Sphinx's Revelation

Sphinx's Revelation


You gain X life and draw X cards.

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Sphinx's Revelation Discussion

The_Mike on Thing in the Fog

3 days ago

I'd only add 2 more scry lands. But you're right, two colored decks do not usually need Shock/Fetch combos to stay relatively consistent. The real consistency of the two is that the land can enter the battlefield untapped, and most of all it makes drawing lands less likely, making drawing the answers more consistent. The list looks consistent enough to find it's answers by itself.

Soooo.. You're both right and have your points, however in this deck with common mana costs being only one or , I'd call this landbase consistent enough.

However if you ever have any spare money left by the end of the day, I'd still recomend the Sphinx's Revelation once more. Just one is enough and when you wont be decreasing your land amount by fetching, in late game with quite many lands drawn by now, you can convert all that into drawing with this card and really turn the tables heavily for your favor. Speaking from experience with my very budget Esper Control that I've been toying around with for quite a while now.

capriom85 on How oppressive can I be ...

1 week ago

ForgeCityGames, unless I have Thought Vessel or Reliquary Tower on the board I rarely fill my hand beyond 7 or 8 with Consecrated Sphinx unless I know I have a lot of plays or a lot of things to discard that I don't want. Rarely do I use it to blindly dig through my deck. I generally do that well enough with my suit of draw spells, tutors, and planeswalkers. I play Consecrated Sphinx way less dickish than most I would say. iys far from a "draw 12 cards each round" for me.

As for how much of my stuff is really just copies of the same card: I run 4 prisons, Ghostly Prison, Norn's Annex, Sphere of Safety, and Propaganda. That may be excessive with enchant and artifact tutors in the deck since it gives me a decent shot at having 2 of these prisons out each game consistently. It is kinda what my deck wants to do, though. I run 7 counters, Hinder, Spell Crumple, Counterspell, Cryptic Command, Ojutai's Command, and Render Silent. 2 are not always counters, 3 are mostly to disrupt combo pieces, and 1 is just the best counter ever created and I would be dumb to not play it. The 7th is Rewind. It's basically a 0 cmc counter. I run 2 cards that tax casting cost: Grand Arbiter Augustine IV and the one that taxes enchantments and artifacts by 2. My opponents rarely pay more than 1 extra mana for spells. I don't do the usually included extra taxes like "all spells cost x more". I run a lot of walkers: Tamiyo, Narset, Teferi, Elspeth, Venser, and 4 Jaces (Sculptor, Beleren, Architect, and Unraveler). Other than that it's all pretty much creatures, 3 sweepers, and general spells like removal, draw, life gain. Of course the creatures include things like Teferi, Mage of ZhalfirVenser, Shaper Savant, and Sphinx of the Final Word so it can get a little non interactive and taxing when you can't do stuff in my turn and you also can't counter my 25 mana Sphinx's Revelation on your turn, but with 0 creature tutors it rarely happens that I see them all every game. I run no infinite combos, I don't do the Lab Maniac win trick, yet I'm the target most of the time. I don't mind because he games are super interesting, but I don't get why I draw the hate and the Esric guy is left unchecked to the follow think (often): T1 Concordant Crossroads, T2 ramp, Sol Ring, and Intruder Alarm,T3 Glimpse of Nature, Edric, Spymaster of Trest, into mana dudes allowing for huge draw and attack potential before anyone is on their game yet. I especially like when Imperious Perfect is in the early game with Intruder Alarm. It's a T3-4 win with only my prisons to save me if I don't have a counter. Who is the bigger dick? I say neither.

LonelyDonkeyKong on Ojutai the Control Freak

1 week ago

Well I think you can play this deck but you are trying to have it be too many things at the same time. Think Twice, Sphinx's Revelation, White Sun's Zenith all are indicative of draw go esper. That form of esper is different than esper dragon control imo. The differences being in a draw go esper is that you hold up mana to counter lots of things or draw through think twice end of their turn. And you win in the late late game with snap caster beats, and manlands.

Your deck I think you would rather stay on the value plan with your dragons and win through countering problem things early and winning through strong dragons late instead of grinding the game to a halt. So although you don't want to cut Think Twice and etc from draw go esper, I think you don't want them in your deck.

You would also want Wrath of God and Supreme Verdict since they are cheap and 4 mana is much better than turn 5 in modern.

I would look at this list http://www.starcitygames.com/article/31050_Dragonlord-Ojutai-In-Modern.html for comparisons over draw go esper.

Spotred on Mythic Command

1 week ago

EverythingIsK good question. I have it in a private test list, but haven't really had the interest in testing it too much.

My initial thoughts is that it conflicts the early gameplan T1 myth / colonnade. Though, that being said AV is a stronger T1 play than those.

While card draw is valuable for the build, what we can draw in UW with 4 SV and 3 AV in the sixty is not too powerful. Jeskai and Grixis has a lot more valuable options to draw into.

I have to cut Runed Halo, Narset Trancendent & Sphinx's Revelation. It's not too bad, and I should probably test it a bit more before giving my final verdict.

Feanor_Curufinwe on Modern Snapshot: Impact of Recent ...

2 weeks ago

Here's a thought I've been kicking around: what if the problem for control decks in Modern doesn't have anything to do with the type of card draw they have? I mean, we have Snapcaster Mage which basically draws a card, and we can play stuff like Think Twice or Sphinx's Revelation if we want to be drawing cards later in the game. What if the real problem is with the interaction we're forced to play in order to stay alive?

Here's what I mean. Modern is a very fast format; most games are supposed to be done by turn 4. If you want to play a control deck in Modern, you need to be able to interact as early as possible, as powerfully as possible. However, you also want to be able to play in the late game. In the late game, the stuff you were playing early might not be able to do anything for you.

I see this especially in counterspells: for example, the go-to counterspell is Mana Leak, but who wants to be playing that on turn 10 or against Tron? And a lot of control decks have to play Dispel or Spell Pierce to survive the early game. And if you want to plan for the late game, you run the chance of losing on turn 3 with 2 copies of Cryptic Command in your hand. That's just not good. Fortunately, this isn't as true for creature removal: Path to Exile, Terminate, and the ever-present Lightning Bolt scale well into the late game.

This leads me to the conclusion that, even if you want to try to control the first 4 turns, you'd better be ending the game pretty quickly after that, because there's a ticking time-bomb on some of your cards for how long they'll be descent draws.

So, my thought experiment question: what if, instead of unbanning Ancestral Vision, Wizards had added Counterspell to Modern? Would this help control decks more? Or is the card advantage enough to keep control decks going in the late game even with some bad draws?

TL;DR - Interaction is bad in Modern; what if we got better interaction instead of better card draw? Please discuss.

j3r0me on 2016-04-22 update of Meek Ironworks: ...

2 weeks ago

What do you think of Sphinx's Revelation? It's amazing, as pointed out above, as a late-game filler-upper, just like Ancestral Vision.

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