Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Destroy all creatures. You gain one life for each creature destroyed this way.

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Fumigate Discussion

LithiumHD on Esper control

16 hours ago

the problem i see here is that you don't actually have any cards that affect the board state on your side until turn 4 at the earliest. youre giving your opponent too much time to develop their own board state, and draw answers to whatever card you do go to play on that turn.

even though this is control, it still needs to be a little faster or to have more mass answers and board clears otherwise you will always be playing from behind, and thats not a good thing.

Fumigate is good, and it makes sense to see it here, perhaps one more in the mainboard will help when you get too far behind.

your colors also allow for Yahenni's Expertise to be played, which is another great board clear that dances around all your own creatures (Gisela, the Broken Blade would need a Gideon Ulti to survive though)

i've never personally liked Glimmer of Genius, especially here when you have nothing to make use of the energy it gets you, but if you really value the scry 2, draw 2 that much, then who am i to tell you not to use it. instead add one or two Aether Hub to make use of that energy you get, while fixing mana problems in the process.

i'd also consider adding a few smaller creatures just in case you need to chump block early game, giving you more time to set up. with gideon in play, his ulti can potentially be really useful in powering up weaker creatures making them at least worth it to add into the deck

good luck and i hope this helps. make sure to tag me if you have any questions. cheers m8!

miampizza on Wife Deck (life drain)

22 hours ago

I have a few suggestions:

Sanguine Bond + Exquisite Blood pretty much self explanatory as to why.

Well of Lost Dreams, Rhystic Study and Alhammarret's Archive are pretty synergistic draw engines.

You are playing one of the best color combination for boardwipes. If things go wrong a well placed Supreme Verdict, Wrath of God, Merciless Eviction, Fumigate, Terminus or Cyclonic Rift can turn the table in your favor or win you the game. Boardwipes are very strong in the EDH format.

35 lands without any mana rocks is quite slow for a deck like this. Maybe you could consider adding some ramp to ensure that your strategy starts pumping before your opponent's. I'm talking about cards like Azorius Signet, Dimir Signet, Orzhov Signet, Sol Ring, Thran Dynamo, Basalt Monolith etc etc.

I feel like Colossus of Akros, Eater of Hope, Kothophed, Soul Hoarder, Maze Sentinel and Mortus Strider are either not very synergistic or weak compared to many other possible choices.

Rhox Faithmender, Archangel of Thune (quite pricy $),Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim, Sphinx of the Steel Wind could be interesting cards.

As for your removal you heavily rely on Pacifism effects. If that's what you absolutely want, go ahead, but if you'd like a bit versatility (sometimes an enchantment or something else might prevent you from gaining life of playing at all), cards like Anguished Unmaking, Counterspell, Mortify, Return to Dust and Utter End could be pretty interesting.

Might have a few cards that comes to mind. I hope any of those cards were inspirational to you :P

Aftertherevolution on What removal can take out ...

1 day ago

lots of nice stuff in that thread, and have been looking at a few of those mentioned. def love silverfur, and do ok with a Hanweir Garrison/Slip Through Space deck. Also was looking at a Otherworldly Outburst, Strength of Arms, Fumigate combo :) ... when I get a chance I'll dig deeper on the thread and post some something if I can add anything new.

Brainstrain2424 on Lets Start Winning Again - UW Flash *Updated*

2 days ago

I also think you should get rid of one Fumigate, one Selfless Spirit, and one Stasis Snare for more counter magic in your side board, such as Disallow. This I suggest mostly for control match ups, which, while it isn't your worse match up, might increase your chances post-sideboard.

Brainstrain2424 on Lets Start Winning Again - UW Flash *Updated*

2 days ago

I also think you should get rid of one Fumigate, one Selfless Spirit, and one Stasis Snare for more counter magic in your side board, such as Disallow. This I suggest mostly for control match ups, which, while it isn't your worse match up, might increase your chances post-sideboard.

xenon240z on Whir of Skysovereign

3 days ago

Very awesome to hear you and your friends have been trying out the deck to some success. This is great feedback and I really appreciate it.

I think taking out the Dispel in the sideboard is a great idea with the format where it is right now, especially when the hate cards like Release the Gremlins and Fumigate are sorceries, like you mentioned. It's hard to know which counterspell is the best. Negate is obviously the most powerful, and I already have 2 copies in the sideboard. Going up to 3 might be correct. I like the idea of Warping Wail with being able to counter sorceries and interrupt Saheeli combo, but I don't think we can support it with enough colorless sources (we currently have six). Going up to 4 Aether Hubs would do it, but runnng more than 2 has been problematic in my testing. Both Invasive Surgery and Ceremonious Rejection don't particularly excite me as being a little too narrow.

Another option is Unlicensed Disintegration, while it's not a counterspell, it's particularly powerful with all the planeswalkers running around. We could take out 1-2 copies of Battle at the Bridge in the main for a copy or two of Unlicensed, and then put another copy in the sideboard. I still think Battle is really powerful, but you're right about it decreasing in power with B/G lessening in popularity.

White offers powerful artifact spells and the splash is just as easy as black, but the problem is that if you are playing Thraben Inspector and Servo Exhibition you need a ton more white sources than a small splash so that we can play them when they matter (turns 1 through 3). As long as we are still playing Whir of Invention it basically forces us to remove red if we want to play the white cards, something that changes the entire identity of the deck.

Your English is great! :)

I'm going to test with Unlicensed Disintegration and see how I like it. 3-mana is a lot in this deck for a single spell without improvise, but the effect is one of the strongest in standard.

I hope this helps, and I'd love to hear more about your future experiences with the deck!

Geo67 on Counters Anyone?

3 days ago

After looking at this again, I feel like you need something with some monstrous punching power at the end...Ridgescale Tusker comes in and gives everyone a counter, or Verdurous Gearhulk(if you want to spend the money or already have them) gives counters, and has trample. I would cut your Endless One for something big on this end of the curve. If your cat is only in to blink and give more tokens, go with Eldrazi Displacer, he costs one less to cast, and he can blink stuff every turn, cat can not.

I think you may want Blossoming Defense in place of your implement of ferocity. In the game of MTG right now, removal is so good, Fatal Push is such a killer as well as Ruinous Path, Unlicensed Disintegration and so many others, your creatures need to be protected. You may also want to add some large scale removal into your deck or at least your side board...you need stuff like a Fumigate, or yehennis expertise and some artifact hate for when you run into the mardu matchup. I would actually remove Lifecrafters gift for some solid removal like Fatal Push or something else.

NyanNijet on My Friend's Friends are not your Friends

3 days ago

I would find a way to squeeze in Fumigate. Keep them creatures of your opponents down and benefit from it.

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