Sphinx's Revelation

Sphinx's Revelation


You gain X life and draw X cards.

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Sphinx's Revelation Discussion

kengiczar on Esper Control [Modern]

18 hours ago

It plays very nicely. The only thing that worries me is top decking Spell Snare vs Eldrazi when they are top decking Reality Smasher, Endless One or Thought-Knot Seers. Early it's very good at stopping either the 2/1 or a 2/2 Endless One but mid-late (turns 3+) it starts to loose it's luster. I do understand though that we basically don't have any better options until they print "Counter target creature spell" for just .

Sphinx's Revelation does some serious work though and Celestial Colonnade + Gideon Jura = Massive Damage Sponge.

It's like the only card this deck doesn't have is Chancey. : P

If only there was something better than Elixir of Immortality, like a spell with two modes one of them being shuffle in your graveyard.

Sort of makes me wish I didn't have to sell my Snapcaster Mages a few months back. Anyways awesome deck.

Tyrannosary on Hilarious Budget Turbo Fog (Only $9)!

2 days ago

CosiestMicrobe09 I've found that 16 fogs work very well. I also think that you'll only want 2 Elixir of Immortality main board and another 2 in sideboard since there will be artifact hate in the format and do the same with Sphinx's Revelation if there is enchantment hate in your meta. When it comes to cantrips you're going to want to run anywhere between 8-10. You should run a W/U turbo fog since white will probably have better sideboard utility than green. Taigam's Scheming is always good, and run a playset of Misty Rainforest for sure to help thin out the lands in the deck during the midgame. Hopefully that helps you!

JohnnyBaggins on Red White and You

4 days ago

Hey man, here's my 50 cents.
The general Game Plan of control goes as follows:
1. Trade cards 1-for-1 in the early game.
2. Trade cards 2-for-1 or 3-for-1 in the midgame.
3. Pull away with card draw in the midgame.
4. Stick a hard-to-answer or immensely quick thread to the board an win late game.

Now, let's look at what you have in these terms:
For 1. you have everything covered. Path to Exile, Counterspell and Lightning Bolt are exactly those cards. I'd recommend Mana Leak as a counter, since you're three-coloured and might be hard to hit on Turn 2 reliantly. I'm generally not a big fan of Silence, it doesn't actually answer anything and just delays if you're losing and if they already have a problematic card in play, you're just falling further behind by drawing it. I'd rather include 2x Mana Leak and something I'll mention further below.

For 2. you're pretty well-covered. You have your four sweepers that you can utilise when the opponent is overcommitting to the board. I'd generally recommend to go up to 5-6 of those effects. Depending on whom you play, another copy of either Supreme Verdict or Wrath of God is reasonable, other good alternatives include Hallowed Burial (Gets around indestructible) and Day of Judgment. If your opponents play a lot of Planeswalkers, Planar Cleansing is also reasonable.

For 3. you're completely missing out. Control only wins if it keeps finding answers and cards while the opposition is stuck in top deck mode. The general idea is this: You play almost only instants other than your sweepers and win conditions and as such, you can keep your removal and counter spells open and, if they happen to do nothing, at end of turn, you use an instant card draw spell. Classic examples are Jace's Ingenuity, Dig Through Time, Sphinx's Revelation, Opportunity and Blue Sun's Zenith. This part is essential, because the incremental value is essential. Only if you have a lot of answers in hand you eventually win.

For 4. Your finisher suite seems somewhat reasonable. Ajani is fine, I'm not a fan of Chandra and Banefire. Banefire is clunky and unless you kill them, tapping out is just not worth it at sorcery speed. Here's some of my favourite finishers for control form recent times in Jeskai Colours: Elspeth, Sun's Champion - She ends the game extremely quickly, is hard to attack unless the opposition has flying creatures and has a built-in board wipe. Dragonlord Ojutai Massive clock, comes down and can't be targeted by removal until you attack, at which point you already have counter spells in your hand to answer their removal spell. In addition, lets you pull further ahead by drawing cards. Thundermaw Hellkite Ends the game extremely quick, kills their 1-toughness-flyers and is just amazing. Stormbreath Dragon Lightning quick and dodges all the white removal in Path to Exile and what not Ugin, the Spirit Dragon He's just absurd. Prognostic Sphinx Makes your draw better and has pseudo-hexproof by discarding unneeded cards. Pearl Lake Ancient the fact that it has flash and can be bounced to dodge removal is really good. It's also an absurd clock that, combined with a Lightning Bolt will likely kill an opponent in 2 turns. Mantis Rider, Lightning Angel these cards are a little different but they're super quick and vigilance is a big deal.

