Vizier of Many Faces


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Vizier of Many Faces

Creature — Shapeshifter

You may have Vizier of Many Faces enter the battlefield as a copy of any creature on the battlefield, except if Vizier of Many Faces was embalmed, the token has no mana cost, it's white, and it's a Zombie in addition to its other types.


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Vizier of Many Faces Discussion

ThallionDarkshine on We're Gonna Need a LOT of Dice

4 days ago


I do like the idea of Command Beacon, and I've been considering going up to 36 lands for a while. Probably in the next update I'll cut something for that, since it seems like a great effect to have, especially on a land.


Currently I'm running Hornet Queen over Avenger of Zendikar because I don't have all that many fliers, so getting 5 flying blockers could be very relevant. However, I haven't been seeing as many dragon decks in my meta lately, so I could see making the swap.

I'm not a huge fan of Wild Beastmaster, since it doesn't give trample, and honestly I don't actually have that many creatures out most of the time. I could see running Pathbreaker Ibex because it gives trample, but for now I'm sticking with Dragon Throne of Tarkir because it can pump your team the turn you play it (although it takes a ton of mana).

I like the idea of Sekki, Seasons' Guide in theory, but I feel like in practice it would just leave too many decisions up to my opponents, and after they durdle around not letting it make that many tokens, just die to a board wipe. If anything, I think I would run Pentavus as another expensive token generator.

Edric, Spymaster of Trest was in a previous version of the deck, and didn't do enough in my opinion. Since then, I have cut even more token generators, so I think it isn't quite good enough.

Unfortunately, Sakashima the Impostor is a bit out of my price range, and even if it was, I feel like developing an extra Ezuri would just be a huge overextension. If anything, I might consider running Vizier of Many Faces as my clone effect, simply because I have it on hand.

I really like your suggestions on things to cut. Praetor's Counsel feels like it just costs too much mana for what it does, and Magus of the Library definitely is clunky a lot of the time. Maybe if the magus had a slightly easier cost I would consider keeping it in. Those two will definitely be coming out of the deck in a future update. I do, however, think that Tezzeret's Gambit is worth it. The card draw is helpful, and I feel that proliferating is very powerful. Until I find another decent piece of card draw or two, I think it will stay in to help with that aspect of the deck.

Suns_Champion on Anything you can do I can do Better(Ikra +Ludevic

4 days ago

Good thoughts. I understand.

How is Restore working for you? Are there enough fetches in your meta to make it usable?

I personally dislike the cards that also give opponents mana. Unless group hug is a theme it seems dangerous to give, I dunno, the Mono red or Boros players so much mana, shoring up their weaknesses. I'm a Boros/red player so someone dropping an early Collective Voyage seems like a dream come true haha! Just my opinion!

Good to have a better knowledge of the deck philosophy.

I'm sure you've considered them, but may I ask where Mercurial Pretender, Sakashima the Impostor, Vesuvan Shapeshifter, and Vizier of Many Faces are? They all seem better than Clone at the very least, able to bounce themselves(repeated ETB effects) or in the case of Vesuvan Shapeshifter, get out before the creature you want to copy, allowing you more utility and better timing.

Mirage Mirror will be great and was probably my best suggestion, looking back haha!

Etali, Primal Storm steals cards, not amazing but more of a "fun card" suggestion.

Now, I won't give suggestions on this quite yet, but your deck is seriously lacking some instant speed interaction. To really make this work in multiplayer(especially on Game Knights, where a lot of crazy stuff happens and there's a lot of interaction), you'll need some removal and/or counterspells I think. you'll have to sacrifice some theme for some consistency.

You might also like more recursion, as this is a creature based deck, you'll probably like to get them back from time to time.

Rzepkanut on Gimme an idea for a ...

5 days ago

Tishana, Voice of Thunder + Siren's Ruse, Vizier of Many Faces, and/or Release to the Wind. With lots of creatures... mana dorks probably best.

mmlgamer on Epically Annoying

1 week ago

I feel like some or all of the following is worth consideration: Genesis, Eternal Dragon, Nimble Obstructionist , Ghost-Lit Warder, Decree of Silence, Sakashima's Student, Vizier of Many Faces, and if you can manage it, Survival of the Fittest. Survival of the Fittest is especially important because you can use Ulamog to recycle your Enchantments and also get your non-spell Mana Leak (Ghost-Lit Warder) and non-spell Stifle (Nimble Obstructionist).

xhuggels on

3 weeks ago

i used Anointed Procession in my B/W tokens deck to double up as well. i think its good once its on the board, but getting it there is a little harder, as it doesnt actually do anything when you cast it. thats the one big drawback to the card.

i think if you have a few more embalm effects in the deck it would work nicely as you can follow up AP with an embalm. as it is now i dont think you have enough instant follow-ups to make AP viable. The Scarab God doesn't give you tokens instantly. you have to play it, then pay 4 CMC more to get a token, and only if you managed to kill something or get something killed, with which AP doesnt help you to do.

