Leyline of Anticipation


If Leyline of Anticipation is in your opening hand, you may begin the game with it on the battlefield.

You may cast nonland cards as though they had flash. (You could cast an instant.)

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Leyline of Anticipation Discussion

JararoNatsu on Modern Miracles

3 days ago

I just read the rules. Huh, that is interesting (and also kind of amazing). Okay, you wouldn't need Leyline of Anticipation, then. What you COULD use, then, is more instant-speed card draw.

What about Brainstorm? Even if you draw multiple miracles, or have one in your opening hand that you can't cast for the Miracle cost, you can return it to your library so that you CAN use it for the Miracle cost. A bit of a loophole. With this, Serum Visions, and Think Twice, you'd be able to set yourself up relatively well.

Also refer to my other suggestions, especially about that Mountain... that damn Mountain.

JararoNatsu on Modern Miracles

3 days ago

I agree with VraskaTheCursed about Disrupting Shoal. It's way too expensive no matter what you do. You're better off with simple, CMC 2 counter spells like Mana Leak and Remand. The same goes for Logic Knot, too. Don't even bother.

However, I do agree about preferring Think Twice, as you can draw a card on your opponent's turn. You made a remark, though, about Think Twice activating Miracle on your opponent's turn. That would be nice, if the Miracle cards were instants rather than sorceries. If that's what you want, then I would recommend a couple Leyline of Anticipation be added, so you actually CAN use them on opponent's turns.

Also, why do you have a Mountain in your landbase? You have nothing that requires red mana, and for the same reason Scalding Tarn isn't really necessary either. If you need it for fetching Islands, then that is understandable, but one Mountain? Nah, son.

Let's be real about this. If you're going to use Miracles, go all the way. Temporal Mastery it up in here, at least one.

WargRave on Mindrazer's Gifts

1 week ago

Hi, took a look at the deck and I think I see a few swaps:

Rupture Spire->Vivid Crag

Obelisk of Grixis->Commander's Sphere


Some cards to consider adding:

+Fate Unraveler Another, probably easier to cast, Underworld Dreams effect along with a 3/4.

+Geier Reach Sanitarium Another Mikokoro, Center of the Sea, in fact it's better because you also have discard triggers.

+Bojuka Bog Likely someone in your meta has a graveyard based deck, and this is a very low cost way to greatly damage them. Especially since you will be fueling them with all your discard. For that matter, adding Nihil Spellbomb or Relic of Progenitus could be wise too.

+Liliana's Caress You've got Megrim, might as well use this too.


And a few things that might not be pulling their weight here:

-Otherworld Atlas This seems just too slow. Charging it once makes a Temple Bell that etb tapped and costs 4. Charging twice is a really slow Font of Mythos. Charging three times is...three turns of nothing. If there were a heavy proliferation theme, then maybe.

-Laboratory Maniac Are you decking yourself before opponents are dying? If you've gone through 99 cards, or even 80, the opponents should be at -40 life or less. They'll also be damaging each other too. In the unlikely event someone maintains positive life, you'll probably deck them before yourself anyway if they played any of their own card draw. If you still worry about it, Time Reversal and Day's Undoing can replace two of your other wheel effects.

-Omniscience This just isn't the deck for this card. Yes all your Howling Mines can refill you each turn, but pretty much nothing in your deck is card advantage, so you can't drop this and storm through your library or anything like that. At the point you hit 10 mana you can pretty much cast 3 spells + play a land each turn anyway, so Omniscience only has value after you have ten mana, and if you draw more than 1+(mana available/averageCMC) cards per turn. At every other time (so way too often) it's dead.

-Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker Sure he's powerful in a generic way, but he doesn't synergize with the deck, and I think he's next on the chopping block because of his cost.

-Magus of the Jar Having summoning sickness and costing five makes this questionable to me.

-Leyline of Anticipation Another generically powerful card, but you know what else is generically powerful? Signets.

bonkpoppin on Can I Stifle the "If ...

1 week ago

Rhadamanthus, thank you for the quick answer.

However, I am curious, is there any way of negating a clause like that. (apart of course from casting it with flash during your opponent's turn via Leyline of Anticipation like cards) or is there no way of negating it?

chosenone124 on Can I activate Lethal Vapors ...

1 week ago

There are ways for me to make sure that my opponent's don't have time to react. What first comes to mind is Suppression Field. An opponent would need to pay 2 mana to activate Lethal Vapors in response to Worst Fears.

And of course, I can always take control of their turn, and flash Lethal Vapors in at instant speed using a variety of cards like Leyline of Anticipation, Alchemist's Refuge, and Vedalken Orrery.

I could force them to use a removal spell on Academy Rector, or attack in a way that I can chump with Rector. Or I can use Hex Parasite and Lost Auramancers. There are an insane number of ways to make sure that your opponents can't stop the "never play ever" combo

Comfordor on The Enabler MTGO

3 weeks ago

Leyline of Anticipation or Vedalken Orrery?

I noticed you said "deck helps people who are struggling" & "cards that benefit the guy to your left more"

I would imagine these cards will give you more control of how and when your cards operate? Enabling underdogs to take the most advantage from your spells.

I am liking the deck +1 =D

rcrimmins on Ephara Flicker Fun with Flash

3 weeks ago

Should be Ephara Flash Flicker Fun.

Or Ephara Phlash Phlicker Phun.

Just sayin'.

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