Carnage Tyrant


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Mythic Rare

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Carnage Tyrant

Creature — Dinosaur

Carnage Tyrant can't be countered.

Trample, hexproof

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Carnage Tyrant Discussion

philktoken8998 on 5cmc, 6cmc, or X spell ...

5 days ago

Hey everyone, I've been fine tuning this brew for a while and am getting some good results recently at my FNM against some Tier 1 decks (3-1 last night; beat affinity, grixis shadow, and dredge; lost to Jeskai conrol)

Big thing is that I've made it more interactive and lower cmc cards so I had to take out some stuff at the top curve. I took out a PrimeTime (sad) and am left with a Walking Ballista , and while this card can be good, I think I could find a better card.

Basically I'm looking for someone to help recommend cards (preferably a creature) in BUG colors that are at 5cmc, 6cmc, or X/X. It should be super impactful obviously. Options are always great so I can switch them depending on the meta so feel free to see send a couple different ones and any cards you always wanted to play in modern but didn't because they're pretty expensive. Generally GG and UU is not too hard while BB can be a bit more difficult, but doable at 5 or 6cmc.

If it doesn't have an ETB effect or cast trigger, hexproof of recursion would be something I'd like since I really want this card to at least 2 for 1 if removed and take over the game if not.

I've only been playing for about 4 or 5 years so my knowledge of older cards is somewhat limited unless they are eternal staples.

Cards I've been thinking of so far are:

Hydroid Krasis ~ gains life + draws cards on cast; large evasive flyer if resolves

Carnage Tyrant ~ super good vs. control which is a tough matchup

Doom Whisperer : evasive flyer that only casts 5 cmc (easier to get on turn 3 than a 6 drop) that helps sift through your deck

You can view the deck at the link below:

Let me know what you all think! The deck is getting pretty competitive now, but I really want to make sure my top end card is very solid overall. Thanks!

Naksu on (WAR) Ilharg Midrange

6 days ago

I'm a gruul at heart and I like this draft. Obviously alot to move around at this point. couple remarks at this point, Carnage Tyrant and Rekindling Phoenix are the best options (imo) at their respective CMC spots, so run 4of both in main. Ravager Wurm is a SB card. 4 Ilharg s are too many, cause it's bad to pull another one with it. 3 should be enough with 3 Arkbow s. I also think you should run a few End-Raze Forerunners in place of Demanding Dragon s.

musicman3310 on green stompy ramp standard

1 week ago

There's a combo in Standard you may want to look at. It's turn one Llanowar Elves , then on turn two you'll have three mana from your two lands and the Elves. The three mana on turn two here can be used to do Incubation Druid and use Stony Strength on it. Then, on turn three you'll have SEVEN mana from three lands, Elves, and the three from Druid for something like Carnage Tyrant .

SpiralWolfos on Simba Ramp 18 Lands

1 week ago

I guess I'm a little confused as to what you're trying to do with the deck. Are you trying to play Standard Bogles with Vine Mare / Carnage Tyrant and Blanchwood Armor ? Or are you trying to play a lands deck focused around Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar ? It seems more like your deck is closer to the first one, so I would remove the Ghastbark Twins for another copy of Growth-Chamber Guardian , and then I would make room by removing the Multani and something else to make room for a couple forests as well as maybe a few copies of Jadelight Ranger . I do feel like 22 lands is too few since the only ramp you really have in this deck is Llanowar, 24-25 would probably be a better number to make sure you're curving out with your strong creatures, as well as powering up Armor.

drpeppercan on Dinosaurs

2 weeks ago

First thing that stands out is that your mana-curve isn't low enough to the ground. Modern is an extremely fast format and the majority of your threats are in the 4+ range for converted mana cost. Bringing in white will open up some early threats while also giving you some low cost removal.

  • Relentless Raptor - 2 cost for three power, sure it has to attack each combat but it also has vigilance which allows it to still be on defense while doing so.
  • Sky Terror - Flying 2/2 for 2 and menace to boot making it an effective attacker that will evade a large amount of creatures.
  • More Frilled Deathspitter ! - This guy is just fun, sure he's only a 3/2 for 3, but if he doesn't get through he at least shocks the opponent to the face.
  • Kinjalli's Sunwing - If you've got this in the mainboard of sideboard it's good either way, it definitely shines more against aggressive matches due to the tap ability, but having flying makes this thing a decent attacker.
  • More Rampaging Ferocidon - This is going to hurt opponents that want to swarm the board, but definitely something you sub out against control unless they are running life-gain to get out of your reach.
  • Wayward Swordtooth - Sure he can't attack until you get the city's blessing, but if you have 2-3 of these in your deck and are happy with just being able to drop the double land he'll serve you well.
  • Runic Armasaur - Love this guy. He's got a fat butt on him to stop from being bolted off the field and with the number of activated abilities in modern you'll have a full grip nearly all the time. Keep in mind that fetch lands will trigger this dude.
  • Regisaur Alpha - Having 2 of these on your higher curve is a nice boon. He brings 7 power and toughness as well as haste.
  • Carnage Tyrant - Control players, eat your heart out. Can't be countered, trample, hexproof. 2-3 of these on your top end will be your beaters.
  • Ghalta, Primal Hunger - 1-2 of this guy is all you need. He'll eat removal in some form most of the time, but if an opponent allows a 12/12 trampler to go unanswered, he'll hit HARD.

Some nice buffs:

  • Blossoming Defense - Protection in the form of hexproof as well as a +2/+2 buff at instant speed.
  • Groundswell - More often then not this is just a straight +4/+4 at instant speed.
  • Vines of Vastwood - This is what happens when you combine the above two cards into one.


Sideboard Usefulness:

PlatinumOne on Mono-Green

2 weeks ago

this doesn't really fit the bill of "oppressive". it doesn't have any degenerate or unfair combos, and it doesn't have any interaction against the opponent that would stop them from doing anything. instead, the deck is just green stompy. an aggro deck.

you probably want more early game creatures. with your current list, the only way i see for you to win on turn 4 is if you're lucky enough to get the Arbor Elf and Utopia Sprawl combo to put Nullhide Ferox into play turn 2, and Carnage Tyrant turn 3. thats a very specific 7 cards (4 spells and 3 lands) out of your first 9 or 10 cards.

modern is a format where if you're not aiming to consistently win turn 4 (or earlier) then you need a good amount of interaction to hold off your opponent. your deck currently has none.

many of your creatures (the mana dorks and the high cmc creatures) would be more suited in a midrange deck, but you would need removal spells in order to ensure you live long enough to cast the high cmc creatures.

hackerheck on Dimir Fliers

3 weeks ago

do you just put Carnage Tyrant in all your maybeboards?

cdkime on Beating Control

3 weeks ago

Tribal decks, such as Humans or Slivers, can be pretty decent against control builds as they can abuse Cavern of Souls and Aether Vial . However, those are not particularly budget-friendly.

Green has a number of solid options that make control incredibly difficult such as Thrun, the Last Troll or Carnage Tyrant . Hexproof (or regenerate) are great against reactive control decks (i.e. decks that deal with threats after they hit the field), while Green also provides "can't be countered" against more proactive control decks.

Or, you can go for my personal favourite option, play control. Nothing says fun like two players locked in a battle to see who gets to play less Magic. (I've been told I have a skewed vision of what is "fun").

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Carnage Tyrant occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.43%

Golgari: 3.09%


All decks: 0.02%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%