Now, one last thing for control in general: You need A LOT more lands. The premise of control is to answer things. Control can't miss land drops. if you start falling behind on lands you'll lose the ability to answer threads 1-for-1, once they plays two things a turn or sweep the board and in sequence still keep your removal/counter open in the following turn. Most control decks will play 26, some even 27 lands. I know this seems absurd the first time you play control after only playing aggroish decks but it's key.

For the sideboard I'd generally do the following:
Play a few more creatures. Your opponents will generally board out their spot-removal for creatures after the first match, wich you can punish by adding, for example, 3x Lightning Angel from the sideboard. Also, you want to diversify your answers. You generally replace some spells by others that are better suited.

Here's how I'd build your list:
Lands (26)
2x Prairie Stream
6x Shock Duals (Steam Vents, Hallowed Fountain, Sacred Foundry if you want to pay for them, otherwise fill these with basic lands)
3x Glacial Fortress
1x Clifftop Retreat
1x Sulfur Falls
1x Temple of Enlightenment
2x Temple of Epiphany
1x Temple of Triumph
4x Mystic Monastery
4x Basic Land

Answers (10)
4x Lightning Bolt
4x Swords to Plowshares
2x Path to Exile

Couterspells (8)4x Counterspell
1x Dissolve
2x Mana Leak
1x Condescend

Sweeper (5)
2x Supreme Verdict
2x Wrath of God
1x Anger of the Gods

Draw (6)
3x Sphinx's Revelation
2x Jace's Ingenuity
1x Divination

Finishers (5)
1x Ajani Vengeant
2x Elspeth, Sun's Champion
2x Thundermaw Hellkite

Sideboard (15)
1x Anger of the Gods (Better sweeper-effect against very quick//small decks)
1x Pyroclasm (See above)
1x Elspeth, Sun's Champion (Against other control decks)
2x Remove Soul (Against creature heavy decks)
2x Dispel (Against other control decks and decks that try to win with Burn Spells)
2x Pithing Needle (Diables Planeswalkers and other broken cards like Birthing Pod)
3x Mantis Rider (Against any deck that boarded out creature removal)
3x Nyx-Fleece Ram (Against Aggro. It's a great blocker and gains life)

This is obviously just an idea. Let me know what you think and if there's anything unclear. is a great base for control decks, but in general, is the slightly better colour (as opposed to to add to a control deck, if you want to go three-colour. Not saying Jeskai Control isn't doable, just for the fun table I think Esper is a little stronger.

TheGreenMagnus on My First Try at a ...

4 days ago

Hey all, this (Red White and You) is my first crack at a control deck. Give it a look over and feel free to make suggestions.

I play with friends kitchen table style, and we're all just picking up the game. All Magic cards are legal.

Currently I aim to keep the board clear until I can bust out Chandra, the Firebrand and copy Banefire to do a massive amount of damage, or get AEtherling out to be my finisher. His ability to get out of the way for Wrath of God or Supreme Verdict is also much appreciated.

Oblivion Ring helps me deal with plainswalkers and artifacts. It can also help with a nasty enchanted creature.

Anyway, this deck keeps stalling out sometimes. I've been thinking of maybe replacing a card or two with Sphinx's Revelation and or Lightning Helix.

Advice, links to similar decks, and suggestions for swaps are all very much appreciated!

