Yawgmoth's Will


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters Rare
Urza's Saga Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Yawgmoth's Will


Until end of turn, you may play cards from your graveyard.

If a card would be put into your graveyard from anywhere this turn, exile that card instead.

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Yawgmoth's Will Discussion

Ender666666 on #SorryNotSorry

1 hour ago

No Yawgmoth's Will because I just didn't think of it. Not sure if I really need it though.

Regarding Disallow, I'm still undecided on what I'll cut.

Sleazebag on #SorryNotSorry

4 hours ago

Any particular reason Yawgmoth's Will isn't being run?

Definitely the best black recursion spell, particularely with many cheap manarocks.

rizzenkampf on Little Teysa's Value Town

1 day ago

Oh, and as for Unearth - it's just a budget Reanimate for now until I get the card. That being said, it still hits a lot of relevant creatures and can be cycled off. I quite like it but I do agree that sometimes it's better to have a reusable effect - I am therefore debating cutting it. My reanimation package will then look like Unburial Rites + Reanimate + Immortal Servitude + Yawgmoth's Will + Phyrexian Reclamation

NekoMachine on Grenzo ft. DJ Doomsday | Competitive Primer

1 day ago

Here are my questions concerning some card choices I would like to understand if I want to pick this deck up. I'm looking to really shape this list towards my meta and some cuts are gonna be inevitable, just want to make sure I'm not missing something.

Lion's Eye Diamond-- It seems to me like it's not pulling the weight such an overpowered card should be. Aside from being a great enabler when comboed with Yawgmoth's Will, the only realistic way to use Lion's Eye Diamond is towards Grenzo, Dungeon Warden, a purpose that leaves you defenseless to interaction, with no cards in hand to fuel back up. Necropotence is always required to go with Lion's Eye Diamond to gain substantial advantage from the card and even then, I feel like it keeps going back to Yawgmoth's Will here. Am I crazy to disregard such a powerful card for more well-rounded options? Let me know your thoughts.

Victimize-- A tricky card to use. If we have an expendable creature, which we have few of, it provides value IF we also have two good creatures in the bin. Seems to me like Reanimate would cover more ground? Am I crazy or is the possibility of having 2 combo creatures in the yard plus a fodder on the field very slim, even after Doomsday (Since both the Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker combo and the Metallic Mimic combo are stopped by one removal spell, you would get stuck being 1 creature short most of the time)?

That's basically what I was wondering , I'll be testing some weird cards in this shell and report back what I see based on my meta (which can be quite varied). I really like this deck salute everyone who worked on it!

freakingShane on I Have A Sunburn

1 day ago

Why didn't you just update your Spring Into Death deck list? There's only like 2 cards different, haha.

Okay, so first off, get rid of Sol Ring, scrub. Secondly, some potentially good fast mana sources would be Songs of the Damned, Cabal Ritual, Dark Ritual, and/or Culling the Weak.

Now on to the real meat:

Perpetual Timepiece, Elixir of Immortality, Primal Command, Piper's Melody (and friends)

These are good for grabbing your GY so you don't mill yourself out or to protect yourself from enemy Bojuka Bogs and such.

Combo 1:

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed Combo

  • Turn 1: Play a one drop ramp creature.
  • Turn 2: Play Buried Alive and fetch Mike and Triskelion.
  • Turn 3: Play Victimize, bring Mike and Trike out and ping infinitely to win.

Or tutor for Defense of the Heart and win the turn after you cast it.

Combo 2:

Necrotic Ooze Combo

Once it's out, the only thing that can interrupt this is Split Second since you can respond by adding and removing counters.

Combo 3:

Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord Combo

This requires some knowledge of how the stack works.

  • Exile cards from your library until Phyrexian Devourer's ability is put on the stack.
  • In response to the ability, continue exiling cards to beef him up more.
  • Still before allowing the sacrifice to resolve, sack him to Jarad to smack your opponents for a ton of damage, similarly to the aforementioned Ooze-combo.

This gets around player Hexproof and graveyard hate, so you don't have to worry about things like Leyline of Sanctity and Leyline of the Void with this combo, unlike the other two.

Combo 4:

Colorless Mana Combo

  • Have/get Ashnod's Altar in play.
  • Play Nim Deathmantle.
  • Play Grave Titan, pop up two 2/2 tokens.
  • Sack the two tokens to Altar, then sack Titan to get a total of six .
  • Use 4 of that to make Deathmantle grab Titan back and get you two more tokens

Repeat this as many times as desired, netting 2 colorless mana every loop.

