Everlasting Torment


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Rare
Shadowmoor Rare

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Everlasting Torment


Players can't gain life.

Damage can't be prevented.

All damage is dealt as though its source had wither. (A source with wither deals damage to creatures in the form of -1/-1 counters.)

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Everlasting Torment Discussion

MsSysbit on Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter

1 day ago

Love the name. But where are the Everlasting Torments and Wound Reflection? The spell base in general struck me as weaker. You should have Blasphemous Act and a few more wipes. And damage doublers like Dictate of the Twin Gods and Furnace of Rath can be double edged but very effective. Painful Quandary embodies this deck. Make every decision painful and you should choke out a win!

ghoul_Legion on 4 color Burn

1 week ago

Sideboard should consist of useful spells against different decks.

Banefire vs blue

Anger of the Gods or Flamebreak vs weenie/tokens

Everlasting Torment vs lifegain. skullcrack is nice, but against real lifegain deck it won't be enough.

Burn from Within vs indestructible, it's also amazing vs recuring creatures Bloodghast

Overall, nice deck, but you need an adequate sideboard. Just random spot removal cards of different color to call it 4 color won't cut it.

+1 for Burn fun

shaistyone on Need Help for White Sideboards ...

2 weeks ago

Depending on how big of a white splash you have, Duergar Hedge-Mage seems fairly spot on.
Haven't tried it, but Everlasting Torment seems like a nice answer for lifegain decks.

joshuaizac on Rakdos Command sqaud

2 weeks ago

Got here from your forum post...thoughts...

Kaervek the Merciless, Arc Blade, Palace Siege, Phthisis, Cryptolith Fragment  Flip can all be interesting/good-ish, as well as Creeping Dread, Pyromancy and Sin Prodder if you add a little recursion. I'm also a fan of cards like Sulfuric Vortex, Forsaken Wastes, Everlasting Torment, and/or Erebos, God of the Dead in these kind of decks...

hope this helps, gl & hf

lagotripha on Mono black deckbuilder's toolbox

3 weeks ago

Interesting choice for when Night's Whisper isn't better- I'd feel more comfortable including it in a U/B list which suffered mana problems but it could have a place so I'll add it. something with Black Sun's Zenith/Everlasting Torment/Necroskitter I guess.

Tethys on Liliana Eats Your Brain (Creaturless T4 Win Combo)

3 weeks ago

lexleningrad -- Very glad to hear that you are enjoying the deck! I had actually never seen Everlasting Torment before you suggested it. It's a great sideboard choice. I'll probably pick up a couple copies myself.

The deck is about to get a notable mainboard upgrade too: Fatal Push. I'd recommend you pick up a few copies if you haven't already. It's pretty outstanding in my experience using it so far. Good luck and have fun with the deck! :-)

lexleningrad on Liliana Eats Your Brain (Creaturless T4 Win Combo)

3 weeks ago

Built this deck, really enjoy it. Added two Everlasting Torment and a Duress to the sideboard for my meta.

Permafrost on Everybody Huuurrrrrrts!!!

1 month ago

I really like the Repercussion kill, I will try that out. Koskun Falls is a card i didnt know exsisted, and I like it! A black Propaganda, pretty cool! I dont run No Mercy because it kills a couple of my creatures like Zo-Zu the Punisher and Heartless Hidetsugu, and Everlasting Torment stops me from gaining life, which is really bad since I hurt myself a lot, and I need all the life gain I can get without sacrificing dealing damage as often as possible.

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