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Sphinx's Revelation

Sphinx's Revelation


You gain X life and draw X cards.

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Sphinx's Revelation Discussion

revwildo on Technicolour Toolbox

2 hours ago

Wow, that's a lot to take in. I'm a noob to the Modern format and there are so many cards I have no knowledge of due to taking a short break from the game, from about 1998-2012. Apparently a lot can happen in 14 years. I'll keep my comments to the cards I have the most knowledge of, having played them in standard. Master of the Feast jumped out at me due to the fact that I haven't seen many people give him the respect I think he's due. He just reminds me of this guy I used to know called Juzam Djinn . But he costs 1 colorless mana less and has flying. True, the drawback is quite a bit steeper. I ran a Grixis control deck featuring him in Standard for a few weeks that only lost when my mana base didn't cooperate. It uses Notion Thief to turn that drawback into an advantage, making this guy essentially the best creature ever as long as you can keep the more fragile Notion Thief alive. Of course you get to do other fun things like flash in the thief in response to Sphinx's Revelation or something similar. I understand there are some pretty good card draw spells in Modern that he would probably be relevant against. The only downside is that I don't see a way for you to go fetch him when you need him, but if you like the Master of the Feast enough that you were considering more, Notion Thief is worth looking at to counteract his downside.

DannyG on Rakdos's Cruel Control

11 hours ago

Resolute Archangel is not a card for constructed decks. It's way too slow and won't acomplish you nothing. Both Blood Baron and Obzedat are nice and solid wincons as well as ok ways to deal with Burn (although Obzedat is better than Baron in this case because doesn't die from any removal Burn has, unless he goes for 2 for 1, and does something the turn he comes into play). Nyx-Fleece Ram is actually absurdous vs Burn, pair it with couple of discard cards (Thoughtseize , Duress , Sin Collector ) and that's the way to go vs this deck.

Against control decks - U/W and U/W/x. Discard is always nice, but still that doesn't prevent them from resolving a big Sphinx's Revelation . You need to somehow keep up with drawing more or less as many cards as they do by the moment they go for Rev, after this they will certainly have more resources and that's barely anything you can do about this. But there is one card that actually crushes control decks hard. Sire Of Insanity . If you feel like the situation on board is stable, drop it and let it do wonders. Hint: Slaughter Games should be boarded in only against U/W. If they have 3rd colour, you won't have enough copies of it to take out all their wincons.

Caligula on jecder

19 hours ago

Hey jecder, Just a question. I already have a playset of Verdicts (I was just looking at how good those foils look) but I still need Sphinx's Revelation (s) to complete my modern esper deck.

Any chance we could do the same trade for 2x Revs?

TommiHawk on The Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor Unite

19 hours ago

Its a big hitter that will fit well in your 5 mana slot and even out your mana curve a bit. Also the protection from white is really relevant when you are using elspeth's -3 ability, it will kill all creatures with power 4 or more, but not your stormbreath dragons. The flying and haste will also help you take out enemy planeswalkers and the monstrous ability gives you some counter to Sphinx's Revelation . all in all, a strong card :). If it were my deck i would take out 4xDivine Favor and 2xIroas, God of Victory and add in 3x Banishing Light and 3x Stormbreath Dragon

leerm8680 on 'MERICA

1 day ago

Put a second Sphinx's Revelation in. You could take out a Dissolve to make room.

theinfernumflame on Bant Good Stuff [[1st Place FNM!]]

1 day ago

Thanks for letting me know how it went! One of the big things it needs, like you said, is a lower curve. At one point, I had the full set of Fleecemane Lion , plus 2-3 Courser of Kruphix , 3 Brimaz, King of Oreskos , and 2-3 Loxodon Smiter in the deck. With the Elvish Mystic s in the deck, that more aggressive build might be optimal, as any of those 3-drops can show up on turn 2. I've also gone down to 2 Ajani, Mentor of Heroes in mine, and have experimented with dropping to 2 Elspeth, Sun's Champion . Someone at my FNM suggested I add Ajani, Caller of the Pride instead of Mentor, because its jump ability is very powerful with my big creatures. And like you said, I found Voice of Resurgence to be underwhelming except against control.

I think the deck needs a 24th land; 23 didn't quite seem to cut it. One of the other things I noticed from playing it is, I need really powerful things to fetch with Chord of Calling , and the deck doesn't have that. So my choices are, drop the Chords, or put in things worth Chording for (Angel of Serenity , Prophet of Kruphix , or Prime Speaker Zegana are idea 1-ofs to give you some late game utility). I'm not sure which is right, but dropping the Chords allows you to focus more on being a tempo deck and less of a later control deck. Perhaps running a couple Sphinx's Revelation s instead of the Chords could be right (more synergy with Archangel of Thune !).

The other problem, I thought, was just a lack of solid early-game removal that wasn't Supreme Verdict . Better removal plus a much lower curve seems good, with Archangel and Elspeth still around to finish off the late game. Like you saw, Archangel can get absurd.

As far as the sideboard, I overestimated this deck's chances against other midrange decks, and instead chose to focus on fixing the aggro and control matchups. Still, you're right, parts of it didn't quite feel right, but I'm not sure what to change out. I was actually kind of dissatisfied with Supreme Verdict myself. Maybe just having the 2 is right. I feel like, if I lower the curve, I will be able to use better targeted removal (more D-Spheres?) without worrying about getting run over.

I'll work on the deck and come up with some changes. In the meantime, if you have any other suggestions, let me know!

mathimus55 on 'MERICA

1 day ago

The obvious improvement is get rid of the guildgates. they're incredibly too slow with all the new toys like painlands to run still. You might drop the Assemble the Legion for another Elspeth, Sun's Champion and something else, assemble is just so stinking slow and there is lots of enchantment hate with theros block. another Sphinx's Revelation wouldn't hurt instead of the other assemble

julio01025 on Denied

1 day ago

So I am still trying to fine tune the deck to be more consisting but I have limited funds so it is a slow trek. Is it more important to add a 4th Thoughtseize or a 4th Sphinx's Revelation ? Price

Low Avg High Foil
$5.99 $9.54 $26.0 $27.57
Color(s) U, W
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 3.17
Avg. cube pick 5.37


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica Mythic Rare