Brago, King Eternal

Legendary Creature — Spirit


When Brago, King Eternal deals combat damage to a player, exile any number of target nonland permanents you control, then return those cards to the battlefield under their owner's control.

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Brago, King Eternal Discussion

Leonantti on The Blink King

1 week ago

total_euphoria, you're right, using Roon of the Hidden Realm would give me access to good ramp but I just like Brago, King Eternal more.

total_euphoria on The Blink King

1 week ago

Did you not consider Roon of the Hidden Realm over Brago, King Eternal? I appreciate Brago can blink many creatures but Roon's access to the best ramp spells and his temporary removal of opponents creatures is very helpful.

Triton on Refining Brago

1 week ago

Made a Brago, King Eternal decklist a while back, and wanted any input on cards that I either might have missed that provide value in some shape or form.

Also, I know the Rishadan pirates are good in him, I don't know how I feel about them in a list that isn't supposed to combo out.

Here's the deck:

Brago, King of Eternal Value

Commander / EDH Triton


koikingofdeath on U/W Angels and Horrors

1 week ago

i'd take out Wispweaver Angel for Brago, King Eternal. I would also take out Negate for Counterspell. You should take out two Subjugator Angels for two Warden of Evos Isle.

Akkrand on Mastering Time and Space

1 week ago

Brago, King Eternal for even more ETB effects?

TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

1 week ago


Wedge/Shard additions based on our discussion yesterday:







Note: Nothing has been cut yet. Do you agree with them? If not, please let me know which :)


VeggiesaurusRex on I won't allow crimes in my town

1 week ago

I love it. +1 from me

One question though: if this is a flicker deck, why is Brago, King Eternal in the 99 when he could do so much more as the commander?

Neotrup on They Say Kings Never Die

1 week ago

Animate Dead could allow you to get Sedris, the Traitor King out early, if it hits the graveyard. Brago, King Eternal can blink unearthed creatures to keep them around. Embalmer's Tools allows you to spend less mana unearthing creatures. I'm not sure what Unscythe, Killer of Kings does for the deck, and would be pretty early on my list of things to cut.

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