Roon of the Hidden Realm


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Mythic Rare

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Roon of the Hidden Realm

Legendary Creature — Rhino Soldier

Vigilance, trample

, : Exile another target creature. Return that card to the battlefield under its owner's control at the beginning of the next end step.

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Roon of the Hidden Realm Discussion

Perpetual on Do you Miz me?

6 days ago

And of course now I see you already had Whispers of the Muse and Shattering Pulse. That's what I get for reading the Sorceries but not the instants.

The point remains though: Think of Mizzix as the opposite of Animar, Soul of Elements or Roon of the Hidden Realm. With those two, you want your effects on a stick, so you would take Acidic Slime over Creeping Mold for example. With Mizzix if you are doing something with a permanent that you could be doing with an instant or sorcery, you should switch to the instant or sorcery. So you pull the Honden for a draw spell like Ugin's Insight.

TheDevicer on Help being a monster

1 week ago

Trust me, I get it. I'm that spike. I understand that frustration you're going through. Still, what you're doing isn't going to work.

The thing with Stax as an archetype is that it requires you to do something called breaking parity. What this concept boils down to is being able to do more than your opponents when you land cards that have symmetrical effects. For instance, when that Winter Orb is on the table, the Derevi, Empyrial Tactician deck might seek to break parity by using Derevi's ability to untap Gaea's Cradle. Another way stax decks go about doing this is by making sure they actually get to cast their spells even when they have nothing crazy going on for them. This means keeping a low average converted mana cost.

All of that is super hard to do on budget. Also, keep in mind that stax fucks over the entire table. It makes it much harder for the rest of the table to team up to fight that one problematic player. I don't care how good your deck is, it's really hard to 1v3 the table. That's whhy you should look to politics first and foremost to address these types of issues.

I recommend players in this type of situation to play a proactive strategy with a healthy dose of interaction thrown in. Think of something like Roon of the Hidden Realm. That guy can be fairly cheap to build. He becomes ok at a shop level once you have $100 in that deck and an actual threat if you're not careful once you go past $150. Moreover, he can pressure you with his value-based gameplan or threaten to combo you out of the game. The best thing about your combo pieces is that they double up as value cards too. In addition, you have access to tons of different answers that you can buy on the cheap. Oh, and when you're done building this deck, it's actually something you can play liberally against most decks without issue AND it's chuck full of staples so even if you end up desleeving the thing, you'll have your money back through trades.

I'm telling you, OP, you're going about this the wrong way. A stax deck isn't something that's appreciated a ton by most players, it won't be as effective as you think it will be, and you'll end up with tons of cards that don't readily fit into other strategies. If you're only capable of putting in some minor cash into the game every once in a while, you want to be smart about your purchases and get cards that serve many purposes for your deck.

If I were you, I'd look for generals with some combination of green, blue, black, and white. Make sure you have a solid and threatening main gameplan, and that you have interaction (counterspells, artifact+enchantment break, boardwipes, etc.).

I don't want to sound condescending, but Atraxa really isn't all that great once you weigh in all the most competitive things you can do in the format. If your buddy is playing a $300 build, his deck likely isn't even that good. If you concentrated on improving your builds, you'll have an ok time, I guarantee it.

Oh, and last piece of advice: talk to the guy. If he's regularly making your entire group feel like shit by walking all over you guys, bring it up and make sure not to accuse him of anything. Phrase it like this: I feel like I'm being forced to build decks I would otherwise never play because of how good your deck is. It's making me have less fun.

Leonantti on The Blink King

1 month ago

total_euphoria, you're right, using Roon of the Hidden Realm would give me access to good ramp but I just like Brago, King Eternal more.

total_euphoria on The Blink King

1 month ago

Did you not consider Roon of the Hidden Realm over Brago, King Eternal? I appreciate Brago can blink many creatures but Roon's access to the best ramp spells and his temporary removal of opponents creatures is very helpful.

TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

1 month ago

I really like this direction of uw, seems a lot stronger and more forgiving to draft. It plays well with the rest of the cube and there is definitly room for some crazy stuff in the colour pair!Potential addition

Aerie Mystics good splash in fliers

Warden of Evos Isle duh

Thunderclap Wyvern this is just good

Drogskol Reaver high, high end of the fliers deck, good with equipment

What do you think of a blink subtheme? It works well with some of the cards already in the cube and with these additions i think it could be cool. Adding some blink would make it so that both wx and ux could go in that direction and bring more depth to The cube. Exampels Conjurer's Closet

Ghostly Flicker

Momentary Blink

Deadeye Navigator

Eerie Interlude

Mistmeadow Witch

Roon of the Hidden Realm

There are more but these are the ones i came up with off the top of my head.

To clarify, i'm not saying that we should make an archetype out of this, just that it could be good value in the cube. Since most of the blink spells doubles as protection i could see them go into multiple decks.

I like the cuts and I could also see trimming the number of high end artifacts. Just to smooth out the cube.


CoryDean on Peekaboo!

1 month ago

Alrighty, so from the top.

