Sphinx's Revelation

Sphinx's Revelation


You gain X life and draw X cards.

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Sphinx's Revelation Discussion

Zur-En-Arrh on Lawful Good

17 hours ago

I love Azorius decks, and this one is pretty rad, so +1 from me! The only suggestions that I can give you are: Calciform Pools, which is a land that can actually be pumped with counters during dead times, and that can give you extra mana for your Sphinx's Revelation; Baneslayer Angel or Batterskull if you'd like to have something else that gives you life, or a possible alternative wincoin to your AEtherlings; and, as someone above me already said, Serum Visions over Think Twice. Probably you already did these considerations by yourself, since your deck seems really well built and you seem pretty aware of Magic universe. By the way, this is my version of UW Control, it'd be great if you tell me what you think about it: Lock & Stock.

Drkpaw on Shh I'm Meditating

23 hours ago

Very true but that is the nature of magic. They can try to do that and hopefully there is a response with the initial deck set up or sideboard.

So with any play set having a 39.9% chance of being in opening hand I have yet gone below 4 cards to guarantee either an Isochron but more importantly Leyline in opening hand vs play tests against burn.

So the primary target Destructive Revelry would have to be leyline for a pop burn to win. Now with just straight burn given 3 damage per mana with Revelry that's a total of 8 mana needed and a total of 7 spells including Revelry. Their whole hand, and anything for burn draw would drive the mana cost needed up drastically.

So the hope is by turn 5-8 depending on if burn is playing g/r ramp burn since Revelry is there, is to have any interrupt or protection in hand. Muddle the Mix, Faith's shield on Leyline, Another silence after the first ontop of the stack, or put in more from sideboard where as my choice of Rune Snag would be better replaced with Negate

The problem is Burn will be a difficult match up since tubo fog is more geared around combat damage but we have our work arounds.

Trying to add in creatures with lifelink if needed in numbers would dramatically reduce the number of fogs to draw into while looking from combo and make the core aspect of the deck weaker.

So the only thing that I can offer to support life gain and maintain the aspect of the deck is Sphinx's Revelation Gain more life and find combo pieces needed to fight against burn.

This is only my views into burn with my own experience playing and vs, and what fits my metta. Oddly no one here is playing Eidolon and the next top fave of burns Vexing Devil we care not for, let them attack the cloud.

Destrian on Geist Of Saint Traft(Need Help With Sideboard)

1 day ago

It should be pretty easy to make this more budget. Cut Sword of Fire and Ice for Sword of Light and Shadow. Cut Vendilion Clique and Snapcaster Mage. I'd try Ajani, Caller of the Pride and Phantasmal Image. Swords to Plowshares and Path to Exile are excellent removal, and not expensive. Martial Coup is good removal for cheap. Knight of the White Orchid and Weathered Wayfarer can help you with lands. Grab Hero's Blade. Thada Adel, Acquisitor might be cute. Maybe get Sphinx's Revelation, but you'd probably want to add one or two land.

I'd cut some of your ETB tapped lands for basics if not for anything else, since you don't want to be slowed excessively.

Do you have a target price range?

Saljen on Esper-ience Victory

2 days ago

You're running W/U/B, there are better Delve options than Logic Knot. You'd be better off with a 4th copy of Remand and a Murderous Cut OR Tasigur, the Golden Fang. Tasigur is very good and you're already running the perfect deck shell for him. You could easily support 2 Tasigurs with this deck.

I'd also suggest dropping the Think Twice altogether. It's not really great draw and frankly you are already running better options like Sphinx's Revelation and Esper Charm. No need to over-do it on the draw. This is a control deck through and through, you need to pack all the control you can or you'll find yourself with a bunch of draw in the early game and nothing to cast. That'd open room for Tasigur and a 4th Lingering Souls, which you should run as that card can just win games all on its lonesome. Tasigur can also help in the late-game with card advantage.

Creeping Tar Pit is pretty great, definitely throw 2 copies in as a form of some alt damage. I might also consider dropping 1x Supreme Verdict for 1x Detention Sphere in the main board, then put 2x Supreme Verdict in the sideboard for creature heavy decks. It can be a dead draw against a lot of decks and you're already running a lot of removal.

