Temporal Mastery


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Mythic Rare
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Mythic Rare

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Temporal Mastery


Take an extra turn after this one. Exile Temporal Mastery.

Miracle (You may cast this card for its miracle cost when you draw it if it's the first card you drew this turn.)

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Temporal Mastery Discussion

Philoctetes on Strengthening Saint Traft

1 week ago

Hey there! The deck looks good overall, it looks very fun.

A couple of ideas I had looking through your list - you are running a couple of miracles cards like Entreat the Angels and Temporal Mastery, maybe a few ways to enable those cards on command is in order?

In my "miracles" Dakkon Blackblade build I run Sensei's Divining Top, Brainstorm, and Scroll Rack for some library manipulation, plus Mystical Tutor as a way to miracle on command. Just some thoughts!

DKapitein on rashmi commander

1 week ago

Hmm i didnt think of flickering everything, thats maybe interesting also since a lot of my weaker creatures have etb effects.At the moment i ordered Future Sight, Knowledge Pool and instead of Temporal Trespass i choose Temporal Mastery because i can also miracle it during an opponents turn with for instance Sensei's Divining Top. now i just need 3 cards to throw out of my deck. Biovisionary i think, maybe Diluvian Primordial (i dont know what to think of this card its always busted or it does nothing). but then i still need 1 more card gone

Hopper_2011 on Blink and It's Over

1 week ago

I like your creative combos! However I feel obligated to point out that Temporal Mastery exiles itself; so you can't use it with Mnemonic Wall or Archaeomancer. Some you can use effectively for that are as follows in monetary order: Time Stretch, Temporal Manipulation and Capture of Jingzhou. A fun combo i've been using is Myr Battlesphere with Ashnod's Altar. You can use Eldrazi Displacer or Nim Deathmantle to put the engine online. My win con with it is Grinding Station, Altar of the Brood or Staff of Domination. I like this core combo because nearly all of the pieces are artifacts which makes setting it up easy for me. Good luck!

redace10 on Infinite Knowledge, Infinite Power

2 weeks ago

Excellent Simic deck, my wife runs a Prime deck I built for her, she demolishes with it too. Zegana is one of the most underrated Commanders of all time in my opinion. Got a few ideas of some creatures she runs that could interest you.

Thassa, God of the Sea and Nylea, God of the Hunt are great for Zegana. Getting to 5 devotion is a cake walk once Zegana hits the field, and they can be picked once Zegana enters if they become creatures once she does. Pretty boss.

Rhonas the Indomitable is another power card for ridiculously cheap casting cost. Zegana's long list of creatures that go tall is something Rhonas can fully take advantage of too.

Mystical Tutor seems like it would be a wonderful card for this deck, plenty of outstanding sorceries and instants to choose to grab in this deck. Any reason it's on the sideline? I personally love using it in conjuction with Temporal Mastery. Who cares if it exiles itself, it's an extra turn for two mana, which is f*cking crazy.

I'm having a hard time coming up with cards to swap out for those suggestions, quite the impressive deck indeed. I'll think on it more as I continue to evolve my Zegana deck as well. A well deserved +1 from me :)

Icbrgr on How much card drawing is ...

2 weeks ago

I don't know how to answer your question Directly but I can give you insight on my deckbuilding experience.

Imo with the exception of using miracle spells like Temporal Mastery or Quest for Ula's Temple and similar drawing cards is far more useful/powerful than top deck manipulation. Unless you have a way to play the top card of your library like Future Sight

In sultai colors do not underestimate the power of Coiling Oracle its Both "draw" and or puts out an extra land... It's just a fantastic 2drop.

mtgApprentice21 on Tuned Jhoira EDH

2 weeks ago

Play-tested you're version, got Omniscience AND Enter the Infinite in the starting hand, used MLD to reset the board the turn before the win-con was played, DREW THE ENTIRE DECK FOR FREE, and played/dropped all the remaining creatures and non-land artifacts, then played ALL the extra turn spells - even the Temporal Mastery from exile using Cunning Wish - for max extra turns, and then, just 'cause I could, I played Timetwister! THAT confirms it, Omniscience + Enter the Infinite makes decks completely EXPLODE!!! XD

Pieguy396 on Riku's Forces

2 weeks ago

Hey there Cool deck you have here! Just based on some of your includes, like Tooth and Nail, Cryptic Command, etc. it looks like you dont have a particularly constrained budget, so my suggestions will reflect that. Also, Riku is typically a fairly combo-based deck, and based on the fact that you have Palinchron in your deck (a card that goes infinite with your commander), Im also going to assume that your playgroup is OK with winning by combos. If those are incorrect assumptions, feel free to ignore me.

OK, lets talk additions.

Xica on Bant Miracles

1 month ago

Against what popular deck, do you fear giving basic lands would create problems?
I have hard time coming up with modern decks that get out of hand, by getting 1 more land - maybe scapeshift, or ponza could have use for an extra basic, or forest belcher. But these decks are rarely played.
Most decks in modern don't need more than 4 lands to be perfectly functional.
Aggressive lists don't have much use for them, graveyard strategies don't have use for them, tron doesn't get much out of tutoring out an extra forest.

On the upside its the best removal one can get. If it hits something that card won't come up again. Neither from the game, nor from the library - which is a pretty plausible event with a control deck that shuffles threats back into the opponent's library, while it has to draw 1 of 3 cards to win the game.
Going through half of your library before finding your 1st Entreat the Angels is a pretty realistic possibility. At the same time the opponent is also digging through their library, fetching out all of his/her lands, and there are good chances that he/she will draw into the reshuffled threat.
(And Path to Exile + Snapcaster Mage can be done on turn 3, while Banishing Stroke + Snapcaster Mage can't happen before turn 8.....)

Regarding Nissa, Steward of Elements & Crystal Ball:
Nissa, Steward of Elements is a planeswalker, hence:
+ She has 3 abilities, only 1 of which is scrying - but i have hard time seeing how anything short of ultimating her twice would produce results (outside being a pretty nice scry engine)
- She can be attacked by creatures, thus the wast majority of the format has maindeck answers to her.
- She can only scry at sorcery speed, making Counterbalance impotent.
Crystal Ball is an artifact, thus:
+ Its ability can be used at instant speed, allowing you to scry to counter with Counterbalance
+ If you use it during upkeep you can draw the second card from your library leaving the correct cmc card on top.
+ Its good in multiples
- Its activation costs
- Nearly every modern deck pack artifact removal (luckily they are 1 or 2 cmc, thus the assembled Counterbalance + Crystal Ball has good chances of defending itself)
And Counterbalance is good, even if it can't counter EVERYTHING, only countering a large part of the opponents deck is pretty good (from a single card on the field). There is nothing stopping you from playing normal counters to prevent stuff that goes past the pesky enchantment. However Tron will be a problem - but i don't know a lot of other decks that have so warped mana curves.

I am baffled by some of your card choices, don't take this as an attack, i am really curious about the "why".
So what are your plans with those 8 creatures, Temporal Masterys, & Reclaims?
Do you plan to use Azorius Charm as removal?

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