Cryptolith Rite


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Rare

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Cryptolith Rite


Creatures you control have ": Add one mana of any colour to your mana pool."

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Cryptolith Rite Discussion

TheRedGoat on Don't Be So Elvish! I Have Enough To Share!!!!!

5 hours ago

To be fair, there are far easier, and less rule questioning, ways to get infinite mana than with Devoted Druid.

For instance both Sword of the Paruns and Umbral Mantle can make any of your high mana producers go infinite such as with Elvish Archdruid to name just one. But a cleverly placed Elvish Guidance can also go infinite just with either of the above artifacts and Arbor Elf.

Wirewood Lodge and something like your cradle, or even just Maze of Ith and a basic land (mid combat only on that one), are also able to go infinite with Argothian Elder, but I'll admit those might be a bit of a stretch to utilize. However it is technically more likely to be assembled due to green having land tutors, as opposed to artifact tutors.

Bare minimum you can throw in Ancestral Statue and have that Paradox Engine go infinite right? Though you may wish to include a Cryptolith Rite somewhere if you do.

RJGiel on Sigarda humans/tokens

1 day ago

This advice is for going full Human Tribal, so no soldiers and spirits.

JaysomeDecks on The Hated Tokens of Ulasht

1 day ago

Ivy Lane Denizen. Each counter you take off of Ulasht to make a token with puts a counter right back on her. This lets you create as many tokens as you have mana.

I'd also like to emphasize the already suggested Earthcraft. Being able to tap a creature for mana the turn it comes in is amazing benefit. I run both a Marath, Will of the Combo and a Ghave, Guru of Combos deck, so I can attest to its usefulness, as well as its superiority to Cryptolith Rite. (Though I would likely say run both)

Also, Mana Echoes generates an obscene amount of colorless mana. If that's something you think you can use or not is up to you.

Garhan on The Hated Tokens of Ulasht

1 day ago

Ah a fellow token abuser... Well, for all that's worth, i'd suggest a good old squirrel combo with Squirrel Nest and Earthcraft! Where the first can get you a free token for a land tap, the latter is basically a better version of Cryptolith Rite (as long as you have at least a basic), for the tokens can be tapped on the same turn they enter the battlefield... And well, together they simply overrun any opponent with an infinite army of squirrels!

Then, i usually play a Craterhoof Behemoth, with some tokens you can bypass any defense.

I'd suggest also an Eldrazi Monument, for when you have a good generation of tokens and want them to fly up in the sky.

Other cards... Second Harvest is good, a little situational though; Awakening Zone and From Beyond are a reliable source of tokens AND mana, but to fully exploit the second one you should run an eldrazi (which, in my opinion, is never a bad choice).

Dark_Danda on EDH: Rhys, the Redeemed - Time For Some Leg-Ass-Y

1 day ago

Thanks for the suggestion thecakeisalie42! You are totally right! First I thought forest against forest that taps a turn later, why?!

But yeah, actually it is a creature that taps for Earthcraft/Cryptolith Rite/Symbiotic Deployment and untaps for Paradox Engine though I wouldn't want it on my start hand.


rhystictutor on Ghave, Guru of Spores

1 day ago

And here are some spells (sorry for not compiling all this into one post)

oh yeah, Cryptolith Rite is really good in token decks.

Cipher_8 on Standard Zombie Tokens | Amonkhet

3 days ago

Actually every creature in play is a green mana thanks to Cryptolith Rite and yeah I gotta put something in to get it on the board. I forgot about that.

lagotripha on Complete Manifesto

3 days ago

I can see where this is going, and I like it, but there are two major hurdles to cross. One is that your curve drops a lot of creatures on to the battlefield a little late, and they don't have the immediate board presence to offset this loss- this isn't Gatekeeper of Malakir stuff- eternal witness is a great card but its just a bear the turn you play it, and that is unlikely to be enough to survive in this fast-paced metagame.

The second issue is unreliable mana- your lands are entering untapped which is essential for creature based aggro, but are not providing multiple colours, effectively leaving multiple cards in your hand blank.

I'd reccomend adding the following, and cutting the number of cards that don't have an immediate impact on the game.

Budget - Avacyn's Pilgrim Honored Hierarch Magus of the Vineyard Wild Cantor Bloodlust Inciter Boros Elite Doomed Traveler Ulvenwald Tracker Experiment One Knight of the White Orchid etc.

Less budget -Karplusan Forest Rootbound Crag Sunpetal Grove Clifftop Retreat Cryptolith Rite Inspiring Vantage.

Don't talk about the price - Noble Hierarch Knight of the Reliquary+fetches Horizon Canopy Blood Moon etc. Just look at tournament lists at this point. All lists including this type of card have been largely explored and optimised, so its not much worth mucking around with.

I'd reccomend cryptolith over prismatic, because you need the added acceleration if you're sacrificing a turn to play it in a deck that wants to be attacking and casting bigger stuff. That said, you could just play token spells in those slots or some more lands. It doesn't look as flashy, but it keeps the deck running smoothly without 'loosing' a turn.

You can make the deck a lot, lot more stable by leaving a colour to later in the game, only including a single basic and alternative ways of producing the mana, allowing you to reliably cast creatures turns 1-2-3. You aren't pumping out hoardes of goblin or elemental tokens or abusing flicker for impact tremors to be super effective, so leaving the only red spells as Kessig Malcontents as a finishing blow in an otherwise green/white list will be a lot more reliable. Swap kytheon and twin bolt main to sideboard- you might want to keep the impact tremors there if you face a lot of Fog effects.

Borderland ranger is too expensive mana wise for what it does- Harrow is an instant and leaves two lands untapped and better creatures are out there to fix mana. There are better cards for that slot.

All told, playtest, look at what other people are doing and most of all, have fun!

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