Cryptolith Rite


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Rare

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Cryptolith Rite


Creatures you control have ": Add one mana of any colour to your mana pool."

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Cryptolith Rite Discussion

GoneWithLaw on Mirri - Cat Scratch Fever

14 hours ago

It would seem great minds think alike! Nice deck name you have there. ;D

Cat Scratch Fever - Arahbo EDH

Commander / EDH GoneWithLaw


For real, I do have quite a few things I'd like to suggest quite a few things that should hopefully help you out!

The first item I'd like to point out are a handful of outclassed cards. Sylvan Reclamation in GW is for all intents and purposes strictly better than Relic Crush. Subbing one generic mana for one white mana for both exile AND the option to cycle? Count me in! Dreamstone Hedron does provide two colorless mana, but I feel Mind Stone being potentially dropped earlier makes that a more worthwhile option to me. Grappling Hook is nice when you can force your opponent to block how you like, but if you're going for the double strike option I believe there are better options that can come out earlier and work better to your advantage. Fireshrieker is a cheaper double strike equipment, and Duelist's Heritage can boost your opponents' creatures on turns where they are not so inclined to be attacking you to make your opponents finish each other off more quickly!

One thing worth pointing out is that Mirri isn't dependent on cats. While there are plenty of cats and cat-based cards that work well with Mirri, don't be afraid to tip your toes outside of the tribal focus a little bit here. Oketra's Monument is a good example of a card that can boost your strategies with non-Cat creatures. Other cards that work well would be Martial Coup, Secure the Wastes, and Elspeth, Sun's Champion. While a little costly on the mana side of things, Hornet Queen provides great flying defense that this deck typically lacks. These token producers would also allow you to take greater advantage of Skullclamp (or Mentor of the Meek if you choose to add it as well) for some nice card draw.

While Hornet Queen is fresh on the mind, I'd like to point out Sandwurm Convergence as another great defense against flying decks.

Tribal vs non-tribal aside, let's talk about how to tap Mirri outside of combat. You'll want to get her tapped every turn you have her out, but sometimes swinging away just isn't a viable option. Cards like Cryptolith Rite and Glare of Subdual allow you to get plenty of non-combat utility out of Mirri as you enable her. Don't forget lands that tap your creatures, including Survivors' Encampment. Cards with Convoke can also be beneficial, especially with all the token generators you have. Chord of Calling and Obelisk of Urd are probably the two best for your deck.

Fun fact, if you're looking for a cheap and on-theme infinite combo. Combine Cryptolith Rite, Oketra's Monument, Whitemane Lion, and Leonin Battlemage for an infinite number of tokens and an infinitely large creature!

In regards to your manabase, I have two concerns: I believe there are too many ETB tapped lands, and you don't have enough ramp.

For the ramp side, you should look to squeeze in Selesnya Signet and Talisman of Unity - they are great to drop early, and allow you to drop Mirri as early as turn 2! Getting some redundancy in your deck with Kodama's Reach wouldn't be too remiss of you either... wouldn't you want to double your chances of drawing into Cultivate early?

For the lands, the only ones you're running that enter tapped that I'm a fan of are Path of Ancestry and Selesnya Sanctuary. While the other provide solid fixing, being set back a turn on mana when you should be aiming to generate as much as possible to get your token production up can really slow you down. More basics, and cheap duals like Sunpetal Grove, Fortified Village, Canopy Vista, and Temple of Plenty that either enter untapped under the right conditions, or at least provide some extra utility, I believe would be preferential. To put it in perspective, would you rather gain 1 life, or scry 1? Would you rather have a guildgate, or Scattered Groves that does the same thing, but can be cycled AND more easily fetched?

In addition to that fixing, more utility lands would also be worthwhile for you. Hashep Oasis and more relevantly Shefet Dunes provide mana for you while also giving you the option of pumping your creatures. I personally run other cards in my own Arahbo deck like Homeward Path and Scavenger Grounds as well, but you could tailor those to your personal meta.

