Creature — Devil


Whenever a creature you control attacks, Hellrider deals 1 damage to defending player.

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Hellrider Discussion

PookandPie on Budget Goblins!

6 days ago

Krenko can support Eldrazi Monument by himself. Increasing the power of your goblins, giving them evasion, and making them indestructible is a decent investment for 5 mana.

Am I missing why Silverskin Armor is in here? Bonesplitter seems kind of weak, too. since you can make a bunch of Goblins, typically global pumps will do more damage. Illusionist's Bracers would be a better fit, since it would double the number of Goblins you get per Krenko tap (well, actually, it'd do more than that. If you controller 8 Goblins and tap Krenko equipped with Bracers, you'd get 8, and then 16 Goblins, resulting in 32 Goblins).

Beetleback Chief may be better than Goblin Heelcutter. +6 Goblins per Krenko tap seems better than forcing a single creature not to block considering you're able to attack with so many creatures at once. Gempalm Incinerator also seems better than Outnumber, given that it can be a creature if you need it, and draws a card + Outnumber's effect all the rest of the time for only one more mana.

Hellrider should probably be in here somewhere.

Why are you running Goblin Rally over Siege-Gang Commander? He puts in the same number of creatures for the same mana, except one of them has more power and a better effect.

Shared Animosity is probably too good to leave out. On that same note, Tears of Rage is pretty powerful if you really like Shared Animosity, as well.

DasJawa on That Was Faster Then Expected...

6 days ago

i would take out Scorchwalker , Hellspark Elemental , Arc Runner , Dynacharge , Blistering Firecat , Ashenmoor Gouger , Guttersnipe cause it is slow and would be a dead draw and same for Madcap Skills

and maybe take 2 Hellrider and 2 Ashenmoor Liege if it is a good deck then late game wont matter cause you'll win by turn 3 or 4

AndyReveler on All things Wolven

3 weeks ago

Wolf of Devil's Breach, I just don't see it, especially in red deck wins, it's just not fast enough like Stormbreath Dragon or Hellrider were. the only reason why I'll second guess myself is because it escapes Languish and Grasp of Darkness which are everywhere

BIGBADBRRRAP on One for all (Help me Cull Cards)

3 weeks ago

Thank you RyProv

Overblaze and Arcbond are generally used as finishers.

I think I agree on Hellrider and Goblin Wardriver they will be cut.

Aleatory and Panic will also be cut.

RyProv on One for all (Help me Cull Cards)

3 weeks ago

Some suggestions to remove - Arcbond seems a bit suicidal. Overblaze is too expensive to be useful I think. You are going to have so many cards to cast I think you'll be too tight on mana. Hellrider looks cool but I don't think he makes the cut. Same with Goblin Wardriver. Charmbreaker Devils and Goblin Marshal seems too expensive to be useful.

Ugh. I see your dilemma. You have too many cool combos that it is hard to decide which ones to cut. Maybe figure out which draw spells are actually useful as well and keep those and cut some of the odd ones like Aleatory?

Zhaed on Goblin Horde

3 weeks ago

More changes


Battle Hymn For big plays

Mountain 35 land weren't cutting it.

Teetering Peaks Land that had an additional use.

Goblin Burrows Land that made a goblin bigger.

Goblin Sledder Sacrifice Outlet

Mogg Raider Sacrifice Outlet

Goblin Diplomats Force opponents to attack.

Sensation Gorger When hand is empty on upkeep there's a good chance to draw 4 cards.


Shattering Pulse Usually quick enough to win before most artifacts become a problem.

Vandalblast Same as above.

Thermopod Played for ability, Cost is to mana intensive.

Hellrider 1 damage per attacking creature is great, Though the alpha strike will usually kill people just as quick.

Banefire Not really necessary.

Ib Halfheart, Goblin Tactician Worked well until opponents started killing important goblins with chump blocks.

Slate of Ancestry only used once. Never wanted to discard hand. Never wanted to draw that many cards.

Mindmoil Never used, was much to random. Replaced with Sensation Gorger.

lemmingllama on The Insanely Aggresive Budget Rakdos Deck

4 weeks ago

@Draw_Wurm I totally agree, Hero of Oxid Ridge does great work against Lingering Souls and such. The big benefit of Hellrider is that it always deals damage, no matter what. Additionally, it's ability triggers even if it doesn't attack, whereas the Hero must attack to trigger.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt Rare
Dark Ascension Rare

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