Not of This World


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rise of the Eldrazi (ROE) Uncommon

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Not of This World

Tribal Instant — Eldrazi

Counter target spell or ability that targets a permanent you control.

Not of This World costs 7 less to cast if it targets a spell or ability that targets a creature you control with power 7 or greater.

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Not of This World Discussion

JuQ on Eldrazi Horizons (READ DESCRIPTION!)

2 weeks ago

Simic are the colours with least removal. I'll just write all I know for the sake of completion, some of them are already in your deck.Rapid Hybridization
Pongify same card, different name.
Beast Within Pongify for any permanent.
Desert Twister
Reality Shift my personal favorite, exiling is king.
Curse of the Swine High mana cost, but you clean the board like a boss.
Titan's Presence Just perfect for this deck.
Scour from Existence Expensive but it gets any job done.
Helvault Also expensive but reusable.
Brittle Effigy Just another option.
Amulet of Unmaking It's actually a pretty bad card, but its charm is second to none, that matters.
Ovinize I count polymorphing spells definitely as removals, but the problem is you will need some help to kill them. They work best on decks with smaller creatures that let the opponent think they can attack or block safely.
Turn to Frog
Polymorphist's Jest
Snakeform Personal favorite, the card it gives back is a big deal.
Song of the Dryads Great to trap Commanders with no access to enchant removal.
Imprisoned in the Moon Blue version of the previous one, almost as good.
Hour of Need Not designed to be a removal, most of the time it will be a bad card, but sometimes creatures are so badass that giving them a Sphynx instead is a good deal.

There are also a ton of "gain control" spells that I'm not going to list down today, they are also removal.

It's hard to tell what to cut, you are the one experiencing the deck and your meta, you know which cards are more often dead in your hand. You may be a bit high on counterspells. Let me check the list...

I'd cut Not of This World definitely your worst counterspell, meant for other colours, not blue or green.

The counters of creature spells have the perk of working on really dangerous creatures that are unkillable in the battlefield or have a problematic "enters the battlefield" abilities, but IMO are worse than removal because they offer only one opportunity to get rid of the creature. You can hold to your removal spells and wait until the creature is attacking you, with a bit of luck it will attack other players (you have huge eldrazis anyway) and maybe they spend their own removal on it. So I'd cut Essence Scatter and Deny Existence.

Serendib Sorcerer a polymorph (not the best kind of removal for this deck) on the battlefield that has summoning sickness and toughness 1 and will be killed with any pinger and will die as collateral damage of any earthquake-like card.

Blighted Agent you only have two cards to buff it up and no prolipherate and Blightsteel Colossus don't really need his help. It will take him forever to kill a player on his own. Also infect creatures are frown uppon, but that doesn't matter to the guy running Winter Orb.

Bow of Nylea Deathtouch from the bow in your deck is good with Blightsteel Colossus and Soul of New Phyrexia for their trample and with Breaker of Armies to kill everything. The +1/+1 counters are only OK on the Blight Agent. The damage to flyers will be most of the time useless. The graveard hate is nice but inefficient. I'd say this card in your deck is underperforming.

emester on Zacama, Elder DinoSTORM

1 month ago

By adding super narrow and niche answers? Im sorry but next to none of those suggestions you listed aren't even worth considering for the deck's context. I could add Not of This World and Prowling Serpopard for redundancy, but im not planning on taking out several cards for instants that enable regenerate, a mechanic that imo is extremely situationally and easy to overlook. Its also worth noting that im not setting out to make a tier 1 tynma/thrasios deck; im making some janky fun dino shit.

I appreciate the attempt at help, but from my experience playing this deck in the state that it is in, I've had little complaints towards how it runs.

ZendikariWol on Zacama, Elder DinoSTORM

1 month ago

But like... if someone finds a way to... I dunno... disrupt your combo with... I dunno... removal or a counterspell or like, anything... you just sorta lay down and die. Your deck becomes a normal naya beatdown deck, but with a much worse mana curve.

