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Creature — Devil


Whenever a creature you control attacks, Hellrider deals 1 damage to defending player.

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Hellrider Discussion


12 hours ago

Part 2 (ending of alphabetic suggestions/added stuff I missed)

Hellrider pretty much a Krenko staple. Kind of like Raid Bombardment.
Purphoros, God of the Forge is THE Krenko staple. Put it in now, idc how you put it in.
War Cadence another way to make your goblins unblockable
alphabetization ends
Cavern of Souls make sure that annoying counter deck doesn't counter Krenko
Eldrazi Monument
Magewright's Stone
Rings of Brighthearth
Swiftfoot Boots good protection mechanic for Krenko, enters with haste
Thousand-Year Elixir
Burn at the Stake this card allows for turn 5 wins, definitely put this in
Descent of Dragons some people use this, some people don't. I personally like it

Also, just so you know, Grapeshot DOESN'T proc off of Krenko, tokens put out with Krenko aren't "casted"

Mithrandrir on 4 Color Loam Assault *Suggestions*

3 days ago

Maybe Hellrider? Get some extra damage from thise attacking Tokens...

RoarMaster on 2 Builds of MDRN Shamans, ...

3 weeks ago

So Ive played Shamans in Modern since, well, since Modern was a thing really. In the early days I had quite a bit of success with it, but as the format developed, the power level of the format increased and the Meta evolved into an inhospitable environment for Shamans. So its been a few years since I pulled them out for any sort of competitive play, for obvious reasons, but Im going to a cash game later this week and since Im not really worried about making rank, just losing money, I was thinking of 'bringing it back'. I still have my old shamans deck assembled, but was thinking of an alternate build to bring it up into the times, its had very little changes over the years, the addition of Hellrider to the list is probably about it. Shamantics is my old list, and I am thinking of buying a few of the newer shamans and turning it into this Neo-Shamantics. The original build is a bit more aggresive, while the newer version provides much more card advantage.

Im looking for your expert opinions on which one of these two lists is better in todays day and age, and Meta. Thanks all in advance. RM

Karns_Pyromancer on EDH Marath naya tokens

3 weeks ago

Not including land, I count 71 cards.

I suggest cutting Hellrider, the 3 signets (your average CMC is about 4, so they won't likely help much), Path of Bravery, and Overwhelming Instinct.

Also, I would swap Collective Unconscious for Shamanic Revelation(cheaper with a bonus) and Condemn for Chaos Warp (less conditional).

Felidar Sovereign might be something you would want here.

As for land, I'd go for the Theros temples, Tarkir/Zendikar refuges, and fill in the remainder with basic land.

If you really like Unknown Shores, Shimmering Grotto is the same thing, though I suggest Opal Palace more than those.

bmbinder on Red Stompy for the Modern Man

4 weeks ago

depending on what you're looking for Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Eidolon of Rhetoric and Rule of Law are good white options

as an aside how has afflicted deserter been for you? It feels like preboard anyway Instigator Gang  Flip or Hero of Oxid Ridge might just finish games faster...

also Hellrider seems good at the four drop spot as well.

CrovaxTheCursed on 2015-05-05 update of Goblins: Aerodynamically ...

1 month ago

The deck looks really good, but I'm not so sure about running Hellrider with only 20 lands. Since you run Dragon Fodder and Hordeling Outburst, I would also recommend running Foundry Street Denizen instead of Hellrider. Also, Mogg War Marshal is a must, as he combos well with Goblin Grenade and the Denizen if you choose to run him. One last thing, I would run the full playset of Legion Loyalist. His Battalion trigger is really amazing to give your guys First Strike and Trample, especially with Shared Animosity. The token evasion is relevant against a lot of decks too (Lingering Souls). +1

amazingdan on For the Horde!

1 month ago

Maybe a Hellrider or a Wingmate Roc

Power / Toughness 3/3
Color(s) Red
Cost 2RR
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.51
Avg. cube pick 8.6


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt Rare
Dark Ascension Rare

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