Dragon Tempest


Whenever a creature with flying enters the battlefield under your control, it gains haste until end of turn.

Whenever a Dragon enters the battlefield under your control, it deals X damage to target creature or player, where X is the number of Dragons you control.

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Dragon Tempest Discussion

HungryWampa on The Ur Dragon's Raging Rainbow Friends

8 hours ago

I am curious as to why you aren't running Scourge of Valkas? It has fantastic synergy with Utvara Hellkite, Dragon Broodmother, and Dragon Tempest. Personally I would have it replaceNiv-Mizzet, Dracogenius, because it offers far more ability damage, and it's cheaper. The only drawback(get it?:P)is you don't get the card advantage he offers, but you still have several other options available to you for that already, so its not hurting you very much in that regard.

shinobigarth on Monument Drain (Ultra jank edition)

2 days ago

i found something to do with 0 drop creatures. Dragon Tempest + Arcane Adaptation, naming dragons. 0 CMC dragons. you only need 6 between your Memnites, Ornithopters, Endless Ones and whatever other 0 drops for 21 damage. it doesnt even matter if it sticks around or dies.

NinjaFist on Commander 2017: getting ahead of ...

6 days ago

It's probably a safe bet that anything that is currently in standard won't be included in these sets, since they usually have different design teams and are made around the same time, so yes, you should probably pick up a copy of Pride Sovereign and Regal Caracal since I can almost guarantee you that they're not going to be in there. In the same line, commander products rarely contain planeswalkers, so picking up copies of nearly any of the Sorin or Ajani walkers is possibly a safe hit. I suspect if they were to put any one planeswalker in this set it would be Sorin, Lord of Innistrad, as he was printed far back enough to warrant a reprint and best fits his tribe out of any of the other candidates.

As far as Captivating Vampire goes, I have absolutely no clue. Since The Ur-Dragon already gives you a cost reduction on dragons, I suspect Dragonspeaker Shaman may not be included, but I feel that Dragonlord's Servant will be taking its place, due to most of the dragons only being 2/3 generic mana in addition to the colored mana. Just a hunch though. I also have a rather large itch in my side telling me that they won't be including Utvara Hellkite, as it may be a little too much for a pre-con environment. That thing with the already spoiled Scourge of Valkas closes out games very quickly if they aren't answered. Speaking of Scourge, since it was spoiled, it probably means they aren't going to be putting Dragon Tempest in the deck, as a redundant Scourge also ends games very quickly.

Super speculations glasses off, what we really need to be stocking up on is Chaospheres and Mystic Decrees, thar be dragons and vampires heading this way! (And I guess Maze of Ith for the cats with shiny things tapped to their backs...) You distract them while I'm over here shoving nonsense into this cage of mine...

Janiwimbo on "Dragon" Tempest

1 week ago

Hi there!

I've made a deck with a similar combo in mind. You should check it out here: Tempest over Thunderbreak's nest

But I really like what you did here with Tempest and the shapeshifters. The addition of blue mana to the deck opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Definitely loving Essence Flux and Twinflame in there! I can't add essence flux, but I'll definitely be giving twinflame a test run in my own deck.

One question though, the way Mutavault's ability works I thought it will not trigger Dragon Tempest because it becomes a dragon when already on the battlefield, it doesn't really enter the battlefield again, does it?

But looks like a great deck to play. Thanks for sharing, it's interesting to see how this mechanic can have different approaches in deckbuilding.

dbpunk on Commander 2017 - Spoilers

1 week ago

DarkLaw be thankful New Blood is for vampires and not dragons. Otherwise, you'd just see way more Dragon Tempest/Scourge of Valkas shit going down.

DarkLaw on Commander 2017 - Spoilers

1 week ago

Territorial Hellkite reminds me of Archwing Dragon, but they're strong in different areas. Archwing triggers Dragon Tempest and similar cards multiple times, is more reliable, and is immune to sorceries (mainly wraths). Hellkite is better in terms of raw damage and doesn't need to be recast (though in my experience, this wasn't so much of a downside for Archwing).

The Karmic Justice dragon is pretty much a Thunderbreak Regent scaled better for commander.

Winterblast Thing is, the combo you mentioned seems to require one of a couple of cheap creatures (not a huge problem, GW has cheap creature tutors) and a pump spell or two ending in exactly Berserk (a bigger problem to find cheaply). Plus, it only "kills" one person, if that, and leaves you very vulnerable, since you got rid of your creature and a few cards in hand to "kill" just one person.

As for Scion combos, the lucky thing is that the reanimation suite is pretty large and versatile, so you have several lines and cards to work with, as well as access to cheap black tutors which fetch ANYTHING (unlike GW). If you actually have the mana (Wizards has printed an unhealthy amount of fast mana before realising it wasn't a good idea), you can straight-up cast (or find a way to cast) Scion, who poses a lethal threat by itself. Also, Scion combos do kill opponents, often in the multiples, while your cat combo either kills just one opponent or leaves them almost dead.

The cat's good, perhaps even great, but not insanely good.

HOPMONSTER on One More Red Nightmare

2 weeks ago

Awesome deck. I have a mono red dragon deck with Zirilan as well (not fully updated on this site though).

Some cards you def need:

Braid of Fire - a growing pool of red mana.

Conjurer's Closet - Use this on a dragon you've tutored for with Zirilan and poof, you don't lose the dragon.

Hoarding Dragon - Finds conjurer's closet or other Artifacts

Mirrorpool - Can also be used to copy a creature that you've tutored for with Zirilan, a copy that you get to keep.

Mudslide - All your stuff flies...

Hellkite Tyrant - An alternate wincon

Some other cards I'd highly consider: Mana Flare, Warstorm Surge, Belbe's Portal, Crucible of the Spirit Dragon

Some other cards to consider: Crucible of Fire, Curse of Bloodletting, Dragon Tempest, Rage Reflection, Ryusei, the Falling Star, Great Furnace, Rogue's Passage, Spinerock Knoll, Dragonspeaker Shaman

Good Luck +1

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