Red Elemental Blast

Red Elemental Blast


Choose one - Counter target blue spell; or destroy target blue permanent.

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Red Elemental Blast Discussion

TriusMalarky on Are These Cards Color Pie …

2 days ago

I wonder how much of a break some cards would be if you changed the wording. i.e., Polymorph, instead of destroying, would shuffle it into its owners library. Red Elemental Blast might say 'target blue spell is discarded from the stack'.

Sometimes it's just easier to use 'color-locked' words on totally fine cards that are in no way 'breaks'.

DragonSliver9001 on Are These Cards Color Pie …

3 days ago

DemonDragonJ: when i'm tryin to play mono red burn in legacy, i rather like Red Elemental Blast and Pyroblast in my sideboard.

DragonSliver9001 on Are These Cards Color Pie …

3 days ago

Red Elemental Blast is definitely a color pie break. regardless of being narrow, its still a counter spell in red.

also keep in mind that red has ALWAYS been able to destroy planeswalkers because you could always throw burn spells at them.

color pie breaks are fine when they have a drawback. you can't really say "color pie breaks should never happen ever" and then simultaneously support Feed the Swarm. thats a contradiction.

DemonDragonJ on Could Black Have This Effect?

3 days ago

magwaaf, WotC has been very clear that red is not supposed to be able to destroy enchantments (but I feel that Red Elemental Blast is acceptable, because it can destroy only blue permanents); instead, it has effects such as Enchanter's Bane and Aura Barbs, which punish players for using enchantments.

DemonDragonJ on Are These Cards Color Pie …

3 days ago

EleshNornsFs, I disagree with that, because I think that color pie breaks should never happen, or else there is no point in this game having different colors. However, I shall still maintain my opinion that Red Elemental Blast and Guttural Response are not color pie breaks because of how narrow their effects are.

MagicMarc, Desert Twister was printed long before the color pie was a well-defined as it is, now.

DemonDragonJ on Could Black Have This Effect?

1 week ago

TriusMalarky, I personally believe that Chaos Warp is either a color pie break or a severe bend, since it allows red to remove enchantments and creatures, which it is not supposed to be able to do, which may clash with my belief that Red Elemental Blast and Pyroblast are acceptable, since they specifically affect only blue permanents.

Also, as long as I am discussing this subject, and I have said this before, I believe that Pongify, Polymorph, Rapid Hybridization, and Reality Shift break the color pie, since they allow blue to unconditionally remove creatures, which it is not supposed to be able to do; even if all of those cards provide a new creature in exchange, they still can unconditionally remove a creature; if all of those cards instead said "target creature's owner shuffles it into their library," they would be perfectly acceptable, in my mind, since blue is allowed to have that effect.

Peoni on Feldon of the Melancholic Path

2 weeks ago

Basalt Monolith can produce infinite mana with Rings of Brighthearth if your own philosophy and playgroup don't frown upon that.

I'd also recommend swapping out Thran Dynamo and Gilded Lotus for cheaper cmc rocks like Arcane Signet and Fellwar Stone. You want to be able to get your ramp out fast in the early turns and spend the later turns making your plays. Would you rather be dropping a mana rock, or something that makes an impact like Purphoros, God of the Forge?

I love your inclusion of Extraplanar Lens. I'm a big advocate for the card in mono decks that can swing it in their budget. I would, however recommend running snow lands along with it, as you're less likely to see an opponent running snow mountains than regular mountains, meaning asymmetrical ramp for you. Maybe your playgroup is all about the snow lands though and normal mountains are the play.

This deck might also benefit a lot from stack interaction like Pyroblast and Red Elemental Blast. Always good to have some control over whether or not your stuff resolves (or if an opponent combos off or not).

I like your deck! It's a solid list all around with a fun core concept. Hope this helps! :^)

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