Mana Vault


Mana Vault doesn't untap during your untap step.

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may pay . If you do, untap Mana Vault.

At the beginning of your draw step, if Mana Vault is tapped, it deals 1 damage to you.

: Add to your mana pool.

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Mana Vault Discussion

loricatuslupus on Still Better than Dan Brown...

19 hours ago

Ok, thanks for all the suggestions Demarge! I think I've actually looked at your deck for ideas previously. Yeah obviously Mind Stone should be Sol Ring, I moved a copy to another deck as I thought I'd found one a Judge one and then the deal fell through but I forgot to replace it. Dark Ritual is good but in this deck the ramp is limited because it only provides triple black, which doesn't help me cast Kaalia. If I'm going to go that way it'll be when I can afford to invest in a Chrome Mox or perhaps Mana Crypt/Mana Vault (again, my copies are in another deck atm). Rakdos the Defiler I'm not sold on. While a double trigger on a hit would be good I'm relying on using him with Kaalia to avoid sacking my own stuff, and can't stop that happening any time I want to attack after the first. Also with both him, Mother of Runes and Dragon Mage I'm not sure who to cut. I like all the creatures I run already and at the moment the only one I'd lose is Anya, for Belzenlok. Boros Charm is super strong though, don't know how I overlooked that!

Oloro_Magic on KIngWiggins

1 day ago

I am most interested in the Mana Vault, the Pact of Negation, and the Spellskite I see you have. Of the other stuff the Crystal Vein, Geier Reach Sanitarium and Tormod's Crypt. Hopefully we can find some things to get a few of these

fasmith718 on Humble Brago EDH

2 days ago
  1. Sol Ring -> Azorius Keyrune: Taking out Sol Ring bc it's oppressive. Kind of a soft ban.
  2. Azorius Cluestone -> Ojutai Monument: Having a 4/4 dragon available is better than a single card draw when we have mana to burn.
  3. Mana Vault -> Basalt Monolith: moving towards 3 drop ramp to synergize with Trophy Mage.
  4. Auramancer -> Ironclad Slayer: Auramancer may technically have more targets, but the slayer hits our 3 hexproof/shroud equipment, which is more valuable than most of the non-aura enchantments. Plus Sun Titan gets many if not all of them back as well.
  5. Wingmate Roc -> Keeper of Keys: Roc conceptually has good value, but it relies on Raid. Keeper provides card draw as well as mass evasion for finishing.
  6. Ugin's Insight -> Recurring Insight: originally replaced with Trial of Knowledge and while that card is good, I wanted non-etb card draw effects in case of Torpor Orb or similar etb hate.

Cloudius on We Love Freebies! *Primer*

6 days ago


Good call! The tutors in the Maybeboard are there cause I currently do not own a copy or can't afford one at the moment. They're certainly going in once I manage to secure them.

Hatred never crossed my mind as I was too preoccupied with combo base finishes for this deck. It's an interesting alternative to win.

Aminatou, the Fateshifter was in my first cut but I subsequently axed her because, being creatureless, I've very limited ways to protect my Planeswalker from combat damage (besides blocking with Yennett). My view of Aminatou, is that she needs to stick around longer to accrue incremental value from the use of her abilities. Her "Blink" ability is useful to help me reset my Mana Vault and Grim Monolith when I was play testing her, so that's a plus point.

Liliana Vess gives me instant value by tutoring a card to top of library (usually Nexus of Fate or Expropriate) for Yennett to cast them for free. Tezzeret the Seeker functions as a 5 CMC artifact tutor that can retire after he fetches me the desired artifact, so I'm not too worried about protecting him.

Thanks for the suggestions and help. Keep the ideas flowing mate, looking forward to more "quirky and odd" ideas for this eccentric deck.

JohnnyCRO on The Nope Pope

1 week ago


Glad you like it! Being as much of a control fan as I am, I always wanted to make something in Azorius colors and here is my first try. This will go through many changes before getting to the building phase, if I end up building it at all since it's only a first draft, but the general direction is here.

I'm not that excited about Ballista in here. X-spells double as wincons and ways for me to replenish my hand. Ballista is completely dead outside of combo, and I don't have enough artifact synergy to make it worth it IMHO. Trinket mage and artifact lands sound more like it though. So far I've often used Tezzeret to tutor for Sol ring/Top and I can see how this guy could help me there. Plus this could finally "force" me to buy a Mana Vault. At that point the Voltaic Key sounds better and that brings us to Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth combo... I'm unsure about how much artifact lands would help, but as long as I'm not playing Back to Basics, and I eventually might, I might as well play those.

Thank you for dropping by, it means a lot!

Rhadamanthus on Can Platinum Emperion prevent Life ...

1 week ago

Most of the answers to your question are in Platinum Emperion's reminder text: "You can't gain or lose life. You can't pay any amount of life except 0."