The last thing I would say is that your planeswalkers could be better. If you're going for budget then what you're running is fine, but Liliana of the Veil is just too god to not run in this type of deck. Sooo powerful, especially if you include Delve for Tasigur. You could easily run all 4 if you can afford them. Other than that, I think you really have a grasp on Esper control, the deck looks fun! I play Mono-U Tron control, I'd love to get your opinion on my list: The Age of U|Tron

ryancsaxe on All we need is a miracle

3 days ago

I absolutely love the concept of this deck, +1 from me!

My only problem with this is that it really doesn't seem to have enough consistency to control ratio. I feel like you will find that a fair amount of games you will just not get Entreat the Angels at a good time and wont be able to win, especially because you can't play Brainstorm so drawing Entreat the Angels just is bad. I feel like you need a couple of additional threats to make this deck work. Consider Geist of Saint Traft, Restoration Angel, or Tarmogoyf.

Tarmogoyf is just strong enough to win on its own. Drop it turn two and just control until they die. Also if you play goyf maybe consider 1 Ojutai's Command to bring it back for great tempo. I like that play, but it is kind of durdly

Geist of Saint Traft is just a great creature when playing control. It's hard to kill and it attacks for 6 if you control things correctly. If you play geist you have to play Path to Exile, which you should probably play anyways

Restoration Angel hits hard, lets you use Snapcaster Mage again lategame, and, if you use Geist of Saint Traft, can be used to protect.

Personally, this is what I would switch in your list:

-1 Terminus, -1 Isochron Scepter, -1 Tectonic Edge, -4 Thought Scour, -1 Sphinx's Revelation, -1 Serum Visions

+4 Path to Exile, +4 Tarmogoyf, +1 Ojutai's Command

Note that this version will require a better green mana base so switching around for more Breeding Pool and Misty Rainforest. Here is the version without Tarmogoyf so you can keep your mana base:

-1 Terminus, -1 Isochron Scepter, -1 Tectonic Edge, -4 Thought Scour, -1 Sphinx's Revelation, -1 Serum Visions, -1 Telling Time

+4 Path to Exile, +1 Celestial Colonnade, +2 Geist of Saint Traft, +2 Restoration Angel, +1 Snapcaster Mage

Hopefully this was helpful! Again, like the idea a lot. I love miracles and I enjoy your build with Noxious Revival. You just need to be able to win the game consistently!

TheOne4221 on WUB Planeswalker: Joachim, the Seer ...

3 days ago

Thanks for the wording tips. I'd like to aim for clarity for a more balanced version.

On second thought, you're right about the second one. It should be exile, and it is a bit much power-wise. Perhaps make it -X and turn it from just nonland to nonland with converted cost X or less? This limits the options significantly, even if I have the mana for it.

The third one I think might have some wiggle room, too. There's a couple of things I can do, and your suggestions are well noted. I like the idea of mana cost reduction in the ultimate, so I'm considering dropping the subtracting value to (2) and expanding it to noncreature spells, and having the flashback increase be the same at (4) for just instants and sorceries.

I had another idea for the third that made it so you wouldn't have to pay the X cost of spells that use X, and for the sake of effects the X would be equal to the number of cards in your hand. If I decide on this, I'll increase the loyalty cost to -15, because being able to use Sphinx's Revelation for seven using three mana is too damn good.

Scallum97 on Blue White Dragon Aggro

4 days ago

Sphinx's Revelation and an Aggro Deck don't work! That's a massive control deck card to put you out of reach. I would check out some of the new Esper Dragon Control decks, if that's the route you want to go down.

MarioLL on An Attempt to Make Mill Competitive

4 days ago

jlbotbyl, I played a few games against an Aggro deck. Went 1-4, with the final game lost while holding Supreme Verdict, Sphinx's Revelation and two Archive Traps in hand.

I have two suggestions. First is to drop White and bring in Green with Fog effects. This way we don't kill our overworking Hedron Crab and get no damage still. We can bring Shape the Sands to protect the Crab from Lightning Bolt. We can even get Revive, as a pseudo Snapcaster for fogs. Second is to try cheap card filtering to set up a nice chain of mill cards. Glimpse > Funeral > Snapcaster with flashbacked Glimpse looks tasty. I recommend Index or Taigam's Scheming, they both dig five cards. Scheming is a bit better, because it moves away unwanted cards. Index is cheaper and works well with fetchlands to shuffle away bad cards from the top.

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