Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt Rare
Dark Ascension Rare

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Creature — Devil


Whenever a creature you control attacks, Hellrider deals 1 damage to defending player.

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Hellrider Discussion

dahhahm on Ormendahl's Will

4 days ago

A devil token deck probably runs Impact Tremors, Hellrider or Purphoros, God of the Forge and maybe Sin Prodder if your cmc runs high.

MoonTurtle7 on Ajani Wrecker of Anus and Lands

5 days ago

I like Massive Raid and Hellrider. The only thing is Ajani Vengeant doesn't make a creature untap. My biggest challenge is I have no clue how to build a deck around him. Maybe I should use a different planeswalker...

Simon_Williamson on Ajani Wrecker of Anus and Lands

5 days ago

No problem, I'm more experience in Naya tokens EDH so you may want to check out boros weenie lists, then to crossover with burn you could have cards like Battle Hymn and Massive Raid. Or if your playgroup is slower Hellrider is massive raid on a stick.

I can understand the trouble of building around Ajani Vengeant, especially for a viable deck. Although you have a fine token deck going, you might want to try brewing a separate deck with the inspired mechanic to abuse his +1, two of them make tokens (that last more than a turn) but they can all work in a casual brew. Here is a list:

Felhide Spiritbinder

God-Favored General

Kragma Butcher

Oreskos Sun Guide

Satyr Nyx-Smith

These are mana intensive but they have great synergy with untapping, if you wanted to add a third colour for untapped shenanigans I would consider Hidden Strings.

lagotripha on Spitfire

3 weeks ago

Kiln Fiend Altac Bloodseeker Eidolon of the Great Revel and Howl of the Horde are worth a look? Gelectrode and Nivix Cyclops are things too. Impact Tremors/Hellrider is a thing. Manabarbs kicks butt. Rage Forger would work with all those shamans. Tunnel Ignus/Akki Lavarunner in sideboard I guess with Ash Zealot. Anyways, good luck with the brew!

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on SMOrc: The Gathering Rakdos Aggro

2 months ago

Considering including Hero of Oxid Ridge, because it's very similar to Hellrider in terms of damage output, but not sure if the can't be blocked phrase is any good in practice. Anyone think it's good enough to maindeck? If so, what should I swap out for?

Loyalty on

2 months ago

Love me some goblins. A great way to get more damage through with decks like this are cards such as Hellrider and my favourite, Purphoros, God of the Forge. Even though this is a budget build if I were to splash some money that's probably where it'd go. T4, purphoros and then T5 Dragon Fodder, Hordeling Outburst is 10 damage alone. Hammer of Purphoros would also be useful as haste is awesome.

Some removal would be useful too. Goblin Grenade fits well.

Only other thing I'd suggest is adding a sideboard to better your chance of winning more matchups. Some pretty useful budget cards are Rending Volley, Vandalblast (Shattering Spree would be better) and Glaring Spotlight (The unblockable part would be super useful with all your tokens).

Phat_Shadow on Did you say turn 4 win in standard with no burn?

2 months ago

W/R fast aggro...my favorite type of deck. +1 I miss the days when RTR was in standard and I could play my boros fast aggro deck with Hellrider

Strictly_Eric on [Modern] Mardu Tokens

3 months ago

I'm not too particularly attached to Butcher of the Horde. I do like the card, but it's really there to make use of all the little dudes I drop early that wouldn't have any impact on the game as the turns go by. A "finisher" if you will.

Playing Blood Artist or Zulaport Cutthroat turns the deck into a drain deck, not an zoo/ turn 'em sideways deck. If I were playing a drain deck, I would rather have cards like Carrier Thrall, Festering Goblin, or even Mortician Beetle. But I don't wanna play a drain deck.

Cutting the 1 Hellrider does make sense. But if I can't draw into Butcher of the Horde late, and I still have all my dudes, I might be able to just turn everything sideways and win without even assigning combat damage. That being said, I'm probably gonna cut the Hellrider.

I have thought about Bloodghast, Dark Confidant, and AEther Vial but I did not include them in my tappedout list because I do not have them in my collection. I have thought about acquiring them, but because I don't really have any way to proxy them (I play on mtgo and I don't have a consistent, or broad variety of decks or people to play with paper magic) I can't actually tell if they would be worth shelling out for.

Cutting Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch seems like a nice cut, but a 4 mana 4/4 first haste also seems nice. What makes Ashenmoor Liege easier to remove than say Goblin Guide? I don't think an opponent would turn 1 Thoughtseize it and once it's in play it's probably just going to sit back and be an anthem. If they want to remove it, it's gonna cost em 4 life.

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