I'd also like to discuss putting some redundancy in your deck.

When it comes to your commander, Mirri is nice since she locks down combat, but there are other options here that can perform similar roles! Crawlspace provides a similar protection effect, although it allows two creatures attacking and not one. Citadel Siege allows you tap one of your opponents' creatures each turn, so they can only ever attack you with their second best option! On the offensive side, Krosan Vorine is another cat(!!!) that with provoke forces your opponent into bad blocks. Likewise, Odric, Master Tactician provides similar combat control.

I notice you have a pretty heavy equipment focus, but with the amount of token generation that Mirri benefits from, more anthem-esque effects like Mirari's Wake and Marshal's Anthem would be appreciated. Two that I can think of off the bat would be Spear of Heliod and Bow of Nylea. Both provide excellent utility outside of their offensive boosts. If you have Mirri and the Spear out, 3 open mana means your opponent KNOWS that their creature can die that turn. Likewise, the Bow makes blocks even tougher even WITHOUT Mirri, not to mention it's such a Swiss Army Knife otherwise!

The last thing I'd like to cover are you win conditions. Going wide with your tokens is critical to your strategy, so let's find a way to take maximum advantage of that. Throne of the God-Pharaoh and Jazal Goldmane stand out to me as some of your best finishers, but we can add more. If you have the budget for it, Craterhoof Behemoth is one of the best token finishers out there, but if you're looking for a cheaper option (albeit slightly weaker), Decimator of the Provinces provides a similar Overrun effect on a body. I'm a big fan of infect, so Triumph of the Hordes is something I would include in my own Mirri deck, as it's such an efficient blowout card. I can understand if you're not keen on infect, though. Finally, True Conviction can quickly turn games around when you'd otherwise be down and out thanks to the massive lifegain it provides, not to mention board-wide double strike often being enough to end games.

I know I went on and on here, but I do help this was of help to you! Please, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


kanokarob on Deceiver of Form Combo

17 hours ago

It That Betrays is much more cruel, but Pathrazer of Ulamog is a better target for two reasons.

A: Pathrazer has Annihilator 3, so the copies will hit more things total, leaving less possibility of them having just enough resources to do something the rest of the game.

B: Pathrazer has triple menace, keeping the opponent from just saccing off their lands, chump blocking, and killing me on the backswing with tokens or whatever.

It that betrays is better if I expect the game to go longer. Pathrazer is better because it makes the game not have to go longer.

As for mana dorks, yes I did consider them, but as the creature-mana is only slightly relevant and therefore Cryptolith Rite is fine enough, and as I'm playing Eldrazi Temples anyway and Brood Monitor is 4 creatures for 6 mana, but only takes up four deck slots, it seemed like the better option to me.

COUGARMEAT on Double Ascendancy Combo Shenanigans!

1 day ago

I'm working on a version and I found myself going off, then having to pass with a board full of pumped creatures wanting to make mana or smash face. Extra instances of haste have helped out a bunch. Samut, Voice of Dissent is a decent body for when things aren't going your way and feels better than having a 2nd Temur Ascendancy. I agree that granting haste is prioritized lower than Cryptolith Rite and Jeskai Ascendancy, but It's still how the deck goes off and wins in the same turn.

Also, Opt is an all-star in this deck! Give it a try over glimmer or something.

BSP on i have no clue what im doing dragons

2 days ago

Tyrannical Fury!!!

That's my casual build of Karrthus. My mana base isn't too expensive but works pretty well. I highly suggest you run at least 37 lands.

Recommended additions: Wood Elves, Cultivate, Dragon Tempest, Scourge of Valkas

Cards I recommended you take out:

Grave Upheaval -> take this out and up your land count

Crucible of Fire -> this isn't a bad card but I think anthem's are better when you make 3+ bodies per turn that will benefit from said anthem. You have to pump dragons out 1 by 1, making this card to slow imo.