HeavenlyAxe on Jeleva Slim

3 days ago

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but why not run Krark-Clan Ironworks. Cast all your rocks....sac them all, Yawgmoth's Will, recast...up storm count and most of them cost nothing or pay for themselves. Net mana, net storm count.

PookandPie on The Grandfather Paradox

1 week ago

There are a few choices with the deck I find suspect. I'm still tuning my Arcum list (mine is nowhere near as pimped out, and I don't own a Workshop), but I've played mine against high tier decks since Engine's release and have found some pretty decent results. It's very easy to sneak Arcum onto the table when everyone is battling counters over a player's t3 Doomsday or Ad Nauseam, firstly. Secondly, it's that being able to win the same turn as casting Arcum, or at least the turn thereafter, is huge and the only reason I can viably play the deck in my current meta game that is full of Yidris, Jeleva, Karador, Yisan, Tazri, Leovold, Zur, etc..

For that reason, I dropped Mycosynth Lattice, Darksteel Forge, and Nevinyrral's Disk, and haven't looked back since. While Lattice has made for some fun games against Teferi/Derevi before I find it is unnecessary any longer to run this combo (I windmilled slammed a t1 Arcum in a game against Derevi and Karador, and didn't activate him on my second turn. Derevi did eot Enlightened Tutor into Null Rod, drew the Rod, and cast it. I pulled Mycosynth Lattice with his Rod on the stack- leaving the field as him having nothing, Karador had a mana dork (Wood Elves or something), and me having my 2/2 Commander on field. I swung Arcum at Derevi for a couple turns until he conceded, lol, he was desperately trying to think of a way around it).

Engine into Flute into 0 drops into infinite mana (I do Junk Diver and Myr Retriever loops with any 3 mana producing artifact for infinite mana, though Monolith-Rings works too) and Ballista/Staff+LabMan simply works much faster since you can combo out the same turn with significantly less support than Lattice+Forge+Disk requires to combo out the same turn (that combo requires support to work across 2 turns, let alone 1!).

So, just giving you some ideas, because while I love the Lattice combo and it was in my deck for the entire four years I've played Arcum in Commander, my deck has not required that combo to be in the deck to win in a single game since Engine's printing, so I'm simply offering my advice from the other side of the spectrum. Removing 2-3 of those cards would let you run:

Mystic Remora. If you're in a fast meta game that does lots of nonsense early (like mine with early Ad Nauseams, etc.), this card can be highly valuable gas for very little input.

Torpor Orb. One of the better silver bullets in the format. Lots of decks rely on ETBs to generate value, and Orb shuts them off handily. FC Tazri can't win through a protected Orb without a lot of trouble, for example, and Yisan, Tasigur, Brago, etc., have fits when such an artifact is on field. It's quite powerful, IMO.

Grafdigger's Cage is generally pretty useful. Low cost, so it's easy to grab with Reshape or Whir, if needed, and it shuts off Yawgmoth's Will and Past in Flames. Which, if you're in a Storm heavy meta, that's very valuable.

I figure you probably don't use the Lattice combo much since the Engine combo basically assembles anything for you (why lock the game down when you could use Staff and LabMan to win, or Ballista?) and is always faster than going for those other, separate pieces. Also, from my experience, people don't hit Engine/Flute, they hit Arcum because he's the easiest target to stop the ball from rolling in that combo. It's not hard to resolve Ballista or anything when you've drawn your whole library, have every counterspell in your deck in hand, and can cast Moxen, Lotus Petal, etc., to pay for your counters.

Just my $.02, though I probably spent too long in this post because I'm trying to make a comprehensive and convincing argument without sounding coercive like a jackass. my bad, lol.

AKBZ on Shu Yun: Competitive Eggs Combo

1 week ago

Thanks for getting back to me. Glad you like a suggestion, and thanks for the feedback. I actually have no plans of using Shu Yun, the Silent Tempest as the commander. Was planning on using Breya, Etherium Shaper and play this deck, but add black. Get some better tutors, get ad nauseum and Yawgmoth's Will. Play some Lim-Dul's Vault. All the competitive breya lists play the Animate Dead Worldgorger Dragon combo. Took me forever to find this list that plays like an eggs deck. What are you thoughts on Paradox Engine? You see it replacing Clock of Omens?

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