Sacred Foundry


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Expeditions Mythic Rare
Gatecrash Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds Rare

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Sacred Foundry

Land — Mountain Plains

(: Add or to your mana pool.)

As Sacred Foundry enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, Sacred Foundry enters the battlefield tapped.

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Sacred Foundry Discussion

Tethys on Mardu Tokens V.2

5 days ago

I hadn't noticed the Marsh Flats and was mostly just pushing for an eighth fetch (which I see now you already have).

Given that:

1) This build is never going to require on Turn 1
2) It would be very rare that you would need to be able to produce on the same turn
3) You would still have five other -producing lands in the deck
4) Every fetch in the deck can pull a white source

I'm still not convinced that the second Sacred Foundry is necessary. That being said, it's not going to make any appreciable difference on the performance of the deck one way or another, and the land base is very well constructed regardless. Impressively so.

Keep me posted on how this thing performs in practice! What deck(s) do you usually play on paper by the way? Or are you MTGO only?

Raediaent on UR Levels

1 week ago

My best advice for you is try to keep the deck two-color with Red and Blue. I think the white Splash is unnecessary here because Kargan Dragonlord is already weighted heavy with its double red mana cost, and without running fetchlands (Arid Mesa, Scalding Tarn, or Flooded Strand) or shocklands (Sacred Foundry, Hallowed Fountain, or Steam Vents) getting the mana you need to cast spells will be harder/slower.

Having Kargan Dragonlord as a wincon is really interesting, but it gets killed by the most common removal spells in the game (Path to Exile, Fatal Push, and Lightning Bolt), so your deck might be inconsistent in control match-ups. You also have Lord of Shatterskull Pass and Lighthouse Chronologist which can serve as win conditions too, but still suffer from similar problems that Kargan Dragonlord does.

Fuel for the Cause, Volt Charge, Steady Progress, Inexorable Tide, and Tezzeret's Gambit are very slow because of their mana costs being in the 3-4 CMC range. Cards such as Serum Visions, Sleight of Hand, Lightning Bolt and Mana Leak can accomplish many of the same things at a cheaper cost without the proliferate effect. Another option you could take instead of running these cards are Goblin Electromancers or Baral, Chief of Compliances, which act as pseudo-ramp for your deck.

As far as your engine (level up ramp) goes, I think Venerated Teacher is the best pick you have and you should definitely run a playset of four in your deck. I think Thrummingbird strictly beats out Skyship Plunderer because the option to place counters on any permanent is conditional.

My last suggestion for you is to consider running Saheeli Rai because it can create tokens of Venerated Teacher whose ETB is important to your deck. There are probably other planeswalkers you could run as well, but the choice is up to you :). Good luck in your deck building!

euananddalesaccount on I Cast Fireball

2 weeks ago

try Lightning Bolt instead of Rift Bolt and add a Sacred Foundry with some Naturalize, Fragmentize and other enchantment/artifact removal

GeminiSpartanX on Puresteel Storm (MDN)

3 weeks ago

I've found that 15 lands is often enough. I would cut either the basic island, Inspiring Vantage, Sacred Foundry, or the 3rd Hallowed Fountain. I've rarely needed to cast Grapeshot using a non-opal mana source, so the extra red source isn't necessary even against Blood Moon decks since that's the most common form of mana denial in modern (aside from maybe Ghost Quarter but we don't mind thinning our deck of lands :). Ideally you would cut all 4 of the lands I mentioned above in favor of 3 more white fetchlands since this is the rare type of deck where thinning makes a noticeable difference. I would also try to make room in your SB for a 2nd Path, cutting either the 2nd hurkyl's or the 2nd Noxious Revival (I'm not sure in what matchups you're planning to side in the 2nd revival).

TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

3 weeks ago

Lots of text coming up, so get ready!

Regarding your additions:

Blood Rites and Goblin Bombardment: great in 1v1, but I think it might be a bit too all-in in multiplayer. let's discuss!

Bonfire: I don't like that it affects only one player. Very mean. Let's find a niceer alternative.

Grim Haruspex: This is a great inclusion I think. Very glad to have it in the cube :)

CHANGELOG 03/05/17



Fetches means some new additions:

And just some fun stuff:

  • Pyromancer's Goggles (cool in Izzet, but maybe too narrow)
  • Lingering Souls (just value, good in many archetypes)
  • Fork (worth it? Well have to see what the spells end up looking like)
  • Reverberate (see above)
  • Commandeer (this is probably better than fork/reverberate, but who knows)
  • Misdirection (see above)
  • Combat Celebrant (Im more curious about this card than anything else)
  • Insult to Injury (great in token swarm and gruul beats)
  • Never//Return (one-for-one removal isnt great, but the additional value could be good)
  • Cut to Ribbons (kinda just want to try this)
  • Garruk Relentless  Flip (very good in Golgari sacrifice)

General notes:

I think Im pretty high on these split/modal cards. I want to use them just because theyre new, but I also I think that multi-use cards like these could be interesting because of minimized card disadvantage. What do you think?

Regarding lands: we should figure out which we want to cut. Obviously the guildgates are bad maybe we give scrylands instead? I think the tri-lands should go to reduce the amount of 4-c decks in each pod. It looks like the format will be durdly enough as it is. Speaking of durdling

I know youre not going to like this, but I think we might have to add more ways to speed up the game. I dont really want to see a format where defensive posture is the standard. Right now we have goad and rakdos to force action, but if we end up needing more I do recommend adding monarch (or something else if you have a better idea). Basically, I dont want non-red pods to play the game without pressure, so whatever we do to mitigate that risk is good for me


Bulldawg1310 on RTFC

3 weeks ago

SwaggyMcSwagglepants i named it RTFC, because in my experience, its common courtesy to atleast give the name of the card youre playing, not necessarily to read all the effects, but a simple "crack fetch, Sacred Foundry, Goblin Guide, attack, attack trigger. Is how that exchange should have gone. That with irony of my inability to RTFC because his cards were foreign, added to the humor.

zephyr_chang on Bolt Seeker *WIP* plz crit

1 month ago

There are many 1-ofs, which is generally not the best way to go about building a consistent deck?

There are also just too many cards that flat out do not see Modern play. Agree with previous post that you should use better burn/removal spells, including Path to Exile.

The land base, obviously, could use a huge upgrade just by adding fetches and shocks (Arid Mesa and Sacred Foundry) as well.

kotten on Mardu Burn

1 month ago

Thylian1 I get what you're saying but Shock and Tarfire being one drops for two damage is easy removal or quick damage to get lethal and so on so I keep them in since they're good burn cards. Hellspark Elemental is a card I fuck with because swinging for three with trample and haste is easy two or three damage depending on if they block, and it could kill off a creature the opponent has. Plus with it having the unearth ability, a lot of people with forget about and late game I could kill off a blocker and unearth it, swing for game potentially. I do like Rift Bolt I just haven't picked any up. Having 16 lands has played out just fine, as I've won games with only 3 or 4 mana, especially with have four fetch lands, if I need a basic, a Sacred Foundry or Godless Shrine I know I can get it.

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