Hostage Taker


Not legal in any format

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Ixalan (XLN) Rare

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Hostage Taker

Creature — Human Pirate

When Hostage Taker enters the battlefield, exile target artifact or creature until Hostage Taker leaves the battlefield. You may cast that card for as long as it remains exiled, and you may spend mana as though it were mana of any type to cast that spell.

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Hostage Taker Discussion

DrukenReaps on Grixis Theft

16 hours ago

Prince of Thralls, Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge

Marchesa, the Black Rose + Grave Betrayal

All the usual blue suspects like Memnarch and Willbreaker.

Endless Whispers if you wanna be funny too.

Some coming out soon Hostage Taker and Captivating Crew

That should get you started.

Argy on Ahoy, Me Hearties!

17 hours ago

XorKoS I don't think you have read the Description for this deck, or playtested it.

It plays like a CONTROL deck, not an Aggro deck at all.

Hence why most of the Creatures act like non-creature spells.

You've missed something rather import about Fell Flagship. Every Pirate in the deck that has 2 Power or more can SOLO Crew it, because it gives them +1/0.

That's OK. It took me a while to get it.

I've been play a Vehicle deck for four seasons now, called Speedway Champions, so I have a LOT of experience with how many Creatures to Vehicles you need in a deck.

The answer is around 17 Creatures for 9 Vehicles.

With Cradle of the Accursed I have 18 Creatures in this deck.

In extensive playtesting, against the type of decks you mention, we have never had problems with lack of Crew members (StuBi has been my playtest partner).

The combat tricks are mostly to protect Crew members, Vehicles, and Hostage Taker. You must remember that this deck has a LOT of Creatures if you count Vehicles.

Thanks for the Comments. I'll keep them in mind while playtesting.

cgannon on Deathcraft

1 day ago

When they're released later this month, I think a copy of Dire Fleet Ravager would do you wonders, as well as Sunbird's Invocation (because pseudo-cascade is always good for shenanigans) and a Hostage Taker.

And, from older sets, not necessarily blinking your creatures, but Rescue from the Underworld and Victimize are fun. And, for actual blinking, there's Deadeye Navigator, Conjurer's Closet and, I don't know how competitive your playgroup is, so you may want to avoid it, but I've had fun with Endless Sands, but if it gets stripped, you're not gonna be happy.

Kizmetto on Ahoy, Me Hearties!

2 days ago

Hostage Taker MVP! Damn that card is so scary to play against, its so good... This deck looks like a lot of fun to pilot! +1 !

soikkam on Treasuret - Board-clogging Treasure Midrange v2

2 days ago

I would love to see your build as soon as you have it ready, it sounds interesting.

Firstly, I went with Metalspinner's Puzzleknot because the loss of life is negligible with so many ways to gain life (and for pretty big amounts) in the deck and we would rather have the card than the Servos.

The synergy with Contraband Kingpin and treasure map also make me feel that Scry/Draw is a lot better for the deck than Scry/Make a 1/1.

The deck used to have 20 lands in it actually! However, with as much as the deck Scrys, Draws, and Scry/Draws, and with as much Treasure/Etherium Cell generation as the deck does, and how fast Improvise costs can come online, I think that 22 lands are the sweet spot. It feels as though as long we are hitting our early drops and efficiently scrying, we can actually play on curve quite consistently. Of course, variance is a bitch and maybe Ive just been getting exceedingly lucky with my opening 7s.

Furthermore, Prophetic Prism doesnt solve the problem of "Lack of Mana", it would only fix our colors if we were running into problems with colorless lands such as Inventors' Fair. The card draw is nice, but this deck draws plenty of cards and the engines that make that possible also have other uses.

Lastly, Ive since tested Herald of Anguish and he just doesnt live or do enough to warrant him a spot. I would likely just play The Scarab God over him if I had the option. Marionette Master has been an amazing bomb, and can win the game the turn we play her. She is synergistic with almost every card we are playing and thats all the deck could ask for.

Once Ixalan arrives, cards like Scarab God, Hazoret the Fervent, and Glorybringer wont have much of a leg to stand on once Vraska's Contempt, Hostage Taker, and Cast Out make overwhelming results. We are aiming to dodge that hate by simply not playing those cards (although, nobody would be wrong for playing those cards, theyll just have to grind it out).

Carnage Tyrant is the only card I can think of that dodges the hate. But thats why we have Bontu's Last Reckoning and Doomfall out of the board.

Argy on Ahoy, Me Hearties!

2 days ago

Hey ROUROU I'm more than happy to hear suggestions.

I may not adopt them all but, even if they don't suit me, they get me to think about the card choices I've made.

You make very good suggestions so ... HIT ME!!

Hostage Taker is sooooo freaking good that I can't believe it. It turns games around. It's not even LEGENDARY. Hence the 4 of.

clayperce that's a good heads up.

Hopefully MTGO sorts its shit out soon.

Gonna be kind of important, coming into this next season.

ROUROU on Ahoy, Me Hearties!

2 days ago

It's a pretty solid deck(+2 if I could). Of course there may be changes, but I wouldn't dare to suggest cards, without knowing your playgroup. As a standard guy, the only thing I HAVE to say, is pre order a couple of Hostage Takers and Sword-Point Diplomacy. They are both sick cards and their prices may spike.

Argy on Ahoy, Me Hearties!

4 days ago

As I said in my description:

"Siren's Ruse can be used to protect a Creature, to allow Hostage Taker to steal another Creature, or for card draw."

It's not used to tilt a combat situation.

The Spirit decks didn't have Hostage Taker.

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