Brago, King Eternal


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
MTGO Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters (EMA) Rare
Vintage Masters (VMA) Rare
Conspiracy (CNS) Rare

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Brago, King Eternal

Legendary Creature — Spirit


When Brago, King Eternal deals combat damage to a player, exile any number of target nonland permanents you control, then return those cards to the battlefield under their owner's control.

Brago, King Eternal Discussion

zendrix1 on Help me add some lands please!!!!

7 hours ago

I tend to run 36 lands plus 10 ramp sources (granted I adhore mana screw so you might not need all that). So I'd add 5 more lands and 6 more mana rocks personally.

Some cards I'd consider cutting to make room would be Chancellor of the Annex , Amulet of Safekeeping , Trinisphere , Council's Judgment , Suppression Field , and AEther Barrier (would need to cut more though)

General feedback is that it feels like you don't have too many ways to benefit from all the stax effects. Cards like As Foretold (which you have) or just a lot of mana rocks plus something like Unwinding Clock or Brago, King Eternal to let you operate under the oppressive effects more effectively than your opponents.

Lastly I'm not too sure how you win really other than just getting in the red zone with little hatebears. So maybe adding in some combo finishers like Helm of Obedience to combo with Rest in Peace

yumharu on Superfriends

2 days ago

you can play Thalia's Lancers instead of Mastermind's Acquisition because you can only choose the first effect in edh and it will be better to have a creature to protect you planeswalker with this tuto effect.

Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain will let you draw A LOT of card.

Felidar Guardian can blink one of your planeswalker to reset it's counter and reuse one of it's ability in the same turn. you can also play card like Brago, King Eternal for similar effect.

Fuel for the Cause can be a good counter spell for this deck.

Thrummingbird and Grateful Apparition are really good cheap way to put loyalty counter.

Yawgmoth's Vile Offering is really useful.

I tried to recommand you card that are not too much expensive.

Good luck ^^

antny540 on Niv-Mizzet Reborn EDH

1 week ago

Now that I don't have ANYTHING else that cares about +1/+1 counters, I think I'll take out Zameck Guildmage to put Brago, King Eternal back in. I figure the playability of the deck with him in it would be phenomenal!

antny540 on Niv-Mizzet Reborn EDH

1 week ago

I put Brago, King Eternal in for be able to abuse the ETB of Niv-Mizzet Reborn and a bunch of other things, but I could see it being taken out with a lot of issue. Playing Melek, Izzet Paragon makes me worried about not getting much use out of him though. He would only have 10% of the deck as a target. How about Niv-Mizzet, Parun to deter opponents from wanting to cast I/S? Plus he's a strong dragon, haha!

As for the Tezzeret issue, I agree that it would be annoying not being able to fetch him from Niv-Mizzet Reborn 's ability. However, as you stated I don't have a lot of artifacts. I feel Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge would be an inappropriate Tezz for the deck. Any ideas for a different one? I automatically threw this one in because he's able to protect himself and then his ultimate is a tutor-to-the-battlefield. Can't go wrong with that lol.

As for Mechanized Production , I put it in for the flavor text. It's Dovin telling Nicol Bolas "Give me eight walkers, I'll give you the city." If you look at Dovin's Acuity , Dovin is ticking off the number of planeswalkers on their team now. Six... Plus Bolas already had Tezzeret plus now he owns Liliana via her contract. I agree, not a lot of targets. Do you think I should nix some things in order to add those extra artifacts? Then Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge might be worth it AND Mechanized Production would be a good fit.

Thanks for the input btw!

NayrSlayer on Niv-Mizzet Reborn EDH

1 week ago

It seems like a very cool story based deck! However, because of that, I have a few recommendations to make it a little more story centered.

First, I think Brago, King Eternal should be replaced with Melek, Izzet Paragon or one of the other Niv-Mizzets to properly represent Izzet colors outside of Ral and also because Brago isn't from Ravnica.

Next, I think Tezzeret, Artifice Master should be Tezzeret, Master of the Bridge both for story reasons and also so that he can be grabbed with Niv Mizzet's ETB.

Finally, I think that you should get rid of Mechanized Production . You aren't running enough artifacts to really justify it and it doesn't otherwise fit in the story of Ravnica. I would recommend a different win condition in its place, like Door to Nothingness , Revel in Riches , or Approach of the Second Sun .

Aside from that, you did a great job with the deck! Very cool!

Spirits on Glissa, Scrap Trawler $50 EDH

1 week ago

Hi RobsJourney,

Glissa, the Traitor was my first Budget Commander League deck.

I primarily built it, without infinite combos, to participate in this league.

I really enjoy the First Strike + Deathtouch, it's an amazing combination.

