Cryptolith Rite


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Rare

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Cryptolith Rite


Creatures you control have ": Add one mana of any colour to your mana pool."

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Cryptolith Rite Discussion

CapV on Standard 'Renegade Rallier' Combo Deck

1 day ago

mh ... i'm not sure if you can get infinite mana with this?! - how exactly should this work? - cause to flicker with either the Eldrazi Displacer or to bring it back to your hand with Alley Evasion you need either w or colorless, wich you can't get with the same creatures you are flickering, with Cryptolith Rite since they get the ability which they are effected with summoning sickness and can't tap.

HerculesMorse on Complete Manifesto

6 days ago

Expensive yes but for good reason. I have them in my Naya deck and am sooo glad I do. Another option (albeit fraught with suckiness) is Cryptolith Rite

Murphy77 on Eternal Displaceness (finite combo flicker)

6 days ago

How about Cryptolith Rite? Tap creatures for mana, then blink Eternal Witness and one other creature using Displace. Return Displace to your hand using Eternal Witness - tap for mana - blink.....

The cherry on the top will be Panharmonicon doubling up on ETB effects. I would definitely drop 2 creatures to add 2 Panharmonicon

Another card that might work if your cmc curve was a bit lower is Lifecrafter's Bestiary

TheAlexGnan on G/W

6 days ago

Since you yourself have talked about Windswept Heath, and fortunately its not the most expensive fetchland, I'll go ahead and propose a mana base with it:

4x Windswept Heath

2x Stirring Wildwood

4x Temple Garden

3x Sunpetal Grove

4x Forest

3x Plains

In your Colors, Horizon Canopy is an Option, albeit a very expensive one.

Unflinching Courage is pretty terrible. if you want an effect like this, Basilisk Collar is the way to go.

Generally speaking, i think 5drop planeswalkers are too greedy, even with acceleration. The only reason you would Need Cryptolith Rite is to cast them, and rite is just a bad Card in many situations.

I would dop all 4 Cards that occupy those Slots and work on redundancy, or possibly include some Kitchen Finks. you could max out on Voice of Resurgence too, its really powerful.

Doomed Traveler might also be worth a thought. it becomes Spectral Procession with Parallel Lives.

Keos027 on Eldrazi Lords

6 days ago

I knew that Drowner was a bit of a stretch though I still wanted to mention it.

Ruination Guide though seems a bit out of place. I feel like it does not contribute to the goal of the deck, which is to get Spawnsire of Ulamog down on the field and 'ultimating'. If you went for the Scion beatdown, maybe. So Eldrazi Skyspawner could take its place. It is a flyer, can put some pressure/chump and get you a Scion for mana.

I'd probably replace Privileged Position for Cryptolith Rite since hexproof on a wideboard isn't that necessary. Indestructible from Eldrazi Monument protect from boardwipe. You might not need 4 Rite either.

Piroshade on Eldrazi Lords

1 week ago

Keos027 what do you suggest to take out for Cryptolith Rite?

As far as Eldrazi Skyspawner and Drowner of Hope I can see where your coming from but I can't think of anything I would replace for those. The Skyspawner would be great for flying defense witch I lack. And Drowner is too costly for the outcome IMO.

Thank you for your input.

Keos027 on Eldrazi Lords

1 week ago

Cryptolith Rite goes quite well with Scions and Spawn as you can get 2 mana with each token (tap + sacrifice).

I would probably put other Scion generating creatures like Eldrazi Skyspawner and/or Drowner of Hope. They are good creatures and help with your plan.

marquiseus on Emerging Kaladesh

1 week ago

add some counter magic and protection maybe a Hedron Archive or two or Cryptolith Rite I really dig it tho my favorite color combo

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