Descend upon the Sinful


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Mythic Rare

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Descend upon the Sinful


Exile all creatures.

Delirium — Put a 4/4 white Angel creature token with flying onto the battlefield if there are four or more card types among cards in your graveyard.

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Descend upon the Sinful Discussion

The_Dark_Adonis on Amonkhet's Turbo Fog Primer - V2.3

6 minutes ago

I would have to recommend not putting in Perpetual Timepiece. The only cards you have that interact with your graveyard are Wildest Dreams and Descend upon the Sinful, which is sideboard. Yes it could be useful in games that go 20+ turns but other than that it's likely just dead.

PeeBee on Turbo SunRise

6 days ago

thanks for your comment dough54321, and to answer, we have a few additional win-cons in Rise from the Tides and Gideon of the Trials the 4/4 angel from Descend upon the Sinful and most importantly against decks that run control, Fevered Visions. If this is becoming a problem we will need to sideboard into our control package to make sure some spells resolve. I am going to be changing the deck slightly after tonights FNM, and making the sideboard better against control matchups, as creature based is generally fine with the mainboard cards.

jessiealloverx on Angels, Demons, and Dragons, oh myyy

2 weeks ago

I also recently built a Kaalia deck as my first EDH deck, mine could still use a little fine tuning but I might be able to help you out a bit.

I would agree with the cards that you have on order and the ones that you are trying to replace except maybe Nomad Outpost. If you do want to replace it you could alternatively use Command Tower which would produce the same colour mana but would not come in tapped. I would suggest some more tutor cards, eg. Diabolic Tutor and Beseech the Queen, and some more draw cards may be useful. For example, Damnable Pact, Read the Bones and Tormenting Voice. Some more board wipes may also be useful, eg. Descend upon the Sinful, Hour of Revelation and Fumigate.

I hope this helps, if you would like any more specific comments or suggestions let me know. :)

SteelSentry on Board Wipes

2 weeks ago

Duneblast, In Garruk's Wake, Evacuation is worse than CycRift but playable, Ezuri's Predation will often not kill what you want dead and expensive, All Is Dust.

Deathbringer Regent, Martial Coup, Myojin of Cleansing Fire also work.

Descend upon the Sinful, False Prophet, and Final Judgement exile everything.

Hyperalgialysis on Need help with Nissa Ramp

1 month ago

Make the deck bant and run as many ramp cards as you can. Nissa's Renewal Corrupted Grafstone etc. Toss in like 3 Descend upon the Sinful and 3 Baral's Expertise. The ramp should be enough to let you hard cast nissa for 8 and activate the ability. The board wipes will help you survibe long enough to do so. Blessed Alliance Select for Inspection and Primal Druid can buy you time to get your plan going. The druid will also help you ramp when it dies.

snotice on Samut Selvala infinite combo

1 month ago

First thing you should do is add four lands to the deck to make it EDH legal.

Descend upon the Sinful: don't see how this helps you with 30 creatures in the mainboard.

Consulate Crackdown: I find it too narrow. It doesn't have flash, so when you need it most, it could be too late. Spot removal is typical better.

Paraselene: Like Consulate Crackdown, too narrow in its use.

Captain Sisay: You only have 10 total legend cards in the deck. I think you can find better cards for the theme you are going for.

Before I suggest cards and/or replacements, what is your budget for the deck?

Teal_Fox on Superfriends!

1 month ago

I find Merciless Eviction is just strictly better than Descend upon the Sinful as it is far more versatile. I would also consider adding an Austere Command over Decree of Pain for that same reason, as being able to hate out Enchantments and/or Artifacts when needed is always great.

Is there a specific reason you choose to run Hero's Demise over something like Path to Exile? While I can see the appeal of being able to spot remove Commanders for little mana investment, I don't really understand why you would dedicate a slot to such a narrow focus card when there are alternatives that are arguably better.

Anyway, this deck looks like a load of fun to play and I hope my suggestions are at least a little helpful.

Vayder84 on Kaalia's air sovereignty

1 month ago

With all the different effects your creatures have i would consider throwing in an Odric, Lunarch Marshal, Cloudshift mainly for the art flavor, but the etb retrigger is nice, Planar Outburst boardwipe, Emeria Shepherd get back some useful cards from your graveyard,Descend upon the Sinful art flavor and board wipe,Goldnight Redeemer life gain per creature, and finally Aegis Angel for commander protection.

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