The Ur-Dragon


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Mythic Rare

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The Ur-Dragon

Legendary Creature — Dragon Avatar

Eminence - As long as The Ur-Dragon is in the command zone or on the battlefield, other Dragon spells you cast cost 1 less to cast.


Whenever one or more Dragons you control attack, draw that many cards, then you may put a permanent card from your hand onto the battlefield.

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The Ur-Dragon Discussion

TheRedGoat on Pattern Recognition #51 - Morph

1 day ago

Feh, Yu-Gi-Oh wishes it could be MTG, not the other way around.

On a positive note I always loved the idea of making an EDH deck centered around morph, but I could never figure out what colors to run. I know for instance that some colors have really strong morph/manifest cards, but it may be just those few cards that are any good within that color, but I also may nor want to be a five color build.

In relation to that idea/this article, does anyone here know for sure whether an effect like Conspiracy or Arcane Adaptation will apply to the casting of a morph creature and a creature type cost-reduction effect like that of The Ur-Dragon? I know generic creature spell reduction works, but what if I was playing the morph land?

CaoJin on Help with Strengthening Grixis Pirate ...

6 days ago

Hello everyone!

I am currently trying to get a Pirate tribal deck working with my local playgroup as I love the theming and flavour of the tribe but it is proving pretty difficult to get started mainly due to how difficult it seems to be to get Admiral Beckett Brass's effect off. The decks I normally wind up against are creature heavy Atraxa, Praetors' Voice or very streamlined Krenko, Mob Boss, a very fast wide Edgar Markov or tall Karlov of the Ghost Council, A beatstick toolbox The Ur-Dragon or Meren of Clan Nel Toth, A Human Tribal Sigarda, Heron's Grace or Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas and some form of heavy blue/Dimir or Bant control, usually Talrand, Sky Summoner or Derevi, Empyrial Tactician, though there is talk of a mill/control Scarab God in the works.

I'm not looking for hard counters, just giving the idea of the meta I'm playing in. We don't use infinite combos or mass land destruction, maybe one or two single target spells to remove things like Maze of Ith or other utility lands.

I usually keep running into the problem of not being able to keep enough creatures up and not being able to break through the lines to begin to steal things and get going, most creatures that come out tower above mine and I just can't keep up the pace when an opponent has a large enough field of creatures.

Are there any parts of this strategy I am overlooking or potentially new strategies I could pursue that would open up my options and make it easier to have an impact on the game.

Below is the upto date deck list, I would appreciate any feedback or suggestions either in this thread or on the deck comments.

Thank you all for your time!

landofMordor on THAT Player

1 week ago

LOL this thread made me laugh -- MagicalHacker is on point, as is Argy.

I have a couple I've been ruminating on for awhile now:

The Tammy's Timmy: Has no mythics in his/her binder because they're all crammed into their The Ur-Dragon deck along with every legendary Dragon. This includes Aetherworks Marvel, Sphinx of the Steel Wind, and Eldrazi...but don't worry, they run Arcane Adaptation too. When they lose, they complain that Naturalize shouldn't beat Mindslaver because it's a common. Tends to think that "card advantage" is a function of power and toughness, not hand size.

The Johnny's Jenny: Disparages any deck with a budget over $50. Announces upon losing that "if I didn't have my priorities straight, I'd buy Serum Visions too and then I'd crush you through superior deck-building". However, when they do pull off a Near-Death Experience, they'll remind you about it for the rest of the year. Tends to equate deck budget to moral superiority.

The Spike's Spike: Seems to have forgotten that Magic cards are sold in "game" stores. Will ask you to step away from the table if you try to advise your partner during his/her first draft, then proceed to bait/obfuscate your partner into attacking into an Escaped Null that they didn't know about. (True story.) Is willing to play against noobs and little kids in order to win.

I think we all tend to have a little too much of those psychographics at some times. And of course, in balance, none of those types are negative. I tend to be a Johnny's Johnny at my worst moments. At my best, though, I am:

The Casual's Casual: Only wants to play a tight, fun game. Is completely unwilling to win just because their opponent is manascrewed -- instead, will tell them to "go get a Plains" instead of draw a card. Is also known to correct one's opponent if they miss a trigger or target Karador, Ghost Chieftain with Doom Blade, with the firm belief that nobody should lose due to misplays. Plays Boros commanders and group-hug to help everyone have a good time. Plays draw-go control only to protect everyone else from the Spike's Spike. When they notice that you can sacrifice Serra Avatar to Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim during combat and activate Cradle of Vitality to put 40 +1/+1 counters on an attacking 0/1 Goat token for the win, they will alert you.

Darkshadow327 on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

2 weeks ago

This is my new commander deck. Just some basic dragon stompy with The Ur-Dragon at the helm.

Lil_Kalki on Progeny of the Fang

3 weeks ago

Id actually like to offer an anecdote about the Settle the Wreckage play that I got to make extensive use of a few nights ago. So!

I was playing against my friend who has The Ur-Dragon as his commander. Historically, but atypically, a very hard deck for me to beat (especially in a multiplayer environment, though this was 1v1, my forte of course). I managed to get myself an opening hand of a fair few low-mana vamps, reasonable (adequate but not spectacular) lands, and a Demonic Tutor. Everything looked pretty rife, sans opposing wipe, for me to Settle the Wreckage so I decided it was to be my Tutor target.

I ended up ramping about 6 lands with it, then, the turn after, casting Necropolis Regent AND good-old granddaddy Edgar Markov simultaneous to shore up my creature losses.

At some point I actually felt it wise to do the following (mind you Ed was out, and would have a tax of 2 next cast):

My opponent had cast Fist of Suns and then followed up with The Ur-Dragon, so I 3-1ed myself by casting Blasphemous Act with 3 creatures total onboard (2 were mine!) and then casting Anguished Unmaking on the fist. Next turn he played another big scary Dragon and I responded with Wrath of God into Edgar.

He actually survived the next hit so he Fractured Identity... I cast Olivia Voldaren and stole his Edgar token for game. It was DUMB. And I loved it. It almost feels like youve played Fastbond, once you get over the loss of your critters.

Anyway this is what happens when you manage to have tons of rather expendable tokens on board. :)

Gidgetimer on Arcane Adaptation and Ur-Dragon

3 weeks ago

Yes to both. Arcane Adaptation makes it so that all creature spells are dragon spells, so the first ability applies to them. The Ur-Dragon's trigger only cares about dragons attacking, so it only cares what the creatures are as they attack.

Jimmy_Chinchila on Arcane Adaptation and Ur-Dragon

3 weeks ago

Does Arcane Adaptation naming Dragons with The Ur-Dragon in the command zone make all my creatures cheaper to cast? And if I am attacking with a creature not originally a dragon and Ur-Dragons trigger goes on the stack when an instant then destroys Adaptation, will the trigger count the creature that was a dragon at the time of when the ability was triggered even though it isnt a dragon when it resolves?

pskinn01 on rockleemyhero

4 weeks ago

My Sulfurous Springs is ice age. Some prefer the new boarder, but I like this art. The price is lower so will effect trade value.

The Ur-Dragon that I found has an indention in the picture of card. Came out of box with it. Noticeable at an angel, does not effect playabilty. Can provide pics.

All other cards are lp or better.

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