Manaweft Sliver


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 (M14) Uncommon

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Manaweft Sliver

Creature — Sliver

Sliver creatures you control have "Tap: Add one mana of any colour to your mana pool."

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Manaweft Sliver Discussion

DarkStarStorm on RB's Modern Sliver Deck

1 day ago

4x Collected Company instead of some of your high drop slivers.

-3x Virulent Sliver Why are you trying to win through normal damage AND infect. Any player will tell you that it's a counter-intuitive thing to do.

+1 Galerider Sliver: You want to be seeing one of these every game in almost every matchup.

-2x Manaweft Sliver 8 copies is absolutely insane. You're going to be flooded way too often considering that your average curve isn't that high.

Necrotic Sliver What is your plan against Ensnaring Bridge, Ghostly Prison, and combo pieces like Gideon of the Trials (some builds of Ad Nauseam)?

herringtonr on Sliver Invasion

1 week ago

With a well balanced sliver deck, that should never be the case. Most if not all of your lands should be capable of producing 2+ colors, with the exception of some fetches. Cavern of Souls and Sliver Hive provide easy multicolored mana, and once you get a Manaweft Sliver or Gemhide Sliver out you will be fine anyway. With adding the other 2 colors, it gives slivers more versatility in how explosive it is that you just cant get with only having 3 colors.

Skywatch on Sliver Invasion

1 week ago

herringtonr, I tried using slivers and found that the true power of the slivers is their explosiveness, which is provided by the mana slivers Manaweft Sliver and Gemhide Sliver. I found the deck often got color-screwed when using 5 colors.

soupdragons on Which Tribe? Every Tribe!!!!

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the comment I will be sure to add Manaweft Sliver but I think that I will wait for Galerider Sliver just because cost. Later I will probably switch them out after I get the deck. Thanks for the suggestions!!

jdwork on Which Tribe? Every Tribe!!!!

2 weeks ago

I would sub Gemhide Sliver for Manaweft Sliver and then Winged Sliver for Galerider Sliver for added value, but I love this deck! +1 from me.

gabryelryba on Animar, Soul of Elements EDH

2 weeks ago

I do agree with you, i'm looking for a place to insert It That Betrays, just need to find the right cut off, probably a 2cmc mana dork, like Manaweft Sliver or Gemhide Sliver.Thanks for the help, may our Animars never fall!

xaerusblade on Sliver Company

2 weeks ago

Xica yes, the Mana Confluence is great, however I find it hard to switch other lands to accomodate it. I might remove some sliver hive for it though. =)

I have 4 Manaweft Sliver in Gemhide Sliver i could just switch either way. Having 8 would make a horrible top deck I think 6 is good enough if i would make a change.

Puting a Homing Sliver was in my 1st list, however i find it really slow as this deck curves out at 2 mana and it is far more aggressive than your typical sliver deck.

I love the idea of Glittering Wish though.

gnelson56 on Sliver modern

2 weeks ago

Add Mutavault and move to shock lands with Swamps in them Godless Shrine, look into Verdant Catacombs also with mana fixing

I'd also look into getting 4 of each sliver lord Sedge Sliver Predatory Sliver and Sinew Sliver, works great for extra damage with Collected Company or Aether Vial

Most games I play with mine, I've main boarded 4 Necrotic Sliver and 3 Diffusion Sliver, it makes removal a breeze for you and almost impossible against your opponent.

Blur Sliver is also a great addition, combos with Manaweft Sliver to drop your hand and/or swing hard

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