Maze of Ith


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters (EMA) Rare
From the Vault: Realms (V12) Mythic Rare
Masters Edition IV (ME4) Rare
The Dark (DRK) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Mythic Rare

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Maze of Ith


: Untap target attacking creature. Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to and dealt by that creature this turn.

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Maze of Ith Discussion

Ocelot44 on Kalemne is Best Girl [EDH Primer] v1.6

1 week ago

Good to see someone else who shares my love of Kalemne! :)

You can't really afford to lose to a Ghostly Prison effect, so you might want to consider running more Disenchant effects. Aura of Silence is incredible because it taxes your opponents' mana until it gets rid of something, and it wombo combos with Sun Titan! I've also had great success with Nahiri, the Harbinger and Wear / Tear. I've never personally run this, but a classic Kalemne card is Ingot Chewer because you can evoke him and still get an EXP counter!

Maze of Ith and Kor Haven will also cause you problems, so some land destruction should be added in case anyone in your meta starts running these. Strip Mine and Dust Bowl are both classic and reliable

I really like @Ivogel's recommendation of Possibility Storm because I've run it before, and let me tell you, it immediately pisses off everyone else at the table (especially control players) and the value that you can get from double EXP counters is real! Highly recommend trying it out sometime!

To me, it doesn't look like you're running enough draw. If you ever want to add more, I've had great success with Reforge the Soul, Magus of the Wheel, and Howling Mine if you can't afford a Wheel of Fortune

Boros Charm effects are invaluable in just about every Boros deck, and I'm a huge advocate of Leave / Chance and Legion's Initiative

Ocelot44 on Some Bulls Want to Watch the World Burn

1 week ago

You only run 32 lands?! One of which is Maze of Ith?! How on earth do you get away with running so few lands with a curve like this? I can never get a three-land hand without at least 35

Have you thought about Heartless Hidetsugu? You run lots of damage doublers and things that protect yourself, so maybe it'd be worth trying out

If you find that you can get rid of your hand very quickly, I personally have had great success with Ghirapur Orrery. Most EDH archetypes can't benefit off of its abilities, and I think this deck might be able to capitalize on it in the late game

Lastly, Serra Avatar can be really funny in a lifelink deck like this, especially if you have a way to Fling her, or use Brion Stoutarm

Ocelot44 on Make Haste

1 week ago

It looks to me like you aren't running enough draw. If you can't afford Wheel of Fortune, then Puresteel Paladin, Magus of the Wheel, Howling Mine, and maybe even Wheel of Fate are all good options

If you ever want another Boros Charm effect, I'm a big fan of Leave / Chance because it also protects against sacrifice and exile and is also a Brand effect

You're also gonna need some land destruction just in case someone drops a Maze of Ith or Kor Haven. If Strip Mine and Dust Bowl are out of your budget range, then Tectonic Edge isn't bad, and Field of Ruin and Ghost Quarter aren't too bad either. Maybe even Avalanche Riders if you want to keep up the creature theme

BlueStar220 on Kaalia EDH

1 week ago

I know you're not wanting to make this deck extremely competitive. I also don't know if your intent is to buy this deck in real life. But here are my suggestions:

With any Kaalia deck, you're not only making yourself a target, but you're also putting all your eggs into one basket. If Kaalia dies too often, you will be forced to hard cast all of your spells. And with only 33 lands and 8 ramp spells, that will be very difficult to do. Rose runs 38 lands and 7 ramp spells in his Kaalia deck, and he will still have mana issues. I would highly recommend a few more lands, (closer to 38). And in addition, I would also recommend a few more protection spells including:

Swiftfoot Boots
Lightning Greaves
Avacyn, Angel of Hope
Cavern of Souls
Maze of Ith Note: I don't count this as a land.

Since you're running Mardu, you're not going to have that much card draw. So In replacement of that I would recommend search cards. That way, once you have Kaalia out, you can use the search card to find whatever creature you want, and put it into your hand before she attacks.

Demonic Tutor
Cruel Tutor
Diabolic Tutor
Rune-Scarred Demon
Vampiric Tutor
Imperial Seal
Mastermind's Acquisition

Also, since you will be top decking a lot with little to no card draw, I find that Sire Of Insanity works really well with Kaalia, since you're preventing everyone else from drawing/having a hand.

I noticed you don't have any board wipes, I typically like to run at least 3-5 for emergency purposes. Some good ones are:

Decree of Pain
Merciless Eviction
Wrath of God
Catastrophe is especially good for Kaalia.

