Everlasting Torment


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Rare
Shadowmoor Rare

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Everlasting Torment


Players can't gain life.

Damage can't be prevented.

All damage is dealt as though its source had wither. (A source with wither deals damage to creatures in the form of -1/-1 counters.)

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Everlasting Torment Discussion

Permafrost on Everybody Huuurrrrrrts!!!

4 days ago

I really like the Repercussion kill, I will try that out. Koskun Falls is a card i didnt know exsisted, and I like it! A black Propaganda, pretty cool! I dont run No Mercy because it kills a couple of my creatures like Zo-Zu the Punisher and Heartless Hidetsugu, and Everlasting Torment stops me from gaining life, which is really bad since I hurt myself a lot, and I need all the life gain I can get without sacrificing dealing damage as often as possible.

beninator on Everybody Huuurrrrrrts!!!

5 days ago

You may already be aware, but Repercussion becomes a win con if you have no creatures and cast Blasphemous Act. Everlasting Torment and Embermaw Hellion would also be a good fit for this deck. Koskun Falls and No Mercy could be good ways to keep damage you take to a minimum.

MagicalHacker on Aether Revolt Spoilers!

2 weeks ago

Yes it does count. Even Soul Conduit will hurt two players with Tainted Remedy out. Unfortunately, it also means the activated ability gets countered with Everlasting Torment out. These rules are so weird and janky, I'm actually in the process of building a commander deck with them.

PookandPie on Live Long and Pawspurr

4 weeks ago

There's actually a Modern deck that is focused on gaining lots of life: It commonly goes by Soul Sisters or Martyr Proc. Is this a cat equipment deck or a life gain deck that wins via Sovereign? It's riding the fence and not really doing either to the best of its abilities right now.

-If your goals are to win via Felidar Sovereign or Chalice of Life, you should have more than 1 copy of them-

Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant are the titular sisters of the Soul Sisters deck. Running 8x of the same effect gives you opportunities to gain 2, 3, 4, etc., life whenever a creature enters. This is better than Ajani's Mantra. You can use Spectral Procession to get 3 flying tokens for 3 life, which can help you lower your opponent's life totals or protect your own if need be (also, casting Procession and gaining like 12 life is pretty awesome too). You can drop Scythe of the Wretched, Blinding Powder, and Leonin Bola to fit in 8 copies of the Sisters for massive life gain.

Squadron Hawk can similarly be used as a constant revenue stream of life gain with the Sisters. Dropping Ajani's Sunstriker and 1 of any other card will let you put these in. Then, add in more Martyr of Sands. You want to keep your white count high for Martyr. Proclamation of Rebirth is excellent with Martyr of Sands because it lets you gain stupid amounts of life each turn.

Then, you need to add in some removal. Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Oblivion Ring, even Devouring Light: Good decks run removal. What would you do if an opponent cast Erebos, God of the Dead, Everlasting Torment, or Leyline of Punishment? These can help get around that weakness.

Or, if you're wanting to be an equipment deck, then try these suggestions:

Squadron Hawk is actually still good in this kind of deck, so I still recommend trying it out. Puresteel Paladin is pretty absurd in these kinds of decks and would do more for you than Ajani's Sunstriker could ever do, 4 copies at minimum. Stoneforge Mystic is also invaluable, but expensive, sadly (actually, decent equipment decks are just expensive), so maybe you can supplement with Steelshaper's Gift or Relic Seeker for now. Kor Duelist is better with equipment than jank like Pride Guardian or Oreskos Sun Guide, though there's always Fencing Ace and Auriok Edgewright. If you want to gain life, Vault Skirge is better than Kemba's Skyguard when you run equipment.

Swiftfoot Boots is better than General's Kabuto (if you're just putting it on Ajani's Pridemate as he gets huge, what's the point of the "He takes no combat damage" ability when he'll already be bigger than most of your opponent's creatures?). You also need some better damaging equipment, like Loxodon Warhammer, O-Naginata, Sword of Vengeance, Bonesplitter, even. The Swords cycle would be more ideal, but you're probably working on a budget.

So... there's my recommendation. Take this deck in either of two directions, because as it is right now, it's riding the fence between them and not really running to the best of the life gain or equipment strategy.

Sgt_St0n3r on Undying Slivers

1 month ago

Hey, WhisperingBlade, I like the idea of Eldritch evolution, but like you said I dont think the mana syncs up properly for that card. What I like about increasing ambition is the flashback for two more cards and the fact you don't have to reveal the cards you search for. I also use it for Everlasting Torment and if needed Primal Command. I decided to go for Spinneret Sliver instead for galerider just incase an opponent has Whirlwind or Raking Canopy or something like that. I was thinking about diffusion sliver I'll probably swap vexing shusher on my sideboard for it as I don't really need it with cavern if souls. Thank you for the suggestions and upvote :)

joshuaizac on The slaughter prison.

1 month ago

I dig it, more of a fan of Forsaken Wastes, Everlasting Torment, Sulfuric Vortex approach than the Tainted Remedy / Exquisite Blood kind of thing....

either way...+1

casilemental on Smashing Hydras (requesting help)

1 month ago

I FORGOT about Increasing Savagery!!!! It's totally getting added. I'm not totally sold on Pattern of Rebirth, although I do like the ability to tutor for any creature. I'll try it out! Probably going to replace Everlasting Torment, because I don't like how wither works with my counters. Thanks total_euphoria!

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