Sphinx's Revelation

Sphinx's Revelation


You gain X life and draw X cards.
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Sphinx's Revelation Discussion

SirJordanPaul on Give me a sec'. Okay, SPIRIT BOMB!

2 days ago

Thanks Sloanan! I see your point about the artifacts. I've taken your advice and switched the Sphinx's Revelations for one more of each of the necessary artifacts. I hate to lose my revelations, but I think I've got enough card draw and tutoring to get me through. If I need the life bad enough I'll just sideboard in Rest for the Weary so I can fetch, imprint, and then start casting it every turn!

-Logician on Mind Games

2 days ago

Let's talk about deep mind games you've partaken in or had to play against.

Some of my favorite mind games that I used to do were back in RTR+THS block playing the all-powerful U/W Control deck with basically just AEtherling, Elspeth, Sun's Champion, Sphinx's Revelation, Detention Sphere, Supreme Verdict, Dissolve etc.

One huge part of the deck was that you could easily fake your opponent out by tapping down the requisite mana for something like Detention Sphere at the right time, even pulling a random card from your out of your hand and gesture it towards the table. Your opponent knows exactly what's coming. They've played the format long enough to know that a main-phase sorcery-speed spell for 3 mana is almost always Detention Sphere (maybe sometimes a Brimaz, King of Oreskos, but not nearly as often). Just before revealing the card I've waved in front of the field after tapping three mana, I'd pull back and squint as though I have second thoughts. In actuality, the card I just waved in front of the table was a land. Especially if they have something like Loxodon Smiter in play and I had previously used Thoughtseize so I know their hand. If they had another Loxodon Smither in their hand and that was known information, I essentially just suggested that I had a Detention Sphere. If they're perceptive, they'll be completely convinced that I have one, and they won't commit another smiter to the board.

Another one I loved to do is when my opponent had 2 small creatures in play that could be haulted effectively by Jace, Architect of Thought. Using the same trick, I'd fake out a four-drop, then pull it back without revealing it, then play a Jace, Architect of Thought. Essentially, I just suggested to my opponent that I've opted out of playing Supreme Verdict and played Jace, Architect of Thought instead. Now they're convinced that I have a verdict in my hand when I don't, and they'll play around it.

I've seen a guy in a pro tour playing modern drop a turn 1 untapped Hallowed Fountain on the draw, shocking himself. He couldn't cast anything in his hand, but his opponent played around Spell Snare the entire game. It was hilarious, and won him the game.

What kind of mind games have you guys used?

Marenkai on Esper Mill

4 days ago

@ The_Riddlebox :

Thank you for your comment !

All the changes you suggest regarding the MB/SB swaps have already been discussed between me and players at my LGS and most of the time the same answer came to our mind: YES, you're right.

We should put the extraction spells and the Crypt incursion in SB when going to an event where we don't know the exact meta. But my decklist here is tweaked to be competitive in my local meta where people mostly play heavy aggro and combo decks.

But by playing them MB, I realised they aren't so bad in MUs like RDW/Burn where you can just pay 2hp to extract 4*3 dmg from his deck. And the fact is, I've had way more MUs where they're game-winning than MUs where they were useless.

Even so, Crypt incursion isn't a dead card in control MUs like URx Delver since the instant speed really helps in overloading their counterspells. Because the biggest weakness of this deck is that all the mill spells are Sorcery-Speed, so the opponent just needs to keep his counter-magic in hand with mana open to shut us down.

I'll consider Supreme Verdict and Sphinx's Revelation as a 1-2 of.

And as an alternate Wincon, my friends keep suggesting Jace's Phantasm. I must admit that this card is amazing in this shell.

JWiley129 on CanadianShinobi

5 days ago

"You play aggro, you clearly lack the understanding of how frustrating it is to feel your archetype and enjoyment of the game marginalized."

Check your mtg privilege for a moment. I played Aggro during RTR/THS Standard, and oh boy did it suck. Nothing's worse than getting T4 Supreme Verdict with few answers in hand. Similarly, try beating a Sphinx's Revelation for X>5 in an aggro deck. Furthermore, my main Modern deck is Storm. Few decks have received the ban-hammer worse than Storm has. But this type of argument is childish and irrelevant.