You don't gain life from the abilities on Zacama, Primal Calamity, Wurmcoil Engine, Verdant Sun's Avatar, or Dragonlord Dromoka. You don't lose life when you're dealt damage by Mana Vault or Ruric Thar, the Unbowed. You're not allowed to pay life to activate fetch lands, to let a shockland enter untapped, or to keep extra cards from Sylvan Library.

BMHKain on Can Platinum Emperion prevent Life ...

1 week ago

Platinum Emperion

I'm currently working on a Mayael the Anima Deck. Some cards manipulate life in some way. Such things include Shocklands, Fetchlands, Zacama, Primal Calamity, Wurmcoil Engine, Verdant Sun's Avatar, Dragonlord Dromoka, Sylvan Library, Mana Vault, & Ruric Thar, the Unbowed. Based on these Rulings...

1/1/2011 The ability doesn’t prevent damage. Rather, it changes the results of that damage. For example, if a creature with lifelink deals damage to you, you won’t lose any life, but its controller will still gain that much life. Similarly, if a creature you control with lifelink deals damage to another player, that player will lose life but you won’t gain any life. Notably, if a creature with infect deals damage to you, you’ll get that many poison counters.

1/1/2011 Abilities that trigger whenever damage is dealt to you will still trigger because that damage is still dealt, even though your life total doesn’t change as a result.

1/1/2011 Spells and abilities that would normally cause you to gain or lose life still resolve, but the life-gain or life-loss part simply has no effect.

1/1/2011 You can’t pay a cost that includes the payment of any amount of life other than 0 life.

How would each aforementioned card work? From there, I'll decide what stays in the deck...

Thanks, just in case one answers this huge wall...

Kaleo42 on Drawing Your Last Breath

1 week ago

So I notice your group's ban list is focused on the "feel bad" cards like game warping fatties and land destruction. This means your land is relatively safe and a deck focused on drawing cards can easily function on 34 or 35. I would build it with 33 but I see you want to get to a few select top end cards. I would cut these lands in order: Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep, Rakdos Carnarium, Izzet Boilerworks, Crosis's Catacombs, and Dimir Aqueduct.

High cost cards can be fun but it's important to balance their impact with the fact that drawing too many of them can stunt your game play. Cruel Ultimatum immediately jumps out at me as a fun card but ultimately lacking in the impact. Targeting a single player and being super heavy both in cmc and color requirements makes the risk to reward ratio not in your favor.

Jaya and Nicol Bolas both fall in a similar camp of cost outweighing their impact. Of the two a greater argument can be made for Jaya pumping out spells and drawing cards but that triple red is rough. Keep in mind the big goal here is to force draw absurd amounts of cards, each high cost and color intense spell you hit is a speed bump in that card drawing engine.

Dominus of Fealty and Thraximundar are a pretty high cost to invest into things that are off strategy. Nezahal, Primal Tide is in a similar boat but if your play group creates a need for a 7/7 uncounterable then it’s a fine inclusion. Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker is strategy adjacent but the slot can probably be put to better use. I also don’t like Guiltfeeder but I recognize that is likely do to my meta shaping my opinion of it.

Cards I would look at adding

Toxic Deluge over Flaying Tendrils for similar slot but higher power level.

Time Spiral over Time Reversal since it's lower cmc and much stronger.

Vampiric Tutor and maybe Imperial Seal would help smooth out the deck's performance.

Swiftfoot Boots are better than General's Kabuto.

Anvil of Bogardan I am surprised isn't already in here.

I would run Izzet Guildmage over Nivix Guildmage if you want the dual casting. I don't think you need the looting at that mana cost.

Waste Not does beautiful things with all the wheels on this bus. In the same vein Liliana's Caress and Megrim would be fun.

Memory Jar is another great wheel.

Psychosis Crawler is too on strategy not to include.

Sunder is great in decks like this but your group would probably ban it in a heartbeat based on your current ban list.

Reverberate, Twincast, and Dualcaster Mage can act as counterspells and double your wheels among other things.

You’re already fairly deep in artifacts so a mana rock ramp package would massively increase speed and consistency. Sol Ring, Mana Crypt, (maybe) Mana Vault, Rakdos Signet, Dimir Signet, Izzet Signet, Thought Vessel, Chrome Mox, and Mox Diamond.

Jace, the Mindsculptor, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip, and if I am reading your meta correctly Ob Nixilis Reignited would be good walkers to include.

Vandalblast if your playgroup uses a healthy amount of artifact ramp.

Spell Pierce, Flusterstorm, Mana Drain, and Swan Song are the only counters I would recommend because I can see that’s not the direction you want to go too deep into.

Dark Ritual and Cabal Ritual are great at getting your pacing off on the right foot and Past in Flames could really tie it all together.

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