It was originally a Modular build, around Birthing Pod , then it slowly transitioned into a primarily deck, now I'm trying to move toward more drawing to be able to ramp lands out to have more consistency with Mind Slaver .

Because of the restriction on budget at $49.58, so it evolves and changes as the prices of cards shift.

Currently, it's core strengths:

Control, sometimes I control the creatures (effectively) of all 3 opponents at the same time. When I get an Executioner's Capsule lock it can be pretty fun.

Recursion, it's good, gets the Artifacts recurring and utilized properly can prosper


No infinite combo, most of my other Budget Commander League decks have build in infinite combos (eg. Brago, King Eternal , Alesha, Who Smiles at Death ) or one shot kills with damage / commander damage ( Heartless Hidetsugu , Animar, Soul of Elements ).

I found ramping into the 10 mana required to recur the Mind Slaver was too slow (1 hour time limit on Budget league games), so instead of just increasing ramp (through artifacts), I've increased the draw. ( Ohran Viper for example)

Damage output, was good at keeping creatures off the board, but didn't have enough offense to do 3 players x 40 damage in the 1 hour, plus I was mitigating other players ability to damage each other. This is what led to the addition of Bonehoard , Nighthowler cards. I lost Blood Artist due to it's price escalating, which sucked, it's key, but I've added Poison-Tip Archer , which is no Blood Artist but he also has Deathtouch and Reach, plus instead of 1 opponent, he hits all opponents.

Glissa, the Traitor is still one of my favorite commanders, she has her strengths, has her weaknesses, she doesn't overload on abilities like Infect (which she could), so I very much enjoy playing her. Golgari () doesn't have enough combos to play cEDH, but in a Budget league, she is an excellent deck.

I have been trying to more move towards Deathtouch as well wherever I can as well, since it kind of plays towards that.

I've been playing this deck for over 4+ years, and never dismantled, only changed as the ebs and flows of the prices increased. If she was $100, she could be much more lethal.

luispsalles on Bant Butts

1 week ago

ddizzle94, looking this way... I really like some cards.

Brago, King Eternal , nice, love the Flicker ideia.

Brago, King Eternal , cool, maybe I dig some space for him.

Eternal Witness , its like a "must". Something I was thinking is the recover option, bad that will need a flicker for fully fuction.

Sakashima the Impostor , very nice! But to much expensive. ^_^'

Sakiko, Mother of Summer, this one have a nice abilily, but is a little high.

Sakura-Tribe Elder , Im running one copy of him.

Temur Sabertooth , really good. I sure will get one for use it. I just love bounces.

Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar , nice, but I wont run one for two reasons. its high. And at same time you can see what to draw, you may dump some really good cards to put on game. The test ideia is cool, but the dump of cards isnt.

Trophy Mage , I dont know. That dosent sees to be here her place.

Apreciete yours suggestions, I will look for make some changes, I really will look for have some of them.

ddizzle94 on Bant Butts

1 week ago

Brago, King Eternal - flickers our defenders drawing us a card for each one if arcades is out and also untapping them if you activated abilities or attacked

Edric, Spymaster of Trest - we will always have a few defenders out attacking and drawing a card for each one will ensure we keep a hand full of defenders to play

Eternal Witness - gives the deck a chance to recover from destruction and with the flicker effects in this deck it can be repeated

Sakashima the Impostor - strictly a copy of arcades, removes the legendary text on it so they can both exist on the field at the same time drawing us 2 cards per defender and allowing one of them to be destroyed and still have redundancy

Sakiko, Mother of Summer - whenever you cast this card it will be free after combat due to all of our attackers having 3+ toughness to attack with, if we deal 6 damage (extremely easy) then its free, any more damage than that sets up our main phase 2 so we can flood the board

Sakura-Tribe Elder - early game ramp, vital for this deck, you need your commander out by turn 3 at the latest

Temur Sabertooth - a great way to bounce creatures and i haven't tested it yet but i believe with cards like Sakashima the Impostor in play and concordant crossroads this could produce infinite mana and infinite draw

Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar - basically changes our commanders text to read, whenever a defender enters the battlefield, look at the top 3 cards of you library and pick the best one. this allows us to not stall when going for the win due to the crazy amount of cards your looking through (this card could be cut due to how long it can take when drawing a lot of cards, people don't like to see that happen)

Trophy Mage - with wild pair in the deck a lot of cards total 4 when u add the power and toughness, this is a 2/2 so it falls in that category// this card allows you to win 1 turn early with the wild pair method because you can grab thousand-year elixir, giving activated abilities haste and allowing you to untap a mana producer ( this is also a flex slot that im still testing out due to low synergy with the deck as a whole because its not a defender and im only running 1 3 cost artifact.)

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Brago, King Eternal occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%