As to whether Wizards should test for Modern, I'm unsure. Wizards has, contrary to popular belief, only a finite amount of money to devote to Magic. And we have a ton of places that money goes: R&D, Brand, Organized Play, MTGO, Creative, Support, etc. Given infinite money, I'm sure that Wizards could hire some developers to test Modern extensively. However remember that they design sets two years in advance. There's no way that a card they design is guaranteed make it into Modern anyways. Players will devolve into playing the best cards, regardless of the intention. Did you know that R&D thought First Response was going to be too good in Standard so they made it 4 mana and gave Siege Rhino trample? That is the type of issues they deal with on a regular basis.

And as to whether control is dead, what about Gerry Thompson's list from GP Oklahoma City? Or this U/W Sun Titan control deck? Again, no one is saying you can't play control. Both of these decks are decent and are classified as control decks. Modern is a format where you can play anything you want. Could a blue control deck use a card like Ancestral Visions? Sure. Will it put it over the top? I don't know.

Per Dig being banned in Modern. When Wizards decided to ban TC, they had to ban Dig. It's an unfortunate truth. Look at Legacy, where they let Dig go for a whole year before banning it. Some Delver lists did go to Dig for additional card advantage. That same thing would have likely happened in Modern. Wizards didn't want to have to wait 3 months and see "holy crap, Dig just replaced Cruise!" and ban it then. Instead of the slow burn, they ripped off the Band-Aid all at once. Part of this probably comes from previous ban decisions where going one card at a time was detrimental (e.g.: Skullclamp and Affinity). However their decision is correct. Plus, as has been said, with Dig banned in Legacy, it is highly unlikely that it will be unbanned in Modern.


5 days ago

How is it not a conditional Counterspell when Silumgar's Scorn is literally that as long as you control a dragon or have one in hand? Whether those cards are powerful enough for older formats is not my concern.

Also, saying that Sphinx's Revelation and Supreme Verdict are hard to cast in Modern is essentially false. The Fetchland + Shockland mana-bases essentially mean you can cast whatever you want at any time. Just look at Splinter Twin decks of any variety that can consistently get and on T4. Even counting Twin of the Temur or Grixis variety.

JWiley129 on CanadianShinobi

5 days ago

For one, I'm not against Wizards printing good Control cards. I can give you several examples from recent history of WotC Printing such cards: Sphinx's Revelation, Dig Through Time, Supreme Verdict, Silumgar's Scorn, among others. However I do think that Wizards shouldn't acquiesce to Legacy players and make a Legacy playable Blue card for the sake of printing it. Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time have proven too good in, essentially, all constructed formats played at competitive REL outside Standard.

At issue is the idea that "Wizards keeps making good creatures and non-creatures now suck!", which is a false statement. Yes, Siege Rhino is absurdly powerful, however our Rhino-friend is not a 10/10 like Ancestral Recall is. That is also just one creature. No one is busting down doors saying that Mantis Rider is too good. The gap between good creatures and good non-creature spells is narrowing, and ultimately that's a good thing. This will keep newer players invested in the game longer, and not discourage them from playing like what happened during Combo Winter and/or Affinity Standard.

To repeat, I'm not against Wizards printing good non-creature spells. I also don't want it to sound like I want control to not be a deck. Even though I'm an aggro player, I can appreciate and understand why people would want to and like to play control. (Different strokes for different folks) But for the card the thread was about, Dig and TC were proven too good for these older formats. They both warped the formats unnecessarily and in a way Wizards found unhealthy. I was actually one of the people who thought that TC was fine for Modern.

Bottom line: Don't mistake the idea that "creatures should be good too" as "non-creature spells should suck."

kengiczar on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

1 week ago

@ square711 same here. So much griping. To be fair, it was pretty horrible seeing mono comprise 8 out of 16 players at my LGS multiple FNMs a month. Mono B and Sphinx's Revelation were always half the pool it seemed like.

Wallace on How To Lose Friends 101

1 week ago

Trying to stay in low budget. Supreme Verdict is your only real guaranteed removal, so going to 4 of those is a very good idea. Also Sphinx's Revelation is very good for draw and life in mid to late game, casting it on you're opponents end step forces a response, which makes plays on you're turn much more likely to stick.

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