Sacred Foundry


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Expeditions Mythic Rare
Gatecrash Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds Rare

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Sacred Foundry

Land — Mountain Plains

(: Add or to your mana pool.)

As Sacred Foundry enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, Sacred Foundry enters the battlefield tapped.

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Sacred Foundry Discussion

Casey4321 on The Deckwatch [Home Base]

22 hours ago

Sorry for the double post. Answer 3 expeditions Godless Shrine Sacred Foundry Blood Crypt I am a slave to Kaalia of the Vast ...

Masterpieces: only one Ornithopter Not. Even. Mad.

Daedalus19876 on The Deckwatch [Home Base]

22 hours ago

AwezomePozzum: Actual price is the TCG price, so $43. TappedOut is just really, really glitchy on card prices.

I own seven masterpieces and one expedition (none of which I've opened - though I did trade for most of them with things that I DID open).

Sacred Foundry, Mana Crypt, Scroll Rack, Champion's Helm, Static Orb, Cloudstone Curio, Meekstone, and Extraplanar Lens are the ones I have.

Gaous on Bring To Light Scapeshift

5 days ago

I would drop 1 Cinder Glade for a 4th Stomping Ground. I would also consider replacing Temple Garden or Hallowed Fountain for a Sacred Foundry

Spirits on Kaalia of the Vast EDH

6 days ago

Hey, nice build, fellow Kaalia of the Vast player Kaalia, the Purifier

Avacyn, Angel of Hope is the flagship Angel of this deck, shes pricey, but critical in here. The indestructible is also very, very nice.

Rune-Scarred Demon is a great Demon, he replaces himself in your hand with a Master of Cruelties or a Avacyn, Angel of Hope or can pull an Anguished Unmaking if Prossh, Skyraider of Kher and Purphoros, God of the Forge are punching you in the face. Demonic Tutor also great. Best solutions, more searching for them.

Path to Exile is great removal.

Blood Crypt and Godless Shrine and Sacred Foundry are great because they are Mountain, Swamp and Plains so searchable. In 3-color Mardu, mana fixing is an issue.

Angel of Despair is also good for destroying annoying permanents.

Not sure Night's Whisper is a good enough card advantage, but I understand, Mardu doesn't have too many great ones. Sign in Blood is a little more modular, allows you to target opponents, if you need them to lose two life or lose. But the makes it more difficult to cast earlier on during ramping up.

I like the Banishing Light and Oblivion Ring you've gone with.

Don't think this guy is too much of a threat Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury. if he gave haste to others would be ok. Usually won't be attacking with too many creatures. His Dash is nice, but not really that strong. Won't trigger if brought in with Kaalia of the Vast either and negates his Dash.

I think Hanweir Battlements is better than Slayers' Stronghold, You lose the +2/+0 and Vigilance, but for less Mana.

Overall cool build, some fun demons and dragons in there. +1

Dawnsly on RubyStrings

1 week ago

Hey Ruby, I don't know if you got my notification or not from your trade binder. I have 4x Inspiring Vantage 3x Concealed Courtyard 3x Scrapheap Scroungerand 1x Chandra, Torch of Defiance I was really interested in 3 of your Sacred Foundry and 2x Path to Exile. Wondering if you'd be willing to make a trade?

hosshughes on RubyStrings

1 week ago

Hey RubyStrings, not sure if you got my message on your binder but my Verdurous Gearhulk is from Kaladesh. I also have a Scrapheap Scrounger. I'm interested in your Sacred Foundry, Watery Grave, Steam Vents and Blood Crypt if we can work some combination out.

DiscardDecard on How to win at modern FNM

1 week ago

Cut Battlefield Forge and Clifftop Retreat for Bloodstained Mire and Wooded Foothills then cut 2 mountains for Sacred Foundry ... just kidding if you want to stay budget though some of the fast lands might be nice Inspiring Vantage

Pandaka on Bust in a Jar: Turn 2 No Lands?

2 weeks ago

Do you really need 4 Sacred Foundry's though?

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