Arcane Lighthouse


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Uncommon

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Arcane Lighthouse


: Add to your mana pool.

, : Until end of turn, creatures your opponents control lose hexproof and shroud and can't have hexproof or shroud.

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Arcane Lighthouse Discussion

Calliber on Advise on possible additions to ...

7 hours ago

Lazav, What's Yours is Mine

Commander / EDH Calliber


I could use on advise on what to cut in order to add these cards.

Disallow: I don't know what to change to make room for this, I feel like a creature will have to go and there's a couple I could stand to drop without much change to the deck. Or do I just go straight up switch on Counterspell?

Increasing Ambition: I'm not sure a straight up trade for Diabolic Tutor is the best idea, having both is the best idea IMO.

Future Sight: Initially I thought I'd just straight up switch this in for Deep Analysis, but I'm not sure if that's the best option.

And then, I'm looking at adding these 3 colorless lands but I don't want them to mana-screw me early on because my mana situation on this deck is about as slimmed down as it can get. Do you think any are worth adding?

Mirrorpool, Arcane Lighthouse, Rogue's Passage

And finally, these 4 cards. Worth it in this deck or only of fringe benefit?

Black Sun's Zenith, Languish, Darksteel Ingot, Druidic Satchel.

johnnythexxxiv on Monoblack Hugs

1 day ago

An addition that jumped out immediately for me was Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. You have so much swamp interaction for it to help out with and since it's a land it wouldn't force you to cut any of your main cards, just swap out a swamp. I'm sure there's some other lands that might be worthwhile to consider (Arcane Lighthouse, Contested War Zone, Elephant Graveyard, Griffin Canyon, Homeward Path, Oasis, Rogue's Passage, Shizo, Death's Storehouse, Swarmyard and Tower of the Magistrate all have SOME degree of group huggy utility) but that's the only one jumping out at me right now.

There's a couple cards that I'm not sure why they're in the deck based off the theme. Necrotic Ooze gives you a huge benefit compared to everyone else (you could use it to continue doing Zombie Trailblazer things after a boardwipe, but you can also use it to copy your opponent's activated abilities), Demon's Horn only helps you, and Touch of Moonglove not only only helps you, but it also hurts an opponent.

Shamen3mill on Competitive Uril: Just Let Me Win!

2 days ago

Swapping the three signets for the 3 other <=2 cost auras that attach onto lands (Trace of Abundance Utopia Sprawl and Fertile Ground) Makes you more dependent on green, but triggers more enchantress and gives you the full allotment of 3 colors as opposed to the 2 that the signets offer.Unless you've got people that are running enchantment wipes specifically for some reason, I don't see a reason not to. Most boardwipes that hit enchantments hit artifacts too.

In case you're wondering those four(including wild growth) are just about the only enchantments that do this to low enough standards ( <=2 mana and any color generation.). The only one I can suggest otherwise is Overgrowth which is a little deep at 3 mana, and only gives green.

Canopy Cover is also useful in an Uril deck where the playgroup is more used to Uril's presence. psuedo flying with redundant totally not hexproof to counter any Arcane Lighthouse or Glaring Spotlight that might've crept into your playgroup.

RamaLama on It's Not Easy Being Green

5 days ago

Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

I do like Patron of the Orochi, Emzed, but I've been playing a few games with Omnath lately, and I'm noticing that getting a playable opening hand is getting more difficult with the advent of the Vancouver Mulligan. It seems that if I'm lucky enough to get three lands in my opening hand, I'm very likely to fill it out with 5, 6, and 7 drops, and if I toss that hand, there's a average chance I'll get one land or none on the second go-round. The last couple of games I played had me casting Omnath as the first spell in the game. That just doesn't seem right somehow.

It's true that mana isn't the issue with Omnath that it is with most other commanders, but I'm starting to feel like I need to lower my average CMC, or at least not increase it, so if I were to include Patron of the Orochi, and I may yet, it would give me another 8 drop, unless I dropped my biggest devotion guy.

All of this whining I'm doing holds true for Archetype of Endurance too, Herbenix. I do have Arcane Lighthouse in for that purpose, it taps for colorless when not needed, and is easy to activate. Not as strong, but it doesn't cost 8 and is harder to get rid of.

See what you started, Emzed? You suggest Patron of the Orochi and the_earl_0f_grey wants to take me down the snake tribal rabbit hole. /;-) Sakiko, Mother of Summer is interesting though, although I think it's sort of a win-more card. By the time I start hoisting Omnath at people, he's already pretty hefty.

ibstudent2200 on Green Is Not A Creative Color

2 weeks ago

Silklash Spider is pretty effective against fliers.

Rampant Growth > Copper Myr.

Gaea's Embrace > Fangren Pathcutter.

Joraga Treespeaker > Fyndhorn Elder.

Chariot of Victory and Haunted Cloak each add both haste and trample.

O-Naginata is mana-efficient and adds trample.

Cloudthresher > Skysnare Spider.

Pathbreaker Ibex > Stampeding Elk Herd.

Nature's Claim > Artisan's Sorrow.

Elemental Uprising is so bad that I don't want to come up with a strict upgrade for it.

Blossoming Defense > Sheltering Word.

Kodama's Reach is definitely warranted if you have cards with Splice onto Arcane.

Why are you running Bonds of Mortality and Elixir of Immortality? They both seem like terrible cards. If you really want to shut off hexproof/shroud, Arcane Lighthouse doesn't take up a spell slot in your deck. If you want to avoid being milled out, run Blightsteel Colossus/Darksteel Colossus/Vigor/Worldspine Wurm/Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre/Kozilek, Butcher of Truth (which don't require that you have them on the battlefield to be useful).

Champion's Helm > Mask of Avacyn.

Bramblecrush > Creeping Mold.

Regrowth > Nature's Spiral.

Ulvenwald Tracker is one of the best fight cards ever printed.

Aspect of Mongoose, Lightning Greaves, Swiftfoot Boots, Whispersilk Cloak, and Steely Resolve grant hexproof/shroud. Two of these cards also grant haste.

Argeaux on clayperce

2 weeks ago

I have a lot of pillow fort cards in Factual, like Propaganda.

To be honest I wanted more to know what you thought about how my deck wins, rather than a huge list of cards. I do appreciate the time you put into assembling that list, though.

No one attacks my Commander as she is not seen to be much of a threat when someone else is playing Food Chain Prossh.

By the time a decent Creature comes out I usually have an equipment I can throw on it to give it Shroud/Make it Hexproof.

I'm aware that Arcane Lighthouse laughs in the face of Shroud/Hexproof, but to be honest my Commander is easy to recast because she is cheap, and I can fish most of my good Creatures back from the graveyard with Academy Ruins.

Unless some bastard Exiles them.

What I really wanted to know was how long it would take for people to realise I was flying under the radar and start gunning for me.

Quicksilver on monty python and the holy grail edh

2 weeks ago

Your Arcane Lighthouse should be the grail shaped beacon

pet_snake on The Very Hungry Aetherborn: Yahenni EDH

2 weeks ago

Long post inbound, sorry! Show

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