Sphinx's Revelation

Sphinx's Revelation


You gain X life and draw X cards.

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Sphinx's Revelation Discussion

Fusionstyle on Blue White Control

30 minutes ago

hey Mandalorian, some of the cards you have recomended have actualy not been recomended before, so i have changed some lands with 4 Faerie Conclave, you are right that it isn't Celestial Colonnade, but atleast it only cost's 2 mana to transform, i have also changed the Sun Titan's and the Seeker of the Way's with 2 Frost Titan's, 2 Condemn and a Pearl Lake Ancient beacouse the Sun Titan and Seeker of the Way have realy underpreformed and not done to much, i have also changed Day of Judgment with Supreme Verdict and Jace's Ingenuity with another Sphinx's Revelation.

IZZETannoying on You shall not play.

4 days ago

Hmmmm. Well, Uri, my best advice would be to cut a lot of the creatures. U/W control rarely runs more than 5 or 6. Then, you can take out a few of the enchantments, I would leave the removal ones like Stasis Snare, but most of the others don't really help. I wouldn't commit all the way to Render Silent, as a 3 mana, two colored counter is a bit iffy at best. Azorius Charm is solid though. for a counter package, I would suggest 2x Mana Leak, 2x Disdainful Stroke, 3x Clash of Wills, or 3x Condescend (Both are great), and 4x of Silumgar's Scorn. Then, to maximize your chance of getting good use out of those, I would add 3 or 4 Icefall Regent, and up your Ojutai count to 2. Adding another boardwipe of three could help, and as for card advantage, an Sphinx's Revelation or 2 could help, but idf you're cheap (like me), then go for a full or partial playset of Anticipate. Gotta love them mini tutors. Anyway, hope this helps!

olag on Jeskai Control

1 week ago

I think your list is pretty well-rounded, but I recommend dropping 1 Sphinx's Revelation. Two can be clunky because you don't always have time to resolve them. Resolving one usually wins you the game, and if you need more there is always Snapcaster Mage to flash them back. You could consider a second Ajani Vengeant in its place, or another impactful mid-to-late game spell. In my experience, 2 Rev have just been too much, even in grindy metas.

Also, I recommend -1 Clifftop Retreat and +1 Desolate Lighthouse. Clifftop doesn't really get you what you need. You want most of your sources to provide blue if they're not fetchable in order to cast Cryptic Command, but you're already fine on blue sources and Clifftop doesn't do much to fix your mana. "Loothouse" lets you dig in grindy matches to throw away extra lands or dead spells to draw into some action. And I assume you're on budget, but try finding another Polluted Delta to squeeze in there in place of Glacial Fortress or something, and if possible, turn those two Deltas into Scalding Tarn.

Also, think about swapping one of the Anger of the Gods for one Supreme Verdict. Anger is nice when curving out or great early game, but against some of the decks that go bigger in terms of creatures, it can be iffy. Totally meta-dependent, though, and I wouldn't fault for the mainboard Angers.

Almost done, but look into 3-4 Ancestral Vision. It is a fantastic card to have, even at least in the sideboard. It gives hard control lists like these some extra punch against the grindy or other control matches. I personally like 4 in the main, but 2-3 in the sideboard have proved useful for some pros.

Lastly, look into some of the new Nahiri, the Harbinger Jeskai lists. Similar to your plan, control the game until you drop a Planeswalker, except this Planeswalker can end the game after 2 upticks. Definitely provides a reasonable clock against midrange, control, and even some combo decks and it has to be dealt with. This build would require cards like Serum Visions and the like, but it would make the deck more combo-control than hard control like you have. Just a suggestion, though, and it is in no way better or worse overall.

In summary:

-1 Clifftop Retreat

+1 Desolate Lighthouse

-some number of Anger of the Gods

+some number of Supreme Verdict

-1 Sphinx's Revelation

+1 more interactive spells, other midgame spells

+x Ancestral Vision in the mainboard or sideboard

+x Nahiri+Emrakul package

Good luck with the deck! Definitely on the right track!

trinitok on Sen Stooges

1 week ago

Kala, thanks for the comment. It actually could be better if I did replace triplets with Zur and then moved some other cards around. I just like triplets to much. Alternatively, I could take out some of the more janky and less used synergy/combos, but they do have a lot of use in certain situations.

I have not really considered Sphinx's Revelation. I have moved away from a lot of x cost cards because this deck should not be blowing all its mana on one card/turn. It needs to save for other priorities like disruption or combos.

I would run the new version of Vindicate that just came out. It exiles instead of destroy. I know that majority of things aren't indestructible, but enough people run gods now or something like Blightsteel Colossus as an alternate win condition. Then you also have decks that LOVE graveyard shenanigans. 3 life for exiling a permanent is definitely worth it in EDH.

My meta is all over the place, hahaha! There's a guy who constantly keeps making new tier 1-2 decks. My deck isn't as good as his because I can't keep up with its pace and I have a couple cards in here I really don't want to give up. It does hold up fairly well in most situations though! Yesterday I got Blightsteel Colossus out on turn 5 twice. It was awesome. Felt super good. Fell apart once because I killed myself using Lim-Dul's Vault, but otherwise it can hold its own decently enough.

Kala on Sen Stooges

1 week ago

Geez, I don't know what I could improve with this if I had an opportunity, it's so good! Curse you, EDH deck advertising thread. On second thought, I realize you aren't running Vindicate or Sphinx's Revelation. Have you considered those? If I were you, I 'd replace spell pierce for one of the two, but I don't know your meta. Also, how has Vapor chain worked for you?

Dr.Steinbergowitz on Ojutai Police

1 week ago

+1 Awesome Deck! But only one actual Ojutai though? I say -1 Sphinx's Revelation, +1 Dragonlord Ojutai. Come on, you know you want to!

frusciante7 on UR tron help

1 week ago

That's funny cuz the first modern deck I built was a Mono U Tron.

After facing several aggro decks I came up with the same conclusion : way too weak vs fast decks. So I started brewing something up.

Added white at first, for Supreme Verdict, Wrath of God, Path to Exile and Sphinx's Revelation (huge draws/lifegains). It wasn't bad but getting double white was quite often problematic, since I was only splashing it and 14/23 lands (Urza lands + Ghost Quarter + Academy Ruins) make colorless mana. I let go of it.

Then I thought about adding and I'm pretty happy with it so far. I've added Magma Jet (decent removal with scry ability to help find tron lands), Pyroclasms and a singleton Banefire (also a singleton Bonfire of the Damned in the SB for more aggressive decks).

I'd like to emphasize the fact that Banefire + Tron lands is an absolute blow out. Your opponent never expects it and there's nothing he can do about it. Casting it for x = 10+ is just nuts. It won me several games out of nowhere. I'd really recommand you to play it because I'm really satisfied with the card so far and I think it is the best reason you should add red to a Tron deck :) it also gives you better sideboard cards such as Shatterstorm instead of Hurkyl's Recall eg.

rufio1406 on Eh-sper

1 week ago

I would add a Sphinx's Revelation. Other than that solid deck!

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Modern Legal
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Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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