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Sphinx's Revelation

Sphinx's Revelation


You gain X life and draw X cards.

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Sphinx's Revelation Discussion

corythackston on Modern Esper Control

8 hours ago

Yeah, but Mana Leak does a much better job of getting you to the late game when your opponent is casting Woolly Thoctar and you're stuck with a Negate in hand. And let's be honest, with 2 Sphinx's Revelation s in your deck as opposed to the normal 1 that UWR runs, you're gonna probably win the late game anyway. What's your thoughts on running Snapcaster Mage in this deck?

CrovaxTheCursed on Han Ensoulo

2 days ago

This is also a deck that is built for rotation, so keep in mind Detention Sphere and Supreme Verdict AND Sphinx's Revelation will not be around when this deck is played. So what are control players going to replace D-Sphere with? Banishing Light . Supreme Verdict ? Probably yet to be determined... You're also talking like Stormbreath's pro-white is not even in the equation. That protection goes a looong way in the format. Now I agree if you're at 7 mana to be able to activate Monstrous and you haven't won yet, something is indeed wrong. But what if you ARE at 7 mana against a slow control deck that hasn't hit their bomb yet? I have to believe it would be better to have that option of activating Monstrous and potentially winning the game from it, rather than dropping another 4/4 Flying that does nothing until next turn because there's no way your opponent let your Generator Servant live to give anybody Haste, especially not after you do that in game 1. This is taking into consideration that control decks seem like they will slow down significantly after rotation (barring some replacements in Khans which they will ofc have, but we can't prepare for what we don't know), so reaching 7 mana may not be so far-fetched come October rotation. Look, we both have our opinions on the two dragons, but I say we just let UpperDeckerTaco try them both and see which works better for him. You obviously are an experienced Magic player who knows what he's talking about, but so am I and it really boils down to the fact that you don't see Banishing Light , yet I see it easily 3 out of every 5 matchups. So our meta game is different, as is everyone's, and Hoarding Dragon could quite possibly work better for both of you. I just know for me Stormbreath Dragon would fit better based on the matchups I get. And like I said, they run Banishing Light a lot now, but it's going to be everywhere when Detention Sphere is gone.

JTetris11 on White Heal Deck... Looking for Help

3 days ago

Ok so as someone who has been playing magic for a bit now I want to just call out one thing before I comment on anything else: and that is don't get caught up in trying to gain life if it doesn't interact with board position or card advantage at the same time. So this is why cards like Archangel of Thune and Sphinx's Revelation are considered good, and cards like Heroes' Reunion and Meditation Puzzle are considered bad. Ok so now that that fundemental is handled, I think that Mono-White can be a fun deck to play, especially if you are newer to the game! Some key cards to look at in a lifegain shell are: Archangel of Thune , Soulmender , Ajani's Pridemate , Fiendslayer Paladin , Nyx-Fleece Ram , and Trostani, Selesnya's Voice . As you can see, all but one of these cards is exclusively white, meaning that you can have a potentially fantastic creature base even running just mono white. Other cards that are just flat out good white cards are Soldier of the Pantheon , Boros Reckoner , and Brimaz, King of Oreskos . These might not fit into what your theme is or your budget, but they are very good white cards.

Now onto spells. White does have a good selection of removal and buffing spells at their disposal to help make it playable. Some good removal options would be Deicide , Banishing Light , and Devouring Light , as well as two late game sweepers, Planar Cleansing , and Mass Calcify .

As far as buffing up your creatures, or spells that help you keep them on the board, some good spells are Spirit Bonds , Ordeal of Heliod , Ephemeral Shields , Ajani's Presence , Rootborn Defenses , Brave the Elements , Gods Willing , Spear of Heliod , Hall of Triumph , Fortify , and even Dictate of Heliod .

Lastly, there are some cards that just combo great with lifegain. For instance Angelic Accord can be a fun card to play with as well as Growing Ranks to keep them angels coming. Sanguine Bond is a fun combo if you want to splash some black into your deck. Path of Bravery can also be really awesome when you are trying to get some awesome life swings in your favor.

In the end though you will want to cut your deck down to 60 cards with 24-25 of those being land since white doesn't have lots of draw power and you need to hit your land drops in order for the strategy to work effectively. 4 of's are good especially for early game creatures that you will always want like Nyx-Fleece Ram or Ajani's Pridemate , and 3 of's are good on creatures that you really only need to see one in order to win like an Archangel of Thune . Good luck building and welcome to the game! Hopefully some of those ideas were helpful!

Femme_Fatale on Okay Kids, It's Show and Tell Time!

3 days ago

@ Miraxis, Illness in the Ranks is an enchantment. Also, Elixir of Immortality is meant for a Sphinx's Revelation build, which this is not. I don't need "just" the lifegain, I need the tokens, and the fact that Timely Reinforcements provides tokens plus an additional benefit is bonus. As for white, you are forgetting about my sideboard. Aven Mindcensor and Sundering Growth are both very potent. And then the complete game change with Lingering Souls and Intangible Virtue mainboarded to deal against creature heavy builds. I removed the wraths because of Intangible Virtue 's powerful effectiveness, but if need be, they can be put into the sideboard again at a later date.

@ MirrodinMan, Creeping Tar Pit mainboarded x2, and Intangible Virtue sideboarded x3. More often than not, I win by sacing my Creeping Tar Pit , because they spend their removal on my tokens, because those are the main threat.

Beyond that, Illness in the Ranks and others like it can get Sundering Growth 'd or Sadistic Sacrament 'd.

Femme_Fatale on Girls Rejoice! Its a bargain of gorgeous dresses~♥

3 days ago

The reason why I had said Trostani, Selesnya's Voice shouldn't go in was because the central figure looked male. Such a massively low-cut gown and no cleavage? And the fact that there is no long hair on the figure, I can tell it is just a head accesory to the gown.

But after finding a larger image, there is cleavage, just her boobs are really squished for some reason. And there is no usual boob shadow, WotC artists are really good with anatomy, and I generally look for boobs or boob shadow if I can. If not hair is the number two, then clothes number 3, and then feminine figure number 4.

Trostani, Selesnya's Voice

As for Isperia, I went and found a bunch of large images for Isperia the Inscrutable , Isperia, Supreme Judge and Sphinx's Revelation , and they look all male as well. Especially the RTR Isperia, much too masculine of a face. So if you can find lore that says she is female (as in books etc) that show me that and I'll consider it.

Fungalstrong on Dragons And Sphinxes

4 days ago

Burn decks don't expect to deal with instant speed life gain... Sphinx's Revelation

Ohthenoises on Walker Apex Ranger

4 days ago

Well since this is a post roll concept/WIP that means Sphinx's Revelation is rolling out too. There aren't really that many life gain things rolling around right now so that determination will be made later. As it stands I have some free space in my sideboard so I'll toss him in there.

MindAblaze! on Esper Rites

4 days ago

I think I may cut a Sphinx's Revelation for one more Lingering Souls , or even a Timely Reinforcements .

You'll rarely want more than one Revelation, and if you do Snapcaster Mage could probably get it for you. Having the extra tokens will a) help you stall harder, or b) push through for more damage once Elesh Norn comes out.

Otherwise, it looks like a pretty solid Gifts Ungiven control shell. I think your manabase looks pretty solid, have you considered using Celestial Colonnade as a back-up plan? Worst case scenario it's a CIP tapped land, best case it's a 6/6 vigilance that's invulnerable to sweepers. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$5.99 $9.54 $26.0 $27.57
Color(s) U, W
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 3.17
Avg. cube pick 5.37


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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