Always Watching


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Rare

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Always Watching


Non-token creatures you control gain +1/+1 and vigilance.

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Always Watching Discussion

Valzasaurus on Gothic Horror//Body Horror

3 days ago

Looking at this, Intangible Virtue is a bit underpowered since you don't make a whole lot of tokens fast. Always Watching would probably be a better card as it works for all your nontoken cards instead

jamesdunsterville on Tooled-up Angels

5 days ago

Many thanks for the comments Chasmolinker - all sounds like good advice :)

Knight of the White Orchid is in the maybeboard only until I can get some copies, then was planning to mainboard it as you suggest.

Knight of Meadowgrain looks good, didn't know about that card, definitely one to shop for.

Honor of the Pure looks OK (and cheap to cast) but Always Watching and Radiant Destiny were intended more for the vigilance than the +1/+1 (though both is nice). I only have 1 copy of Always Watching , hence the inclusion of Radiant Destiny - I am thinking maybe get a second Always Watching and drop Radiant Destiny completely.

R.C. on The Pantheon

5 days ago

You make a good point. And I guess Archetype of Endurance would also play to Kestia's advantage and would give me a creature to return back with Hanna, Ship's Navigator or Open the Vaults. I was just worried about it's mana cost. And I would need to buy one haha. Privileged Position is a little out of my current budget.

I didn't think of Always Watching ! That would totally help me keep blockers up as well as give me a boost in Devotion (hopefully).

borosdrunkard on The Pantheon

5 days ago

Curator's ward would make sense for that very reason in any format other than commander. As a multiplayer format, in my experience I have found targeted-removal to be less common than board wipes. Hexproof has less impact here because effects like Planar Cleansing and Merciless Eviction ignore it anyway. It's still great, don't get me wrong - but maybe Archetype of Endurance or maybe even Privileged Position if you want to go the protection route?

That said, your deck is aggressive - be aggressive!! Maybe replace with something like Always Watching instead to benefit from those big beefy beats you'll be dishing out ;)

babushkasara on Moors

5 days ago

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think it has too much ramp. I count 10 mana rocks, 7 Cultivate effects, 1 mana doubler, 5 things that reduce the cost of creatures/dragons, a Savage Ventmaw, and a Sarkhan. That's A LOT. I think having five cost reducers might be overkill as having more than one on the field doesn't often give you full value.

Instead, (I know you said the land base was unfinished, so potentially ignore this part) I would go to something like 37 lands and slightly fewer ramp effects. I particularly don't love the creature-based reduction like Dragonlord's Servant and Dragonspeaker Shaman because those are so easily killed. I'd also remove Pillar of Origins because there's a lot more non-Dragon spells in the deck than Dragon spells. Commander's Sphere would be a good replacement.

This brings me to another big point: card draw. This deck has very little. Harmonize, Rishkar's Expertise, and Elemental Bond are all good inclusions that I highly recommend.

Other good cards: Always Watching and Radiant Destiny let your dragons both attack and play defense. Sarkhan's Unsealing is a disgustingly good card in a deck like this.

Chasmolinker on Tooled-up Angels

5 days ago

Knight of the White Orchid seems good for ramping into your spells ahead of curve. Your mana curve is pretty stacked at the high end. I would move Knight of Grace to the side board and put Knight of Meadowgrain in its place. Honor of the Pure over Always Watching .

I would also add a fourth Novice Knight and cut Blackblade Reforged and/or Rogue's Gloves for Runed Stalactite

hfrulani on Orzhov Vamps - 1 life for me, -1 life for you

2 weeks ago

ZolvaNation, now I get it! Niiiice! Always Watching would work way better than Radiant Destiny. Definitely gonna buy it!

ZolvaNation on Orzhov Vamps - 1 life for me, -1 life for you

2 weeks ago

hfrulani the Harsh Sustenance that i recommended i use it in sideboard if im facing with any board wipes. There is also a better version of your enchantment Radiant Destiny's called Always Watching same cost but you have a extra white then generic mana

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