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Creature — Devil


Whenever a creature you control attacks, Hellrider deals 1 damage to defending player.

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Hellrider Discussion

paytongamer on Where do you run when

2 weeks ago

I got the Hellrider and put it in for the Stalking Vengeance . These cards are like different sides of the same coin. Hellrider fits better with the mana curve and I had borrowed Stalking Vengeance from another deck so it made sense. I do like Stalking Vengeance against a wrath but my guess is neither card is going to make or break me.

zandl on GOOOOBLINS (Budget Deck)

2 weeks ago

Yeah. Hellrider is basically a better Raid Bombardment anyways.

chrisdavis on 2014-04-06 update of you just ...

3 weeks ago

I would takeout Flame-Wreathed Phoenix , Elbrus, the Binding Blade  Flip (mana makes it meh), Dragonmaster Outcast (not going to pump out mana fast enough, he'll die before you get any value) and Stromkirk Noble (never liked the card). I would add another Thundermaw Hellkite and Bloodghast . Maybe Hellrider and Goblin Guide to take Stromkirk Noble place. Check out my modern deck. ZombiePod and I believe in miracles(ChrisDavis)

paytongamer on Where do you run when

3 weeks ago

Thanks for commenting pskinn01. I agree Coat of Arms and Door of Destinies would be good for this and most other tribal decks but I don't have those cards and they aren't priority purchases for me at this point though I have had the Door on an Ebay watch for months. I do have Shared Animosity in there so it will have to serve this function for the time being.

Chancellor of the Forge looks like a card I should definitely try to find for 35 cents. I'm not sure the deck really needs it and the current creature mix works very well together so removing anything is a struggle but once this star game is over I intend to play around with some other Goblin builds.

Voracious Dragon is another I will pick up if I see it. I have yet to draw any dragons/flyers while playing this deck so adding another one could help but again I really whittled down my non-goblin cards and I am not sure what I would cut for this. They deal damage differently but Clickslither plays this role in my deck currently. It doesn't fly which is a negative but it also can be pumped at any time which is more flexible than the dragons ETB. I'll stick with what I have for now but keep this guy in mind.

I run Illusionist's Bracers in my Olivia deck. I will think about borrowing it for this deck on game day but I am not in a position to fork over for another one of these for this deck. Also, it makes Goblins so fast I don't know if it is really needed. When you're hosed by Justice I imagine the Bracers would serve to double the pain of defeat and that's about it.

I'll keep an eye out for Hellrider and consider it.

I have a Jar of Eyeballs in one of my precon decks so I'll snatch it for some testing here. The Jar is the only suggestion that could potentially help against Justice and other red hate cards. I ordered some more colorless creatures so finding room for them will be my next challenge but the Jar should help me get one of them into my hand when I need them.

pskinn01 on Where do you run when

3 weeks ago

you could also consider Chancellor of the Forge and Voracious Dragon

other cards that could be incorporated are:
Illusionist's Bracers - lets double your commander's ability
Hellrider - I attack with 40 goblins,,,you take 40 points.....
Jar of Eyeballs - lets you dig for cards that you need....

roxasheartless09 on Goblin Master Race

3 weeks ago

you don't have a very bad token/goblin deck here, but here's a suggestion from me.4x Hellrider is a good idea, but i'd say remove him because you don't really have anything that's spitting out creatures fast enough to warrant him being here besides being a 3/3 creatures and it take like 4 turns before you can cast him. i am suggesting you remove him for some kill spells like: Lightning Bolt Lightning Strike . why i suggest this is so that you have some spells that will do some damage will move just a bit faster then that devil and do a bit more damage with choice when you get to cast it and which thing to hit with as well.i can understand he's a constant 1 point hitter, but you aren't getting much hitters out until krenko comes out and that is if someone hasn't field wiped, spirited things away, etc. etc.i am also going to suggest you mainframe or sideboard that Goblin Guide because i have come to find that, yes that creature does give your opponent the advantage of MAYBE drawing that one mana, but if you had some kill spells or whatever else yo add to the deck, it's also another way to see what might be coming up next when that person plays as well.what zerowner said actually wouldn't be a bad idea, Legion Loyalist for a sideboard card actually because if anyone plays tokens, that ability to get more hit points in is not a bad things to have because my husband always says with goblins, you gotta have them moving fast and you gotta be willing to sack them as well to get your opponent fast because these type of creatures aren't made for a long last, and might i add, great combo weither you main frame or sideboard, is Goblin King and Blood Moon the senergy is so strong it's rediculous, especially in a goblin deck. i don't think i need to explain how that combo works, but boy, that combo has saved me quite often and won me games.i am also going to suggest that Bloodmark Mentor be removed, he's slowing your deck down actually. goblins aren't supposed to be worried about hitting their opponents creatures first because they aren't building themselves up fast enough for strength/defense. the Siege-Gang Commander is also another one i would say remove. he's not bad for the tokens adage, but, he takes to long and because you don't have any spells that target the opponent directly except for Goblin Grenade and that devil, that is moving this deck slowly as well.

if you cannot see what i mean, playtest this against my goblins deck How do we feed the mob again? and see, i used to dabble with the tokens in the deck, but when i realized there just isn't enough token things out there for the goblins yet, those token ideas left me. (but that's just me though, i plan on trying another goblin token deck someday again)

like i said, i would suggest adding in some direct hit/kill spells, that will help remove some early game creatures so that you can remove them and hit the opponent directly before they can stop you, like they have a 1/1 or 3/3 creature and you have a goblin out, if you're holding a lightning bolt or some spell in your hand, boom, that creature dies, you swing they take a hit. goblin guide would be a good combo for this.

well, i said enough so i'll let your deck be, hopefully goblins work out for you, good luck and have fun. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.7 $1.22 $6.1 $3.99
Power / Toughness 3/3
Color(s) R
Cost 2RR
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.75
Avg. cube pick 7.65


Format Legality
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Rare