Roon of the Hidden Realm


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CMT) Mythic Rare
Commander 2013 (C13) Mythic Rare

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Roon of the Hidden Realm

Legendary Creature — Rhino Soldier

Vigilance, trample

, : Exile another target creature. Return that card to the battlefield under its owner's control at the beginning of the next end step.

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Roon of the Hidden Realm Discussion

Loki_Engrish on Roon of the Hidden Realm EDH

1 day ago

Hey nathanselisko

I would agree with UlmBurger as I've attempted a blink deck myself.

Something I never used, not really something I even considered, is Eldrazi Monument. Making your package indestructible is pretty good. Or even Privileged Position to stop them targeting all together

I went four colour so my was considerably more janky at first. A good thing about your deck is that it's hard to construct it once it gets going but I can already see that it will have trouble doing much in the early game. Something to consider would be the signet cycle for ramping.

Also having played with Ephara, God of the Polis myself I know how clunky she is when you don't have your blinking tools with you. Not only that but your deck appears to have a substantial amount of card draw that you could attempt in running another card. But if you want to make her work, I'd suggest the looking at decks built around her to try and use her abilities to your advantage. You blink a lot of creatures, why not create more and draw 5 cards a turn cycle with her alone? That's of course going to make her a lightning rod instead of Roon of the Hidden Realm.

Just a few suggestions, honestly your deck looks fun to just sit there and blink creatures for 5 mins straight to see what happens.

jessniem on Want to build a flicker ...

2 weeks ago

I've started building a flicker deck with Roon of the Hidden Realm as a commander.

I need some help to tune it into something playable against all sorts of decks. I don't know how many creatures you should have in a deck like this and if I should have some non creature removal and stuff like that? Please help me if you have tried to do something similar or just have a good idea :)

The deck: Flickering Rhoonosaucerous

solarbeam on Roonscape

3 weeks ago

Not if you run things like Dampening Pulse, Jace, Architect of Thought, Cyclonic Rift, or Ghostly Prison/Propaganda. Plus, Roon of the Hidden Realm can pick them off with his ability.

But, I would run it just to make the name Roonscape work

JuQ on Brago's Bounce House

4 weeks ago

Cloudblazer, Solemn Simulacrum and Duplicant feel like auto include cards you are missing in your deck.
Cards like Archeomancer, Mnemonic Wall and Scrivener are awesome way to recurse instants that flicker your creatures again. Ghostly Flicker, Displace, Illusionist's Stratagem will give you some redundance on that aspect.
I guess you know already but phasing in doesn't trigger "enters the battlefield" effects (speaking about Teferi's Protection).
You can recurse you many power 2 creatures with Reveillark.
I find Key to the City a high value card when you need to make creatures unblockable and it won't fall of a creature if you flicker it. You can also use it just to loot through your deck.
Cathars' Crusade would be a good finisher, you can run together with your Call for Unity.
Eldrazi Displacer?
I don't think in your deck Strionic Resonator is more abussive than Panharmonicon or Fireshrieker which you already run and have a simmilar or even better effect as you don't have to pay for them each time you use them.

Overall I like your deck, I would like to play it. Maybe Brago, King Eternal is a better "enters the battlefield" commander than Roon of the Hidden Realm which I love.

Arby_Q on A Bird Wizard is always having fun

1 month ago

Birthing Pod is obscene with Derevi. Her abilities allow for 2, or even 3 activations in a single turn. Tradewind Rider, Archivist, Arcanis the Omnipotent, and Roon of the Hidden Realm are also excellent, because you can stack multiple triggers on them, and then respond to each trigger with their ability.

Husky on Roon interaction with Maze of ...

1 month ago

So this is the scenerio:

I attack with my Roon of the Hidden Realm and then activate his ability to blink some other creature. Could I then use my Maze of Ith to untap my Roon and remove him from combat?

TaegukTheWise on Roon, Mayor of Value Town

2 months ago

You are correct redace10, Roon of the Hidden Realm decks are very slow and a lot of those decks do need something to speed them up, but for my meta its just as fast as it needs to be. Armillary Sphere isn't everyone's first pick, I have it in since it does perform what is a similar function to the artifacts and spells you named (and it was on hand). I used to have Rampant Growth in the deck but I couldn't ramp if I didn't have green like at all, that's probably a problem with my mana base or whatever I've kept as an opener but I'm a little more focused on playing magic. I think that you're also correct in assuming that armillary sphere isn't the best artifact, but its really not that bad, however I do like the Thaumatic Compass, I'll have to see how that one plays with my deck.

Derevi helps out quite a lot, I do understand the concern, but the ability to tap or untap things is very useful, I just need to attack with 2-3 fliers and I now have a counterspell up, or if I have more to play I can swing with more creatures. For example I want to play more spells with my flipped Itlimoc, Cradle of the Sun, I drop an Avenger of Zendikar with my cradle, produce a huge amount of tokens, play/swing with Derevi and company to play even more spells. She also combos with my birthing pod synergy, so I am still keeping her over exarch. Also if you blink flip cards they revert back to their original face, so that's slow in that department so I would rather untap than blink with Brago (if I had the original Gaea's Cradle I would have a different opinion).

Aid from the Cowl seems pretty awesome, but I don't know what I would cut, if I wanted to cut anything that is, especially for Sensei's top. It seems like the most beautiful nut draw in a creature based deck, which mine is but I do have counterspells and other removal, so that reveal bit on the card is a real turn off since the revolt trigger isn't a "may" that and its "at the beginning of your end step" so its really slow and can only be triggered once, so I can't get a Craterhoof Behemoth trigger out of nowhere (which is fair, but I'm not looking for fair :3). I can see Aid being put in Meren decks however. Rishkar's Expertise relies heavily on the fact that I have a creature in play like Prime Speaker Zegana (a big creature I might add), but unlike zegana it can't block or attack if I need it. But my last problem is that it isn't a blink target, I understand it can get me a blink target but its not going to get me card draw like that repeatedly unless I have an eternal witness to do so, and by that point I would be better off continually blinking zegana for immediate 2-3 card value instead of needing 3-4 cards to keep up the engine.

On a side note, you could make Roon faster by implementing a Tron theme with blink support. Add cards like Assault Suit and Umezawa's Jitte since Roon is a 4/4 vigilance trampler. Stoneforge Mystic is an ETB so you can keep doing that, but then why wouldn't you run Nazahn if you wanted a better and condensed equipment package, or Rafiq if you wanted blue and almost as good Tron as Nazahn. I am sad to say that I don't think you can make Roon faster unless we got cheaper and more efficient threats and draw options in bant.

jessniem on Pieguy396

2 months ago

Thanks for the help! Awesome, great to have someone from the outside to look at the deck, I get personally attached to some cards and don't see that they shouldn't be in the deck.

I just started building more than my first EDH deck Breya so if you're up for it I will definitely get back for more feedback. Gonna update that later on too.

Started building a (non-inf-combo) deck with Derevi, Empyrial Tactician, but I like blinking stuff, so maybe it will become a Roon of the Hidden Realm deck instead. But I like Derevi, and I want to make it a bit controlling. Is it stupid to not have one focus? If you have any tips, please let me know :)

And thanks again!

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