Enter the Infinite


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash (GTC) Mythic Rare

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Enter the Infinite


Draw cards equal to the number of cards in your library, then put a card from your hand on top of your library. You have no maximum hand size until your next turn.

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Enter the Infinite Discussion

Samuelv64 on Mah Man Mochi

3 days ago

Hey FormerBalloon,
I don't usually intend to win with this deck, however it is possible. In order to win, I would play a spell that makes everyone draw heaps and then play an Iron Maiden or something similar. As you can see, there is also the Laboratory Maniac for when I draw myself out. I haven't made it work yet, but one of the combos I included was Psychosis Crawler and Enter the Infinite which would mean that I would draw my entire deck and hopefully deal lethal damage to all of my opponents at once.
Another thing that usually ends up happening is drawing almost a completely new hand every turn with the amount of extra draw cards I have included. This is kind of like a weird mill strategy but giving my opponents the illusion of choice by making them decide which cards to get rid of.
But this deck is mostly for fun with my playgroup.

K1ngMars on A Plane flying through a storm

4 days ago

What about Jhoira's Familiar for discounted artifacts (a bit out of curve maybe)?

Enter the Infinite could be a way to set up a victory.

Metalwork Colossus can easily be dropped for zero and can also be recycled for the yard.

Mycosynth Golem can easily be dropped down on the field and if it's dropped down, it means all your remaining artifacts cost zero.

Master of Etherium it's always a fat boy and pumps any eventual creature you got on the field.

Hope it helps!

Herb48 on The Narset Miracle

1 week ago

Awesome deck! I love Narset.

First of all, if you are going to run Narset, you 100% need to run Beacon of Tomorrows, Enter the Infinite and Omniscience. These cards win you the game on the spot by giving you infinite turns. Speaking of extra turns, get as many extra turn spells as you can. Usually 6-7.

I would also recommend that you ditch the creatures in the deck, as they don't work with Narset at all. Instead, run planeswalkers like Elspeth, Jace, and Tamiyo (any variants you like). This allows you to run my next suggestion: Proteus Staff. With Narset out, it allows you to basically rearrange your entire deck and just win.

Finally, I would recommend adding some more mana rocks. All the signets, maybe Crypt, its up to you. But you definitely was to get Narset out ahead of curve, or you will get hated out of the game before she hits the board if people know what she is capable of.

I have a Narset deck of my own if you want to check it out. The description isn't quite done yet, but feel free to check it out:

Who Needs Creatures Anyways?

Commander / EDH Herb48


Cheers :)

Regoober on The Mask: Starring JiMizzix Carrey

1 week ago

Very competitive without being broken. I like it a lot. There's plenty of ways to play around your commander not sticking to the board and late game you can build up experience quickly to win that way anyway.

I was surprised not to see Gush on your list. Quick draw and that 4th counter as well as a way to draw out without using mana for your Enter the Infinite+Laboratory Maniac. Also, is there a reason you like Desperate Ritual over Seething Song? It seems to me that the Song gets you moving faster as 2 counters means your first reiterate costs 3 (going to 3 experience counters after Song is cast) still netting the one. Even with only One experience, you're looking at CMC 2 for Song and and 4 for Reiterate (wholy less than ideal, but still possible where as Ritual would get stuck here).

Finally, A lot of your win cons are 3 CMC. Have you considered Drift of Phantasms? It seems like an innocuous card, but as a nearly uncounterable tutor for Reiterate or Blue Sun's Zenith, it has done great work for me in my Oona, Queen of the Fae combo deck.

Keep up the great work! +1

Blackerlotus13 on Tatyova Take Ova

1 week ago

Jaddi Offshoot, and Retreat to Kazandu are all decent landfall lifegain. In my honest opinion i think the countermagic gets in the way of what you want this deck to do. Psychosis Crawler is a threat that MUST be answered not to mention you already have Enter the Infinite to use with Laboratory Maniac. You might as well use crawler in case your maniac gets removed you can't just trust you will have everything in place for when you want to win.

These are just my opinions because I don't believe in counterspells. yes they can be considered good protection to pull off a combo, but they always come with several tablespoons of salt when it stops people from playing magic. Also they are anti climactic pieces to whats supposed to be an amazing land and draw engine.

Also I didnt see Exploration, Azusa, Lost but Seeking just spells to get out lands which can be a bit slow. in my opinion, this commander does its best when it is playing lands to draw more cards to play more cards. I have a lot of questions regarding your direction for the deck tho.

hardhitta71194 on The Izzet League

2 weeks ago

Yo! Enter the Infinite only wins if I also play Laboratory Maniac right? I could see adding that combo in, that could be cool. I don’t get to tune my list much because I don’t play Commander a whole lot. Thanks for the suggestions and I’ll be sure to check out your deck!

DrkNinja on The Izzet League

2 weeks ago


I'm a very experienced Mizzix player and I've fine tuned my Mizzix deck down to a tee. A lot of your spells are expensive but don't have much impact on the board. For instance you play Blatant Thievery in your deck, but you could play Enter the Infinite or Omniscience and win the game.

Take a look at my deck [[Primer]] Knowledge & Flame maybe play test it a couple of times and see if you find any suggestions or cards you like.

I'm not at my computer but I will comment with some suggestions for cuts and additions tomorrow.

One_Ring_To_Rule on Ŧħɇ ŦȺƀłɇ (v2.6)

2 weeks ago

To Daarkest

I finished rewriting the thing, if it's still confusing then please let me know. I also realized a small inefficiency earlier today. The card Spellbook was there solely to keep your hand when you passed the turn. But if you use Enter the Infinite as your spell to draw your sideboard, then it's effect acts as a Spellbook for one turn. I have edited the decklist and changed the description based on that, and upticked the version number twice, for two separate changes. If you have any suggestions or notice any inefficiencies, please let me know! I also might be changing what cards are in the sideboard and what are in the maindeck based on how useful they are in the maindeck; but I won't put any not-modern-legal cards in the maindeck.

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