For stopping counterspells: Prowling Serpopard is great, Gaea's Herald is acceptable, maybe Cavern of Souls but ya know, $$$$. Leyline of Lifeforce, Not of This World, possibly Nullstone Gargoyle. There's that.

Regarding removal, Not of This World is good, Swiftfoot Boots and Lightning Greaves are iffy at sorcery speed, Blossoming Defense, Archetype of Endurance, Asceticism, Sheltering Word, Heal the Scars, Heal the Scars, Molting Skin is amazing, Regenerate, Seedling Charm, Vagrant Plowbeasts.

So yeah that's what I got: a lot of the choices here are not very good, but for redundancy I though some may be useful.

HashMasta on Everyone Is a Descendant

1 month ago


As far as playtesting goes, this isn't 100% consistent but when it does go off it is hard to stop if people do not have solid removal. Usually if i get it off turn 3-4, I can win. If someone does have control or a lot of removal, side in some Not of This World to help out with that. Although you can adapt the deck to the local meta of your lgs as you wish. and as far as big creatures, just use whatever you want. I just picked a few baddies to show off. I am not gonna try and promote you to spend all this money on this deck thinking you will win everything, but when it does win, it is quite funny.

S1ydevi1 on Omnath, Locus of Oh So Much Mana

1 month ago

Finally got Omnath in play with Selvala, Heart of the Wilds. It took two turns to get him up to like 80/80 and Crop Rotation for Rogue's Passage and take out opponents one at a time. Surprisingly, no one had answers, but I ended the game with Not of This World and Heroic Intervention in hand, in case they had.

Jagd_Tallgeese on Mayael the Anima Beta

2 months ago

Hey there! I also run a Mayael deck in EDH and trust me, it sees it fair share of hate when it hits the table! A few cards to consider to help protect them from the rabid throngs of players that wish to exile, destroy, bounce, or force you to sacrifice your creatures. Either Privileged Position or Asceticism would be a good way to help protect your creatures. If those are too pricey for your taste, then Rebuff the Wicked or Not of This World can be decent replacements. If you find yourself casting your bigger creatures, then Spellbreaker Behemoth would be a good addition to prevent them from being countered. Hope this helps!

Romer on Flying Technocopter

2 months ago

cyrusthelin: Thank you for all the suggestions! As for adding some solid goodstuff creatures, I tried to stay away from it. I want a big pile of artifacts available so I'm almost guaranteed to hit them early game and be aggressive with my little thopter. I considered a bunch of the usual strong artifact creatures but figured I should stick to the plan and not dilute the deck too much. Having said all that, Steel Hellkite is awfully tempting when I'm so limited in colourless removal options.

I think I'll pass on Batterskull due to my budget and the high CMC/equip costs.

Sword of Fire and Ice is definitely on my list for when budget allows (someday I'll complete full cycle of 5 swords).

Similarly, I'll definitely add a Strip Mine (someday!) instead of the Ghost Quarter I have today. Don't think I'll go the whole Crucible of Worlds route though - it's not really aligned to my master strategy (and if I had a Crucible, I'd toss it in my Azusa deck ).

Lightning Greaves sounds like a good idea - but it's a trap! Shroud prevents you from targeting your own creatures, meaning once I equip the Greaves, I can't equip anything else! So I have to pass on the Greaves (as well as a Whispersilk Cloak).

I had Spine of Ish Sah in here for a bit but then took it out because I only have one sac outlet and without more, the Spine is pretty clunky. Scour from Existence is a little more direct.

calexander: Yours is the original Hope of Ghirapur commander deck! It definitely looks fun, I studied it when I built this deck ;)

TheCatHerder: Whoa - I'm gonna have to think about Surestrike Trident. That could be really tricky, I like it!

I'm Not a Fan of Not of This World. I used to run it in an Eldrazi deck I have but I feel like it's too conditional (and sometimes just win-more) to take up a slot in the deck. The games where I drew the card, it just sat useless in my hand. It wasn't until later game when I was dropping big scary threats and already ahead of everyone that it had any effect. I guess I've been burned on it before and now I'm hesitant to spare a slot for it.

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