Red White and You

Orpheus124 on Bruna's Beatdown

1 week ago

Enchanted Evening is in the current iteration of the deck, and is one of my favorite cards, however, it doesn't do much for the deck. Sure, I've gotten off combos of EE, Serra's Sanctum, Greater Auramancy, into a Sphinx's Revelation, but that's more gimmicky, when I could make the deck more efficient in terms of tutoring, drawing, and ramping. Steel of the Godhead doesn't do enough, and is also in the current deck. I have enough unblockability and lifelink is nice, but I have other ways of gaining or preserving life, and both the +1/+1 instances are outclassed. Shielded by Faith seems worthwhile. I'll put that in the maybeboard. :)

DeckedOut on Jeskontrol

1 week ago

Not sure why you're playing swift spear or mantis rider here those are more tempo/aggro cards same goes for lightning angel there are better win cons and everyone already said what needed to be said for overwhelming denial dissolve and pact. when playing control though you want to hit your land drops so I recommend playing about 3 more lands 23 is way too little I wouldn't play the swans either honestly I do recommend win cons like Dragonlord Ojutai I also suggest Jace Vryns Prodigy if you can afford it and at least one Sphinx's Revelation and Supreme Verdict not saying snapcaster because he's expensive but another win con for you is Gideon Jura

TheHroth on RIP my burn deck....

1 week ago

I miss Sphinx's Revelation and AEtherling so much every day. Taking apart that deck when Ravnica rotated was very sad for me.

AngelOfMercy on Holy Land Warriors

1 week ago

I will return the favour, and review your Noyan Dar list as well.

Not running Tragic Arrogance is the biggest tragedy. I can see it being worse in your list, however its modular boardwipe that leaves your side of the field untouched. I find it is the card that I will search for 80% of the time with Mystical Tutor, the rest are usually when it is already in the hand or grave. You notably have a higher creature count than I do, however this is still a must.

Noyan Dar also opens himself to some of the corner-case cards that UW can bring to the table, most notably the ones that draw a card as well. The ones I run are Hallowed Moonlight and Squelch, and both have either are usually blow outs. Especially with the popularity of cards like Deadeye Navigator, Reanimation and Tooth and Nail.

Unlike it's partner Gift of Estates, Tithe is cheaper, an instant and always gets a land, regardless of who has more. Tithe is frequently a 2-for-1, and also can be cast during other people's turns making it reliable during other people's turns, especially if you do it in response to cracking your own fetch, so it sees one less land on your side during resolution.

For draw spells, I recommend Sphinx's Revelation as a generic good card. But also Frantic Search and Vanish into Memory. The former acts as a 'free' spell that allows you to dig for answers but also a combat trick, allowing you to untap lands you swung with previously. Cards like this make you dangerous to attack with open mana outside of the fact you field a large creatures for the back-swing. The latter was something I have been impressed with. It is a versitile draw, and at worst dig, spell. Frequently it will be used to save a land from a removal spell, and draw a minimum of 6 cards, for 4 mana. As lands wont have toughness when they return, you wont have to discard at all.

For tutors I would recommend Tolaria West and Muddle the Mixture. Tolaria West is a land, that can find any other land, frequently Inkmoth Nexus or Reliquary Tower or some of the spell lands, but also can be used to find cards like Pact of Negation and Ancestral Vision.Muddle the Mixture is often to find Sacred Ground or Trade Routes but it can also be used to find Merchant Scroll to tutor chain in a pinch.

Trade Routes is a card that I was not interested in initially until I played it in conjunction with Skyline Cascade to lock down a player's voltron commander. It also turns excess lands into draw in a pinch and can be used in conjunction with a spell to animate a land, block and then bounce to prevent damage from an attack without evasion.

Lastly I would recommend Quicken and Scout's Warning. Both allow you to play a draw go strategy. Flashing in Noyan Dar and then getting to untap with him is huge for the deck, as it allows you to use his ability immediately, which is the problem with this style of general, that doesn't provide instant value.The ability as well to provide an instance speed board-wipe is also notable, and powerful for the deck and at worst then spells cantrip.

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