There are some other cards that can also help abuse Kaalia's effect such as:

Aggravated Assault
Strionic Resonator
Scourge of the Throne
Helm of the Host

If you do ever make this deck extremely competitive, land destruction is the best way to abuse Kaalia:

Desolation Angel
Ravages of War
Winter Orb
Yosei, the Morning Star

Here are some cards that are just generically good to have:

Archfiend of Despair
Iona, Shield of Emeria
Master of Cruelties
Emeria Shepherd
Anguished Unmaking
Homeward Path
Archfiend of Depravity
Lord of the Void
Utvara Hellkite
Windbrisk Heights and Quicksilver Amulet can also help cheat in creatures.

mznbzt on Estrid Stax cEDH

1 week ago

Do you have a way to play around the stax effects that apply to every player? Also, I noticed you playing Crop Rotation I run it in my version of this deck too but it's coupled with Flagstones of Trokair to keep the land count and often to fetch Maze of Ith

Funkydiscogod on Muraganda Set

1 week ago

Yeah, that happens quite often, even in the actual sets. There's an old story that Birds of Paradise's art was originally painted for Volcanic Island. The art didn't fit, so they made a new one for Volcanic Island. They created Birds of Paradise to fit the artwork.

Rampaging Primosaur: I love this idea: in a set that focuses heavily on "abilities matter", the "basic lands matter" ability is right on theme. I would like to see more "basic lands matter", if there's room for them in this set. I dislike excessively mathy cards, and that particular ability seems like too much. Let me suggest a replacement: Name it "Rampaging Imperiosaur", cost it at , and make it a 5/5 with Trample and "Spend only mana produced by basic lands to cast Rampaging Imperiosaur".

Sidenote: The classic Imperiosaur does have an ability, and much to the surprise of new players, is not affected by Muraganda Petroglyphs. This is unfortunate because it would have been a great candidate for reprint. If you use this Imperiosaur ability on other creatures, I would give them another ability so it's unambiguous.

Rapt Hatchling: This is another situation where you're hamstrung by art. This looks more like a sorcery than a 2/2.

Razor-edge Thicket: I first read this as Razorverge Thicket. I love the ability on this card. It could probably be cheaper, because the opponent can just make creatures Primal to avoid it. This brings up the next question: where are all the 2-toughness Flying Primal creatures? A Gatherer search for Core Set 2019, Flying, and Toughness <= 2, gives about 10 creatures.

Rebellious Torcher: Absolutely not. This card would be format-warping: that kind of repetitive land destruction, that early in the game would quickly put people to 0 lands, hoping that there's a Shock and an untapped land in their top 10 cards, or else they lose. Many games would end with that creature as the only permanent on the battlefield.

Saber-Spear Ambusher: This card has an unfortunate interaction, where it can first strike, and then bounce itself before the opponent hits them.

Sacrificial Dirk: It's a costly equip for a Gorgon Flail.

Savannah Prowler: Just give it Haste and First Strike, and save the craziness. It would be in good company with Cerodon Yearling, Skyknight Legionnaire and Sky Terror.

Shielding Heron: That hurts because I really enjoyed Muck Drubb. The ability was made useless once they decided that it can't be used to counter spells for invalid target. You don't want to make a card that's useless before it gets to paper.

Spigot-shell Mollusk: Beautiful art, it's sad that it's being used on a card few people would ever play. Maybe its ability should be free? I'd compare it to Death Cultist.

Spiral-shell Spawner: was mill going to be a theme for blue?

Stutter-spell: Significantly more powerful than Runeboggle. As a general rule, tacking "Draw a card" on to something costs . For the card I mentioned, it's Force Spike. Looks like you're tacking it on to Mana Leak, so the cost should be .

Submerging Shonisaur: I can't be sure, but it's probably too big to have protection, and evasion built in.

Swift Pterodrone: Are they called Pteron, Pterodon, Pteranodon, or Pterodrone? I think I've seen all of them. You and Wizards need to pick one and stick to it.

Tar Pit: The Maze of Ith effect is very strong. Mystifying Maze was meant to be a fixed version of it.

Territorial Lizodon: It seems too cheap to have the option to be a Canal Monitor. Should probably cost 5?

Vaerin Infantry: Seems weak. Can it be pumped to a 2/1? or 2/2?

Wantan Disaster: Check your spelling.

Xenophobia: The ability "Protection" has been deprecated. And if it wasn't, this would be crazy powerful in this set, as creatures with no abilities already have few redeeming qualities. This card needs a complete redesign.

SynergyBuild on X equals the purpose (Help ...

1 week ago

Oh yeah, look up some Temur Sabertooth combos... there are a lot. Also, if you run enough elves/pump Marwyn, the Nurturer also goes infinite with the aforementioned Umbral Mantle, Staff of Domination, and Sword of the Paruns...

Ooh... Now that I think of it, there are combos that are good with Kruphix like with Maze of Ith and Ley Weaver/Argothian Elder, you attack with the creature, untap it with Maze, it is still 'in combat', so you tap it, untapping a land and Maze, then tap them both to untap the creature, netting one mana per cycle, making infinite mana!

RiledUpWhiteKiddo on Repayment Plans

2 weeks ago



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