Enter the Infinite


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash (GTC) Mythic Rare

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Enter the Infinite


Draw cards equal to the number of cards in your library, then put a card from your hand on top of your library. You have no maximum hand size until your next turn.

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Enter the Infinite Discussion

PriMaLXxON3 on Law Abiding Citizen

3 days ago

Thanks for the insight Low-key_loki. Yeah I have made some drastic changes. Still making more as of now. I really want to gain a lot from Paradox Engine. Also added Omniscience and Enter the Infinite.

cleandeceit on Nekusarus Decks

1 week ago

No Enter the Infinite and no Charmbreaker Devils. These are cards Nekusar just doesn't need. Not part of your win condition.

NV_1980 on Locust God: The God of Draw

1 week ago


Nice Locust deck; very accessible because it can obtained with a small budget! The following additions will keep the deck on budget (mostly), but will probably make it a lot more powerful:

  • Laboratory Maniac; just in case you run out of stuff to draw.
  • Whirlpool Rider; slightly less powerful version of Whirlpool Warrior, but still great.
  • Mindwrack Liege; not the cheapest option, but will make your Locusts very strong.
  • High Tide; great for summoning the Locust God early.
  • Keep Watch; very funny once you have a few Locusts to attack with; can also be used during opponents' turns.
  • Rites of Initiation; like Coat of Arms, can act as a finisher if you have enough Locusts.
  • Goblin Bombardment; in case you have enough Locusts and some particular creature is bothering you. Can also prove very effective damage if an opponent has somehow prevented you from using your Locusts as attackers.
  • Breath of Fury; this can be an insanely funny finisher if you have enough Locusts.
  • Burn at the Stake; lots of fun if you have the Locusts.
  • Enter the Infinite; requires a lot of mana, but if it's not countered this will basically end the game in your favor by creating a gazillion Locusts.
  • Library of Leng; just in case you feel like discarding into your graveyard sucks, also acts as a second Thought Vessel.
  • Throne of the God-Pharaoh; this is pretty powerful if you have just attacked with a bunch of Locusts.

As for cuts to make room for the above, I would suggest cutting Aetherworks Marvel, Decoction Module and Fabrication Module; in order for any of these to be of real value, you need all of them on the field (or at the very least two out of three). I would also cut Hamletback Goliath; you don't need such a big stomper (without trample I might add) order to win.

Hope any of this makes sense. Have fun playing! And should you have time to give feedback on one of my decks, I would appreciate it!

decidingmoon on Infinite Eternities That Also Last A Long Time

1 week ago

Peej I have been playing this deck a lot lately and the winning turn is often a late one. Like Nakhla said in the primer our main wincon is a 12 drop sorcery and you definitely want to be able to protect it. Once you can cast Enter the Infinite you either need 2 more mana for your Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter or to be able to toss out Chrome Mox and Mox Diamond to get your scepter. As long as you have dorks and rocks you win that turn.

Spirits on Cat Crusaders

2 weeks ago

Fellow Arahbo, Roar of the World player, Arahbo, Xenagos... for Cats

Noticed you pulled Alms Collector out, he has been invaluable for me fighting Grixis () commander's like Kess, Dissident Mage / Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge for Enter the Infinite, and Izzet () like Mizzix of the Izmagnus Infinite Mana Blue Sun's Zenith decks.

Qasali Pridemage > Felidar Cub. I know he has a cost, which sucks, however, the Exalted is a nice boost, it's contradictory to your Beastmaster Ascension strategy, so I kind of understand, but I would worry about over-committing with no protection / counterspell.

Nature's Lore or Three Visits > Rampant Growth. Can pull the Savannah or Forest and doesn't enter tapped. So the CMC for Nature's Lore is only .

Keen Sense feels like over-committing on a creature and a 2-for-1 loss in an exchange. Plus it only draws you 1 card, AND the creature has to deal damage to an opponent. I wouldn't run that, I'd rather have haste from a Swiftfoot Boots over that.

Uktabi Wildcats is to high CMC for how big he's going to be CMC5 for 5/5 is reasonable, and his ability isn't that great, plus sac a forest (means he gets smaller) and doesn't protect him from exile. You only have 14 forest so need 35% of your forest just to be so-so. Perhaps if your game plan was to Traverse the Outlands into him, it would be ok, but not in the current build. Put in some aggro, "must be answered", like a Lost Leonin.

Riparian Tiger CMC5 for a 4/4 Trample seems wrong, if you have other energy cards, maybe I'd be happier with a Pride of Lions at that CMC and doesn't need the Trample.

Triumph of the Hordes could work well for you with so many creatures. Excellent with Adorned Pouncer or a Skyhunter Skirmisher

I don't like the CMC on Harmonize, would rather Hunter's Insight on an Eminence Cat.

You have lots of High CMC, I would rather tutor for the cat I want with things like Eladamri's Call than have 4 CMC6 cats for example, just have 2 CMC6 cats and 2 tutors to get them. But preference I guess.

Anyways hope you found something here useful! Cheers +1

NV_1980 on Buttkickery Level: Jeskai

2 weeks ago


I think you're on the right track. Might I suggest Enter the Infinite and Omniscience? I know that last one is rather expensive, but if you manage to cast Enter (with or without Narset being involved), this basically ends the game. I would really cut Omen Machine from this deck; it should thrive on you being able to draw lots of cards instead of none at all.

In case you're interested, have a look at my Narset deck: The Opposite of Zen. It's been winning quite consistently. Cheers.

Shadowz6677 on I Ghitu play too!

2 weeks ago

So, typically we want to be running big spells in this deck.

Eldrazi titans, extra turns, Enter the Infinite Omniscience things like that, that we can cheat into play. This way we can abuse the time clock.

So, not sure if you know that your deck is 101 cards as well. I would say cut 1 land from your deck. I can tell that your deck mana floods a lot and it really hurts while your in game.

We want to make sure to maximize the level of potential that you can produce, so adding things like Merchant Scroll won't be a bad idea either as it allows you to pull something like Mystical to get ETI.

Don't sweat the small stuff that goes on with the deck, at 3.54 your deck is doing quite fine, even though you need the fetch lands to thin your deck out. Running all 8 instead of 3 will really help your deck tremendously in a fast pace.

And more importantly, don't let the other competitive decks in your meta get to you. Take it from someone that is actually in your meta, (Nath Stax, Arcum Dagsson) you want to just bring everyone to your level of the game.

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