I'd much prefer seeing a Sylvan Caryatid or Farseek. For even less mana, I'd actually prefer even just having an Expedition Map. It gets Command Tower or Temple of the False God. BTW. Why aren't you running a Temple of the False God?
  • Utopia Tree: Sylvan Caryatid is strictly better. The tree isn't too bad though. It's better than joiner in my opinion.
  • Archangel of Tithes: I"m weary of triple white in the mana cost. It's not a bad card, but it's also probably not going to be on curve. Also, instead of trying to make it difficult for your opponent to attack you, just destroy all their creatures.
  • Dark Ritual: 2 for 1 yourself just to play something a little early... meh. This card could literally be anything else. It could be just a straight up ramp spell. Coalition Relic perhaps.
  • Crackling Doom: Seems weak. 2 damage is not extremely pivotal. Don't you just prefer targeting exactly what you want, and killing that? Putrefy, Utter End, Vindicate etc are all going to have more value in more situations.
  • Glorious Anthem: A strong card in a dedicated deck, but this doesn't seem like that deck. Spear of Heliod seems better. I don't think you really need to pump your creatures though. Wouldn't you rather this card be Sphinx's Revelation?
  • Eldrazi Conscription: I had fun playing with this card in my 5c deck too. But it eventually got the cut because there were just better options. 8 mana is a steep investment for a card that can be effective countered by almost any creature removal.

Really good cards in your deck are as follows.

  • Academy Rector: This is a really good way to cheat in Omniscience. It's a huge threat as soon as your opponent's lay eyes on it, and an immediate exile-on-sight.
  • Prophet of Kruphix: The power of this card can not be overstated. In my opinion, this is literally the most powerful card in most EDH games right now. I would rather see this in my opening hand than a combination of Black Lotus, Ancestral Recall, and Time Walk all together. If it goes unchecked, it literally quadruples your mana in a pod.
  • Narset, Enlightened Master: This card is absurd. Just the other day I swung with this thing and got three planeswalkers off of it, including Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker. Great addition to this deck.
  • Obzedat's Aid: A great way to return Omniscience and planeswalkers. Great choice. It would be tempting to switch to Profound Journey, but I'm glad you didn't. Aid is only 5 mana instead of seven. That's huge.
  • Fist of Suns: Really good card for quickly getting to the late game.

Cards that I think are missing from the equation:

saj0219 on Myth Control Realized

3 days ago

I'm a big fan of Myth Realized myself. A few thoughts, though I'm not sure they're worth paying attention to... I'm certainly no modern expert.

  1. I'd consider dropping Celestial Colonnade for lands that don't enter tapped. In a (very different take) on a deck utilizing Myth Realized I found that, more often than not, I just wasn't interested in paying for the man part of the man land and I often was not excited to see it in my opening hand. Especially with a low land count, I think everything should be able to come in untapped.
  2. Deprives extra cost of bouncing an island scares me. I know you say it's not meant for early game plays, but if my only way to survive the early game is Path to Exile and Remand, I wonder if I have enough control to make it. I might consider things like Spell Pierce, Spell Snare, or even a good old fashioned Mana Leak. Unfortunately, they're not hard counters like Deprive, but if I were running this list I'd want more early game power to ensure I could survive. Then again, I've never played it so perhaps it's unnecessary.
  3. One Sphinx's Revelation can go a long way...
  4. Ten win cons is a lot for a control deck (four myths, two mentors, two colonnades, two chimeric masses). Too many, most likely. In addition to dropping the colonnades, I'd also think about dropping either the Chimeric Masses or the Monastery Mentors. You definitely want a secondary win con besides myth, but it might be nice to be able to up your control a bit by dropping the tertiary win con.

Hope this is mildly helpful! Cheers

Tenebrex on Sphinx's Artifact Control

3 days ago

Okay, so the biggest problem I see is that you cannot feasibly expect to hit nine mana with only twenty lands and five mana rocks. If you want to be able to cast your big fatties, like the Sphinx of the Steel Wind then I would suggest cutting back cards for lands. Possibly drop the Darksteel Forge (or at least move it to the sideboard), in order to accomodate more lands. I run an Esper control deck in Modern, and I run twenty six lands. Try running a singleton of Calciform Pools or maybe more, as it gives you something to do at the end of your opponent's turn when they haven't cast any spells, and will help you cast some of your higher costing cards, or just cast Sphinx's Revelation for like thirteen.

sylvannos on Help making my stupid looking ...

3 days ago

@icehit6: Slaughter Games is played specifically to strip control of its win con lol...who cares how many Mana Leaks they have if they have no way of winning the game? Control isn't going to win by turn four. Surgical Extraction doesn't stop combo from going off when you really need hand disruption and spot removal like Inquisition of Kozilek.

"Strictly better" has a very specific meaning in MtG, just like the term "card advantage" or "mana curve." Your understanding of English is irrelevant because "strictly better" is a term used by players in every language, not just English. Korean or Italian players have just as much understanding of the term as an English speaker.

You're getting upset that someone called you out on saying something wrong. I don't know how many times I have to repeat it, but Surgical Extraction would have to be something like:

Example 1


Example 2


Example 3

You're trying to compare Serum Visions to Sphinx's Revelation, saying Serum Visions is strictly better because it costs less and draws cards. Slaughter Games and Surgical Extraction have two completely separate purposes and different uses. This isn't subjective and is completely irrelevant to my ego or attitude. Whether or not I'm an asshole has no bearing on Surgical Extraction not being strictly better than Slaughter Games. Your refusal to take 30 seconds to learn the definition of a phrase says more about you than it does me.

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