Carnage Tyrant


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Mythic Rare

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Carnage Tyrant

Creature — Dinosaur

Carnage Tyrant can't be countered.

Trample, hexproof

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Carnage Tyrant Discussion

Shliken on Naya Smash

3 hours ago

I like the idea of stompy creatures, but I think you need to narrow it down a bit. Use a playset of Druid of the Anima and something like Elvish Mystic to help with the ramp, and pick like five big creatures to really focus on. Maybe like 2 max of each then use something like Eladamri's Call or Fierce Empath to tutor the one you need. Some big boys that always stomp are Terra Stomper, Carnage Tyrant, really any of the elder dinosaurs from RIX and a personal fave is Siege Behemoth as he essentially gives unblockable to everyone. Have fun!

windlnk on Why is red being pushed ...

1 day ago

I would say it's not exactly red ramp they are pushing but Gruul ramp. Since green has several good X payoff cards right now like Kamahl's Druidic Vow and Uncage the Menagerie and can ramp early with llanowar elves and various 2 drop ramps so red's high cost rampers can hit the battlefield early as well. Then overwhelm the opponent with green's naturally big cost cards like Carnage Tyrant, Verdant Force, and Thorn Elemental.

Also gruul ramp has lots of kicker effects and access to more ramp in Grand Warlord Radha

And then we also have red's lategame cards as well.

So idk but I like ramp and I think i'm going to make a fun Gruul ramp deck soon when dominaria comes out.

Legendary_penguin_of_death on First "stab" at a Standard Deck

2 days ago

Here is my two cents. Let me start by saying the cards that could be changed. Mirage Mirror, Captivating Crew, Protean Raider (6 cards).

The style of your deck appears to be very aggressive. All the cards listed above arent aggressive or gaining enough tempo in my opinion. Mirage Mirror is too mana intensive and there are times when its best target is a 1/1 Rigging Runner. It cant close games as against control because it wont have targets, and is too slow against Aggro. There are scenarios where its great but it has a very low floor.

Captivating Crew is sub par for similar reasons.

Protean Raider is not good until after the opponent has good creatures and you wont win the long game in many cases.


Two cards you already have but should have more copies areWarkite Marauder and Fanatical Firebrand because they work super well together managing to take out any creature for good except Carnage Tyrant. The Scarab God is very prominent in standard right now but the combo even takes that out since it makes the god lose the ability to return to the hand. Therefore I think Warkite Marauder and Fanatical Firebrand should be 4 ofs.

The other card I think you should consider adding is Siren Stormtamer. You have two high risk high reward cards-Curious Obsession and Buccaneer's Bravado. They are high risk because if you play it on a creature and it gets killed in response then u get 2 for 1d. Stormtamer saves you from blow outs. I would add 3.

Good luck at FNM!

mrmango on COMPETITIVE Mono Blue Control (Dominaria Updated!)

3 days ago

@CaptDan Yes I recently added Slinn Voda, the Rising Deep to sideboard. I may move it to mainboard if my lgs has to many Carnage Tyrant's.

CaptDan on COMPETITIVE Mono Blue Control (Dominaria Updated!)

3 days ago

If Carnage Tyrant is the only card holding it back, just play a bigger threath to block and kill it. For , Slinn Voda, the Rising Deep can do that. For on less mana, at , Accomplished Automaton can be a 6/8, just enough to kill Carnage Tyrant while surviving the fight!

TotallyHaywire on COMPETITIVE Mono Blue Control (Dominaria Updated!)

5 days ago

You might want to add some copies of Commit / Memory, as this can tuck Carnage Tyrant and then shuffle him away.

GamingInTheDark on COMPETITIVE Mono Blue Control (Dominaria Updated!)

1 week ago

Man it's been over a year since I've looked at this deck. Brings back some good memories of shadows standard. Really been wanting to play this deck ever since the rotation but there is one thing stopping me. The big green dino called Carnage Tyrant absolutely destroys this deck. It can't be countered or bounced and it's also big enough stat-wise to kill your gearhulks and trade with Nezuhal. I just can't imagine playing a deck that loses to my opponent because they played one of the most popular green cards in standard.

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