Bloodstained Mire


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Expeditions Mythic Rare
Khans of Tarkir Rare
Onslaught Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Bloodstained Mire


, Pay 1 life, Sacrifice Bloodstained Mire: Search your library for a Swamp or Mountain card and put it onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

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Bloodstained Mire Discussion

Memphismaymagic5 on Mittens

2 days ago

Seems like a fun deck! But why no playset of Rageblood Shaman? It is probably the most important card of the deck and you could easily switch it with 2 Neheb, the Worthy. Neheb is a legendary creature so 4 copies might be too much, and the +1/+1 of rageblood feels more stable than the conditional +2/+0 that Neheb grants.

In black/red, you have a lot of good non-creature options. You already play the most important one (bolt), but also consider Terminate and/or Fatal Push. Fatal Push is awesome, but requires fetches so you can trigger revolt yourself, so you might want to add Bloodstained Mire. Fetches are probably the best lands in modern, so they are great for your deck in general and triggering Fatal Push is just a nice extra. Only problem with fetchlands is that they are not so cheap.

Other good options are Mutavault and Cavern of Souls. Especially cavern works well in a tribal deck like this one, but they come with a high price tag. For the sideboard, you can consider Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize.

ODDIOBLENDER on Thief and sacrifice

4 days ago

Looks fun. +1. You may also consider Harness by Force or Traitorous Instinct also. A Bloodstained Mire wouldn't hurt eith whenever or if you decide to bling it out.

bartlettphoto on Jund Elves

5 days ago

EpicFreddi, I was thinking of replacing the mountain and swamp with Bloodstained Mire for more chances of an optimal Narnam Renegade T1 drop and can still fetch my shocks. Thoughts?

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Budget Esper Stoneblade (can it ...

1 week ago

Stoneblade (more specifically deathblade) is my favorite deck in magic. I've been picking up pieces for it for awhile now, but I'm a college student and I've seen too many posts about people selling collections to pay bills that I don't want to invest in anything like duals or force of wills. I'm totally down for trading for them over a long period of time, but I don't want to buy them.

That said, I still want to participate in weekly LGS legacy tournaments if I can. I have no intentions of winning much, but I would like to take a few games a night. Oh yeah, and I'm super stubborn and insisting on playing a deck with Stoneforge Mystic and probably a blue deck at that, since I own Snapcaster Mage and fetches already. I can spend a little bit acquiring pieces to complete a list, but nothing like forces, duals, jace, and preferably not true-name namesis, though trading for one of those or a Karakas is a possibility, though unlikely.

Here's my current attempt at a decklist. Any advice for the deck would be much appreciated. The idea is Misdirection instead of Force of Will and a lot of awful fetching. I expect to fold to eldrazi and probably burn, but win vs death and taxes and give delver a run for their money. No jace makes beating BUG pretty tough, but not impossible.

Here are relevant cards I own: Show

Tethys on U/R Prowess Prototype (Bloo Variation)

1 week ago

Looks like it's coming along well. I have a few more suggestions for you:

-2 Contingency Plan
+1 Lightning Bolt (This card is too good not to run four)
+1 Serum Visions (Modern's premier organizational cantrip. Like Bolt, I think this card should definitely be a 4-of)

-1 Steam Vents
-1 Island
-1 Mountain
+2 Polluted Delta
+1 Bloodstained Mire

A refined land base is important in a deck like this. I would seriously consider the extra fetches.

Jordensmash on Br Vampires

1 week ago

I would highly recommend putting at least a couple actual mountains in here...Bloodstained Mire is only working at half strength as is.

Panda213 on LF: LotV foil, Diamond Valley, ...

1 week ago

KIngWiggins i see you have a Bloodstained Mire as well, I could also use that

Depolo on Abzan Counters

1 week ago
  1. What is the purpose of Bloodstained Mire and Wooded Foothills?

  2. Have you thought about Corpsejack Menace or maybe Mikaeus, the Lunarch?

  3. Great deck!

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