Assassin's Trophy


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Rare

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Assassin's Trophy


Destroy target permanent an opponent controls. Its controller may search their library for basic land card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle their library.

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Assassin's Trophy Discussion

PartialPride on Competitive Food Chain Prossh

13 hours ago

tsujimon: Assassin's Trophy is a good card, no question about that, however, what we are trying to do here is combo out as fast as possible. The downside of not hitting lands and providing an opponent with a land is a real cost when games end on turn 3 (as you're essentially giving them 25% more mana in some cases). I think Abrupt Decay hits basically all of the relevant things and has a very important 'can't be countered' clause. But more importantly, in my opinion, is that interaction is not a winning line unless its anti-counter spell tech which may prevent us from combo-ing. Most of our interaction is anti-blue spells. The ONLY other interaction we run is Abrupt Decay , Nature's Claim , Fire Covenant , and Toxic Deluge . We talked about abrupt decay above, nature's claim is too efficient to not run, fire covenant is an instant speed, one-sided board wipe in most instances, which leaves toxic deluge. I've cut deluge before but it's currently back in. It remains the worst piece of interaction by far, but I still think it's better than Trophy as it is better in the niche indestructible scenarios and is helpful when we're behind. Now if I was running Beast Within I would consider running Trophy instead but I cut beast within a long time ago.

As for updates with Modern Horizons likely no meaningful changes. I'm excited to get full art snow lands but that's pretty much it. I will probably test out Nurturing Peatland instead of a basic OR Prismatic Vista , but I don't think I play enough basics for Vista to be worth it and I can't do both. Peatland seems reasonably Ok though even if it hurts us each time. The only other card that potentially interested me was Force of Vigor instead of Nature's Claim , although going down a card in a deck without blue seems dicey plus it hurts more with Ad Nauseam . I will give it a try though.

Bewmz on Midrange Budget Esper Token Control

5 days ago

I have apparently been summoned?

So lets start with the first bit match_lighter hit on: Modern format works off of all sets that were at one point standard legal starting at 8th edition to present as well as the new Modern Horizons set which drops into legality this friday, minus a relatively small ban list.

Temple of the False God , Brainstorm , Mystical Tutor , Rout , and Sol Ring were printed in sets prior to 8th Edition, so those are out.

Mental Misstep , Ponder , Preordain , and Gitaxian Probe are all banned in the format.

Lastly, Death Grasp was only ever printed in a commander product which means it is not a Modern legal playable.

match_lighter is also likely right, if you really want to play Esper in modern you have basically two routes:

  1. Go straight control, no fancy frills. The deck exists and is doing actually alright but it is mostly a UW shell making a minimal black splash for sideboard cards and like one main deck walker in Kaya, Orzhov Usurper in small numbers.

  2. You could play what ye olde players would call "solar Flare", or Gifts Control. Deck plays some number of effects that let you put cards in your graveyard ( Liliana of the Veil , Thirst for Knowledge occasionally) in conjunction with Gifts Ungiven , Unburial Rites , and some big dumb thing like Iona, Shield of Emeria / Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite to reanimate and bring the opponent to a screeching halt. Because you're playing Gifts, you wind up play single copies of cards or multiple cards with similar effects with different names (eg. Wrath of God , Damnation , Supreme Verdict , Day of Judgment ) so that you can force your piles with the card to do what you want. Gifts over the years has leaned more into strict Esper, but there are people who still play the old 4 Color lists with green for access to Life from the Loam and solid removal effects like Abrupt Decay and Assassin's Trophy . I can swing back through and link you some smaple deck lists in a bit.

xtechnetia on Splashing green on grixis deck

5 days ago

Abrupt Decay and Assassin's Trophy are probably the best enchantment removal if you splash green in a Grixis deck, since they catch a lot of other things too.

That being said, 4 colors is pretty greedy. In Grixis colors, you can try Engineered Explosives for enchantment removal.

vomitpile on Suicide DreadFiend

1 week ago

Silverdrake it’s such a sweet pile of kinda synergistic things! I’m considering the green splash for 1-2 Become Immense with some number of Ancient Grudge , Assassin's Trophy / Abrupt Decay , and Scavenging Ooze in the side but that sort of conflicts with the Blood Moon plan. It’s probably worth having 1 Overgrown Tomb just for the pump spell and maybe 1 Grudge over 1 Abrade , since Manamorphose can also make help fix for green a little. Definitely still in the workshop phase, thanks for the suggestion!

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on Chasmolinker

1 week ago

Say, what do you think of a BUG Snow deck? You're the resident BGx player these days, so I'd like your thoughts on it. Ice-Fang Coatl is my motivation to make a UGx deck. And I think BUG is the most viable, since Coatl is a midrange card and UG lacks interaction with creatures. Moreover, Dead of Winter looks like a very powerful card.

My experience is that BUG is a very hard color combination to build. Blue cards are powerful, but generally are difficult to make resonate with BG cards.

The obvious includes are 4 Coatl, 4 Goyf, and 4 Snap for creatures. Probably 3-4 Assassin's Trophy . 4 Arcum's Astrolabe to increase the snow count.

I'm worried about finding enough blue cards to support Force of Negation -- on that topic, my testing so far has indicated that Force of Negation is an insanely good card in modern.

But as for rounding out the list, I have no idea what to do. Do cantrips have a place? A discard package is usually a good idea. What removal spells, and how many? Does Liliana fit in? Kalitas? Scooze? Bob? Jace? Baby Jace? Narset?

Sarkhan420X on Modern Mono White Angels

1 week ago

i'd recommend adding more colors to the deck. the first color i'd add is green to ramp into your angels quickly as well as potentially use the effect of Shalai, Voice of Plenty .

red also gives access to Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice and of course Lightning Helix and Lightning Bolt .

if running green, you can add black as well for Assassin's Trophy and Abrupt Decay .

blue would probably be the weakest color to add. imo, the only good blue angel is Lightning Angel

TypicalTimmy on Oathbreaker Discussion Thread

2 weeks ago

LittleBlueHero, it is in my completely non-professional opinion that Garruk, Apex Predator is among the strongest of Oathbreaker possible as he literally has a +1 to destroy other Planeswalkers. He also builds deadly walls between himself and your opponent, gets you life, and makes all of your creatures basically win conditions. And since he is in Golgari, you have access to some of the nastiest tricks in the game. Effectively, if built right, you can have two libraries (Graveyard synergy).

Partner him up with something powerful like Assassin's Trophy and you have yourself an incredible force.

Having said that, all of the others seem great in their own right if built around. But I think GAP is the most competitive of them.

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Assassin's Trophy occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.35%

Golgari: 4.65%


All decks: 0.27%

Golgari: 3.49%


All decks: 0.51%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.07%

Golgari: 0.54%

BUG (Sultai): 0.82%

BRG (Jund): 0.96%