Hour of Devastation


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Rare

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Hour of Devastation


All creatures lose indestructible until end of turn. Hour of Devastation deals 5 damage to each creature and each non-Bolas planeswalker.

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Hour of Devastation Discussion

TehRealZ3r0 on Let's Brew! Jeskai Control ( Ixalan ready)

2 hours ago

So during the last standard I played a Jeskai Control build and had lots of success with it, so my tips for your build will reflect what has worked for me in the previous standards. Going into my comments, it is important to remember that creature heavy decks will remain the top decks in standard, and Energy is never going away.

Disallow is the best counterspell in standard, followed by Supreme Will for it's ability to function as an Impulse. Spell Pierce is very effective, as are Negate and Essence Scatter, but all are very conditional. You want at max 1 ofs or 2 ofs in the main of those.

For card draw, Opt is a four of in every deck. Glimmer of Genius is extremely good too. If you are not wanting glimmer because you don't use the energy, get that mindset out of your head. Scry 2 Draw 2 is very effective alone, and you are running three colors - enemy colors at that, so they have fewer dual lands in standard at the moment (fewer safe ones too) - so you should be running Aether Hub.

As for your removal package, you want one or two Abrade mainboard. Also, your board wipe feels weak. Fumigate is the most powerful removal in standard as it bypasses hexproof and kills over 5 toughness, which Hour of Devastation, unarguably the most effective wipe in standard, cannot do. Those should be your 2 to 3 wipes.

As for your win conditions, you are playing superfriends, which is fine, but honestly it feels underwhelming. Chandra is great. Gideon is great. Dovin does not win a game. And as much as I hate to say it, because judging by your comments earlier I know you like that jace, but he does not belong in control. Huatli creates a 3/3 engine that can run over a game. If you want superfriends, cut the jace and use Huatli, or like I did last standard, splash black for Bolas.

That said, Torrential Gearhulk is amazing, and I am baffled that it is not in your mainboard.

Of course, all of this is my advice, and what works for you works for you! Also, my advice is just going off cards, and I know that some of these get much more costly, so if cost is the reason for some of these card's I've named not being in there, believe me, I understand! Build a deck because you love it and want to have fun. I like your deck a lot, good luck man. Happy brewing!

(as a final comment, Grixis is going to be overall better than jeskai in the upcoming standard due to the buff of red and black removal. There is an argument for white because it can cope with Carnage Tyrant more easily than black (red cannot deal with it, black needs discard, deathtouch, or Lost Legacy), but as for midrange and energy builds that are likely to be played the most, Grixis removal suite is the sweetest, if you're looking at a more competitive play route. I'm building both Grixis and U/W and taking the one that is more optimal in a few months to GP Atl, so that's my frame of reference.)

Nefashu on Standard Mono Black Ixalan Prototype

3 hours ago

Sweltering Suns still beats this deck. You need to figure out a way to deny that card from ruining you. Also, Hour of Devastation is pretty rough on this deck.

illudriel on Temur Tower (XLN)

1 day ago

Supreme Will, of course! That one flew right under my radar. I felt regular counter spells were too clunky but this one contributes to this deck very well. Thank you! :D I thought about Censor, but cycling them later in the game unfortunately wouldn't interact with my towers, so I passed on those.

I think you're right on the Deeproot Champions. Boarding them in post board when my opponent took his removal out is way more efficient. Having them this early isn't necessary, it's just greedy. Thanks again for the input!

I changed the list accordingly. It looks way better now!

I kept my board wipes in the side because I have a lot of removal in my deck already. Against more go-wide aggro decks, Fiery Cannonade seems like a good alternative to Sweltering Suns due to the Cannonade being instant speed, and having only one red in it's cost, making it more affordable in a 3-color deck.

I'm uncertain wether or not River's Rebuke is a good choice against midrange decks. Dealing with all of my opponent's nonland permanents is even more of a hit against him than just removing his creatures. And the one-sidedness keeps my Dynavolt Towers and Deeproot Champions (which probably get boarded in as well) in place. It also doesn't trigger any enrage-dinos, which is nice. On the other hand, Hour of Devastation's effectiveness feels underwhelming when looking at things like Naya Ramp. Star of Extinction gets the job done better, but at a much higher cost and without being able to deal with indestructible threats. Both also don't have the benefits River's Rebuke provides. Only real plus on those seems to be the fact that those threats most likely remain removed.

ouPotato on Blinking Gearhulks {Updated for Ixalan}

2 days ago

Axis_of_Mortality I agree that grixis control is looking pretty strong for Ixalan standard, my biggest worry though is Carnage Tyrant. My ideas for an answer in control were mainly Soul-Scar Mage and Gifted Aetherborn. Soul-Scar Mage for making Carnage Tyrant smaller with board sweeps like Hour of Devastation and Sweltering Suns. Gifted Aetherborn obviously because hes a 2-drop with deathtouch able to trade easy with Tyrant. Both will need some testing to see which performs better, but I would obviously have to go into black for Gifted Aetherborn. I appreciate all of the feedback though!

butthurt_qrow on Jace, The Anointed

3 days ago

You appear to be running a lot of black sources for only having 2 cards in mainboard that are black.

My big problem with this deck is a lack of win condition. I'm really just not seeing how this is going to win. I understand that Jace with Anointed could be mediocre at best, but you need to be careful with the new meta that a lot of people are predicting to move to midrange or tempo. You're gonna need to hold out long enough to A.) Have multiple Processions on board and B.) Let Jace be able to Ultimate.

I could maybe see if you have two or three processions out and he Ultimates, then you could have a massive army of 2/2s (8 Jaces creating 4 illusions each or 16 Jaces creating 8 illusion each), but I don't see that happening most games. Not to mention, there are still board wipes, such as Hour of Devastation and Fumigate.

I would opt to take out an Essence Scatter and a Censor for 2 Negate or Spell Pierce, as it will balance it out a little bit.

I agree yet disagree with ProfesserTNT about the Fatal Push. Push won't be as good in my opinion with the new meta, but it will still be good. The revolt on it will probably be more relevant as we get some ramping decks with Dinos and Pirates.

Shwang on Dimir Controlling Your Creatures

4 days ago

I think red is going to be phased out as the spliced in color for control decks, and white is going to be phased in. The main reason: Carnage Tyrant. He survives Hour of Devastation. In fact, he beats my entire deck other than Bontu's Last Reckoning. I might need to add in white for Fumigate or Hour of Revelation. In fact, it might even be worth swapping out black for white.

You're probably right that Kefnet's Last Word isn't necessary and taps me out when I don't want to be tapped out. That will probably kick the dust.

I'm actually a really big fan of Torment of Hailfire. If I don't kick out black, I will probably add that in.

Thanks for the comments!

AllClar on Grixis Cycling

5 days ago

corythackston Thanks man :) I'm more worried about keeping those Disallow though, considering how powerful they have been in general. I did in fact forget about Spell Pierce when I was making this so I am definitely going to figure out what I'm going to switch those out for. Probably Nimble Obstructionist.

I'm considering The Scarab God, but I don't think I'd need to take out Hour of Devastation for the sole purpose of running him because of the fact that he returns to hand when he dies.

Again, thanks for the suggestions :D

AllClar on U/R Tempo

5 days ago

I would suggest that you try to bring in at least one Hour of Devastation in case the board state gets away from you and you're behind. In addition, it would help to put in a sideboard so that I have some idea where else you would go with this :P

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