AP synergyzes great with liliana, death's majesty and Champion of Wits however.

I just looked over your deck again and found a little fart in your synergy. Glint-Sleeve Siphoner, Champion of Wits and razaketh, the foulblooded all draw you cards, while Dread Wanderer only gets brought back from the graveyard if you dont have cards. they contradict one another, and as such i think you need to replace the wanderer with something else...maybe that embalm/eternalize effect that would make AP more desirable huh?

completing the playset of Champion of Wits could be a good idea, and Vizier of Many Faces could work as well. Vizier of the Anointed could work if you go heavier into embalm/eternalize, and if you are going to splash , there are quite a few embalm creatures out there. Aven Wind Guide, Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun, Adorned Pouncer,Sunscourge Champion, Sacred Cat and Proven Combatant all come to mind.

Basically, for Anointed Procession to work optimally, you will probably need to focus on token reanimation and not just creature reanimation, so you will go heavy into embalm/eternalize. you will probably have to fix your manna to play a fair share of and as well. this will require building a completely different variation of this deck, which can be good or not, thats up to you and lots of playtesting. As it is now however, id say either rebuild the deck with Anointed Procession in mind, and going heavy on embalm/eternalize, or leave it as it is and forget about AP.

Pieguy396 on More Bolas! Needs More Bolas!!

3 weeks ago

Here is a search for all cards in your color identity with the word "Bolas" in the flavor text, if that helps.

As for cuts, I'd consider:

Argy on

1 month ago

Here are my thoughts.

  1. Mana

    I understand why you have Crypt of the Eternals, but it can be quite crippling in the early game.

    I think you'd be better off replacing all copies with Evolving Wilds.

    26 lands are too many for this kind of deck. I'd lose an Island, and a Swamp.

  2. Removal

    You have nothing to interrupt your Opponent's plans.

    has brilliant removal, such as Fatal Push, Unlicensed Disintegration (an excellent card in this deck; you should do 3 damage most of the time), and Vraska's Contempt.

    Add between four and six of these to your deck. Maybe two of each?

  3. Counter spells

    has access to Counter spells, which you should take advantage of. Probably in a Sideboard, which all competitive decks need.

    Throw in some of these cards: Essence Scatter, Lost Legacy, Negate, Vizier of Many Faces.

I'm not sure how competitive you can make this deck. It spends a lot of time warming up to its win conditions.

Try putting together a Sideboard, and then I can take another look, if you like.

Argy on An Actually Good Token Deck

1 month ago

These are the things I think your deck needs to fix, if you want to make it competitive.

(I can't tell if this deck can go 5-0, as I don't know your local meta.)

  1. Mana

    The number of lands you have is too small. I often had to mulligan, as I had one or none in my opening hand.

    You need some lands that will help you colour fix. Tri coloured decks just don't work without these, at the moment.

    I would do something like this:

    2x Aether Hub
    3x Concealed Courtyard
    3x Drowned Catacomb
    3x Evolving Wilds
    3x Glacial Fortress
    2x Island
    4x Plains
    3x Swamp

  2. Removal

    You need better removal than Fatal Push.

    If your Opponent has large Creatures they will get away with their game plan, and overrun you, particularly if they have efficient, early removal.

    A deck like Stompy Whompy Dinos outraces you.

    Vraska's Contempt would work better for you, I feel.

  3. Counter spells

    You have access to , so you should use Counter spells in your deck.

    Cancel is cheap, but so is Admiral's Order.

    It might feel as though you will weaken your deck by taking out some Token focused cards for other spells, but in point of fact you will strengthen it.

    Flame-Chained wrecked your deck by Sideboarding in Lost Legacy, and Gonti, Lord of Luxury. If you had a Counter Spell in hand, you could have stopped those cards from taking your stuff.

  4. Sideboard

    For a Sideboard, I would do something like this:

    2x Bontu's Last Reckoning - board wipes everything, but you can Embalm your Creatures. Deals with Carnage Tyrant.
    2x Dispossess - removes annoying Artifacts.
    3x Essence Scatter - Counter their biggest Creature.
    3x Lost Legacy - take their Approach of the Second Sun.
    4x Negate - stop Planeswalkers, Approach of the Second Sun, board wipes, etc.
    1x Vizier of Many Faces - also good against Carnage Tyrant, Ghalta, Primal Hunger, and just about any annoying Creature.

    This assumes you have a Counter spell and Vraska's Contempt in your Mainboard.

Hope that feedback helps.

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