Maze of Ith


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters (EMA) Rare
From the Vault: Realms (V12) Mythic Rare
Masters Edition IV (ME4) Rare
The Dark (DRK) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Mythic Rare

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Maze of Ith


: Untap target attacking creature. Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt to and dealt by that creature this turn.

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Maze of Ith Discussion

HEXPROOOOF on Savage Cheeks

3 days ago

@Philoctetes i have playing with ur kami deck in cockatrice and I found much better all the assemblies I've ever played, at least for me xd. But I'm thinking of making this deck in real life and currently it does not fit into my budget. So I took some cards: Grim Monolith , Pithing Needle , Sunstone , Blightsteel Colossus , Spellseeker , Back to Basics , Copy Artifact , Treachery , Cryptic Command , Academy Ruins , Maze of Ith , Tolaria West and Expropriate (I accept suggestions on removing some non-essential and expensive cards.)

Could you give me suggestions to replace them? I think you're the best person for this, I admire your post.

Is my first time on tappedout and sry for my english.


NoOneOfConsequence on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

5 days ago

Soren841 You see that text above me, Soren? That's two people being reasonable about Command Beacon . You, on the other hand, jump at any opportunity to dismissively say that a card is 'shit' and that someone knows nothing about cEDH.

In any case, I still back Strip Mine and Wasteland simply because people run some very annoying lands in EDH. Gaea's Cradle ? The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale ? Maze of Ith ? Serra's Sanctum ? Inkmoth Nexus ? Cabal Coffers ? Don't get me wrong, people have ways of recurring lands, but a well-timed Strip Mine could save you from dying next turn unless your opponents have Stifle or Disallow .

BahGringo on One Pissed Off Combo Lady | Rakka Mar EDH

1 week ago

First thing first I hate to be that guy but, your commander would be better off being Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker or Feldon of the Third Path . Now I kinda hope you ignore that suggestion though.

My best suggestion is Sundial of the Infinite This turns anything temporary into something permanent. Exile at end of turn become "keep forever". Steal until end of turn becomes "Keep Forever". Anything that ruins your turn like cyclonic rift counter it with sundial.

Have fun going through and choosing stuff from the list and worst part of all cuts in your own deck.

xaarvaxus on Melek EDH

1 week ago

Past in Flames to give all of those lovely spells flashback or Mirari to get double the effect from all of your spells.

Propaganda for a little defense.

Treasure Map  Flip for more scry/mana/card draw.

You already mentioned Top, but if you can ever afford them, Top, Maze of Ith, Cyclonic Rift

DrukenReaps on Need some lists.

2 weeks ago

So big dumb creatures that land fast and hit hard is your problem?

I built a midrange-y deck, Divine Decree, that hides behind pillows and laughing as people die to Manabarbs.

You are dying around turn 5 though so anything costing more than 5 in my deck should probably be taken out for your purposes.

Focusing in on some of the pillows of best use to you would be:

Blind Obedience, Darksteel Plate, Gideon of the Trials, Glacial Chasm, Maze of Ith, Righteous Aura, Solitary Confinement, and Teferi's Protection.

You might avoid Ghostly Prison style effects depending on how your opponent's deck works since if he has all the mana then prison isn't really an issue for him.

If you would prefer to win before he goes off you might try something more akin to Mistress of Poisons which has 2 combos that can go off as early as turn 3. I never made the deck consistently able to win in that time frame so you would have to beef it up but the potential is there.

The better and cheaper option would be if we take a look at 2 or 3 decks you already have and we can maybe touch those up.

zjepsen on Any ideas for Xantcha Politics?

2 weeks ago

I've played Xantcha quite a bit. The experience doesn't always work out as intended, specifically that everyone will be activating her draw ability and working together to kill the one problem player.

More often than not, I was the only one activating her draw ability. And then with the forced attacks: players were more keen to spread the damage around long enough until someone got a lethal blocker in play, then worked together to make the trade.

Don't get me wrong - it was still a lot of fun. I ended up slanting the deck more to keep Xantcha around through combat, to buff her and eventually have her kill other players through commander damage.

But I don't really call this politics (I ascribe to more of the Rachmiel/precociousapprentice definition of politics). Forcing players to do something -- in this instance, Xantcha is literally required to attack each turn -- is different than presenting opponents with a reasonable situation and trusting them to act reasonably in their best interest; e.g., if I have an open Maze of Ith, an opponent is more likely to attack someone else, otherwise they waste a combat step, generally speaking. Yes, I know, you can run Maze of Ith in Xantcha, and I recommend it.

On the plus side, Xantcha's activated abilities were always a nice path to victory if you were able to survive to the 1v1 portion of a multiplayer matchup.

If you're curious about a good take on multiplayer politics, I'd honestly recommend reading through this primer.

TheAlfodr on Karametra, God of Harvests

3 weeks ago

Hmm. Maybe Emeria, The Sky Ruin, or Gavony Township. Field of Ruin looks fun in my opinion, if you don't mind other people ramping. Maze of Ith is always solid, and Rogue's Passage can be mean. If you're looking for something spicy, think about the Thespian's Stage and Dark Depths combo. Just to name a few.

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