To Iron_Cube: Restoration Angel and Cloudstone Curio seem like pretty solid options that I'm still considering, but I'm not sure yet what to cut. If I had to choose between the two I would go with just Cloudstone Curio. The land recommendations are good, but not my style. I can't bear to hurt myself to gain that mana, because I hate when I have all the colors I need and I'm still hurting myself late game. I also feel that you might bed horrified to learn that I just took Chromatic Lantern out. I did this because the mana has been really smooth lately. No one in my playgroup plays hate, but if they did no ETB would help. Ixidron can flip Hushwing Gryff and Merciless Eviction can remove whatever else. Reclamation Sage is a solid choice, but I already have 6 different (but spendier) ways to remove artifacts\ enchantments.

To JaceTheSwagSculptor: You're right, my mana curve is unfortunately very high. I rarely run into color problems, but I need to have a lot of mana to be able to do the things I need to do. Somewhere around 10-13 mana is when I get my elbow room. Regarding board wipes, in the early game I keep my hand full by playing things that help me and blinking/bouncing them, rather than playing more cards. When board wipes come up, I don't have a lot to lose, and/or I can frequently save them with Crystal Shard, Eerie Interlude, Flickerwisp, Ghostway, Mistmeadow Witch, Otherworldly Journey, Roon of the Hidden Realm, and Turn to Mist. This has frequently caused board wipes to backfire on opponents. And with Eternal Witness or Archaeomancer, the instants are retrieved. And the card advantage options I have work well for me, if I draw them of course. But I can easily topdeck a Temur Ascendancy, Cloudblazer, Coiling Oracle, or Eternal Witness and get 2-6 cards into my hand. As for the win-con, it's pretty unfocused. My strategy is rather drawn out, maybe painful. Opponents usually run out of cards, lose their permanents, and then I'll kill with Cromat or Magister Sphinx. I play a strategy that is perhaps frowned upon, where I just try to leave them with nothing. No hand, no permanents. Unfocused. However, I do win fairly often against a competitive playgroup, and it is very rewarding for me. Do you have any win-con suggestions? I haven't really seen anything that feels that conclusive. although Rite of Replication can sometimes be very conclusive.

To Alkadron: I'm glad you think it looks fun! As for the ramp suggestions you posted, Kor Cartographer appeals to me. I had forgotten about him because I only recently got the last 2 shocklands, both containing white. I already have 2 ways to fetch my forests, and it hurts me inside when I draw one of those after all my forests are out. So I don't want to overdo it. And Knight of the White Orchid is uncomfortably conditional. And those cheap dual-type lands are good suggestions, but I have the shocklands for that purpose already, and I've worked on avoiding lands that enter tapped, since originally all my lands did that. I know that this isn't ramp, but for the purposes of consistently hitting land drops, what do you think of Shard Convergence? Does anyone have experience with this? And I appreciate the advice about critically evaluating cards. Mindclaw Shaman is an example of a hit-or-miss card that sometimes has little value, sometimes is crucial. I'll keep my eye on those cards. Thank you for that advice.

To Snickles@EDH_only: Horde of Notions looks like a very fun commander with plenty of potential, but I consider that to be a very different deck, because I don't want to be limited to elementals. The deck is just too different.

I love the responses, and you've helped me to remember forgotten cards, narrow down some problem areas, and reevaluate wincons. Please keep it coming!

TaegukTheWise on Nekusar the ButtRazer

1 month ago

To those of you who are new to Nekusar here are some tips: (1) See if your playgroup acknowledges Nekusar as a threat before the game even starts (or reveal that you are playing Nekusar), This gives you a general idea of what to expect and how to play, if Nekusar scares the daylights out of the playgroup go aggressive, because none of your politics can help you at any part of the game if your ahead or if you exist, they know what you can do and they won't like it. (2) Don't just save your wheel spells for when you have a Nekusar combo piece, This is a common mistake that new players just don't seem to get, play your wheel spells to get to the pieces you need like more Nekusar combo pieces or stuff like the Caress. You have card draw in the wheels, they are cheap so use them often, but make sure you don't run out of them, you need those to kill your opponents after all. (3) Its OK if you're hated off the board, A lot of the time people just target you first and won't stop hitting you because of your capabilities, even if you show your opponents a crappy hand a singular wheel spell can change everyone's game plan, there is a reason I added more answers than the average Nekusar deck would on an average basis, and its not JUST because I happen to like controlling the board. :) (4) If your playgroup isn't competitive or doesn't have any decks that can face Nekusar play a different deck, He isn't Leovold, but dang does Nekusar know how to end a game, 5 turns is the fastest that this deck can kill people so find something a bit more tame, I use my Roon of the Hidden Realm commander deck, but there are other more tame options out there my aspiring Nekusar player. But follow these guidelines if you have no idea how to even work the deck, as you get familiar you can try different tactics, and find more ways to abuse Nekusar's ability further.

lil_cheez on Bonds of Fellowship

2 months ago

I think you could add some repeatable blinkable effects. Conjurer's Closet, Brago, King Eternal and Roon of the Hidden Realm come to my mind

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