Diabolic Revelation - 6 mana to tutor 1 card? If you can't get Demonic Tutor, run Increasing Ambition over this.

Mogis, God of Slaughter - Mogis doesn't help your dragons and will, at most, be a slight nuisance to your opponents. This could be something like Skyshroud Claim which would help you get your dragons out faster.

Cryptolith Rite - similar to the crucible, I don't think you'll be churning out bodies enough to make this card worth it. How about Farseek instead?

I'll add more thoughts later, got work to do now.

spectrevr4 on [PRIMER] Death & Staxes: Competitive Meren EDH

1 week ago

So to give you an update I did run a small 3 way game tonight with some changes done to my Meren deck against Nazahn, Revered Bladesmith and Phenax, God of Deception It came down to what I feel was a bad call where Nazahn was equipted with a bunch of equipment at the same time and I missed being able to activate my Icy Manipulator to keep it from attacking for 22 points of commander damage with Myriad which won the game. The person playing it had equipped Swiftfoot Boots as part of it's equiptment along with 4 other pieces of equiptment at the same time so it had Shroud and I couldn't tap it. Normally I would have been able to tap it in response to the equipment being equipped but due to a timing snafu and how the payer equipped everything at once I just let it go but I gotta admint I'm a little salty about it..Phenax on the other hand was completely shut out and was just collecting mana and watching the battle between me and Nazahn. The deck definately plays a lot different than it use to with the changes I made however I am still missing some of the key pieces I want to have in it to make it really speed up. I didn't get a single mana dork as a drop or Cryptolith Rite and found that the biggest amount of damage I was doing was by using Entomb + Eternal Witness + Phyrexian Altar and was constantly pulling things into my graveyard to pull them back with Meren. I was constantly running some sort of - counters to kill indestructible creatures this way which kept things at a stalemate for roughly 4 hours...for 1 match..I was just getting things really under control and could have pulled ahead within the next few rounds as I started cycling Army of the Damned + Dictate of Erebos + Phyrexian Altar and was keeping the board whiped clean...In fact I was going to tron myslef with Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger who was in my graveyard and would have been put into the battlefield on my next turn. Instead of being a tool about it though I just told the other player that next time they equip a bunch of things all a once they should instead equip them one at a time and ask if they resolve or if there are responses at each stage as a courtesy. But anyhow that was tonight's showing and I will have to continue with the changes and let you know how it evolves....I gotta say though it still seems a little clunky to me...and like it's always fighting from behind against faster decks...but maybe its just that I'm not playing it right or that it just needs more streamlining from where it is now...Here is the current list.

spectrevr4 on Plunder the Graves Upgrade 3.0 (Stax)

1 week ago

Will be Removing Abhorrent Overlord, Verdurous Gearhulk, Necrotic Ooze, Black Market, and Into the Wilds. in their place I will be adding in Fyndhorn Elves, Elves of Deep Shadow, Priest of Titania, Cryptolith Rite, and Creakwood Liege This will give me a total of 9 Elves in the deck for Priest of Titania to work off of and 5 of them can produce mana on their own without other effects. Adding in Cryptolith Rite makes everything produce mana which takes away the need for Black Market and Into the Wilds This frees up a spot which also allows me to introduce Creakwood Liege as a replacement to Verdurous Gearhulk. It is smaller, but in the end has more value. It buffs everything, has a lower cmc, and creates tokens that I can use for sac outlets or blocking fodder. Making these changes should streamline things a lot more as well as introduces a viable ramp to the deck in conjunction with the previous changes. I'm starting to see a very interesting turn in this deck design thanks to the help of another Meren Stacks player Firestorm4056 here on the site.

KeroroLulu on Sidisi, brood tyrant [EDH, Reanimator]

1 week ago

Hi ay.lobo I changed my deck with your advice in mind, I take out Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, Meren of Clan Nel Toth, Tombstone Stairwell and Cryptolith Rite. Finally it's maybe better like that

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